Tales Of The World: Radiant Mythology 3 Lands In Japan This February

By Spencer . December 1, 2010 . 7:43pm

imageNamco Bandai just released Tales of Graces F in Japan today, which means its time to announce a date for the next Tales game in the series.


Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3 will be in stores on February 10, 2011 in Japan, a week after White Knight Chronicles Episode.Portable: Dogma Wars.


A scan of Shonen Jump has the news and reveals three more characters for the PSP game. Shing from Tales of Hearts, Natalia from Tales of Abyss, and Flynn from Tales of Vesperia are playable characters.

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  • Would be great if we got this game…

  • interesting

  • Question is: When do we get this game? Heck when do we get the 2nd one?

    • Answer:”We currently have no info regarding the question you stated, we will contact you once we find what you need.No matter, buy naruto dragonball dragonball naruto naruto dragonball, we will be releasing them eternally! So rest asure!” Thanks for always choosing us! Namco Bandai Inc.

      • Darkrise

        In other words, we’re only going to get Naruto & DB games and whatever [email protected] they can throw at us in 3D that is “guaranteed” to sell “well enough” for them to earn tons of money like they did for their recent games this year and yet we still get the big F. Oh yeah Namco, we’ll be rest assured. Trust me, we still have NISA now partnered with Imageepoch, Aksys, Atlus(hopefully), Xseed and others I’ve failed to mention. And eternally for you guys won’t last long. (For anyone who might misunderstand the bottom half isnt meant to be directed at the other companies but at Namco)

      • vadde939

        An all-too accurate summary of the ‘logic’ of the pathetic excuse of a company that is Namco. Hopefully a change in management is in order. Seeing Namco financially crashing and burning might be fun too though. People have got to get sick of the bazillion naruto/dragonball games eventually……

        • Darkrise

          I am. Those two franchises work mostly for 12 year olds or shounen lovers who haven’t read anything good BUT those two. I use to like them too but it get’s really tiring and now it’s just too much. Hopefully the current management get’s replaced with someone or people with logic and actually care more about the fans like some current jrpg companies do.

          • Caligula

            I’m a Tales fan and all, but I wouldn’t go bashing those two franchises (neither of which I’m a fan of, incidentally) as immature. Tales isn’t exactly what I would call the most creative or mature series out there either.

            And… err, why are you getting pissed off at Namco wanting to sell games that actually reap a profit? They’re a business… the whole point of a business is to make money, not to incur financial losses by localizing a couple of games for a tiny fanbase just because the fans said so. It makes no sense to sell Tales games if no one buys them.

          • goronyan

            thank you

          • Ladius

            Excuse me, but you are totally wrong. Tales in the USA isn’t even nearly as strong as Final Fantasy or KH, but still managed to land 120k copies with its last two localized entries (ToV and ToS DotNW), an extremely good result in the western market for any JRPG whose name doesn’t begin with Final and ends with Fantasy.

            If NiSA is able to make a profit by localizing the extremely text heavy (and extremely niche) Ar Tonelico games and XSEED can announce the whole Trails in the Sky trilogy (probably the most text-heavy jrpgs EVER) even knowing that the Legend of Heroes series is niche at best in the USA it’s simply senseless to presume that Namco isn’t able to profit from localizing Tales while they sell far more than AT or the LoH games.

            Moreover, Namco localized Magna Carta 2 which was far less known than the Tales series and was undermined by the bad reputation of the previous Ps2 chapter, not to mention they localized the Legend of Heroes Gagharv trilogy, which was infinitely less known and had more text than many Tales games.

            So no, there isn’t actually a good reason for Namco to not localize Tales games unless their localization model is devastantigly more expansive than any other jrpg publisher’s, and if that is the case the problem isn’t with the Tales fanbase but with Namco USA’s budget allocations.

          • Here here, Ladius!

