Riela’s Valkyria Power Unleashed

By Spencer . November 27, 2010 . 3:05pm

Riela Marcellis, number 13 of the Nameless squad in Valkyria Chronicles 3, is a descent of the Valkyria. While she holds an awesome power within, Riela is still learning about it.


This character trailer calls her power a creeping "evil will" before she transforms into a Valkyria. This ability saved Riela’s life during an enemy encounter while the rest of her squad was annihilated.


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  • malek86

    At this point, it would be easier if they just listed those who are NOT Valkyrie.

    • Well, that is taking things too far. But yeah, always having a valkyrur in the game when the timelines between them are so close (or almost the same) is kinda… weird, and takes out the “being valkyrur is so special” thing away

      • I don’t understand why it’s weird having more 1 Valkyrian world they’ve created in these 3 games. Just because each game has had at least one doesn’t mean they’re going overboard.
        There’s 4 people in the world of the game that we know hold these powers and there are no doubt many more. Some will be like Selvaria and Aliasse who know of their powers from the get go who were tested in labs. Some will be like Alicia and Riela who’ll develop their powers because of (probably in Riela’s case aswell) emotional times.
        What’s so wrong in having them in the story? This time will be different because they’ll be giving us the power of the Valkyia in the main story of the game (not sticking it in the DLC like the first game). Going by the demo you’ll only be able to use the power a maximum of 3 times so it’s not like you’ll clear the missions with ease.
        They’re a vital part of the story, both of each game and Gallia’s.

        • Considering the world of Valkyria Chronicles used to have a whole race of Valkyrians, having 4 or a few more in the present actually makes sense. Well thats just my opinion…One of the things i really want to know is what happened to that race? Why did they disappear? Wiped out? Also, what’s their origin? cuz they seem like overkill given their overwhelming powers….But what IS this game mainly about, really? Wars? A nations’ struggle for peace and the story of the lives in that chaos? or the Valkyria? If its mainly about nations at war then maybe they won’t explore so much about Valkyria because if this is the case the Valkyria part is probably just a side-story thing…

          • I think the same. The Valkyrians came, killed a load of Darksens, claimed they saved the world, and left.
            The first game revealed a few details about what truly happened, but I’d love to know more. However, the way it’s been left it’s open to question who they actually were which gives the game and story a feeling of reality; religion, etc.
            I think they specifically didn’t set a single theme as the main one. Because it has a bit of romance, war, oppression, etc, they can create a totally unique game and explore whatever they want in the games.
            Hopefully, because the main threat in this third game are Darksens, we’ll learn more about them.
            I’m sure that when they finally bring the series back to the PS3 they’ll bring naval, and maybe aerial battles, to strengthen the battling side of the game.

          • Holy cr*p that’s EXACTLY what i had imagined if they make future Valkyria games; naval and aerial battles…imagine the possibilities…that would be simply awesome if they can pull it off, provided the battle systems of such battles works nicely. I can’t think of other games where RPG + Turn based + Real military. Totally unique and full of possibilities.

            “..which gives the game and story a feeling of reality..” – I agree, and that it doesn’t have a single set theme, is a nice way of telling a story.
            Yeah hopefully this third game reveals a lot more about the Valkyrur. Speaking of which, the Valkyrur reminds me of Vikings…

          • Ya know, Faldio’s diary proclaimed that the Valkyrur “tested” their power against the Darcsens, which resulted in a masked massacre. But what was the power made for exactly? Where did they go? This lead me to believe that there was a another race of supernaturals and that the Valkyrur left to wage war against them. Revelation? We’re likely to have another continent featured in future VC titles soon.

        • I know what you mean, i wouldnt mind AT ALL, if at least it was… 100 years later, or 50, but they are all appearing like … “in the house next door”, and i know this game is called Valkyria chronicles for something… But you know…When they discovered the ancient ruins in the first game, it was like Ohhh the valkyrur an ancient race that disappeared, nobody knows what happened, and etc…And Alicia happened to be one… and the enemies had the other one… But now they are like, appearing everywhere… It makes you think… Lol? wtf they just started to awaken at the same time? and nobody noticed them until now O_o.If it was in another country by accident, and not related to Gallia (even if the valkyrurs are from gallia, its possible for them to appear in other places) i wouldnt mind either, but they are appearing in almost the same place, Gallia is the smallest but the super ultra most powerfull country now

          • I’d love to know more about the other nations in this game’s world, actually. I mean, it can’t be just between Gallia, the Empire, and the Federation in the world, right? There seems to be a lot more that the developers want to tell, but they prefer to focus on Gallia for now. But who knows maybe future sequels might have other nations as the main.

            Btw i don’t feel that way at all. In my mind, there’s possibly other nations with other Valkyrur. But the game’s world is big, and the developers can only tell so much. Also, its a given there’s a Valkyrian or two; the game has has their name on it after all….And maybe they’re all appearing at almost the same time because its war time; makes sense if you think about it, for a lot of reasons (triggers may include: near-death experiences, experiments.etc). In fact, there might have been a number of valkyrur in the recent past of the game world’s history, but were unrecorded…heck, their descendants might be everywhere, but unidentified because: 1) they’re not pure-blooded Valkyrur hence doesn’t show any V traits (if thats actually the case). 2) Their powers aren’t/weren’t unlocked because they didn’t have the full ingredients; near-death experience + valkyrian weapons made of pure ragnite.

