The Armor Of The Master Awaits You In Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

By Spencer . November 26, 2010 . 5:52pm


Famitsu has a look at a new mission made for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Players can take on the Instructor of the Light mission and face the Armor of the Master as a boss. The teacher of the heroes has a close resemblance to "that man"… Famitsu doesn’t say who "that man" is, though.


Square Enix created cooperative commands for Birth by Sleep’s multiplayer mode too. Voltage Bundle can be triggered when all three players target the same enemy. Unison Rush starts a set of quick time events where players have to press buttons on time.


Who is the mysterious man in armor? We’ll find out when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix comes out in Japan on January 20.

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  • Uh, most probably Eraqus.

  • squenix should stop making the same game with a couple of extras and start working on twewy 2

    • I agree.

    • It’s been like this since, FFX?

      • Gelsa

        It’s been like this since FF7. Don’t know if they did it earlier though but I don’t think so.

        • Oh yes, forgot about FF7 Intl since I couldn’t get a copy of those..

          But as I remember, FF8 or FF9 didn’t have an international version, also pre FF7

          • Testsubject909

            Eh… Either way, I get annoyed at these Final Mixes. They’re everywhere, it’s getting a bit aggravating.

            Plus, it’s an age of DLC, if you had something to add extra, why not just release it on DLC with an online patch as opposed to adding some extra bits and then reselling it at full price?

            On top of that, these final mixes are typically Japan only, which further adds to the aggravation…


            Sorry, had to get that out of my system…

  • Didn’t they already have an article in Famitsu/Jump that 100% confirmed that it was Eraqus, not to mention the not so subtle clues from the trailer. Anyone who hasn’t figured out that it’s Eraqus is, to put it nicely, quite dense.

    I believe “that man” is Sakagoochi.

  • glemtvapen

    “The teacher of the heroes has a close resemblance to “that man”… Famitsu doesn’t say who “that man” is, though.”

    Guilty Gear?

    • nyrjin

      It would certainly be a disappointment if it wasn’t. In fact I’m already disappointed about it!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Hah, I came here with the intention of saying the exact same thing.

  • Pfft. All these “Kingdom Hearts [X] +” versions are just getting annoying, and are pretty blatant shows of cash cow milking by Square-Enix. Just give us a goddamn new KH game already. I could care less whether its Kingdom Hearts 3DS or Kingdom Hearts 3 (period) – As long as it ain’t basically the same game with a few added sparkles, I’m happy.

  • d19xx

    Tony Stark?

  • That’s Sora from the future, calling it now

    • MemeticRichard

      That’s actually some pretty awesome surreal art…

  • MemeticRichard

    Hah. Funny how everyone down here voices their dismay with this, but the moment I do, it pisses off somebody, which in turn pisses off others, who just happen to be the same people who are voicing their dismay below…

    So…am I allowed to blame this BS on Nomura, per usual? >_>

    • Aoshi00

      Kitase: “Yo Nomura, where are you w/ Versus?”Nomura V. Frankenstein: “I’m still working on the awesome intro movie, it’s going to blow Advent Children and the other 13 away!”OK, I kid I kid…

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Somehow I am reminded of Kingdom Hearts 2, where I’m like 4 hours in before I reach the game’s title-card… “I was only playing the INTRO?! How long is this game?!!”

        As for Versus… I’ll just say I’m very interested in the development diary (with a milestone/progress timeline) if they ever release one.

        • doomspeller10

          I’ve only played KH I and BBS, and the first one’s intro indeed seemed eternal for me. It was nicely done, but I didn’t want to watch an AMV, I wanted to play. When I realized I couldn’t skip the intro i was like “FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUU–“I’d really like to see some “making of” documentary about Squeenix’s games instead of just a diary. From FF6-X, then Crisis Core, Dissidia, BBS (or a KH series one), and Agito, just like what Santa Monica did with God of War. So far I only know about the making of Advent Children, and it helped me understand some of the weird decisions they made. Isn’t there any other of these kind available?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I wish there were, but it doesn’t seem like there is. Unlike films, games don’t have an organization like the Criterion Collection, that brands classics into unifying tasteful collectible boxes packed with the restored films, worthwhile making-of discs, inside info/essays from directors/production teams, and pamphlets detailing everything you’d want to know about the films… Various games have special editions with stuff like that, but the content is often thin and varies in quality, usually opting for memorabilia instead.

