Tabata Raised The Difficulty Level For The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . November 28, 2010 . 10:51am

imageBecause The 3rd Birthday is a game with serious fights, director Hajime Tabata decided to raise the difficulty level of the PSP game.


Tabata assures that the action based controls are not difficult though. In fact, they are "extremely simple." He says people who usually play RPGs should have no problems enjoying the game.


With the game’s release date nearing, we should be hearing more about The 3rd Birthday soon. Nomura mentioned a homepage update, final trailer, and commercial for the game are being prepared.

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  • Raising the difficulty, those are three words that I hate to hear :( As long as there are no enemies that will one hit KO or bosses that takes more than 5-10 minutes to beat, then I think the game will be awesome.

    • shion16

      thats not funny ¬ 3¬playing a game is like having a date It isnt worth it if she makes the things easier, u will get bored of heryou gotta move and fight and keep pushing forward to reach the victory

      • Aoshi00

        1st base…. 2nd base… oh no you ain’t! lol good analogy. I just like normal though, don’t want to hit a wall, though I never tried hard on Muramasa, probably brutal w/ 1-hit deaths… I had a tough time playing MGS Peace Walker on the PSP, I need to try the demo for this one first.

        • OneOkami

          The control schemes were the primary cause of difficulty with Peace Walker for me, much moreso than the actual game design which is sad. Those alone had me daydreaming of how much better the experience could have been if “Metal Gear Solid 5” were a full blown PS3 experience half the time.

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly, none of the PSP control scheme worked for me, no 2nd analog stick (and 3DS still doesn’t have it, how would you play the MGS3 remake..). People kept saying it was MGS5, no it was not, like KH BBS is not KH3. After MGS4, that played such a huge step back.. it’s like after you play Assassin’s Creed 2, you play Brotherhood instead of Bloodline. There isn’t one day I haven’t thought how much better PW would’ve been on console, since I really want to play the game as I was a huge fan of MGS3. The motion comic strips were pretty cheap too.I just got the PSP Go, question is should I double dip and get the digital version of PW and play it on the TV w/ dualshock 3 bluetooth sitting back against the sofa. I heard you still don’t get to use the 2nd analog stick and the analog stick actually doesn’t work very well.. I was such a fan of the series I actually got both the Jpn and US ver. of PW and I just couldn’t get into it on the PSP.. and it’s annoying if I need to pay another $20 to play digitally on the PSP Go…

            EDIT: I mean the downgraded graphics and presentation is one thing. It’s just all the running/changing viewpoints, shooting, switching weapons/using items, just felt very hard to do w/ the face btns and such, felt like I needed a third hand. I think many people are okay w/ it, seems like I’m in the minority..

          • I’m guessing MGS3D will play like the original fixed-camera version of MGS3.

          • Aoshi00

            Not sure.. being 3D and all, don’t think they would revert back to static camera after MGS4 & PW, that would be saying the limitation of the system, maybe they’d just use the face btns again.. Anyway, they’re just too stubborn w/ the 2nd analog stick on portables, I pray PSP2 would have it..

          • Yeah, but keeping it fixed camera will also give them a lot of opportunities to play with the 3D effects. Since, it’d mostly be top-down, I can see them using that to create a depth-of-field.

          • Your first mistake was buying a PSP Go.Second, so many people complain about portable systems not having good games but when a good game is made all they can say is “It would be so much better on a console.”

          • Aoshi00

            First of all, I have a PSP-1000 and -2000 (I just bought a Go because it’s $150 so I thought what the hey, not an easy decision mind you, at least I could replay FF7-9, I got 4 DSs btw). Second, even though I’m not the biggest fan of portable systems, I have 80-100 games on the DS (lost count, I know bought a lot of crap on impulse) and maybe 40-50 games on the PSP, I don’t discriminate, but I do have my preference. Playing a MGS game on a portable w/ face btns to change viewpoints is not one of them. Sure both the DS and PSP have tons of great games, but for the most part, I like playing games on a big 46″ TV while sitting on a sofa at leisure, instead of squinting and slouching over a small portable screen (I was still okay w/ them a couple of years back, maybe it’s my age..) If they finally put that dang 2nd analog stick on the next PSP, maybe I wouldn’t complain about playing an intense shooter (that requires me to run and gun and adjust the camera at the same time while changing weapons and using items) on it.BTW, could anyone confirm if Peace Walker could be played by both analog sticks w/ Dualshock 3 bluetooth connecting via PSP Go?