  • Wa.. wait, was she fighting againts Gallia’s troops? O.o

    • Maybe she wasn’t aware what she was doing due to her powers? Maybe those Gallians were traitors? who knows…

      • I dont know… because there were others witht he black clothes her group has like on the left side of where she transformed O-o looking at her.

  • hope its not another Alicia love story…

    • Uh? what do you mean, there was barely love parts in VC1, everything was more about wars and relationship between the squat. I wanted to see more scenes between Welkin and Alicia… But there werent that many -.-. And saw the anime, but that thing became just a big triangle of love full of suffering at the end lol.

      • Another reason for me to skip the anime. :) *check*

        I wasn’t focused on Welkin and Alicia’s love story because it was already at a steady pace. Then the relationship skyrocketed to the point where they engaged the “taboo of JRPGs.” Guess what that is.

        • o-O. ummm, SHARE PAN?! GO TO THE BEACH!? TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE TOGETHER?!What i liked is that the relationship between them was clear… and ended clear, in most rpgs if there is a MC and a MHeroine, it always ends like, it could be, but it could not be at the same time…. And i hate that -.-

          (btw with pan i mean bread… .just in case)

          • ——————————————-
            1st reply (hehehe)

            A TRUE LOVER’S KISS! :D

          • Duh D:, i was sure that sharing pan was the key

          • Hence why kissing can be considered a taboo. Can we look back in 2007-2010 and find 10 JRPGs that involve a true lover’s kiss and not have us assume that the hero/heroine could do so in the ending?It’s as if the developing companies consider it a hassle to make relationships collide and they always force their fans to speculate. Sure, realtionships need to develop steadily (or hastily, depending on how JRPGs play on love), but sooner or later, gamers need to see the big bang.First time I saw Welkin kiss Alicia like that, I was like a gaijin 4koma. lol

  • Fonic

    Looking forward to this. I hope the second one sold well outside Japan.

    • Well, it’s a psp game. We know psp games barely sell at all outside Japan. Unless you have FF or Kingdom Hearts somewhere on the cover.But well, I still got my copy right next to me. I’m really hoping they’ll bring it outside Japan, but ya know, the 3DS is almost out, and the PSP2 might be coming soon too..

      • Fonic

        Yup, very true. That’s why I’m a little worried Sega might decide to skip over this one. Guess we’ll see what happens.

        • i do not think they will skip this though.. I mean, there are still VC fans beside japan. Also, having extra sales is better than nothing. I mean Sega rarely, in fact almost never forget the western gamers.. lol

          • I thought its almost a guarantee that VC sequels will always get localized….

          • With the push that they gave the second game I’m sure that it sold well. Those Gallia Times things they posted on the Sega blog with the codes for extra characters. There were loads of comments for each post.
            They can’t just ignore all of those comments and not release this game in the West. If they don’t release it in America what chance do we Europeans have?

          • In these days, people cant be 100% sure… Even im not 100% sure

          • I think I’d better go SEGA EU and NA page to post my comment about VCII greatness so that its an inevitable release for us…

        • If there is something we can be sure of is that SEGA is not Namco Bandai, and that VC did really good in NA, so im sure they wont ignore it :)

  • Given that this third game seems more serious and grim, i have a feeling that the main characters might die in the end…Hopefully not.

  • neetloaf

    Riela is totally the main reason why I’m getting this game.

    • FireCouch

      Then your reason is bad. Blind fanboyism at its finest.

      • neetloaf

        I am offended that you called my legitimate attraction to a fictional character “blind fanboyism”.


        • DONT FEEL OFFENDED BY THE THINGS YOU LIKE! She is pretty well done after all, first thing that i though when i saw the first screens of this was “Ohh they made the Main heroine really good this time, more reason to get it!”, FireCouch surely feel the same thing, be he just dont like the fact you are getting it just for the girl :P.


        • evilmoogle

          yet, firecouch is right.
          bad reason is bad.

          you might aswell buy dead or alive volleyball.
          but i bet you already have it. :p

          • I like your display pic. What does it say? “Moogle mad”?

          • neetloaf

            Sorry to say, but I’m not as shallow as you people think I am~

    • PrinceHeir

      hell yeah same with you :) Riela is hot :D though i always want more VC games, please make one for the PS3, after you’ve learned soo much in the past 2 years i think it’s time to put all of those ideas to a console version.

      though if i may ask the viewers here, which graphics do you like? the cell shaded cutscenes or the anime cutscenes? for me i kinda like the Anime style since it fits perfectly in the game not to mention it kinda reminded me how how Portable Ops/Peace Walker Cutscenes but in American Comic style.

  • raymk

    She’s a good character but i’m more of an imuka fan TBH. I Like them both though but i think i’ll lean more towards imuka :)

  • papuruka

    Finally a perfect excuse for me to skip the 2nd VC game :D

  • I wonder if a normal human can beat a Valkyrie, normaly not but I hate overpower things in this kind of stories. I’d like to see something like that in the future.

    • Fonic

      When I first played the original game, I was really hoping for some type of battle where you fight against full-power Selvaria and actually win instead of just distracting or running away. I was a little disappointed in that regard.

      • Yeah and like others stories you have to wait a “miracle” for win that match or against a powerful character in the storie. You cannot win against a Valkyrie so you have to obtain another and win in a one vs one combat.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I guess she isn’t No. 13 for nothing…

  • Ooo Wow… Welcome back Sega..This is Very mind blowing indeed. The story is more dark and juicier,And from the looks of it there are love story in it too like VC1 but seems like the love is going to be somewhat sad i think.. Hope they have LE or something.. On second thoughts, probably not.. XD

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