Another Look At Vincent’s Nightmares

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 6:05pm

Catherine lead character Vincent is suffering from serious nightmares. Snippets of the monster filled dream world and his real life intertwine in the third trailer for Catherine.



The video begins with Katerine, Vincent’s girlfriend, saying he’s been acting weird. Vincent thinks about the nightmare world and Katherine snaps at him for not listening.


Vincent hangs out in the Stray Sheep with his drinking buddies who tell him about a man who was found dead in his bed. A waitress says the men who died had a habit of cheating on their girlfriends. Vincent looks notably shocked since he had an affair with Catherine. It’s unclear if Catherine knows about Katherine, but Catherine threatens Vincent saying that she won’t let him cheat on her.


Two new characters are seen in the Stray Sheep. There are female twins who appear old, but speak with a young squeaky voice asking Vincent what he hopes to get out of this and will he be the legendary man?


Did you catch the spook at the appears in the mirror while Vincent is in the bathroom? Here’s a closer look at it (her?)


image image

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  • God…. everytime i leave the video loading, i wait a while, then come back and push play… and back to sponsor message, and back to loading it all again T.T

    • I think they need to use something other than, I guess this is springboard video software, it is so archaic and annoying.

      • cj_iwakura

        It’s something in siliconera’s advertising. This site takes forever and a year to load.

        • RupanIII

          Are you on Firefox? There’s an awesome plug-in called ‘NoScript’ that lets you pick and choose which scripts you want to allow. Like, for siliconera, instead of all the the clunky garish ads there’s just black/white space above the popular news items and so forth.

          But yea, as for the videos, usually if I want to watch them I’ll just poke around YouTube for them. I see enough ads when I watch tv.

  • Code

    God this game can’t come out soon enough omo;; I can’t even think of any games that have taken on an angle quiet like this, I really have no idea what to expect owo’

  • pridesin

    Man..I just … cannot wait for this game.
    (Please Atlus, publish Catherine in U.S. at least in same year.)

  • Tobias is the best designed character in this game. I hope he has a large role.

    Anyway, it is just shocking that the main character, Vincent, sleeps with just one piece of clothing. Maybe that is the cause of nightmares; who even does that, lol. The music sounded awesome, behind Motoi Sakuraba, I think Shoji Meguro, is the only other composer who I like every single musical selection I hear, hands down, absolutely no questions asked.

    I guess Atlus will bring this game out here, after the P2P comes.

    • Exkaiser

      Um, plenty of people sleep in just their boxers. Especially in warm weather.

      I think it’s pretty normal.

    • Are you kidding me? You’re in your twenties and you still wear pajamas to bed?

    • FireCouch

      I’m pretty set on the fact that you are a troll now. No one can be this retarded. The only people who are this idiotic are those who are trying to get reactions out of others.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    That spook in the mirror must be Qatherine, Vincent’s ex-girlfriend we haven’t found out about yet! *duh-duh-DUH*!!!

    I need to stop watching these… >_< I don't want to be spoiled when I play. I like my games, cutscenes and all, to be as virgin as possible… (so hard to resist, must absttaaain!)

    • Code

      Quackerine! *spoiler* plot twist she’s a duck!
      Yeah I’m kind of in the same boat, generally I’ll watch the first few trailers for something but usually if there’s more then 3 trailers I start to ease off for the sake of leaving some surprises >w<;

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        For a second I read you were going to “ease off the Sake”, which would be a good thing to do when watching these. ^,^’

        • Code


      • Naw, she just posted too many duckface pics to her Facebook.

    • cj_iwakura

      The spook is the demon we’ve seen before, Katherine in the wedding dress.

  • hmm so the games an emulation of how life is when you cheat on a girl quite realist if you ask me

    • Aoshi00

      Unfortunately Love triangle is ugly in real life, nothing romantic like in most anime.. as they say, adultery never ends well for anybody (See Diane Lane and Richard Gere’s “Unfaithful”..) Soundtrack + artbook + special cover drawn by Soejima, very nice pre-order bonus just like Last Story, must-get :)!The trailers give me a bit of an EVA vibe, even though many ads splatter the background w/ kanji too, but not as prominent, well even Kaji and Misato are reunited, so you know this game is “adult” :)

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Are you SolidusSnake or did you did you agent smith his avatar? O_O
      EDIT: Sorry, I thought I saw it somewhere before

      • SolidusSnake

        He’s my stunt double.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Are you sure he’s not Liquid Snake, disguised as Revolver Ocelot’s right arm?

        • BROTHER!!!

  • Neckbear

    So…freaky things happen?

    Yaaay! Take my money, Atlus. Just take all of it. And use it for Shin Megami Tensei 5 or something like that, please.

  • glemtvapen

    I wonder if there is a mystery-solving/investigation aspect in the game.

  • I need a “Here Atlus, take my money” poster somewhere I can just hold up whenever my friends ask me why I’m broke this month again XD

  • Soma

    Mmm, looks like I’ll be importing this come February.
    And then buying it again several months later when Atlus releases the game to North America.

