Imageepoch Has Another Type-Moon Game And A Classic Series Turned JRPG Project

By Spencer . November 24, 2010 . 12:02am

imageIn 2012, Imageepoch will announce four more titles. Today, the studio gave vague details about each of them during a press conference.


Imageepoch worked with Type-Moon to create Fate/Extra, which Marvelous published. They have another Type-Moon collaboration.


Ark Project is an original simulation RPG. The teaser name is interesting since Imageepoch has two "Arc" series Arc Rise Fantasia and Luminous Arc. Both of those intellectual properties belong to Marvelous, though.


Mars Project is a game with a famous JRPG creator.


Remus Project takes a classic series and changes it into a JRPG.

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  • joesz

    I’m so acknowledging Imageepoch right now:)

  • HarryHodd

    That’s a long ways away. I assume all these will be handhelds/3DS. I got no hope that Image Epoch is developing any HD RPGs today outside of the one PSN game.

    • Guest

      I don’t mind them being handheld only (I prefer handhelds ;P) but I wish they would start supporting 3DS/PSP2 now. I don’t think its the best time to still announce new PSP or DS games.

      • Ladius

        It is, those are still very strong platform with a powerful JRPG userbase (especially PSP), not to mention development costs for the current handheld platforms are now extremely favorable compared to their first years. 3DS’development costs have been reported to be more than three times the DS ones, and PSP2, aside from the devkit rumors, hasn’t even been officially announced, not to mention the fact that new consoles take some time to build the kind of niche audience needed to make titles such as ImageEpoch’s profitable.

        • Guest

          I love how people make the PSP seem like RPG heaven because of the last year. It’s like everyone forgot about the enormous library of RPG’s on the DS. Anyways, just because PSP2 hasn’t been officially announced doesn’t mean nobody has them. The leaks have been everywhere and Sony is just being sloppy controlling the mess.

          Obviously the costs are gonna rise but what new IP has been a big success on the handhelds in the last year? The DS is certainly past its prime and the PSP hit its stride late in Japan (never had a stride anywhere else) but that’s also coming to an end.

        • Guest

          Honestly the only JRPG’s I’m interested in are:

          The Last Story
          Final Fantasy Versus XIII
          Dragon Quest X
          Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll

      • HarryHodd

        I’ll never be a handheld gamer. I’ve tried it and i would never play a handheld over a console game. I’ve got a big tv and a high quality surround sound system which I love. Just so happens JRPGs are my favorite genre. I think the PS3 is a very viable system for JRPGs but Japanese developers continue to be short sided. No reason why we can’t have high quality console and handheld JRPGs.

        • Joanna

          I don’t mean to single you out, but for game developers you sort of have to be short sighted since gaming generations come and go, and the big king of yesteryear can be the big loser of today.

          What I mean to say is, you can’t predict what shall be popular next generation (handhelds, consoles, Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) so you have to focus on the here and now to make your big bucks so that come the next generation if you misjudge what system you should be developing on, you don’t dig a hole for yourself from just one game . After all, if you guess correctly, you can put your resources to further work (like the portable Monster Hunters use the same engine, or teams with knowledge on certain systems can create an even better game with that knowledge). But if you guess wrong, you have to start all over and pour more money into a new game. Of course, bigger developers have more room for missteps and trying different systems (i.e. PS3), but only so long as they know they’ve got a few secure hits coming.

          So my point is basically these developers work with what they know and what can sell and within a budget they feel comfortable with because the market is volatile and you can’t know when you will strike gold or have wasted your efforts for fool’s gold.

  • Guest

    Well…..this was all very underwhelming. You talked big imageepoch and I still like you but you didn’t come close to delivering anything special.

  • evilmoogle
  • HarryHodd

    Don’t know why they hyped this conference up so much for 2 psp games and one online browser game.

    • noxian

      because it’s what they do?they’re a business. why wouldn’t they hype what they’re making?just because you don’t care they should just say, “screw it forget about it”?frankly for those of you already complaining that everything they announce has been handhelds, you’re really just going to have to get over it.plain and simple. you just will.either get over it, and suck it up and get the handhelds to play the games.or give up on Japanese gaming, because whether you like it or not that’s where the Japanese game industry, ESPECIALLY RPG developers with their higher than average production costs, has shifted.that’s where they’re making their money, handheld consoles.big screen HDTVs aren’t in every household in Japan (not even a majority. not even close), so they’re really not going to care whether you’d rather play JRPGs on your big screen.and while Westerners hate to hear it, we are ultimately a small portion of the audience pie for any JRPG not named Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or “developed by Mistwalker” (as Sakaguchi, and Mistwalker, has ironically become more popular in the West than he is in Japan, where his games after Blue Dragon have all been flops). long story short, JRPG devs are going to cater to their japanese fanbase, and their japanese fanbase is on handhelds.

