This Black Box Upscales PSP To 720p

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 2:28am

imageTired of playing RPGs on a tiny PSP screen? Accessory maker Timely has a device that upscales your PSP to 720p.


The HMDI Upscaler looks easy enough to use. Plug your PSP into the device, connect it to a TV, add optional Hello Kitty speakers and (ta-da!) crisper PSP graphics. The PSP upscaler also has a zoom feature that eliminates black borders.


Timley plans to sell the PSP upscaler for 6,980 yen ($84) later this month.


image image

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  • dusk

    Finally! That was a long wait.

  • kupomogli

    If someone buys this put a video of how well it works on Youtube please.

  • really interesting

  • tubers

    YES YES OMFG! A thousand YES! Please make it into the US market! The PSP Go has this device already (correct aspect ratio and full screen output [forgot the brand it’s in Europe]).

    • Aoshi00

      Do want! One reason I rarely used the video out on the PSP is I can’t stand the boxed screen w/ black borders, its like you hook up to a 46″ and the gameplay screen is still 20″ or something.. A bit expensive, wish Sony could come up w/ something like this themselves long ago.

      • Code

        Yeah I tried out the standard adapter awhile back, because I figure if I was to play MH at home I might as well do it on a bigger screen, but yeah they never mention the fact it’ll be boxed with borders, and how much more blurry it gets (font in MH was nearly unreadable). This little device might be handy if it keeps things sharp, and uses the whole screen, but $84 is far too steep for my budget!

  • Pesmerga00

    Hm, this has piqued my interest. I wonder how well it actually works though?

  • i really want to know if its wil be components cable Upscales so i can record it using HD PVR

  • malek86

    I guess it can transfer audio via HDMI too?

    Anyway, looks nice. But a bit too expensive. If only Sony adjusted the firmware so that you can output full screen, there would be no real need for this.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Yeah, HDMI does both Video and Audio

  • Great! Now all those people that say “I would play that but I hate portables” can finally play the games they are missing out on. (Not me of course, I love portables.)

    • MrRobbyM

      I hate-ish portables and now I’m happy. Now if only the PSP had a right analog stick..

      • Why hasn’t anyone ever complained about the Nintendo 3DS not having a right analog stick?

        • MrRobbyM

          I think it’s because this is the first Nintendo handheld to even have any amount of analog sticks. Once it’s released, people will start complaining.

  • If it wasn’t $84, it might be what would finally make me buy a PSP, as I hate portable systems. But at this price, plus the cost of the system, it’s still too much money.

    If only Sony would just go ahead and make a PSP emulator for the PS3.

    • And then you’re limited to the sparse selection of games on PSN. Yay!

      • How many PSP games do you think I really want to play? There’s probably less than 15 I’m interested in. Let’s see, Valkyria Chronicles 2 & 3, Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles, Metal Gear Solid Peacewalker, MSG Portable Ops, Persona 1 & 2, the two God of War games, Crisis Core, Dissidia… I think that’s the entirety of the PSP games I’m interested in.

        • Too bad the PSP emulator idea will never come to fruition.

          • Yeah, it’s a shame, but I’m not missing out on too much.

  • Will this work on a 1k? The Current RGB Cords don’t and if this one follows suit, then, well, I guess I won’t be considering it ;L

    • That’s what I’d like to know. -.-‘

    • Chow

      I doubt it. The 1k doesn’t have any way of outputting video externally whatsoever (unless it’s possible via cfw, in which case I don’t know).

  • Joe_Fongul

    This device has been available in Hong Kong for a while, just looks like it’s getting Japanese distribution now. Here’s a link to the device in action on You Tube:

  • I’m not sure why people are so excited about this…the PSP isn’t in HD to begin with, this isn’t going to magically create a perfect HD picture where one doesn’t exist (that is, it’s not likely to look as good as a native 720p signal would). If the scaling is especially good it might at least do a better job than your TV itself does though.

    • Code

      Well people know that, and understand your not getting perfect 720p, but it’s kind of like when you see Wii games via emulation played through HDMI, there is a certain crispness that comes with the higher grade connection, plus I guess it must be older HD TV’s that don’t have auto upscale because I know when I looked into this stuff a few years ago I couldn’t find anything that gave me full screen without cutting off a marginal portion of screen.

      • nyoron

        That’s completely different. I lack the technical knowledge to explain it properly, but basically a PC Wii emulator is actually rendering the game’s graphics at higher resolution internally, whereas this thing is just taking the PSP’s normal video output and zooming/stretching it out. This thing is probably good for getting rid of those black bars (if that’s worth $84) but 480 × 272 upscaled to 1280 x 720 doesn’t sound too promising.

        • Code

          Ahh alright, I figured it was roughly along the same lines since instead of feeding the Wii’s signal through component cables it was just displaying the raw picture to the HD screen (hence not having to go through component cables). I’m not implying that it was HD quality, but that it’d be a little cleaner looking not having to go through a component connection. I figured maybe it was close to that or maybe more along the lines of playing PS2 games on a PS3 through HDMI, which definitely looks a lot better over PS2 with component cables.

          • malek86

            Over short distances, you shouldn’t be seeing much of a difference between Component and HDMI.

    • Agreed. I too think it’s important to point out that the box can’t magically get 720 vertical lines out of the PSP.
      But better than whatever some TVs do? Sure, why not.

      But a device that could make things look as good as emulated PS1, PS2 or Wii games needs to be able to raise the “internal resolution”, and I heavily doubt this box can do that.

