The Thanks For Being A Dragon Ball Fan Contest

By Spencer . November 28, 2010 . 11:31pm

IMG_0863One Siliconera reader is going to walk away with Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2, Dragon Ball Z Tenkaichi Tag Team, Dragon Ball Origins 2, and a Master Roshi tissue box holder.


Yes, you read that right a Master Roshi tissue box holder. Here’s another look at it.


IMG_0861 IMG_0862


We also have game packs for second and third place winners too. Here’s the list of prizes.


First Place

1 Master Roshi Tissue Box Holder

1 copy of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (either Xbox 360 or PS3)

1 copy of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (PSP)

1 copy of Dragon Ball Origins 2 (DS)


Second and Third Place

1 copy of Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2 (either Xbox 360 or PS3)

1 copy of Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team (PSP)

1 copy of Dragon Ball Origins 2 (DS)


How do you enter?

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with "Dragon Ball fan contest" as the subject and the answers to five Dragon Ball trivia questions. The three winners will be randomly selected from a pool of correct entries. One entry per person, so check your answers before you hit send! Residents of the USA and Canada are welcome to enter.


The contest kicks off today and goes until November 29, 2010. On to the questions!


In the original Dragon Ball series, what was the very first wish granted by the Eternal Dragon?

a.) Resurrect Goku

b.) To be ruler of the world

c.) To be able to talk to woman

d.) Pair of girls underwear


How often does the World Martial Arts Tournament occur in the Dragon Ball world?

a.) Every year

b.) Every other year

c.) Every 5 years

d.) Every 10 years


What species is Piccolo and Kami?

a.) Human

b.) Saiyan

c.) Namek

d.) Android


Which name is not an alias of Hercule?

a.) Mr. Satan

b.) Mr. Savage

c.) Master Handsome

d.) All of the above


Which one of the characters below is not a blood relative of Goku?

a.) Vegeta

b.) Bardock

c.) Raditz

d.) Gohan

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  • malek86

    For some reason, I don’t feel like getting tissues from that thing…By the way, one of the questions can be a bit misleading, depending on how much you know about DB.

    • Wich ones? o.0, they seem to be pretty stright forward

      • PersonaBull

        It’s an issue about history within the series. I’m trying to explain without giving it away, haha.

      • malek86

        Yeah, they are all very easy to me. I know DB like the palm of my hand, and those are not difficult questions anyway.But there’s one that might confuse people, depending on how much attention they have for details. The real answer is only mentioned twice in the series.There’s also a weird one that… well, that might be unknown to most. But I guess Google would answer that one.

        • Well, the only tricky one for me is that, i never knew Hercule was Hercule until i played a dragon ball game :P (in english obviously), in spanish dubs his name is the same as his japanese’s name xD.If i didnt played a Dragon ball game, i would be like… uh? hercule O_O/?

        • kupomogli

          You talking about the Hercule question? My answer was over a paragraph explaining how that specific question needs to be more detailed and shouldn’t count.

    • Chow

      Yeah, shouldn’t the tissues be a blood red color? Maybe I’ll put some red napkins in that thing. lol

  • Omg i want those tissues, too bad im not form the US… , i could make it to be send somewhere else, but it would be too much trouble at the end, funny how i remember all the answers to the questions xD, dragonball was really part of my childhood *_*

  • PersonaBull

    I want this JUST for the Roshi tissue box! The games would be an added bonus for sure, though.

    All these news posts about Dragon Ball have been getting me in the mood to re-watch the anime. Maybe I’ll read the manga instead, since I didn’t start reading manga until around high school.

    • malek86

      Yeah, you should definitely do that. It’s much better than the anime, too. It’s probably my favorite manga, tied with Slam Dunk.

    • As Aoshi told me, it’s completely fine to watch Dragonball Kai, since it doesn’t drag on like the original Dragonball Z.

      Reading the manga is insanely fun, too. Read all 43 volumes for the best experience

      • Aoshi00

        Yea, people who complained about the dragging on definitely should give the new Kai anime a try. The manga was the best of course, but Kai is a very close adaptation of Toriyama’s original manga now (both the manga and anime had a very special place in my heart because I read and watched them in real time), Cell Game is starting in ep 83 this Sunday.The 2nd question though.. wasn’t Tenkaichi Budokai held every 3 years?

  • Just sent my results. I hope i at least qualify for 3rd. And I’ll need raging blast 2 for the PS3

  • Someone cant post the answers for people like me who missed out on the DragonBall Z?!

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      You lazy, lazy person. Allow me to introduce you to a good friend of mine: Google, TS. TS, Google. There, go get acquainted.