      • HarryHodd

        Image Epoch was billing this as the second coming of JRPGs. You know as well as I do that games sell pretty well on the PS3 in Japan just look at weekly sales. If I recall recently there were fans in Japan questioning Sega about why Valkryia 3 was not on the PS3. I also question not having any 3DS games.Image Epoch is just too short sighted and take a chance on the PS3. They are playing it safe. How will they ever know until they try. There are many PS3 gamers clamoring for JRPGs. I’d put money on it that a good jrpg would sell as much in the west as it would in japan on the PS3. PSP is pretty much dead in the west.

        • Guest

          Only with proper marketing, newer ideas, less MOE, less Bishounen and Anime cliche pandering, and overall, just a good serious story and amazing open ended gameplay. All of which Japanese salarymen are scared to take a chance on, hence Kaiji Inafune’s remarks after he left Capcom. He was right.

          • HarryHodd

            Agreed, but there is still a fanbase for anime RPGs in the west. Also a great game could sell well enough with moderate advertising. Demons Souls comes to mind.

          • No bishounen?? Open ended but good story? Is that even the JRPG most of the die hard fans would come to like? I mean, please leave the open ended with no bishounen part alone, if you want to do that and create another fan base then its ok, but please do not lump everyone together. Also, isn’t Final Fantasy character like Zack consider a Bishounen? Many still like him though.. Well, unless you hate FF. Then well, please disregard my post..

            Beside, if imagepoch do PS3 in their first release then they are really short sighted. PS3 development is not cheap. You have to understand that. The amount of time spend and the man power is no joke. Sometimes, it is not only about what you think. You can try, but reality does not really give you a second chance. If you flop then that is probably it for you until the next time. Who will care for him if that happens? All we do is just saying too bad for his failure. So, that is why Mikage has to look out for himself, because its his money! Also, with psp, that has lower cost and shorter gameplay more people will buy and try the game as long as it is good quality. You do not necessary have to be epic in Japan. So here, you can guarantee a certain sale figure.

          • Guest

            I don’t consider Zack a Bishounen. His personality says anything but. He’s more of a Shonen (hot blooded but carefree positive attitude guy) that can easierly translate to western audiences. Thats part of the reason Crisis Core was well received in the West and one of my favorite PSP games actually.

            Aside from that, PS3 development should be the first step to solidy such bold claims they are making because everyone knows already that JRPG’s arent dead on handhelds; its CONSOLES that seems to be the issue.

          • You mean the guy who created Mega Man Legends, which was filled with anime cliches, and created the western games he wanted like Dead Rising while stripping anything Japanese out of other games? That guy? You sure you want to defend that guy using that argument because it’s a pretty silly one.

        • Hetare Kaiser

          Indeed, they won’t know until they try. But Image Epoch isn’t that big a company. Unless someone big (say, Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft) is willing to take the fall for them, if they try and fail, they’ll be dead for sure. Compared to that, making games that can make a profit from the Japanese market alone (i.e. portables) makes considerably more business sense.

          Also, keep in mind that it isn’t just up to Image Epoch. If they pitch the idea of a full-fledged RPG for HD consoles that’s reliant on western sales to publishers, how many do you think are going to say “Great idea! Here’s a trillion bazillion yen! Knock yourself out!” with the marketplace being as it is right now?

          • HarryHodd

            Why does everyone think they have to have an enormous budget for an HD game? There are already developers like Gust, From software, Irem, Atlus, NIS, and Marvelous putting out HD games. They don’t have to look amazing. Artstyle goes a long way.

            Also last time I looked the games sell pretty well on the PS3 in Japan.

          • Hetare Kaiser

            Those game manage to be successful by targeting a very specific audience that doesn’t mind spending the same amount of money for a game that isn’t as advanced graphically, as long as it provides an experience that more mainstream developers can not provide. The same holds true for when it gets released in the west.

