Metroid: Other M And Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood On Sale At Amazon Today

By Spencer . November 25, 2010 . 3:45am

imageHoping to get the jump on Black Friday deals, Amazon has a bunch of recently released titles on sale. Right now, you can get Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate Edition or Dead Rising 2 for $34.99.


A new wave of deals starting at 6:15 AM PST appear to include FlingSmash (the game bundled with a Wii Remote Plus), Metroid: Other M, and either Samurai Warriors 3 or Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. The clue "hack and slash action across Medieval Japanese game environments" could fit either game.


Twelve hours after that, clues point to sales on Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2, and some kind of arcade stick.

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  • PersonaBull

    I’m tempted to get Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood for the estimated price of $39.99. That’s definitely a good deal for a game released 9 days ago.

    • I was expecting it to get to that price in the new year…but so soon, I guess I will get it, I’ll need the strategy guide too!

    • PersonaBull

      Bleh, I hate being misinformed. It’s $49.99. Decisions….

      • Ugh I hate it when they do that, lol, $10 off isnt really a deal, then again, it would still be that price in the new year when I was aiming to buy it, I have some Amazon promo credit though, so I ended up getting it and the strategy guide :P So excite.

        • PersonaBull

          Nice, enjoy! Honestly, I’m still tempted enough, but I have enough games that I have (and will have for way cheaper after tonight) that I just can’t justify that extra $10. Mostly because that’s a full game at Walmart.I can wait.

          EdIT: Well, it seems they fixed the price. It really is $39.99. Make sure you e-mail Amazon or something to fix that!

          • Aoshi00

            Good, I see that they fixed it now too, I was pretty upset when I saw their “false advertising” because the $39.99 was supposed to be a price match for Kmart’s (otherwise I would’ve picked it up at Kmart instead of waiting for Lightning Deal). I actually have waaaay too many games at the moment I really shouldn’t be getting this (I’m like 3/4 done w/ AC2), but at $40 what the heck. I’ve heard too many good things about it I want to play it NOW.

          • PersonaBull

            It was still kinda messed up when I went to get a copy, and I ended up removing it from my cart. Now I’m stuck waiting for customer service to fix this mess. I’m wondering if this was worth the extra $10 off now, haha.

          • PersonaBull

            Can’t edit.

            I love! Started up a live chat with customer service and in about half an hour or so I got my copy of Assassin’s Creed:Brotherhood for the PS3 for the cool price of $39.99! I love black friday<3

          • Aoshi00

            That’s good to hear. But right now I’m on the phone w/ this Amazon guy, trying to add the Ice Age Blu-ray ($5) lightning deal to my cart but it won’t let me (it’s only 61% claimed), I hope he’d be able to help me fix it before it’s sold out.. he’s putting me on hold :(…

            EDIT: Woohoo! problem solved, I couldn’t add the movie at $5 for some reason, but I added it at $13.99 and he gave me $10 back :) Yea, Amazon’s customer service is pretty helpful if you call them :)

          • Thanks, I guess I better send them an email about it since it appears I cant just simply cancel the item and replace it (as if they are really preparing it to be shipped soon at this time of night…).

          • PersonaBull

            Either e-mail them or get on the live chat. Just be polite (they’re just doing their crappy job that they hate as much as everyone else. I never understood why people hate on outsourced people so much) and they’ll work it all out for you.

  • Ereek

    Thanks for the heads up. It looks like there are a few good deals.

