Escape The Persona 3 Love Hotel

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 12:08pm

imageAtlus has another Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 spinoff for mobile phones. Remember the scene where the protagonist and Yukari are trapped in a love hotel?


In Persona 3 Escape you get to play the scene in a new way. Both characters find themselves locked in. You have to use Personas to break out. The game is an adventure game so you have to investigate the room and pick the right Persona to use. When the game starts you only have Orpheus and Io. Players can collect Personas like Jack Frost, which is shown in a card selecting screenshot.


NTT DoCoMo phones can grab Persona 3 Escape today for 315 yen.


image image image

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  • nyoron

    You know, I always wanted to play out that scene in a different way, but this doesn’t happen to be it.

    Also I never played P3P, what happened here with the female protagonist?

    • Strain42

      Akihiko replaces Yukari. Unless you don’t bring him along. Then it’s Junpei. But if you bring both Akihiko and Junpei, it’s still Akihiko.

      • cj_iwakura

        She should get to replace Yukari, with Akihiko waiting.

  • Wow I actually just finished this part in the game. It was aggravating to find the mirrors, I almost had to use a FAQ.

    Anyway kind of a interesting mobile game.

    • Exkaiser

      …How was it aggravating to find the mirrors? You just take a peek into the rooms, it doesn’t take much time at all.

      • Hit every mirror in each room and then it kept sending me back to the first floor :(

        • Err did you speak with everyone? They clearly point out that if you don’t see your reflection in the mirror then it was fake…

          • What?! IT was that easy?! I want my two hours back :(!!!!!

          • Exkaiser

            It’s even easier than that- the room will be filled with evil energy when it’s fake, too.

  • Persona 5 and Catherine cant come soon enough. ugh.

  • they should really stop make persona 3 over an over and move on to the new one >Persona 5<

    • They are little by little getting money to make a SUPER PERSONA 5, so dont worry, dont worry.

      The ones that should be worrying are the japanese, they are sucking their money xD

      • malek86

        So you want them to make Persona 5 for the SNES?

        • vadde939

          Yes! That would be awesome. XD

          • malek86

            Mmh. I would need to take out the old beast, I’m not even sure if my import adapter still works. But you’re right, it would be pretty cool.I hope they’re going to use a 48Mbit cartridge, so they can fit in at least one vocal song.

          • Code

            rar, I’d take on this demake challenge~!

    • Zeik56

      This isn’t another Persona 3 remake, it’s just a little mini cell-phone game, which likely didn’t even involve the main Persona team to make.

    • Strain42

      …Oh shutup

  • Chiupon

    What if you don’t WANT to leave the hotel?

    • Testsubject909

      Maybe because Yukari’s in there and Mitsuru’s outside waiting?

      Now if it was Mitsuru inside the hotel, then I’d agree. Definitely.

    • i still remember how many times i tried to “you know what” to yukatan, … i had to do the right thing at the end, i was FORCED TO!

      • glemtvapen

        Ahh, the unescapable linear choice that is found in almost every JRPG.”Do you want to do it?””Yes/No” -> No -> original question (loop x ∞)”Lemme guess, you want me to pick ‘yes'”Ah Yukarichhi~ at least we get to do some ‘mysterious action’ with you at the end of your S.Link.

        • lol xD, and at least we got the mini bath scene >8D yay for atlus

        • We did? Crap my game just got spoiled..

  • one of the best parts of p3

    • Next, they should expand upon Operation: Babe Hunt.

      • but no trans*xuals please xD

        • But that’s part of the surprise!

          • That surpirse is kinda perturbing xD, it would be fun, but would be an epic fail D:

        • Exkaiser

          But where’s the fun in that?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Just when you thought they couldn’t milk Persona 3 any more than they have already, they pull another card from their sleeve.

    • malek86

      This must be the effect of that merger. That, or they are taking a few pointers from Sting and their mobile games.

      • Zeik56

        Index Holdings specializes in cell-phone apps don’t they? Which means you’re probably right. If simple P3 inspired cell-phone games is the worst that comes out of the merger then oh well, could be worse.

    • neocatzon

      yeah.. and their card is “now, it’s time to milk Persona 4. Mwahaha!!”

  • MemeticRichard

    It just gets worse and worse.