  • If this game doesn’t come to the US it will be a crime against humanity

    • Agreed

    • Absolutely no need to worry about that. With how awful the 360 sells in Japan, they wouldn’t have made this multiplatform if this wasn’t coming over here.

  • god i want to play this now

  • My interest in this game is dying. Show me some gameplay, now!

    • I partially agree. While I am still; very excited to play this game the lack of gameplay footage is annoying.

    • Hell, I don’t even care about gameplay at this point. I want to know the whole story…

  • MrRobbyM

    That’s some top-notch voice acting there. I REALLY hope the localized game has options for both language voices.

    • Aoshi00

      Definitely lots of veterans, Koyasu Takehito (always a delight to hear his dreamy deep voice :), Yamadera Kouichi (Spike in Cowboy Bebop, Ryoga in Ranma 1/2, Kaji of EVA), Mitsuishi Kotono (Sailormoon, Misato), they even plaster the names of the main cast on the background. I’m the least familiar w/ Catherine (Sawashiro Miyuki) as I haven’t watched much anime in recent years. I’m guessing just the seiyuu could be a main draw for this game. Hirata Hiroaki (Alan in Xenosaga/Balthier in FF12), Taniyama Kishou as the drinking buddies.. and Wakamoto Norio (Cell) and Minagawa Junko (Ryoma in Prince of Tennis) all grade A.. If like the past Persona games, I’m not sure if they would include the Jpn dub though (that’s why I had to buy both…)

      • Yeah, but the past Persona games were on PS2, where there wasn’t room for a dual track. The PS3, version, at least, there should be no reason for them to not do one this time.

        • Aoshi00

          I know, but having more room doesn’t automatically translate to dual tracks some games have them some games don’t, like Sonic (even the Wii ones) and Ninja Gaiden have both languages, but Vesperia or Dynasty Warriors/Sengoku Basara only have English, so it’s a toss up. I’m just basing my guess based on past Persona games, and believe that the US release would be Eng. dubbed only (I heard they even need to pay royalty to Jpn VAs?), which I don’t have a problem w/ because I would just pick up another copy (but that would make me regret importing like Sin & Punishment 2 which I didn’t expect the US ver to have dual track).

          Also space really has no relevance on the inclusion of dual track or not, Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, and Alan Wake all have mulitple language tracks (text and audio), it’s really a matter if they feel like putting it in.

          Also the other exception is games like MGS4 or FF13 w/ abundant detailed cutscenes that actually have custom lip sync for Japanese and Eng. respectively, so dual track is pretty much impossible, unless they include two version of the cutscenes, which is a lot, that would jeopardize sales due to reverse importing as well. I’m a bit bummed out they didn’t do Eng lip sync for the US release of Advent Children.

          • Vesperia was never brought to the States for PS3, so it doesn’t count. From what I’ve heard most of the 360 multi-disc RPG’s didn’t have dual voice either. I know Star Ocean for 360 didn’t, but Star Ocean International for PS3 did, for example.

            I would imagine if they’re trying to make both versions equal, it’ll only have English dub, but if they don’t mind the versions being a bit unequal, I would think, at the very least, the PS3 version would have dual voice (I know the equality thing is what stopped FFXIII from having dual voice).

          • Aoshi00

            I never bought for a single second it was because FF13 was on multiplatform it lacked dual track (people need to stop being delusional and blame the 360 for that). The reason is plain and simple, there are two different sets of pictures for each ver’s hours and hours of cutscenes. MGS4 was what, close to 30Gb right, and most of those go to uncompressed cutscenes, if FF13 or MGS4 were to have dual track, it would exceed even one blu-ray. It’s like Advent Children, they could give it dual track just like anime on DVDs, but they wouldn’t do a custom lip sync for it, it was only Eng. dubbed to Jpn lip sync (like FFX), FF13 on the other hand have different lip sync for each language, which actually took much much more work like Pixar’s movies doing lip sync to match the actors’ performance instead of the easy way of just dubbing over the Jpn ver.Sengoku Basara nor Dynasty Warrior 5 on the PS3 have dual track. People thought it was going to have it because there’s plenty of space unlike the Wii ver on DVD, alas it didn’t. Is it because the lack of space? There actually aren’t even that many multi-disc games for even 360, other than a handful like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey (which have a lot of prerendered cutscenes), Mass Effect, or Castlevania LoS (which also has long cutscenes), an addt’l Jpn audio track is not what they couldn’t fit in on DVDs. If you look at Alan Wake, it has 7 languages of in-game text and audio on one single DVD, and that game has a lot of dialogue. Star Ocean 4 Int’l having dual track is another reason to get people to double dip like me who alrdy has the 360 ver.Or like Heavy Rain, Castlevania PS3, or Uncharted, there are Jpn dub for the Jpn version at the time of the US release, but why weren’t they included in them if Blu-ray has all the space (yes, Heavy Rain has French, German, etc), they just choose not to that’s all, not because of equality of multiplatform. Or Resident Evil Degeneration DVD, why doesn’t the US DVD have Jpn dub, when it even has Thai? Because they don’t feel like it. I had to buy the Jpn blu-ray for both Eng and Jpn.Also the US release of FF13 was only 3 months after the Jpn release. If people knew the US ver was going to have dual track, some might probably wait a bit and import the US ver. S-E won’t have that, they will have the International ver. for that if Jpn fans want to play FF in Eng. There are many reasons they don’t give games dual track, one is they don’t want to bother w/ it because no many people cared enough. But the reason is definitely not lack of space. Also, we really aren’t missing out much, the Jpn dub is not bad, but the Eng dub for both FF12 and 13 are both much better I think, and I commend them for their comprehensive localization (I usually prefer Jpn dub for Jpn games or JRPGs, but I totally didn’t care for the seiyuu cast, it was annoying for the most part except for Sakamoto Maaya’s Lightning, both Snow and Hope sounded “less” annoying in Eng., Jpn Snow and Hope, I wanted to punch them so bad on many occasions *.*)

