Cheat Code Disc Gives You 99,999 HP In Demon’s Souls

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 8:53am

imageAn accessory from CyberGadget can make Demon’s Souls easier than Donkey Kong Jr. Math. Plug in CodeFreak into your PlayStation 3 to buff your character up with 99,999 HP and MP.


The disc has cheat codes for over 50 games including Final Fantasy XIII, Dead Rising 2, and Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage. The Final Fantasy XIII code gives players 999,999,999 gil. Use a Dead Rising 2 code to instantly receive 999,999,999 PP.


CodeFreak ships in Japan this winter for 7,800 yen. Importers take note while PS3 software is region free, it’s unclear if the cheats will work with US games or save files.

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  • Wow this sounds amazing!!!! So much gil and benefits in other games!

  • malek86

    So what happens if you try and play online after using that?

    I’d expect some bans, but I don’t know if Sony is like MS in that regard.

  • nyoron

    But what of the integrity of the trophy system!?!? Oh noes!!

    This sounds cool, I miss the Game Genie days.

    • I agree.

      Its just nice to have the option, especially if you have a busy period of time at work and there’s an RPG you want to play, but you don’t have the time to level grind. I have an Action Replay DS and a PS2 Codebreaker to help eliminate grinding when I don’t feel like playing multiple battles over and over. Or for film for Fatal Frame. XD

      I’m almost tempted to get the PSP Action Replay… I’ve had Jeanne d’Arc for a year now after getting it as a gift, but haven’t had the time to level grind so I haven’t played it for more than 3 hours.

      • There isnt a lot to begin with, while I understand the person above… if this works it should work with unlocking trophies too. While this can be a problem there is enough reasons why the system is bad, I hope LP 2 isnt part of the list as I plated it legit… But in the end, no one cares that I did it (legit or not) so its not like this is going to destroy me/others as most people dont give a shit about doing X task unless its really popular which are rarely hard like Demon Souls.

      • MemeticRichard

        There’s no such thing as a “PSP AR Max” It’s just some retarded save management thingy…

        If you want to cheat on a PSP, you need custom firmware and CWCheat installed.

        Have fun. XP

        • Codejunkies has an actual Action Replay PSP cheat program now, in addition to the save management thing.

          You can find it at Play-Asia or GameStop.

          • MemeticRichard

            “The new Action Replay PSP comes on a special memory card which needs to be inserted in your PSP whenever you use Action Replay. Also included in the box is a special Action Replay Battery Enabler which needs to be used to modify your PSP battery to work with Action Replay (pop the battery in, press one button and you’re done!).”Yeah, that’s sooo a Pandora’s Battery… In short, this thing installs a different firmware on the system. Lol, it’s really the same thing. Use their “special battery”, and then just use a different stick with Custom Firmware loaded on it, and poof, you’ve got Custom Firmware.

            I’m sorry to say this, Jenni, but this is a really cheap trick. I never really trusted Datel with their buggy products in the past, but this is a new low.

          • I didn’t notice that part. I accidentally linked to the wrong version, I’m afriad.

            Here’s the PSP Action Replay I’ve seen:



            You install it to your computer and use the USB cord to connect.

            I’d even downloaded the demo of this version.


            I’m waiting to buy until they get it compatible with 6.3.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      *old geezer voice* “Haha! Trophies shmophies. Aye r’mber bak ‘n my day w’en ‘chieving t’ings gav’ ya r’wards ya ‘cud use fer the gayme!!”

      Trophies are rewards in and of themselves for some people, I guess.

    • Trophies are potentially one of the leading reason to stay and hold onto a game and what not. Cheating, and resorting to codes is just horrible…though I wonder, since in Madden it seemed you could buy all the things that used to be in there by cheat code…would this device undermine their payment scheme.

      • nyoron

        I hope it does undermine all of those “pay for cheat codes” DLCs, that garbage needs to stop.