          • What do you do for a living?

          • Aoshi00

            Just working hard and saving those paid vacation :)

          • Last question:Why do you own multiple copies of the same console?I don’t get it.

          • Aoshi00

            I have bought both the Jpn and US version for the last 4 MGS games, and PW wasn’t an exception (turns out I hated the PSP control though). Right now I’m considering if I should get PW on PSN because Go doesn’t play my UMD copy, and I would like to play it on the TV w/ dualshock 3 if the game supports both analog sticks that way.If you meant systems, I have a PS3 phat & slim (phat’s fan got too loud, distracting when watching blu-rays, too bad because it was backwards compatible), 2 360s (one Jpn and one US, since Jpn games are region locked, got a new Slim too on Blk Friday since it’s supposed to be much quieter, so it’s 3 now), 2 Wiis (one Jpn and one US), well for DS it was a phat, then I wanted the brighter Lite, got a LE DSi, and a Mario XL because I found the screen to be to small.. I had the PSP phat, later got a -2000 because of the video out since I wanted to hook it up to the TV.. etc…

    • OneOkami

      Raising the difficulty, those are words that I take cautiously in the same essence as you. Some games are hard because the challenges are designed to require legitimate skill, and then some games are hard because the challenges are cheap and sometimes require a degree of luck. I don’t trust any game to be the former without having experienced it myself.

      • Ereek

        Cheap difficulty is annoying, but at the same time, there’s something satisfying when you overcome it. It’s something like “haha, the computer and all of the odds are stacked against me, but I was still able to win!”

        Not that I’m saying cheap difficulty is a good thing. I know that a true difficulty is equally satisfying, just in a different way.

        I love hard games, though, so maybe this is me just being strange.

    • Well this is SE so probably the game is as difficult as Dragon Quest IX. That game was “the most difficult DQ game yet, including spin-offs.” Nothing to worry about.

    • Why don’t you like to have a challenge, though? I mean, you said that the last boss of Star Ocean 4 took you a long time, but did it make the game suck for you? Challenging bosses are something I usually look forward to when I play a game. While I do hate when it’s just the type of boss that just has tons of HP, but no real strategy, so all you’re doing is wailing on them for a half hour, I love bosses that make you think, that kill you five or six times before you even figure out how to hurt them. I love overcoming things and having to apply my mind and my reflexes to best a challenge.

      Don’t be afraid to conquer.

      • Considering that I wasted over 12 hours of trying to beat the boss, to get the ending, and that it brought me to tears, I do not think I would want to relive the experience (plus why I havent gone back through to replay on higher difficulty). I think difficult bosses inhibit one from being fully submerged in the games story and keep one waiting in suspense.

        • See, I feel the opposite, especially if the last boss is easier than the previous bosses. If I’m into the story, well, unless I’m playing with the gravity gun from the end of Half-Life 2, I should still be facing overwhelming odds. I should still risk being wiped out by the enemies I face. I should have to think on my feet, and be ready for anything.Is there such a thing as a boss that takes too long to beat? Yes, there is. Amusingly enough, the only boss I’ve ever fought that fulfills that is the last boss of Star Ocean 2 for PS1, which was a three-hour battle for me, where I had to max out every one of my characters’ stats before even being able to survive those three hours. I am told there’s something you can do in the game to make the boss harder than he was, and I suspect I probably did that. But that boss, it wasn’t a matter of challenge or skill, it was just a war of attrition, where I just had to keep laying into him and then resurrecting, for a ridiculously extended period of time. But the last boss of Star Ocean 4 felt…right. I had a personal stake in the battle and it made sense that the character would be as powerful as it was. I enjoyed that battle greatly and it only took me one try.Now, if you want to talk about an actual HARD boss that actually also requires skill, see Alma in Ninja Gaiden Sigma. That boss destroyed me the first day I fought her. But then I decided to do what usually gets me past bosses like that: calm down, focus on her animations and attacks, and learn to read them. Sure, it took me another three tries once I did that, but it was such a satisfying feeling to finally take her down, especially knowing that I have four friends who actually gave up on the game once they got to her.An actual challenge, I feel, further embeds me into the story.