          • Well, I’m someone who prefers an English dub unless the game takes place in Japan, so it’s not like the English voices of FFXIII ruined anything for me. You and I have gone back and forth about that game a few times already. Really, I have many games I’ve never even heard the Japanese voices for and then games like BlazBlue where I would’ve never heard them if not for the fact that a lot of people online turn them on.

            Still, I think that with a game like this, it’d be nice to give the option to those who want it if the space is available. Saying that they’d have to resync the lips translates to a space issue with me as, yeah, they’d have to double most, if not all, of the scenes. That would maybe mean the game would be a two disc Blu-Ray for PS3 in some cases, but the 360 version would’ve been out of control if they had done that.

            As for a game being on two Blu-Rays, I don’t recall ever hearing anything from Sony saying that a developer couldn’t do that if they wanted to. In fact, I distinctly remember Kojima saying that it was his choice to keep MGS4 to one disc.

            And as for the Degeneration DVD not having different audio choices, I can’t even understand the reasoning behind that. That’s a fairly standard feature. Don’t get its lack at all.

          • Aoshi00

            But being on multiple discs, especially on blu-ray, is just a waste of space, most games are about 7Gb size, especially when they put games on PSN for d/l later, d/ling a 50Gb or more game would take forever. Also multiple discs is just not great unless it’s absolutely necessary, especially for RPGs like you need to go back to do missions (SO4 and Castlevania LoS 360 both need you to use all the discs for back tracking, because they don’t want you to install the game and play it w/o the disc for piracy issue). If they do two blu-rays for FF13, when you want to go back and watch a certain cutscene later, it would tell you “put in disc 1”, and I don’t want that. Lost Odyssey actually has that problem, like FF7-9 being separated on 3-4 discs. I’m not lazy to change disc 2 times in mid-game, I just don’t want to put in the previous discs to access previous areas of the game when you’re in end game. For FF13 it wouldn’t be much of a problem because it doesn’t let you go back to most of the areas before, but to watch previous cutscenes w/ your save files (I had 80 save files for FF13), it would be a pain to need to put in a different disc if there’s more than one.

          • With the amount of backtracking I’ve been doing, trying to beat the game on Paladin and 110% everything, so I can get the platinum on Lords of Shadows, I have literally said to myself many times that I am glad I own a PS3 instead of a 360, because having to switch discs as many times as I’d need to would be insane.

  • When this is released stateside(crossing my fingers) and I´ve bought it I know I´m going to have trouble sleeping.

    That was some disturbing scenes already and it´s just a trailer :) Man my entrance into the horror/action/adventure genre couldn´t start any better :)

  • PrinceHeir

    can’t wait for this :)

    we need more games like this. Killer 7, Deadly Premonition are one of the most bizarre games i have ever played, and this looks no exception :)

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Now that’s more like it. Much much better. This is my favorite trailer yet, it makes things look exciting. Catherine’s gaze is scary, like it should be!

    The twins are hot. That is all.

  • Pichi

    I really need gameplay vids or something! I like the whole weird atmosphere and unique storyline, but I want to be sure the gameplay is for me before I get too hyped. Probably too late, HYPE!

  • Day2Day

    I’m hoping that Meguro’s playlist for this one is really dark and atmospheric…
    A game like this could easily be ruined by a poorly-chosen soundtrack…

  • PrinceHeir

    i can’t wait for this game to come out ;)

    please add dual audio w/subs, i love Miyuki Sawashiro =)

  • Joanna

    Well I’m happy to see the game delivers on the creepy!

    Was it just me, or did Katherine seem a little psycho when she was threatening Vincent for not listening to he? Maybe all those theories that Katherine is really a crazy jealous girlfriend are going to turn out to be true.

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