        Also, first you post this: “Wow this sounds amazing!!!! So much gil and benefits in other games!

        Then you post this: “Cheating, and resorting to codes is just horrible”

        i am confus

        • I can think of several things that sound amazing but are horrible at the end of the day, so I do not see what is the cause for confusion.

          • nyoron

            Your two statements conflicted with each other so I was just curious what you actually thought about the issue.

          • Oh I see where there is cause for alarm, I guess I will clarify: Its amazing to have access to so much gil and benefits, though its horrible that one needs to resort through the use of rather distinctively illicit and esoteric prohibitively illegitimate means.

          • Aoshi00

            When you first said “Wow this sounds amazing!!!!” it means you really dig this cheating code, unless your first statement was totally sarcastic. Otherwise yes, you really contradict yourself man.

          • @Tsunayoshi

            “to resort through the use of rather distinctively illicit and esoteric prohibitively illegitimate means. ”

            No need for the purple prose. It looks really bad, especially when you get the grammar wrong.

  • Way to break the game. Demon’s Souls’ game play is not inherently fun without the difficulty, there would be no reason to play the game with an accessory like that.

    • ECM

      I actually tend to think that any game that has its difficulty mangled isn’t fun to play.

    • You can’t define ‘inherently fun’. Have fun stating your opinions as facts.

      • MemeticRichard

        You guys are having a lot of fun with this, huh?

      • I mean, pick apart semantics all you want, sure. But do you really think there’s anything left in Demon’s Souls once the difficulty is taken out of the equation. Fans, critics and even the development team themselves cite that as possibly the primary draw of the game, and it is the core around which the entire game is built.

        Sure it might be possible to derive some enjoyment from the game if you tried hard enough, just like it might be possible for someone to have fun playing a Mega Man game without shooting. Do you really want to or think it’s a good idea, though, is the question.

        • Personally, I think it’s the atmosphere that makes Demon’s Souls so damn good, not the difficulty. The game is actually pretty manageable thanks to certain soul-farming locations. However, 99,999 HP is prettyh ridiculous. While a little soul-farming can give you some leeway to getting hit, with that much HP you might as well be invincible.

          The bigger question, though, is will this work online? I can’t imagine people would be too enthused about someone invading their game and being virtually unkillable.

  • Code

    rar, I’ve been considering picking up Demon’s Souls but it ultimately had to wait until I had more cash, but I’ve just heard so much praise for it. rar, I’ve been feeling down so I figure Sunday I’m going to indulge myself and pick up a good fist full of games, and Demon’s Souls could potentially be in that fist >w<~! AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME SILICONERA +o+!!Seriously though cheat disc — pass, cheating has never interested me much, other then unlocking EBA in Ouendan 2, and perhaps getting some promo event Pokemons that I may have missed out on/Nintendo never released here T_T;

    • Spending money makes you feel good?

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        If he gets something he knows he’ll enjoy in return, why not? It’s not like he’s losing money without getting anything. I mean, don’t you enjoy buying stuff you want too? Isn’t it *natural*?

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I think trophies/achievements are a good way to get more playtime out of games you liked. Sometimes they are fun challenges. Sometimes they are mindless grinding (like the arena one in RoF), in which case I ignore them. I do it if it means having fun.

          They are by no means necessary, but if you’re playing a game for the 12th time (hello Arkham Asylum), it’s a nice way to remind you of doing things a little differently. I’m not really creative when playing games, so if there’s something like “ok, now clear this room without being seen/use this ability/etc.”, I try to do it, to experiment with the gameplay, because otherwise I probably would do the same thing I did during the previous 11 playthroughs.

          For instance, in Nier, I have done all the trophies that I found to be a nice challenge or just fun. The ones that are left are just boring, so I’ll just be replaying the game to experience the peerless storytelling.