    Persona 3 is the new Kingdom Hearts.

    • If it gets Atlus more money I say these games do nothing, but good.

      • MemeticRichard

        Square Enix is getting more and more money with their crap, yet it’s not doing ANYONE any good.

        I don’t want to see my favorite house in gaming go down the same route.

        • The game is Japan only so it doesn’t mean anything for us. Also, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to..

    • Zeik56

      I’m not really sure how a cell phone game like this is supposed to resemble the situation with Kingdom Hearts. This isn’t some full length spin-off or some attempt to drag out the continuity of the story unnecessarily long, it’s just a simple cell phone game based around a scene in P3, which nobody outside of Japan will even see.

      • MemeticRichard

        Lol, that’s just it. It’s not even *attempting* to drag out the mythos… This is a cheap cash-in if there ever is one.

        That’s why I place it on the same level as KH. Kingdom Hearts has stretched out its mythos to the point of absurdity, Persona 3 is raping everything it can with quick n’ dirty cash-ins. Different formulas, same sauce.

        • Zeik56

          “Raping”? Melodramatic much? It’s a cash-in, sure, but so what? It’s not like this is something that would remotely take away time or resources from any of their other projects. It’s doubtful any of the Persona team even had any involvement with this. If they feel like making a little extra money in Japan with some simple cell-phone games then good for them. Unlike SE they don’t actually have huge surpluses of money.If this was yet another remake of P3 I’d probably be on the same page as you, but this is nothing. Hardly anyone will even remember it exists within a few months. It’s completely pointless to get worked up over it.

          • MemeticRichard

            Don’t Jinx it.”Persona 3D” for the 3DS.

        • Code

          “Kingdom Hearts has stretched out its mythos to the point of absurdity, Persona 3 is raping everything it can with quick n’ dirty cash-ins. Different formulas, same sauce.”I wouldn’t say “Persona 3” is raping everything it can, it doesn’t make a conscious decision to expand itself, it’s just a game opo; Atlus is the name your looking for. Honestly though I wouldn’t let this stuff bother you it’s a mobile game, everyone knows they don’t count >ww<;But even then it’s only 3 games, Original, FES, and Portable, I think the only ones that would be aggravating would be FES for owners of the original — and even then Atlus realized it’s mistake, and dealt with it, when handling Persona 4. If Atlus tries jumping back on the “Final Mix” then it’s likely a good idea to get all rar at them >w<'

          • Zeik56

            This whole “FES/Final Mix” thing isn’t anything new for Atlus, they’ve done it in the past with games like Nocturne with Nocturne Maniax and Nocturne Maniax Chronicles, (also arguably the numerous remakes of SMT 1&2.) But you never see anyone talk about them milking those games, and it’s only because Atlus USA decided to localize each update to P3 instead of just leaving them in Japan.

            Which is why I always laugh when people start complaining about Atlus “milking” P3, since they’re really only complaining because P3 was one of the rare opportunities where we in the west actually got to see each updated version localized, not because this is some new horrible scheme they started doing all of a sudden.

        • Confused-chan

          @[email protected] “Persona 3 is raping everything it can with quick n’ dirty cash-ins.”W_WDo you need a hug?

  • Strain42

    People are gonna call this milking it and a waste of Atlus’ time (even though those people clearly don’t know that Atlus probably had very little to do with this games production) I like little games like this. This seems like a fun little puzzle game.

    I’m a little disappointed that we most likely won’t be getting it, but that’s ok.

    I kinda hope they do more stuff like this. Not just with P3, but make fun little games with all the MegaTen stuff.

  • Is this like one of those escape-the-room Flash games? I love those.

  • They can release as many P3 spinoffs as they want.

    They are giving us Persona 2 again, all is forgiven.

  • Strain42

    How hard would it be for someone to actually make this into English? Like how people translated Mother 3 and P2 and stuff. I wonder if the same thing could ever be done to games like this.

    • I think this and the other cell phone games would have a better market and a higher chance of being localized if they were for iPhone or Android devices…

      • Is the iOS and Android market that big in Japan?

        • I don’t know but it is in the west so as long as these games are for cellphone they’ll never get localized. If they were for iOS/Android that would be different.

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