Square Enix Deals Final Fantasy Trading Card Game In February

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 2:25am

imageWe’ve seen card games inside Final Fantasy games before. A decade after Triple Triad, Square Enix is finally making a Final Fantasy Trading Card game.


Hobby Japan a company that developed a Queen’s Blade game and translated Dungeons & Dragons books for Japan is developing the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game. No information about the game’s rules have been released. Instead, we have card artwork of Dissidia: Final Fantasy Cloud, Sephiroth, Garland, and Zidane plus Tidus, Rikku, and Lightning. The official site hints Yuna and Aeris are confirmed characters too with matching silhouettes.


The first trading card comes out way before the actual game. The 3rd Birthday, which is slated for December 22, includes a promotional trading card. Square Enix and Hobby Japan plan to launch the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game on February 25, 2011. I wonder how long it will take until Square Enix releases Final Fantasy Trading Card Game: The Video Game


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  • Testsubject909

    If they play their cards right *Badump pish* then Kefka should go along the lines of this.”I play Kefka!””Okay, then I play Sephiroth and beat him up””I activate all three statues of magic and transform Kefka into… Well, God Kefka.””I… I um… I cast Meteor””I activate God Kefka’s special effect which makes it so that the spell never existed in the first place because he’s now the source of all magic. Biatch. And I equip Gem Box enabling me to cast a second spell this turn and use Meteor on Sephiroth!””But! But! Kefka doesn’t have Meteor!””God Kefka’s the source of allll magic in the world of FF, suck it!”And then the fanboys cried…


    Obviously, I favor Kefka. Shouldn’t be tough to see. It’s not just a matter of nostalgia mind you, even while removing those rosy colored glasses… Kefka is still one of the highest ranking villains you’d ever see. I’ve yet to see Sephiroth properly pull out not one (Poison in the water), not two (Goodbye espers), but three freaking genocides (Goodbye beautiful world). And that’s just the beginning of Kefka’s resume… And it’s not just a matter of Sephiroth vs Kefka, a lot of other game villains fall short in the magnitude of his villainous acts and the pivotal position he’s taken by the end of the game…

    • Don’t forget Kefka called out Sephiroth on being a sucky villain in Dissidia. That was my favorite part. :3

      • I didn’t get to that scene- need to go play more Dissidia…

    • glemtvapen

      One could always argue that sources of magic are inherently different in each FF universe meaning the magic siphoned from the esper gods are different let’s say, from the crystals in FF1. /:|

      But indeed, Kefka was one of the few (maybe only) successful bastard that was able to pull off an Armageddon in a FF game. So kudos to the clown.

  • Ereek

    If it plays like Triple Triad, I’m sold.

    • Makes me wonder why they didn’t release Triple Triad CCG in the first place. It could’ve been so awesome!

      • Code

        Actually I think they did, with Bandai — only in Japan though of course sadly T_T’

        • Code, I am dissapoint


          • Code

            I’m totally disappointed too — such a good card game too T_T’ You know what’d be neat with this card game, is if besides having there main-game-rules, they put Triple Triad values in the top corner so they could also be played as Triple Triad cards too >w<;

        • Yeah, they did release a card format for it. I have two boxes of it but no one to play with–figures, right?

          • Code

            …because you are the last person on Earth, and all your fingers are borked T_T’ *Twilight Zone theme*Seriously though, rar, I’d play with you if I could >w<~! Also apparently they go for oodles of money on ebay.

  • karasuKumo

    For some reason I find them hinting towards characters funny haha. Hopefully they bother to do some original artwork for the cards.

  • “I wonder how long it will take until Square Enix releases Final Fantasy Trading Card Game: The Video Game…”

    ^This is win. Bring on the electronic card games. Don’t let only YuGiOh get the premium treatment

    • Testsubject909

      Oddly. I agree.

      I’ve had good fun with electronic trading card games (albeit never played a Yugioh game so… Not even real life, never got interested despite some of my friends playing some interesting matches.)

  • jakxzero

    Cool , “Synchro Summons Sephirot with ATK/3500 DEF/2500”

  • About time, I always wanted to play a FF TCG. Too bad I’m too old for TCGs now, and finding someone to play with is gonna be hard…

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    Aerith and Summoner Yuna better not have anything to do with dissidia…….that would sorta suck. Gunner > Summoner.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she is on it, that she would be able to use some of her dresspheres AND Summoner Yuna. Kinda like the beginning of X-2 xD
      That would be awesome I think.

      • That could actually work – like Cecil changed whether on not he’s in the air – ground Yuna uses magic spells based on the aeons, whilst mid-air Yuna uses ‘Trigger happy’ etc from the gunner dress sphere.

        • Yes please! Make it happen SE. :)

        • ChaosPaladinFayt

          i didnt really like the cecil changing forms in mid air and on land thing. I prefer to have them stick with one mode. like if its gonna be yuna, have her gunner the whole time. plus summoning aeons would be a bit cheap. there is not one aeon she cant summon that doesnt have a long range attack. Gunner yuna has more experience in fighting anyways.

    • doomspeller10

      So what if Aerith got killed halfway through the Dissidia story mode and you can’t use it anymore in any other mode?

  • Letiumtide

    Please, for the love of god… stick to just ARTWORK. Get a new artist to redo all the artwork if you must but DON’T randomly have some Characters be 3D models, it’s so cheap and ugly…

    • doomspeller10

      Agreed. At first I thought it could be a Dissidia card game due to the artwork consistency… until I got to the cards at the bottom. Though I really like Nomura’s style, I hope they come up with NEW artwork, since this kind of recycling really shows.Just make sure the system is not like pokémon…Sephy’s Octaslash: flip 8 coins. This attack does 100 damage times the number of heads.Cloud’s Omnislash: flip 100 coins (or until you get bored). This attack does 100 damage times the number of heads. If you have any cards named “Aerith” or “Zack” in your discard pile, this attack does 1000 damage more. Discard all limit break energy cards attached to Cloud.But seriously… if the system is not that unbalanced (I’m looking at you, Heartless Angel)… I’d try this game .

    • PrinceHeir

      i hear you. it would be better if they just use existing artwork(dissidia is your best bet) instead of 3D.

      i have a feeling they’ll include dragon quest and Kingdom hearts since it’s one of their biggest franchises along with FF.

      please make a Zack, Vincent, Tifa, Paine, and Noctis cards :)

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    I won’t be surprised it’s more broken than Yugioh

  • gatotsu911

    Honestly, I’m surprised this hasn’t happened before, particularly during the TCG craze of the mid-2000s. Given the number of FF games, characters and mechanics, they might actually have enough material to work from to create a pretty good game. I just hope they put some actual thought into instead of just pushing it out to get easy money.

  • it looks……well it looks half ***ed with all of the random dissidia and 3D too. Was hoping it was just early stages but December 22? :/

  • Is it going to be released stateside?

  • I still think they need to make Tetra Master as a tradable card game… I know there’s the german print game – but that’s around £120 on ebay TT_TT

  • Just do a real Triple Triad.

  • PLease re-draw an artwork of Aerith!

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