          Anyway, some like them, some despise them, others, like yourself, ignore them. That doesn’t make you anything other than yourself =P

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Yea I don’t see them as rewards in themselves because they aren’t part of the game world and are often arbitrary, but I can definitely see them as goals to reach and to challenge yourself with for variety on extra playthroughs. It’s probably because I rarely play through games more than twice that I can’t relate in that respect. Who knows, maybe I’ll try to platinum a game someday and see what it feels like. :)

          • With me, I usually only try to get a platinum on a game that I really, really enjoy playing. Dead Space was my first platinum and I just couldn’t get enough of the game. I would’ve never, for example, tried playing through on the hardest difficulty using only the plasma cutter if not for trophies. I definitely wouldn’t have spent 20 minutes on zero-g basketball if not for them. I find them to be fun little challenges and a definite incentive to play the game again. Resonance of Fate is my RPG of the year and I found the arena to be a nice way to level grind. I’d go to the XMB, put on some music, and then just go through whatever ranks popped up in the chapter I was in.

            That said, some of them are insane and not worth it. As much as I love Disgaea 3, I fully acknowledge I will probably never get a platinum in it. In fact, I think, at 80 hours in, I only have like 3% of the trophies or something. Same for the only racing game that I actually enjoy: Wipeout HD (probably because you can blow up and sabotage the other racers, as opposed to more realistic racing games like GT5 or Forza, which I just find incredibly boring). I will never get a platinum in Wipeout HD.

            This comes back to the trophy patches for MSG4 and Valkyria Chronicles that people have wanted so badly, as I held off a second playthrough of both games in the hope that I patch would give me all sorts of fun challenges that I could then compare with my friends. Sure, both games have some sort of in-game reward system, but, I think the integration of trophies is what makes them more appealing. I don’t have any idea what rank I got when I played through MGS4. All those animal rankings seemed useless to me. But if they were converted to trophies, I think I might actually try for each one.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, it’s a nice way to spice things up. In RoF, I cleared 13 ranks, got bored and went to Neverland. There, I got my ass kicked the first few battles, until I started leveling up while having tons of fun with the kickass music and challenging battles. After clearing it, I thought: “ok, now let’s clear the arena”. But by that time, it was no challenge at all… Maybe one day!

            Metal Gear is a perfect example of how stupidly uncreative I am when playing games. I played MGS 3 16 times, but after acquiring the best items I just equipped the Sorrow camo (eliminates footstep sounds), the Stealth camo item and went around kicking people in the teeth to watch the cutscenes and replay the boss battles.

            With MGS 4, it was more or less the same thing. I did a normal run, then did a stealth/no kill run, but after that I just did the same thing constantly. Not to say that it wasn’t fun, I love MG! Having a trophy is like having an objective, it makes it easier to do things using other methods. Of course, sometimes it’s just “ok, I’m missing 4 trophies, they’re not hard, what the hell, might as well get them” =P

            This reminds me of Bioshock. I cleared the game, and, one day, I went about seeing trailers and videos (just because), and there was this one that showcased the plasmids. I was completely astonished at the possibilities. And the fact that I never even considered them surprised me even more. I always use Electro Bolt and Incinerate, because I never felt like I needed anything else =P

          • Oh yeah. If not for trophies, there’s no way I would’ve even considered clearing the arena. Being able to listen to my own music while doing so did kill the tedium of it a little, though, as the game has amazing music but they seemed to pick one of the lesser tracks for the arena.

            And Neverland is my final obstacle. Then I get that platinum. I’ve just gotten past the first floor and died like a thousand times or so in the process. But I will do this! That platinum will be mine!

      • Code

        Well I do know, bustin’ ghosts makes you feel good +o+! But no, playing games makes me feel good, duh >ww<~!

        • But then you will just increase your backlog?

          • Code

            I don’t really have much backlog on my PS3 or 360 actually, other then a few trophies/achievements here and there, but nothing unbeaten.

          • With 49 games for my PS3, I find it hard to believe that one could have no backlog. Unless you, when you get a game, commit to playing it and completing it before getting another one?