            EDIT: Yea swag like FFVII energy drinks with character faces on them (or soundtrack even) aren’t as insightful as an inside look, obviously.

        • Aoshi00

          I like those “making of” videoes put out by developers to plug their game, they really give you a glimpse of how the game was made and make you appreciate their effort and passion (like those Enslaved documentaries and voice actor interviews), I don’t think many Jpn studios do that though.. at least not as in depth. Versus’s progress report.. hm.. it would be like

          day 1: everyone on the team excited, Nomura pitched how cool Noctis is
          day 365: going slow
          year 5: Nomura working on KH BBS
          year 5-1/2: going slow.. no end in sight..
          year 6: Noumra working on KH BBS Final Mix

          something like that lol..

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Those series of Enslaved videos were quite insightful. I do wish more Japanese devs did “making of” docs or interviews like this:


            I’m certain if Square did some they’d have a lot to say…

            Regarding the Versus progress report LOL I hope not but I do wonder when they actually started production on that game. Is Versus even done by one consistent team? They kept saying they didn’t move the Versus team around to work on regular XIII but I have my doubts…

          • Aoshi00

            VS’s schedule/timeline is probably more chaotic.. and Nomura would be in his shadow, telling us what were his influence for the chains and zippers lol.. I remember there were some videos interviewing the S-E people but they were all hiding in the shadow like some witness protection program :)

            Yea, I remember those Yakuza making of videos, the director dude looks very gangsta like straight out of the game (Asada from Cave is very fashionable too, every time I see him he has a totally different hairstyle and hair color..). A lot of people’s influence seems to be movies, like Toriyama (Akira, not 13’s Motomu) said he always went to the theater as a kid that’s why he’s so good in drawing action, and Kojima also probably watched lots of buddy cop flicks :) *sigh* just let these Yakuza guys work w/ Suzuki Yu to make a Shenmue 3 alrdy…

            The Last Guardian video is very cool too, can’t wait for the HD compilation and getting those trophies :) Team Ico and Ueda definitely set the benchmark that much higher.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            That is the big question isn’t it… Where does Nomura get inspiration for his gothic sci-fi cyberpunk style?

            Yea movies are an unlimited source of inspiration… Wasn’t Catherine’s characters inspired by the cast of Buffalo 66 or something?

            I can’t believe we have to wait like another year if not more to get our hands on The Last Guardian… ICO was one of the first games on my PS2, TLG might be one of the last on my PS3. At Hopefully the collection can stave off my craving until then.

          • RupanIII

            Regarding Kojima and the movie influences, you should check out Escape from New York. It’s a great action movie on its own but the fact that there are a lot of MGS-esque elements to it makes it even better if you’re an MGS fan

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks, yea I read up on that, but I don’t remember the Kurt Russell movie very well, I think I’ve only seen Escape from LA, will stream from Netflix if it’s available later :) I like the Sci-Fi stuff in Kojima’s games too like Policenauts.PS. Yay, Alien Anthology just got here! Time to crank up the speakers, well not too loud :(… Man, these things are hard to get out, fancy but impractical box sets..

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Oh hell’s yea I love Escape from New York. The main character’s name is even Snake! Kojima was definitely heavily influenced by a hodge podge of American classics, ranging from epic war dramas to conspiracy thrillers, though big on spectacle it seemed none of them taught him how to write coherent dialogue.

    • There’s a difference between having disdain for a particular facet and a whole ‘nother to whine like a little baby about the man in every Square article.

      • MemeticRichard

        1- I don’t whine, I bitch. People whine when they want something. People bitch when they DON’T want something. Big difference.2- I only bitch about Nomura in articles where Nomura plays part. These days, when it comes to Square, that’s pretty much everything ever. Which gives me another reason to bitch about Nomura.3-Like I said, I’m not the only one – far from it. And on an almost everyday basis, people are agreeing with me. Liking and approving my comments. Then out comes Ishaan venting his inner fanboy at me, and what happens next? The very same people who were in iron-clad agreement with me suddenly change face, only because it’s a site staff member.Sorry, but I won’t be forgetting that piece of awesome bullshit anytime soon. Don’t worry, I’m not blaming Ishaan. He was defending his position (albeit…poorly, no offense). But I’ll be more than happy to call out those others for their stupidity and hypocrisy.Once again, yes, I’m pissed off, and I won’t be forgetting that anytime soon. Call me a troll for this, but its one of those things that I’ll be more than happy to rub it in a person’s face.

