Bake Bread With Heart Power In Shining Hearts

By Spencer . November 22, 2010 . 10:50pm


Players earn four kinds of heart energy in Shining Hearts: joy (red), anger (yellow), sadness (blue), comfort (green). You can spend heart energy in battle to trigger special moves or you can use it to bake bread. Rick, the lead character in Shining Hearts, can give bread to villagers or eat it during battle.


Cooking comes from the heart, right? So, do conversation choices. Bake too much and you might not be able to choose some options. Players can earn more heart energy by interacting with residents and completing quests.


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Here’s a look at some of Shining Hearts’ sub-characters like Hank the steelarm dwarf and Dylan the sea wolf with twin swords. Yes, Shining Hearts has pirates. Multiple factions, actually. There are the Sorcery Pirate Sirens led by Mistral. Ghost Pirate Helghast and the Knight Pirate Brigade Arc Buccaneer.


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  • with this heart and conversation social-links-style thing, since it’s not persona, i doubt this will get ported to US.

  • Don’t jinx it D:

  • Blazeddc

    Still waiting for Sega to release Shining Wind over here. :|

  • Rrrrgh… micromanaging…

  • glemtvapen

    Defeat your enemies with bread powered by love~ <3

  • malek86

    I’m definitely going for the bread girl.

    If the game gets localized, that is.

    • Yuan

      Which one of the trio :P?
      You can only choose one of them as your partner for the whole game.

      • malek86

        The one with the green dress.

        • Yuan

          Oh, Amil, the Mage girl. I’m going with the Hunter girl, Neris (pigtailed one).

          • malek86

            Good, it’s nice to have a mage in the party. Especially because the main character is probably a warrior, right?

          • Surely, lol, he have “im a warrior lulz” written in all his face

          • Yuan

            Yep, but I’ll have Melty for my mage :D
            Can’t resist for some reason (her voice).

            There’s 3 more other heroines introduced on last week’s Famitsu, but I’m not sure if they’re playable or not. One of them is a redesign no Neige Blanc.

  • I hope someone gets the game for localization.

    Pirates, Witches, Ice Cream, MOE; the game seems epic already!

  • This game HAVE to be localized, seriously, no jokes, it have to, no doubt, it have to!!, yes!, affirmative, IT MUST BE LOCALIZED. REALLY MAN, come on companies! ANY OF THEM. Too bad is coming from SEGA, i mean, its not a bad thing SEGA is making it , i mean that it will be hard to see SEGA localizing this, i hope they let other companies do it, or give this game a chance…

    • joesz

      The day they consider localizing Shining Wind is the day this game has a chance.

      • Gestahl

        Why would they consider localizing a PS2 game now?

        • kactaplb

          because it is a psp game.

        • joesz

          Please get the message:)

  • Mistral looks better than the other girls.

  • Zeonsilt

    I hope Aksys will give it a shot in US.

    • NISA…didnt they do Sakura Wars, a Sega game?

      • I think they are already too busy this time with their stuff, now they even have anime as well… besides it seems sakura wars didnt do that well =(

  • I hope #Sega would go and do less #Sonic, more #Shining and #SakuraTaisen.

  • Darkrise

    Sigh* I wonder if Aksys will localize this… Or at least someone that will. =( I haven’t played a decent jrpg for a long time and it’s really getting to me, plus i’m kind of getting sick of 3d jrpg’s…

    • Final Fantasy XIII was mighty awesome, Persona 3 Portable, Kingdom Hearts BBS, and Resonance of Fate seems to be good; surely one hasnt had time to play through all these jrpgs…?

      • Darkrise

        Well of course I’m not finished them, I’m just taking my sweet time lol. And I kind of got occupied by another jrpg right nowcalled Jeanne D’Arc. Love it. But what I really want to play is an rpg that’s really anime themed like this one or something else other than the ones I’m playing through now. Though Tales of Graces F would’ve been perfect… Point is that this is the game I’m really looking forward to and I might import it if we’re not going to get a localization announcement. Problem is that I won’t understand like 95% of what’s written, 5% of what I wouldunderstand goes to the voices. =/ And I actually have all the games you’ve just listed lol. Except for Resonance of Fate which the disc got ruined.

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