            And that actually brings us back to the original problem. The PSP isn’t popular in the west with the mainstream. But what about with the people that like otage? If they decide to buy a console based on what games come out for it, they’ll already have a PSP. So then, there’s no problem. Most of the people that would actually buy their games, already have the system it’s coming out on.

        • noxian

          they could but as you put it yourself, they’re playing it safe.
          that’s absolutely true.
          that tends to happen when you’re on the side of the industry where from title to title you can vary from stunning success to abysmal failure at the moment.

          and too many failures means your company ceases to be.

          there’s pretty much no JRPG dev right now, not even the mighty Square-Enix, that can guarantee the turnout for any title that say Bioware is getting for anything they put out (rightly so or not, i’ll leave that to your personal opinion) right now.

          so are they playing it safe, and aiming for maximizing profit margins? yes.
          and my point was, you don’t have to like it but expect it to happen more.

          because, frankly no, the PS3, even in japan, hasn’t been a solid enough platform that Japanese devs are willing to gamble their entire upcoming line-up being on it.
          10 successes from 10 different developers with 10 different games (this is just a metaphorical example, don’t read too much into it) isn’t going to convince many people.
          one developer putting 5 (in a row would be even better since that would highlight consistency) games on the PS3, and all 5 selling well, will.

          and that really hasn’t happened.

          its really not rocket science, if that had been happening, you WOULD see JRPG devs flocking to the PS3.
          but you don’t.
          right now JRPG devs are a little adrift and platform-less as far as home consoles.
          they’ve already learned their lesson about thinking the 360 will sell them to the West.
          the Wii doesn’t sell titles consistently for anyone but Nintendo.
          you’re right that the PS3 has emerged as the clear best choice, i’m not refuting that.

          but the DS and PSP have emerged as even clearer best money-making choices.

          one point i will dispute however, “I’d put money on it that a good jrpg would sell as much in the west as it would in japan on the PS3”

          that would be true only due to the still relatively low install base of the PS3 in Japan versus the US.
          in terms of the audience as a whole, i stand by my comment that the fanbase is ultimately in Japan.

          take any series, like i said, not named Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, or Sakaguchi’s two 360 titles.
          its never been even close to parity between the bases.
          for the genre as a whole, the NA/EU fans didn’t outnumber the Japanese fans on the PS1 or the PS2 and those 2 consoles were out during the peak of the West’s adoration of JRPGs.
          what makes you think the two have reached higher parity now that the Western audience as a general whole is heavily biased against all things Japanese, nevermind JRPGs?

      • JustaGenericUser

        Freakin’ Christ, get butthurt more?

        • HarryHodd


        • noxian

          freakin’ christ, who is butthurt?

          frankly, HarryHold has been making pretty civil discussion and i responded to him and he responded back.

          because others make comments with more substance than you means they’re being butthurt?

          or are you just doing the usual “because you said something i don’t understand or like, i’ll make some meaningless trite comment that i think makes me sound clever and relevant” thinking it dismisses what other people say as opposed to just making you look silly.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I’m interested in Mars and Remus the most.

    And Ark.

    And the collaboration with Type-Moon.

  • Wait wait wait.. Are they going to release them on 2012 or just announce them? If it’s release then I’m ok with the announcement but announce that they are going to announce something in 2012?? What’s the point?

    Edit: I hope the Type-Moon collaboration means more Fate/Stay Night..

  • luminous arc 3 localization!! ONEGAI SHIMASU

    • Joanna

      I shall join you, “LA3 LOCALIZATION PLEASE MARVELOUS~”


    Tyyyyyyyyyyyype Moooooooon!
    Here’s hoping for a Kara no Kyoukai RPG! Never get enough of KnK

  • PrinceHeir

    “Mars Project is a game with a famous JRPG creator.”

    “Remus Project takes a classic series and changes it into a JRPG.”

    damn now im stoked O_O

  • So we won’t even know what the games are next year…

  • JustaGenericUser

    “In 2012, Imageepoch will announce four more titles.”

    I hope this is a typo.

    • Joanna

      I know, eh?Why would they announce that they will have announcements in about a year’s time? It’s really odd. :|It would be less odd if it weren’t announcements but game releases that they would have in 2012. I don’t see a point in saying, “hey look, we have decided to make 4 more games, but since we haven’t started them yet, we will only announce them in about a year’s time.”

      edit: ah, I should have read the rest of the comments before replying since someone mentioned the exact same thing. ^^;;;

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