        • MemeticRichard

          Oh, look, somebody liked my post. >_>

          I’m curious, if Ishaan or Spencer were to bust in here, and go all “Shut the hell up Richard!”, would they like their comments as well? >_>

        • Except the Agito Article had nothing to do with ‘Trollmura’ and you still bitched about him.

          • MemeticRichard

            Actually, it did. Nomura was the one who spent a good majority of the FF13 and BBS information silence hyping up Agito. He promised the February after FF13’s Japanese release, they will begin rolling out Agito information. We all know how that went.

            Hence, bitching = justified.

          • He’s the artist. Tabata is the Director; yes, he may have said that there would be new info, but something could’ve happened behind the scenes and the director (who I reiterate is TABATA, not NOMURA) may have changed his mind. However, When the DIRECTOR releases new info, instead of saying something about the director and/or the info, you turn it into yet another Nomura hatefest. If anything, you should be mad at Trollbata or Trollsuke, considering they have more actual marketing clout in the project than Nomura.

          • MemeticRichard

            He’s still mouthing off, and doing something he isn’t supposed to. Sticking in nose in business that’s not his own.

            That alone is reason enough to hold him accountable. Or, you haven’t noticed that not *once* did I blame the Agito development staff? >:3

          • Or Maybe since, you know, he’s pretty much the figurehead of SE, Tabata told him to let out some news. But then, as life goes, sh^t happens and there was a change of Plans.

            As we saw in Aug, the game had only just then gotten Halfway done. Maybe Development was going as smoothly as Tabata had planned. Without knowing the situation, quite frankly, it’s ignorant to pin the blame all on him. It’s like blaming Chuck Norris if Sarah Palin roundhouse kicked Obama in the face.

          • MemeticRichard

            Except Wada is the figurehead of SE, not Tabata…

          • I was referring to Nomura as the figurehead, not Wada. Wada Is the Pres, but Nomura is the figurehead.

          • MemeticRichard

            Unofficially. Nomura more or less usurped power.

          • So he should apologize for being popular?

            Like I said before, you can’t blame him for everything when you don’t know what’s actually going on.

        • FireCouch

          Do you have any idea how much of a spoiled prick you are?

          • MemeticRichard

            oh, hai gais!

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Just because someone disagrees with something you said doesn’t mean they are against you forever (or for more than 2 comments). And vice versa.

          Likes/comment approvals aren’t everything.

          Are you sure its not the same few people approving your comments over and over? I get that feeling for my own comments sometimes…

          You might not attack anyone on this site directly, but your snarky comments give off the impression that you think you’re look down on people who disagree with you.

          I was one of the people who jumped on you in the Agito article. My view stands, but my analogy was a bit harsh in hindsight. Whether or not you noticed my comment, I apologize for that. Anyway, it’d be nice if you can reduce the bitterness a bit (or state it in a more humorous tone).

  • Testsubject909

    You know what I like?

    When a company gives us the final mix/director’s cut and completely bypasses the original knowing that in the end, we’d be paying twice the money for a single product where we would’ve been overjoyed with just the original end-product.

    I’ma looking at you: Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne…

    Ah Atlus… Thanks… (And yes, I know about P3 and P3FES and P3P, but in their defense, they started the localisation of that one prior to FES being announced, so by then they had to go with the flow. So yes, I understand that this was more circumstantial then anything else. But a guy can hope, right?).

    • Aoshi00

      This would be where DLC comes in handy, but no we have paid costumes :(…

    • MemeticRichard

      What did Nocturne ever do? X_X

      …Well…I only recall three versions… But most everyone outside of Japan got the superior version!

      And that one with Kuzunoha…that was just an extra that was bundled with Devil Summoner. And it was *nothing* more than a really lame face lift, swapping Dante with Raidou.

      I can promise you, absolutely no one missed anything there.

  • Gambling Gambit ♢

    “Who is the mysterious man in armor? Japan’ll find out when Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix comes out on January 20.”
    Fixed it.

  • The Armour of the Master is obviously Master Eraqus. In the screenshot on this article you can see Master Eraqus’ keyblade in the hands of ‘The Armour of the Master’ not to mention the footwear in the screenshot is the same as the footwear that Master Eraqus wears. Not to mention the mission is called ‘Instructor of the Light’.

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