          • Code

            @Tsunayoshi Sawadalol, xpx; well for one thing I don’t have 49 games for my PS3, I have like 12 T__T’ I think I’d need a third job to be able to afford that many games. rar, sad code is sad now T_T’

          • I have quite a big backlog actually, but I keep coming back to Resonance of Fate. I’m ONE trophy away from a platinum (all I have to do is beat Neverland). Bayonetta, I intend on platinuming it one day, but my old PS3 got the YLOD and I lost my save on there. I really hate that it was a locked save.

            Oh, and anyone wants to add me on the PSN, it’s Clupula668. Just make sure you let me know who you are on here exactly, since I don’t normally add people back if I don’t know them.

          • lrn2managetime

          • Aoshi00

            I saw Code’s trophy/achievement list, I cower in shame >,<.. He got 900 achievement for Bayonetta now *bows in awe*

          • Code

            rar, there fixed it now it’s 1000 >ww<~!

          • Aoshi00

            *impressed* your gaming skills is just too awesome :) I couldn’t even beat (or find?) half of the challenge portals in Bayonetta :(.. Next is Vanquish and Enslaved for you :) Scratch that, you need some Nier STAT!

          • I wanna see whats his PSN name

          • Aoshi00

            Not sure Code wants to add you lol, I’m curious in yours. My trophies are slim though, I play more games on the 360.

          • My PSN is EatDeath
            Always willing to add people

          • Aoshi00

            cool beans, added you bro. Mine’s Aoshi00 for both PSN and 360 gamertag.

          • Code

            Yeahh, the portals take some time, it’s still probably the hardest achievement in the game >o>’ Some of them you really gotta swap out your setup. But yeah definitely looking into Nier >w<; today, although rar discovered the 360 version is regionally locked T__T; Replicant doesn't have any English options for Text/Audio does it? I kind of wanted split it as Gestalt​ for 360, and Replicant (if I like it a lot Nier enough to look into it) for PS3. But oh well PS3 it is~!

          • Aoshi00

            I know.. for some of those portals I switch to Bayo-nee’s different gears, but still have a tough time and I never bother w/ guides.. couldn’t even find half of those dang things and the record shards :(.. and I doubt I could finish the game on hard w/o dying many times, so I’m done w/ 600 achievement…You’re right, like P-A’s chart says, I just chked by popping in Nier into my Jpn 360, it has to be another rare region locked US 360 games hasn’t it :(… Replicant is plain Jpn, no Eng text or audio at all (Eng audio was only dubbed for Gestalt), and you don’t want to miss out on the epic and emotional story for Nier. Fear not, the PS3 ver does have “optional” HDD install like SF4, so the load times are fast too. And you don’t want to get Replicant even if you could understand Jpn, I thought censoring of all of Kaine’s cursing was ultra lame and took out a lot of personality, sometimes it’s as bad as “you #$#&*(&)*&”@#$# (&(*&(” (the audio is bleep), so it’s like they ask you to imagine what foul language Kaine is using (it’s Cero D instead of Mature).. instead of the US ver she goes all out, really making an impact :) In fact, that’s how the game greets you as soon as you start Nier, Kaine telling off the book Grimoire Weiss w/ very colorful language, I was laughing and couldn’t believe what I was hearing..At least you’re not screwed like Deathsmiles lol.. but you could get the Jpn Platinum ver. w/ the new cover (except having the window border)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Well then, I’ll add Aoshi and TS just for kicks! I hope that’s ok gentlemen!

          • Aoshi00

            lol.. I was just curious to check out his games :) My trophy list is very meager anyway compared to my achievements. (not that I got a lot for either, but you could see the games I’ve played..)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Don’t worry, I’m not into the whole “e-penis who has more trophiesrofl” thing =P

            I’m curious to see your games too!