  • Aoshi00

    I set up my alarm and got up at 3am this morning lol.. spent so much on blu-rays and games.. Naruto UNS2 is $34.99 now (got on 360 after some debate even though many people on here have on PS3..), finally caved in getting the $150 PSP Go (Amazon matched Kmart and I saved like $10 on tax too), want to try using the PS3 controller to play MGS PW, and FF7-9, just don’t come out w/ a LE a month later or something.. Just ordered Fling Smash for the motion plus remote as well. Very tempted to get AC Brotherhood (got the Ascension video for $2), I’m not done w/ AC2 yet, but I heard the sequel is excellent across the board.Best Buy is having sales on blu-rays too w/ free shipping, I got the new Predators, Super Bad, Hot Tub Time machine, Mad Men (Seasons 1-3 $9.99 each), Harry Potter Year 1-6 ($40), and the Alien Anthology ($70 on Amazon this week).Thanksgiving makes people spend so much :(…

    • Oh awesome, you bought the best game this year (UNS2) lol.

      • Aoshi00

        I hope it’s worth it. Sry can’t play online w/ you bro, I think I’d do better w/ the QTEs w/ the 360 controller and prefer achievement, I was going to give this one to PS3, since a couple of you guys have it on PS3.

        Those new Macy’s Thanksgiving parade mascots look weird and cute, KiKi and KaiKai.. I like Kung Fu Panda..

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      With the PSP Go, though, the money you save is going to made back [by sony] because you can’t buy used games or even on sale games. All your games’ prices are dictated by what sony wants. Also, has a psp-3000 bundle for $130. just saying

      • Aoshi00

        I know, I was really torn about whether a Go is necessary (I thought about it for the last several days, I didn’t even bite when Best Buy had it for $150 several weeks ago), I alrdy own the -1000 (US) & -2000 (Jpn) actually. And of course I can’t play my big UMD library.. I’ll just get games on PSN when they’re on sale, like PW for $19.99 now or something.. I hate playing PW w/ the PSP, so I’m not sure if using a Dual Shock 3 would help even though it still wouldn’t support the 2nd analog stick. I would’ve gotten P3P for $19.99 too if I didn’t have it on UMD alrdy..I still don’t feel good about having to double dip on the digital ver of games I own (unless it’s like old PSX games). They really should offer discount on digital copies for those who alrdy own physical ones (if not outright make it free..)Well, the Go might have lots of drawbacks, I guess it’ll just be part of my system collection or something (got all 4 DS’s too :(…. (graphite phat, onyx lite, Ace Attorney investigation DSi, and Mario XL..)

    • RupanIII

      I hear you, though this year I really didn’t spend as much as last. Last year I finally bit the bullet and got a PS3 and DS. This year the only gaming thing I got was TWEWY, might finally pick up DQIX on Monday (it’s gonna be $20 on Amazon) I spent quite a bit on DVDs/Blu tho >.<.. first B&N's 50% off Criterion sale, then Cinematic Titanic sale this weekend

      • Aoshi00

        I didn’t get any DVDs even though they were some $2 ones, just blu-rays for $5-10 (but I got Potter 1-6 for $40 & Alien Anthology for $70), also I got the PSP Go for $150 (& other accessories like the pouch, stand, & new component cable), and a new 4Gb 360 Slim for $140 (it’s $200 w/ $60 credit good for one year, maybe I could use that to get a 250Gb HDD, I wanted the matte finish, too bad the Slim doesn’t have faceplates, I love them).. w/ games & Mario DSi XL I think I might’ve spent like $1000 w/ all the pre-Thanksgiving and Black Friday deals ($30 here $40 there they really add up).. I need to stop buying and start playing…Yea, on Monday there’ll be more good stuff like Layton 2 &3 for $17.99 if you haven’t gotten those yet. DQ9 I did get on release day from Toysrus for $35 w/ $15 credit, so that was like $20 for me too..

        I need to play 999 on the XL now :)

        • RupanIII

          I was seriously thinking about finally picking up a 360 with that $60 credit deal, but I didn’t really have a chance to get online Friday. Maybe it’s for the best though, like you said I seem to buy more than I play these days, my pile of shame just keeps growing haha

          • Aoshi00

            yea, just so many games these days (and there are 5-6 games I’m looking to import early next yr *.* I can’t wait for the Last Story), it’s breaking my bank.. the Amazon 360 lightning deal was really good though, I don’t think you would ever get a better deal than that. I really didn’t need to upgrade, but I want to use Kinect w/o connecting to separate power, also it has built-in N wi-fi. I actually want to upgrade my Jpn 360 to a slim, but a Jpn slim is just too expensive..

