Rally The Prinnies For A New Disgaea 4 Trailer

By Spencer . November 26, 2010 . 12:35pm

In case you didn’t know, Disgaea 4 has event scenes in between battles. Nippon Ichi explained this gameplay system with videos of Fuka, Valbatoze, and Fenrich talking to Prinnies.


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  • Apollokids

    The Lycans eyes become unusually large at some points during the cut scenes. Its weird. Good to have finally heard some of their voices too. I personally think they nailed Fuuka. Valbatoz is alright but I cannot give him more praise. The lycans voice will have to grow on me. There no emotion in his part from this trailer. So I will need more clips to judge his talent.

  • Prinny love <3


  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    I haven’t played a Disgaea game since 2 (1 was amazing), and this is looking really good.

    It’s time for a reunion, dood!

  • Exkaiser

    Liking Valbatoze’s voice.

  • I like how smooth the transitions for the large animation sprites are. It’s really nice to see them doing that.

    Can’t wait for English voices later on. Disgaea’s always had magnificent dubs.

    • Lelouch vi Valbatose or Bust!

      • Barrit

        Haha, his clothes even reminded me of him. All he was missing was the helmet

  • skyblaze

    I feel like they pretty much nailed all the voices quite nicely… I’m somewhat more concerned about how the English voice acting will be (I don’t think I’ve ever disliked any of Disgaea’s Japanese seiyuu).Lol, what’s up with Axel at like the very first second of the video… did someone kill him already?

  • Well the game looks simply gorgeous! I guess the mouths dont move in relation to the talking.

  • haiii kuality X_x

  • Maybe it was the way she was holding her bat before, but Fuka sounds almost exactly the way I imagined she would.
    I like how the thief and mage are just hanging out, too.

  • godmars

    Am I the only one hoping that they give German, Spanish and French voice tracks along with Japanese and English?

    Seeing that scene of a vampire taking to an army of demon penguins, hearing that music, made think…

    Well, something bad that would get me booted off XBL (some of you are probably thinking the *other* thing), but it would still be funny.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    EDIT: Whatever I said here, it doesn’t exist and I deserved to be slapped for it. I say the dumbest things sometimes. O_<'

    As for the feature, reminds me of pep rallies back in high school… though these seem more morale raising.

  • I’m really liking the new sprites. They look so nice…

  • Darkrise

    It’s Lelouch! Sept 2011 seems so far off… =(

    • September? I thought it was just slated for Summer 2011…

      • Ereek

        Summer can be anything from June to August/September. Fall starts September 23rd next year, so September is a rather realistic expectation.

      • Darkrise

        Actually, I think NISA announced it for September 17. It was announced on the day when we saw our first announcement of Disgaea 4 being released on Feb in Japan.

  • Lol @ when Fenrich’s eyes stretch really wide. It looks kind of silly/awkward, but I can’t complain so much when overall the game looks so fraking nice. And I liked the BGM (although it gets sort of annoyingly repetitive after a while…)

    • speedstersonic

      I noticed that too, it was really strange.

  • Testsubject909

    *clears his throat*.

    Now, to put this as eloquently as I can, though it does sound redundant and repetitive.


    Okay, that is all.

    Oh and, correct me if I’m wrong but. According to ZHP, wearing a Prinny Hat provides you with the bomber skill. Meaning that you can get tossed and explode like a prinny. So if I throw her, will she go kablooey?

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