          • Aoshi00

            wow, some dedication, I could never 100%/1000 gamerscore anything.. other than Idolmaster Live for you’s cheap 1000 and that free Doritos dinosaur game, I hope I could get the full achievement for Scott Pilgrim one day. My Nier score is only over 600 even though I loved the game so much, but got lazy to get endings C&D..Hey, “Malicous”!! Did you get that from Jpn PSN, is it worth 800 yen? I got those free cute PSN avatars but I don’t think I could use them on my US PSN…

          • Code

            @Aoshi00Oh trust me I did a whole lot of dying in Hard and Climax >www<' As far as Deathsmiles, just going to import it — it’s cheaper to import it for me any ways >w<Was going to pick up Demon’s Souls and something else too but the store was really busy and with working at EB Games only the manager can check me out, so I figured rather then have her run all over for 3-4 games I’d get them when it was less busy, Nier is fine for now >w<;

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I just have way too much free time… And I “only” have a PS3 and PSP, so all my gaming is done in those two (my graphics card died a few months ago… RIP).

            But those are for the games that I really enjoyed! I would love to get 100 for a couple of other games, but whenever there are stupid grind tasks, I just give up (flowers, weapon upgrades and fish in Nier, for instance).

            I think it’s definitely worth it. Here, this is a repost of something I wrote a week ago here on Siliconera:

            Oh yeah. Amazing graphics, responsive controls, fluid gameplay and great soundtrack (really great). What is so incredible, is the fact that they’re only asking 800 yen for such a polished product.

            You have 6 stages, which are basically arenas in which there are endless normal enemies, and a boss. As you defeat the bosses, you get weapons based on their own and upgrades to existent abilities. Each boss has one or two attacks in which you can use counter moves, which make for small cinematic scenes of you pounding the boss. It’s a nice touch.

            You can beat the stages in any order you like and you get a score after each stage. People say that the bosses get more difficult the more stages you beat, but I haven’t really felt that.

            So, you can finish the game in 2/3 hours, but it’s got a lot of replayability. After beating it once, you unlock free mode. In this mode, you keep all weapons and abilities, and you can also do Time Attack and get your time on online leaderboards.

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks much appreciate the write-up, sounds like a neat little package. I don’t mind spending 800 yen but I just don’t want to get it and then 2 days later it ends up on US PSN, because yen cards are expensive you know.. I would wait a bit to see, if it’s not coming to US PSN I would definitely get it on Jpn PSN. I bought some points to get the Heavy Rain DLCs before and now they’re canned.yea, concentrating on just the PSP/PS3 is much more doable, I just buy way too many games on all 5 systems (Jpn & US) to be able to beat all of them let alone mining trophies. I liked the Nier ones, but definitely wouldn’t do those crazy time consuming grinding ones like gardening, I think I’m missing only missing one or two fish for the fishing one (I had to look up guides for where the fish is and what bait is needed), it turned out to be more fun and addictive than I thought.

          • Aoshi00

            @Code — Did I hear “manager” and “she” in the same sentence :)!? Scratch that, don’t want to give you any strange ideas ;) Cool you got Nier, it will blow your mind!

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Wow looks like I’m the only non-completionist around here who doesn’t care for trophies at all. Heck I never do *anything* for trophies… trophies don’t factor at all into my second/ extended playthroughs. The last time I checked I had like 10-30% of the trophies unlocked for many of my games, even the ones I considered myself to have completed.

            Does that make me old fashioned or casual? I dunno but hats off to you people who get like 80%+ or Platinum your games.

          • @Doomrider wow, youve almost got all the trophies in naruto!!!
            @Code Dude, youre missing Uncharted!!!!
            @Aoshi how is playstation plus, worth it?

          • Aoshi00

            Hm. well, you could see if you like the freebies in the Plus section (avatars, XMB themes, old PS games, PSP Minis, demos), or if there’re games discounted for Plus that you want (imports’ price is slashed half). I got some PSN cards for cheap before, so I figured I would try it when they gave 3 extra months for the year. I got to d/l some Qore episodes for free, and Veronica Belmont is fun to watch, would be nice if all episodes are free for Plus members.