            I was actually going to get a Wii balance board finally, it was going for $67 including Wii Fit plus, but I figure playing Kinect takes a lot of work alrdy, so I don’t need two fitness games :)..

          • Joanna

            Add me to the list of people who buy more than they play….I’ve got my own pile of shame….and it’s pretty bad because it has some nice gems I should already be playing. D:

            We don’t have Black Friday here, but I found Nier for 30$! So I finally picked it up! Alas, it sits in my pile of shame for the time being. :(

        • Ohmigosh,I finally went into a brick and mortar store today…BestBuy and finally encountered a Nintendo DSi XL! The professor layton game on it looked so amazing, I was dying to buy it. My parents were wanting to get a Wii and Blu-Ray player (I tried to suggest the superior and innovative Playstation Move and Playstation 3, but alas their hearts were set on the inferior console). But the Red Wii looked so amazing, I wish I could have bought it too! The green DSi looked amazing as well, I was dying to get it too! (I wont even mention the iPad that was amazing, it was the first time that I ever touched one in person, and reading Winnie the Pooh, in color, made me a fan of the device so now I want it too!) Ugh then there was the PS Move, so awesome!

          All in all I ended up just getting Disney Sing It: High School Musical 3 for the PS3 for just 9.99! It was just such an awesome deal that I would feel bad if I had passed it up!

          (Can you believe that the blu-rays were so cheap! Though I want anime but they charged literally full retail cost for Bleach Boxsets and Hetalia Axis Powers at Best Buy, such robbery!!!)

          • Aoshi00

            yea, games like Layton and Phoenix Wright look amazing on the XL (even Chrono Trigger), the text is not tiny and hard to read anymore. Some 3D games might look a bit blurrier, but it’s easier to see and you get a bigger touch screen.

            I have considered getting the Red Wii (w/ $50 credit plus I could sell my copy of NSMB Wii) to get the red nunchuck and plus remote, but games are not transferable btwn the Wiis, so my VC games would still be on the white Wii, so I gave up on the idea.

            The Move is fun but at the moment I like Kinect more, one could really get in shape and tone your body w/ the Fitness game, no controllers or add ons is really convenient. Bought Dance Central but haven’t played it, heard the learning curve is pretty steep..

            I’ve seen enough people play w/ the iPad on the bus, but I haven’t touched one myself, I don’t even own a smartphone yet :(.. it’s really expensive though because you would need a 3G one on the go.. I have not decided which to get btwn iPod touch, iPad, or iPhone, also for phones I need to decide btwn Samsung Galaxy, Android, blk berry, or iPhone, iPhone seems to have more apps and games though even though I’m not big on cellphone games..

            You should’ve gotten a PS3 for your parents since you could watch blu-rays and stream netflix on it.

          • RupanIII

            Yea I’m behind on the phone scene as well. My vote is anything but BlackBerry ;P (too many associations with obnoxious ppl from work..)

  • MemeticRichard

    Add World of Warcraft Battle Chest for $9.99 to the list as well.

  • thaKingRocka

    Metroid didn’t start off well for me, but there came a point about midway through when it just started feeling good. I ended up going for 100% completion, which is something I rarely do. It’ll probably be cheap as chips, and I recommend giving it a go at 30 since I feel I got my 50 worth. I think that dev was right to some extent, once you embrace the game for what it is, rather than lament what it is not, you will enjoy yourself.

  • other M has clearly faults about gameplay, but sakamoto hard head is to blame as he so hard wanted to use only wiimote, but the storytelling, and the world is very good, me got the goosebumps so time, and the story is so closely related to the manga sakamoto wrote for samus beginnings :3

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