    • Baka tsuna, im gonna call reborn xD, check google, it all appears there, is not hard to find >8P

  • shouldnt question 3 be “none of the above”

    • PersonaBull

      I guess you’re not getting a tissue box :/
      edIT: lol oh, are you arguing semantics? if so, you’re silly

      • no i am argueing that all of those names are infact his aliases; and the question asks which is not an alias; so saying the answer is d: all of the above; is like saying none of those are is names

        • PersonaBull

          Except that’s question 4. Also, spoiler alert :/

          Oh, internet quizzes…

  • Good luck to all. =) I thought Raging Blast was fun.

    • kupomogli

      Raging Blast 2 is terrible though :(. I’m in it for the tissue box, Tenkaichi Tag Team, and Origins 2.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    What am I looking at xD

    I only know the answer to two of those, wow. My memory sucks bad.

    Good luck DB fans!

  • I wish to say there’s something wrong with Question 4. I can’t say I’m giving the answer, but it should be “Which name IS an alias of Hercule?”

    • PersonaBull

      Aw dang, I lose. I tried it without looking up any answers. I totally got that one wrong.

      Oh well!

      But yea, you’re right about question 4 being worded incorrectly.

      • Or maybe it’s INTENDED to be worded incorrectly?

        *DUN DUN DUUUUN*

        • it’s not worded incorrectly… think about it? first… What’s Hercule’s real name? and then choose which one of these isn’t a nickname/alias.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            No, it is worded improperly

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      maybe the question is right but answer d is supposed to be “none of the above”

  • Daryl Francis

    I hope I win this one..I love Dragon Ball…I suddenly felt nostalgic caused I watched this series since I’m 3…good times..

  • Erren

    Question 4 is confusing because isn’t it supposed to be ‘Which is an alias of Hercule’?

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      or is answer D supposed to be “none of the above”?

  • Aoshi00

    The Tenkaichi Budokai should be every 3 yrs right? At least for the 21st, 22nd, and 23rd the 3 major ones in Dragonball.. I want the Roshi tissue box the most!

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Yes, but before the 21st tournament. It was every X years. I would say it but I don’t want to give it away

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks, I just thought as far as I knew, from the first time Goku participated till the end was 3, so that was kind of like the standard instead of what came before Goku.. but thanks for the reassurance :)

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    The very first wish granted by the Eternal Dragon is obviously a pair of girls underwear… which in turn obviously should be the prize for first place.

    Gold laced, smokin’ red & silkier than Krillin’s bald head, Android 18 panties with a big “RR” made from fine pearls embroidered on the back. I’d absolutely hang that on my wall.

    • thebanditking

      best reply of the week, lol. Your ability describe that with both texture, color and fan imagery is admirable.

  • holyPaladin

    Oh too bad I’m not in US/Canada :(

  • hush404

    Hmm… im confused with the Hercule one… as I’ve seen each of those names apply to him.

  • I’m sending in an e-mail with all of my answers, but just so you know: questions 2, 3 and 4 don’t have the right answer to choose from at all, and so I’ll be writing the correct answers in the e-mail.

    • Pichi

      I can understand questions 2 and 4, but nothing is wrong with question 4.

      • Pichi

        Meant nothing is wrong with question 3.

        • “Namek” is the name of a planet. Some fans call the race “Nameks”, too, but the series calls them Namekians. Calling them Nameks is the equivalent of calling Saiyans Vegetas (that’s Vegeta’s name, though, lol) or calling Humans Earths.

          • kupomogli

            They’re called both Nameks and Namekians. There’s even an episode called Piccolo The Super Namek.

          • That was an inaccurate English translation made in the early days of Namekians being revealed. After the Frieza saga, the translators for the English dub revised and called all people of Namek “Namekians”, even adding it into titles later on. You can’t use an inaccurate translation as proof when it was jsut an error. Before Kami and Piccolo split, they were known as the Nameless Namekian. Lord Slug is also referred to as a Super Namekian. Like I said: in the series they’re referred to as Namekians.

          • Aoshi00

            If you’re being picky at semantics though, in Jpn, the Namekku-sei-jin were called Namekku-jin (w/o the “sei”) at one point when Kururin and Gohan first at arrived at the planet, so it was not an error in translation/transliteration, the original script hadn’t coined the universal term yet. But Saiya-jin were never called Vegeta-sei-jin. Question 3 is really okay, you cannot get it wrong going w/ the obvious answer unless you choose to classify Piccolo as a Saiyan/Earthling/Android.

            It’s only Q2 and 4. Because ever since the beginning of DB, Tenkaichi Budokai was held every 3 yrs (so I don’t know why the question would base on things happened prior to the start of the series), and Q4 is just a mess of a question.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      With question 3 you’re just arguing semantics. You know what the answer is supposed to be. You know what they meant. Just type that and hush. Question 2 also does have the right answer. Question 4 is the only wonky one.

  • shion16

    i wanna be ero jiji Dx

    • Aoshi00

      *Pafu Pafu* :)

  • RupanIII

    That Muten Roshi tissue box is great xD

    I’m gonna sit this one out tho, good luck to everyone who enters

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