            At this point, maybe not so worth it if you need to shell out $50 + tax.. I hope they would provide more valuable freebies later. Thing is I kinda play fewer games on PS3 and use it to watch blu-rays or stream netflix more (now that they got rid of the stupid disc).

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            About the game getting released outside of Japan, here is another repost (sorry xD):

            Alvion said they are looking into an English release, maybe they’ll manage to do something about it! If they don’t, I recommend the game just the same.

          • Aoshi00

            Cool, I’ll wait a bit and see (as I got too much backlog going on). Like I almost got some imports like Cho Aniki, good thing I didn’t blow 600 yen because I have Plus and cost me 3 bucks. I’ll keep in mind about Malacious, seems very stylish, and 800 yen is not much. I don’t know if there’s anything else I want to spend the yen on, but If I buy on impulse, they always seem to run out when there’s something I really want to get later.

          • Oh, if you guys don’t mind, Tsunayoshi Sawada and Aoshi00, I’m adding both of you. I figure I’m on this site enough that I’m starting to know some people here. Might as well compare stats and maybe even play something together one day.

          • Aoshi00

            sure thing man, done and done.

      • FireCouch

        Most people spend money in order to feel good.

    • kupomogli

      I don’t like Code. Errr. I mean. I don’t like codes ^_^. What’s messed up about the Demon’s Souls code is that there are people who will probably use it to hunt black phantoms.

      I’d also highly recommend Demon’s Souls even though others probably already have. The game is amazing.

      • Code

        rohnoz, kupomogli doesn’t like me double the sadness TT__TT! lol >w<; Seriously though yeahh, Demon's Souls I've heard great things about but it was one of those games that got put on the back burner, what was only suppose to be temporary and next thing I know here we are (Bayonetta had fallen into the same pitfall) xpx; But like Nier I’ve gradually had people recommend it off and on, and now that I’m doing some catching up I think I’ll have to look into picking it up. I’ve heard it’s really, really thick RPG, so might have to wait til I clear my plate of what I’m currently playing first, but I’m looking forward to it >w<' I wonder though which I should tackle first Nier or Demon's Souls they seem potentially like it might be better to play one before the other xpx; Or space them out with Vanquish or something between`em, lol.

        • kupomogli

          I’ve never played Nier so I dunno. Demon’s Souls is extremely easy to get into. With melee you have two attacks either holding your weapon one handed or two handed though with one or two handed you have rolling and backstep attacks as well. Each weapon has it’s own unique attack animations and the combat is literally perfect. You can use one handed light shields to slap away an attack(which is fairly hard) and then forward and attack to do an impale, or from an enemies back you can also do an impale. I’ve used bows and arrows but what can you really say about them?
          If you want to be a magic user it’s not really as fun but magic users are extremely powerful and there’s a wide variety of magic spells. Unlike most games, status effect spells actually work better than most attack spells.

          Demon’s Souls doesn’t really have a story, but when the gameplay is perfect who really needs a storyline? Ever play the King’s Field games? Do you remember what they were about? Neither do I and I’m a fan of the series.

          • Code

            Ahh alright >o>! So it’s pretty gameplay driven then — which might be exactly what I need, something when I can run around hack and slash, build up my character, smack down some bosses and collect funny hats >w<~!

          • There’s a story in Demon’s Souls. It just doesn’t progress much until the end of the game, really.

  • So how does this even work? The reason we don’t have normal Gamesharks and stuff for PS3 is due to not being able to switch discs (launches back to the XMB) so the only thing I can think is it either circumvents the protection or it modifies your gamesaves.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Sounds like something fun to mess-around with post-game, but I’m not an advocate of uses cheats to beat games.