          • holyPaladin

            Indalecio with limiter off…
            Reminds me he can instant cast magic while moving

            Great challenge

  • Exkaiser

    Raising the difficulty, those are three words that I love to hear.

    Good to hear something about the game that isn’t a costume announcement, at least.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, I was going to say the same thing about the costumes.

    • Ereek

      You apparently missed the last Third Birthday article.

      • Exkaiser

        No, I saw it.

        • Ereek

          Well, you make it sound like it’s only been costume announcements when it hasn’t. I agree that for a few months that’s what it mostly was, but we’re definitely getting more gameplay information now as the release date draws near.

          Edit: Apologies if I sound somewhat nasty, I’m not meaning to.


  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    As long as it’s hard and not cheap, fine by me.

    I doubt it’s “hard” hard, anyway.

  • So, you are making it easier to accidentally rip Aya’s clothing then?

  • neogeno

    Awesome! Im tired of games that hold your hand so much you can just mash a “win button” and clear the game. Im always drawn to games that actually fight back. Cant wait for that trailer.

  • karasuKumo

    Good! I hate playing something on the hardest difficulty and it being an average challenge. Bring it on!

  • Cue the Nomura hate in 5…4…3…2…

    • joesz

      Luckily it ain’t happening this time son.:)

      All thanks goes to the “Tabata” attached to the headline of this topic.

  • NeoTechni

    they had better make it optional/user controlled

  • SneakyHawk

    Bring it on, Twisted!

  • Aiddon

    PE1 was pretty murderous. PE2’s difficulty was better. I fully expect Tabata’s idea of difficulty to be through bad design though.

    • tubers

      Aiddon!? Have you not played PE2 in the higher difficulties? PE1 was more manageable. IIRC there’s only one difficulty in PE1 and there’s no Nightmare mode or bounty mode. Either you make a new game after beating it with the same difficulty or play the “replay” mode with your uber weapon :(

      Not saying that can’t be fun though

      • Aiddon

        No, I didn’t, mostly because you don’t NEED to in order to get the Gunblade or the Hypervelocity. You can just grind through the normal difficulty because rewards are never repeated

        • tubers

          So how was PE1 MURDEROUS compared to PE2? You are stuck with either playing PE1 again from scratch or replay with your uber weapon from the start. Why are we talking about the Gunblade and Hypervelocity gun?

          • Aiddon

            BECAUSE IT WAS. The final two boss fights were the pinnacle of hard and the T-Rex was nothing to sneeze at either. PE2 on the other hand was pretty breezy if you remembered to keep going to the hot spots whenever they popped up.

            And remember with 2 you kept a large chunk of your points around to get a head start on building magic and buying guns such as the AS-12, the Mongoose, or the M249. And the reason I bring up the uber weapons is because that’s the only reason to play the higher difficulties other than bragging right: to get a higher multiplier on your BP scores in order to get higher scores faster which lead to big rewards.

          • Ereek

            Really? I disagree. I find PE1 to be too easy. My first game I admittedly had some problems with the Crab, Shiva/Cerberus, and those worms in Central Park, but other than that the normal battles are easier. PE2 is the opposite. The boss battles in PE2 are easier, but the normal battles are a good deal harder at times, especially near the end when you have the Golems who are unstunable by any means but Grenades.

            If we’re talking about New Game+, PE2 on Bounty Mode is best mode. Hard enough that you have to stay on your toes and actually learn enemy patterns, but easy enough that you don’t die every 20 minutes if you make a mistake (Nightmare). PE1 New Game+ is a breeze. You can start, and finish, the Chrysler Building in Day 2.

          • tubers

            What hot spots? Are you talking about glitches? I never glitched my way into all my play throughs. You mean replay? Play in nightmare you don’t get anything from the start IIRC.

            T rex was a breeze. The hardest IMO was that Melissa later in the game not the final being. He’ll I didn’t even made any customized weapon on my first run through. After your first run through on the game the next play through gets easier.

  • legendaryawesome

    im in the final stage hyde bohr i can’t beat it in hard mode. it’s driving me crazy im shouting curses. im so frustrated right now help please

  • legendaryawesome

    im in the final stage hyde bohr i can’t beat it in hard mode. it’s driving me crazy im shouting curses. im so frustrated right now help please

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