Chevalier Tactics Is Set In Medieval Europe And Coming To PS3

By Spencer . November 23, 2010 . 9:19pm


Imageepoch has a PlayStation 3 title in development too, it’s called Chevalier Tactics. This game is set in medieval Europe with a knights and royalty motif. The main character in the game had his country invaded, now its up to you to guide a group of troops to reclaim your homeland.


Famitsu explains Chevalier Tactics has two gameplay modes. In simulation RPG mode you give out orders to a group of units. Network mode opens the game up for large scale battles.


Up top you can see some of the game’s jobs. From left to right we have: fighter, knight, and wizard.


Chevalier Tactics will be distributed as a PlayStation Network download at an unannounced date.

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  • HarryHodd

    A PSN game? You ain’t gonna take the world by storm with that Image Epoch.

    • godmars

      Have you honestly noticed the quality of PSN games? Not many stand out. You also have PS1 RPGs coming out right besides them that have 30+ hours of gameplay.

      Now imagine if someone put some actual effort into one.

      • HarryHodd

        Imagine if someone put some effort into a disc based JRPG for the PS3. This game doesn’t even have a release timeframe except summer 2011 for the PC version. I’m just underwhelmed.

    • So what? You care the way a game is released instead of the game? that is just ridiculous.So, if they release, lets say, FF10 in psn, it will suck because is coming from psn?

      If the developers want, they could release games they make for disc for psn as well (of course the size of Gbs matter) for example agarest wars, this just proves that ANY game can be released from psn, so you cant know “durrr it will be “”psn quality””. They maybe wanted to make it for ps3 disc, but at the end decided to make it psn, this may save them a lot of money they could use in a nother game.

      You talk about psn quality as well, what do you mean with that? Are you talking about those indie games, that sometimes are good, and sometimes are bad? Are you really “smart” enough to compare rocks with buildings?

      • HarryHodd

        Way to miss the point. This is a browser game on PC without even a release timeframe on the PS3. Underwhelming, particularily when this was billed as the second coming of JRPGs.

        • So? this doesnt change the fact that you are giving up the game, thinking it wont b much of a deal, that they didnt put any effort on it, just for the way its released, browser game just make it more accesible, maybe the glory of this game will be the multiplayer.And this is just one game of many released, this doesnt mean the game is bad, did you expect a small company to vomit money and release 6 games for ps3?I know pretty famous browser games, for example rune scape, and it is better than i hoped, im expecting something new, and maybe a surprise with this release

          • HarryHodd

            Once again you miss the point. I’m not bashing the game. In fact I will most likely buy it if it released in the west. I’m saying Image Epoch is playing it too safe and how is it the second coming of JRPGs when its limited to the psp. The ps3 is lacking traditional JRPGs which is a gap Image Epoch could fill. I guess I’m not allowed to be disappointed.

            Also this game is very far off apparently while the PSP games have prices and release time frames.

          • Sorry for missing the point, when i answered you i remember i just read the first post of this, and i think i let out everything on you :P.

            Yes you can be disappointed, but be disappoimted WHEN you actually see how the game is, i really hate when people talk about something when they have yet to see how exactly is that something

          • Cant edit -.-, i was at university’s computer, so i read all the imageepoch’s articles together, and i just compressed all about the people that were already talking bad about the stuff and put it in a single post with you, sorry if i gave you a bad time.

            What i said below the post where i posted a link is what i actually wanted to say to you.
            Again, sorry -.-‘

        • Joanna

          So it’s a browser game? Now I’m disappointed.From the scans it looked like a decent SRPG…but if it’s a browser game, I can’t help but worry just how much “meat” there is in single player as opposed to this “network mode” the article talks about.I guess I’m biased, but I’ve never had any good experiences with browser games unless they were these short little puzzle ones. So now I can’t help but be wary of this game. :(

  • PersonaBull

    What is this, an SRPG/RTS hybrid? Here’s hoping the online capabilities will be up to snuff. I really hope Imageepoch wasn’t boasting “JRPG” as rehashed mashups. I love JRPG’s, but you can’t honestly say they aren’t one rehash after another for the most part. Prove me wrong, Imageepoch. Please.

    • Aren’t most games of any genre just rehashes? FPS, action, etc, they are all just recycled concepts with slightly or large variations.

      • PersonaBull

        It’s the degree of variation that puts it above the term “rehash,” in my opinion. A medieval tactics game that seems like a mix between a shrunken Age of Empires and Final Fantasy Tactics doesn’t seem to deviate from the safety zone, does it?