  • “Upscaling to 720p” means absolutely nothing. If you’re feeding a video signal into a TV (as opposed to a computer monitor), the TV will rescale the signal to match its own resolution, whether that’s 720p, 1080p, or anything else. If this device rescales to 720p, that doesn’t do any good, since the TV would have done it anyway. Of course, there are better and worse rescaling algorithms, but I’m sure that any decent TV will do as good a job as this device.

    • Code

      Uh maybe your TV does that — I know mine doesn’t omo;

      • All TVs do it. Seriously. That’s one of the main advantages of buying a TV over a computer monitor. They’ve got built-in rescaling so you can watch any signal without worrying about resolution.

        • Code

          Yeah but I know mine won’t automatically rescale a PSP’s signal, you still end up with either black borders by default from what I’ve experience. You can manually upscale it through the TV, but it usually means your having a marginal chunk of the screen cut off, and things start to get a whole lot blurrier.

          • That’s because your PSP is outputting that “small” screen and black box. It’s outputting a 480p signal but the PSP screen size isn’t 480p so it fits the PSP’s 320×240 resolution into the TVs 720×480 resolution.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Then why can I play my Xbox 360 in 480p, 720p and 1080p and they all look different? Wouldn’t they all look the same since the TV rescales it?

      • mach

        Umm, because those are HD consoles and the PSP isn’t? The 360 generates fully HD images when you set it to 1080p, so your TV doesn’t have to upscale anything. The reason it looks worse when you set it to 480p is because your TV is actually upscaling from a smaller image that’s produced by the console.

  • This thing works great! I bought one around Juneish so I could play Metal gear PeaceWalker and Birth by Sleep on the big screen and the games looked great! It looks a little grainy on some games but on those two it really looked like I was playing the series on ps2.

    • Aoshi00

      I was about to say the same thing, I would love to use this device to play MGS Peace Walker and KH Birth by Sleep on the big TV full screen.

  • Chow

    I can always use the zoom feature on my HDTV. I think it zooms in enough to do the same thing. But at this point, I’m simply waiting for the PSP Go to drop price at least one more time before getting it so I can play it with my Dualshock3. I mean, I’m still going to buy all my games in UMD form to support the industry, but there are other ways of playing the games I’d be simultaneously buying. Also, despite my objections to DD, I actually have a sizeable amount of Digital games from the PSN already.

    • Pesmerga00

      I thought I could do this as well, but it seems my TV had other ideas. When an input is selected the damn thing likes to try to be smart and tell me which zooms and features I can and can’t use. If I connect my PSP2000 the (Samsung HDTV) lets me select Zoom1, 2 and 3. The problem is each one only stretches it vertically by an incremental amount. Then it greys the rest of the options out.

      Argg! I finally gave up on it. However if this works I would consider it, granted it is a pretty steep price. (I just like playing RPGs while relaxing in front of the TV.)

      If anyone has any tricks as to make my TV do as I want it to, please share. I’m willing to put up with pixelization to get rid of the black borders.

      Also, sorry for the rant.

  • hush404

    That is F’n tight! :D I’ve seen a box around for the PSPGo, but this looks to be one for all PSPs? AWesome :D

  • The most amusing part is, of course, I’ve been using something like this for, well, a long time – A similar setup is used for recording purposes (You might remember the FS/N stream, or the Project Diva 2 videos) when I get the time to work on it. My next project is… oh wait, I can’t reveal that one yet. :P

    It’s generally marginal (although killing the borders is nice) for playing on your TV – its real value is if you want to stream the PSP online or record how much you suck at Project Diva 2 (Yep, that’s me) or some other game without worrying about if it may or may not work.

    The reason why the PSP is generally so difficult to work with from a streaming and capturing perspective is because there’s no Capture Card available in the US to capture 480p which it outputs (By law, scarily enough) and the only item that WILL capture it at the resolution is uh, Japanese, and out of print.

    There’s another way to do it using hardware, but it needs to be fed the signal through 3 times in succession – a touch difficult, when you’re playing a game.

    Granted, for the PSP there’s probably easier ways – except all of those require tinkering, wandering off into loading non stock firmwares or other quirky oddities. Sometimes these ways don’t always work though.

    Then again, so’s splitting the signal, feeding it to a HD capture card, then altering that to suit. It’s one thing that’ll ALWAYS work, since the only software dependencies are based on processing the signal (ie, recording).

    Bottom line? The Sony Executive who ordered firmware 5.05 to output games to 480p only (It used to do 480i too) deserves to be shot. Repeatedly. With rubber bullets. At point blank. Right where it hurts too.

    (Yes, I’m still a bit bitter over spending three months sitting down and doing the research myself.)

  • Exkaiser

    You know, I wouldn’t really call the PSP screen tiny.It’s quite a ways larger than my GB Micro. Now that’s a tiny screen!

  • Electrium

    I love the idea, but not so much the pricetag XD. Can I get one of these – somehow – for my DS, too?

  • AdamBoy64

    Looks good. It all depends on how much lag this puts in the video stream whilst upscaling/converting as to how great it is. Seen a lot of upscalers and they.. yeah, the delay makes them unfeasible.

  • get rid of this

  • kupomogli

    I looked this up a bit. The LKV7000 does the same thing but has both PSP and PC input with component. The LKV8000 has only PSP input but the image quality is noticeably better. Also, while some tvs do have a PC input, a lot of older ones don’t.

    People are also mentioning upscaling tvs. There are tvs that upscale, but most tvs don’t have the ability to upscale on its own. Even with the upscaling features on some tvs and by some I mean few and far between, the upscaling is usually not as good as a lot of the best DVD players, etc.

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