    But back in the Dreamcast days I had a cheat disc. I never used it for cheating. What was special about it–and nowhere is it mentioned on the packaging or ad–was that it functioned as a boot disc for import games! ^_^

    • It would be awesome if this disc could be used as a legal means of playing import PS1/PS2 games on a PS3.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I know right! Too bad the PS3 is nowhere as simple as the Dreamcast… in fact it’s akin to a high security prison. Hey at least PS3 games are region free, which to me is the current equivalent of having that boot disc back in the day.

  • BlackStrife

    @Jenni – I feel the same way. I hate grinding these days, and I just don’t have the time to do so anyhow. This would be a godsend if this device can work internationally.

  • MemeticRichard

    So…this is like AR Max Lite?

    Kind of like those…what were they…Ultimate Codes discs? …Kinda lame. I never really played with AR Max for getting max health or something – it was always to tweak the game settings to weird results. Play as another character; fight this one boss in that one place there, etc etc…

  • Yukito

    Hope it don’t work on the Asian version, which I have. Since the online servers are SAID to be closing eventually on the US side, and now this, I am happy I still have the asian version.

  • Spekio

    I used to love using cheat devices to do all sorts of fun things to the game. I know most people immediately think of cheating to make the game easier, but what about all the other fun stuff they used to be able to do. You could change the jump gravity in platformers, access debug rooms, change color textures in 3D games, playing as unavailable characters, and a host of other things that were just fun to play around with. Don’t forget, it’s also possible to make a game harder by toying with your character’s or the enemies’ parameters. I’d gladly turn off achievements and trophies if it meant I could screw around with the game physics and go outside the normal boundaries of the game. It’s not like it harms anything in a single player environment and boosting your achievement points doesn’t get you anything or hurt anyone else anyway.

    • I love Moon Physics, and perfect balance cheats in Tony Hawk games, we could so some totally wicked movies.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Moon physics in Tony Hawk games are a gift of humor from God. Kept me going long after I beat the games.

  • Too bad custom firmware is the best way to use cheats these days. Ah, for the glory years past.

  • Aoshi00

    W/ so many games these days and myself having less and less time to play, I still don’t like to use cheat codes, otherwise you’re just breaking the game and play it the way it’s not meant to be played and lose out on all the fun.. I played Lost Odyssey before the first free DLC accessory came out and the first couple of bosses floored me it was challenging but fun (I was like I got killed by the first boss, no way!), even some small fries were hard and gave me game over if I wasn’t careful. But after the DLC, Kaim basically was able to dodge all enemies’ attack 90% of the time, so he was like invincible it took away all the tension and just wasn’t fun at all..Though I hated how hard it was to earn gil in both FF12 and 13…

    • The only time I’ve ever used cheat codes was in the various GTA games when I wanted to just free roam in a chaotic sandbox. I’d put on flying cars and pedestrians with rocket launchers who riot and whatever other cheats I could and just have fun simulating the apocalypse.

      Stuff like this really bums me out because I always feel that you should actually earn the things in a game, instead of just cheesing your way to victory.

      • Aoshi00

        Same here, I think I’ve tried Gameshark and such playing GTA3 on the PS2, I just wanted to raise hell w/o worrying about the cops, but other than that I don’t remember using cheat codes much.. like I just play GTA4 straight even though some missions were hard and frustrating you needed to start over if you fail in the middle..

        For the game itself I just choose normal mostly, don’t want easy w/ hands held but don’t want to kill myself playing hard either.

        • My first playthrough on a game is usually on normal and then, if I like it or, as in the case of DMC4, I find it too easy, I’ll play the harder difficulties after I’ve beaten it.

  • duyxbox

    this cheat code disc only works with fw 3.41 or below : written on their site

    • MemeticRichard

      Well, then that makes this whole thing pretty godamn bloody useless…

      • duyxbox

        I’m wondering if this is a USB or not : my friend said it’s a usb , but siliconarena said it’s a disc .
        Don’t mind about it anyway , since I use fw 3.5 , my friends may happy about this cause they hack ps3 :

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