Sony Deploying Front Mission 3 On PSN In North America

By Spencer . November 27, 2010 . 10:43am


Sony plans on satiating Front Mission fans craving a mecha strategy RPG. Front Mission 3 is coming to PlayStation Network in North America sometime in the future.


The ESRB rated Front Mission 3 with Sony Computer Entertainment America as the publisher, which means its being primed for PSN.


Europe already has Front Mission 3 available on their PlayStation Store so the wait shouldn’t be too much longer, should it?

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  • Now when will we hear about FM6?

    • I think Evolved killed the series.

      • Sakamoto (The FM Team producer) said that he wanted to make more FM games but it’s a question of when Square Enix feels like letting them do it.The entire team has been spread out on various FF and KH projects.

      • Time will tell as far as the Front Mission video games go, though by story technicality, the franchise already “ended” in Front Mission 5. Any more Front Mission video games from this point on are just bonuses. In the event Evolved is the last one, it’s no biggie. Just nothing significant in its video game line-up, and the franchise will still live on in the books (manga/novels) area. Front Mission already assured itself survival in 2011 with Dog Life & Dog Style, so that’s 17 years of existence right there.

        • Even though the story has come to a close I’m sure there are are windows of time that can be explored in sequels or they could just add on to the story in general. The UC Gundam era pulls this off pretty well.

    • I want an FM5 official release :(

      • Seconded!

        …though I still need to go back and finish 4, actually…

      • Guest

        Came in here to post that. I can’t seem to find my fan translated copy though : (

  • Glad to hear this, but…why is it being published by Sony and not Squeenix? I know FFVII was published by Sony when it first came out, but I think it was Squeenix who put it on the store, right? Too lazy to check right now, so if I’m wrong, someone correct me.

    • Sony is listed as the “publisher” for all PsOne Classics on PSN in the ESRB. That’s a dead giveaway that said title will be a PSN re-release….

  • Al

    Glad to hear this even though I bought a copy back when it originally came out. A very fun game.

  • Sweet, this will be cool on a PSP

  • Code

    rar, hooray one of my all-time favorite strategy/RPG~! I remember back when it came out on PS1, there was a local store was closing out, at the other stores it was $64.99, and got it there marked down to $15, even thinking back it makes me happy >w<; Seriously damn good game and seems like it could potentially have a lot of success on PSN.

  • Exkaiser

    Can we also get Vagrant Story on the NA PSN?


    • This and Legend of Mana

      ffs how hard can it be D:

  • Happy Gamer

    This is a must pick up for those who missed it. I’m so glad I got this when it came out as bday present…Altho friend stole it :(

    I think it’s the best localized FM in the series. I hear so many good things about 5…

    I have still yet to play the DS remake anyone know if it is great? Is it based on the SNES version?

    FM1 was so heavy on me story wise. not gonna spoil it but I was only in like…middle school or something it was really heavy stuff for me back then lol.

    • Fonic

      I liked the DS game but it’s more of an enhanced port. It has the PS1 extra storyline and adds a few unique extra missions of its own. If you liked the SNES version then you’ll like the DS version but it does show its age a bit.

      • Seconded. The DS port of the Front Mission First is the definitive version of the original. If you’re looking to replay that particular entry, go for this version.

  • I’m surprised Square Enix is just now considering Front Mission 3 for a US PSN release. A little too late for this to help save Front Mission Evolved’s sales. Then again, considering how they’ve treated the franchise overseas, not too surprising.

    • He look it’s Legaia.

  • One step closer to Xenogears and Einhänder… ;-;

  • get rid of this post

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