        Either way, I said so before, I’m really hoping the game is not what I’m imagining. Imageepoch stuck their neck out with their proclamation about JRPG’s, so I’m putting them to just as high of standards as they committed themselves to.

        • Guest

          They are not in the position to be making such bold claims though being a small company. I now have a feeling their marketing ploy was aimed at some Japanese gamers dissatisfied with JRPG’s and not the actual whole global market. Nothing from the pics of this game screams revolutionary. I would sooner point to Valkyria Chronicles or Resonance of Fate to be two JRPG’s and what seems to be from The Last Story that feature innovative gameplay not found in other RPGs

          • i think that alot of older gamers have actually become dissatisfied with the “revolutionary” games these days. I am actually excited that alot of these more niche are latching onto things that have worked and simply updating the stories and graphics. This; admittably looks like an updated FFT; and because of that i am very excited. i for one are excited for this project.

          • Guest

            There’s so few of the “revolutionary” games that it’s impossible to say that. The two I listed are pretty much it on the Japanese side. Unless you count Demon’s Souls. Most JRPG’s are still cut from the same mold which is exactly why most gamers (Japanese & globally) these days are being very vocal of their dissatisfaction with the JRPG genre, hence Imageepoch releasing that trailer on JRPGs to renew lost interest.

          • @cowcowcow
            i think i am talking more on games that are trying to revolutionizes the “JRPG” genre by adding gimmicky features and doing anything to separate themselves from the classics that made the genre as popular as it was in ps1 era. while both the games you mentioned are great games (DS was my GOTY) i feel its more these games such as last rebelion and FF13 where they took the Jrpg battle system but then had to squeeze something in to make it less “JRPG”. i know i may be alone here; but i disagree with the consensus that japan needs to catch up with the west in terms of gameplay; i feel japan has BEEN trying to do that and has lost its way and needs to look at what made them such a success in the ps1 era

        • I agree, but your statement seem focused solely on JRPGs, so I objected. Anyway, as I said I agree with your assertion, but as details are scarce I am willing to give them a shot. Besides, the game seems more like a small download than a large project.

    • forweg

      Fact of the matter is, turn-based = rehashed, not turn-based = revolutionary to propagandist Western reviewers. Seems like the vast majority of RPGs coming out of Japan these days are NOT turn-based, and I’m frankly sick and tired of it. The Japanese love Amelikkka long time. DON’T listen to the Westerners for once, Japan. Jesus.

      • seriously; japan style games have thier niche and we love them for what they are. they dont need to be these shallow blockbuster titles that are coming out in the west.

      • PersonaBull

        When did I say anything about it being turn-based? I’m especially confused since I said this looked to be a real-time strategy hybrid rehash, which goes against your “fact of the matter.”

        Also, I’m not personally asking for revolutionary. I’m just asking for something I haven’t already played 5 times. You don’t have to be revolutionary to be innovative.

        But, that’s if I’m taking your comment as an actual reply to me. Otherwise, I’d probably agree with your anti-Western reviewer statement. I don’t care for Japan simply taking already-developed Western ideas, that’s for sure.

        On the other hand, I don’t believe in purposefully staying stagnant and generic, either. Greatness cannot be achieved when playing it safe and repeating the same formula again and again.

  • kupomogli

    This post makes me think of Crimson Gem Saga. “That’s how a chevalier handles business!” I really like that game.

  • Finalstar2007

    Hopefully it gets localized

  • joesz

    I guess the company is still young to put a big budget on a real ps3 game.

    • HarryHodd

      Gust can do it.

      • Isn’t Gust older than Imageepoch by more than ten years though….

        • HarryHodd

          Yes, you are right. I was more referring to how they are able to make PS3 games at their size and not using a huge budget.

          • joesz

            Yes you are right,And I don’t blame you for your first comment since you were hoping for something much bigger then this from them like I did.
            But If you focused on the company,you would notice that if they were to produce an actual ps3 game,The game would most likely be a 2007 alike game since they don’t have the proper budget and aren’t experienced.I guess you have to wait for them to hatch.

            I just hope that this game is not intending to be an imitation of Final Fantasy Tactics because that game was one of the best RPGS I’ve ever played.

  • tubers

    Capitalizing on FF tactics success?

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Hardly expected, but great all the same. I suppose it makes sense that they’re using this as a means of initiating themselves in PS3 development.

    All we need now is some localization news, for this one and the others!

  • Imagepoch is on a rpg roll!! wohoooo! all the things ive read until now sounds interesting, i cant wait to get home and check out the videos *_*

  • I got all excited when I heard SRPG…

    But DD only social online browser game? What a complete turn off

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