      • PrinceHeir

        you forgot tekken and Ace Combat :Doh to add to the quote “since you love buying our naruto and dragonball games, will be localizing games that westerns love. games like Splatterhouse, Dead to Rights: Retribution, and Enslaved. if these games sells well, we’ll have a chance of localize the “Tales” series.*months after releaseit’s unfortunate that these games didn’t sold at our expectations. but don’t worry if you keep buying these games someday we might lozalize the “Tales” series. so please keep on supporting as more in the future!!!!!”-________-

      • PrinceHeir

        i would have love if they make a new Xenosaga trilogy, so that they can promote tales by saying “if this becomes successful we might localize tales series”

        then again im more worried about them fucking up the franchise.

    • Someone did an interview with a NBGI rep recently, and he basically said:

      “Not gonna localize Tales, costs too much money. If we let another publisher handle it, they’ll get more money than us. The Tales franchise is not on our priority list at all. Don”t boycott us, though, or else we have no reason to localize at all.”

      Never have I hated a company SO MUCH. I guess you really do have to love something before you hate it…

      • Ereek

        Source on original interview?

        • I was paraphrasing, but it was an interview someone did at a moments notice. It was linked on Facebook (since it was a Note), and there are some other small red flags, but it seems to fall in line with what they’ve said in the past.http://www.facebook.com/notes/jiyoon-kim/nbgi-press-interview/463682746532If for some reason you refuse to read it on facebook, I’ll… quote the whole interview on my blog or something.

          EDIT: Meh, I went ahead and did it anyway.


          (I don’t get blog ad revenue, by the way, so I don’t care about views, I’m just posting what I’ve heard.)

          • Ereek

            Thanks. Will read later.

          • There is something i dont get though. Why would they lose money if they release Tales of Vesperia for ps3? They will sell at full price, and all they had to do is localize some more lines (they arent thaaat many compared to the original game) And some new voice dubs… that’s all, and they will sell it as if they worked on it all again.

          • All I can say is Media production often costs more than it seems.

          • Probably it’s just me being severely uninformed in localisation processes, but shouldn’t it be the company that distributes it that does the translation, dub etc etc?

            If I were to understand from his words, if Fallout New Vegas was localised in Japan, then Bethesada will be the one that translates and dubs it, while Square Enix only promotes and distributes it?

          • That’s a good question. I’m not entirely sure why Namco themselves would have to do it, as opposed to the external teams, unless that’s just their stance on it.

            I think it might be situational in nature though. SE handling the localization that way would be due to a (presumable) lack of Japanese localization staff internally.

      • I’d have to second Ereek’s request. I find that sentence coming out of a NBGI official rep a bit questionable

        • *Points to my reply to Ereek* The first part was for you.

  • Lucky nihonjin T.T

  • Fonic

    “Tales of the World” if by world you mean Japan.

    • Darkrise

      Tales of Japan Radiant Mythology 3?

    • vadde939

      Japan is Namcos whole world. They like to pretend the rest of us don’t exist.

    • lmao xD

  • Exkaiser

    Shing is cool.

    I’d be more excited about the full roster if I was still a Tales fan, I suppose.

  • AdamBoy64

    Yay for Flynn being in RM3…
    I’ll never play the game.. but still, cool!

  • Dimentionalist

    *burns Pac-Man in effigy*

  • I don’t know her.

  • Guest

    It’s coming to the U.S. along with Tales of Vesperia, Tales of Graces F, and finally Tales of Hearts & Tales of Innocence?? This is great news! Bandai Namco thank you so much for finally listening to your overseas fans!!

  • i remember XSEED said tht thy would love to work on the Tales series

    • Darkrise

      They say that they will love to work on it but Namco isn’t going to give them the chance to do it.

  • If they could temper their expectations and properly budget their localization efforts, these news posts wouldn’t be so agonizing. I mean, Tales games had been selling progressively less since Symphonia, so they…amped the budget for Vesperia’s localization? Outstanding!

    Bah, I digress. I may yet import this game, since it’s pure fan-service and I’ve no interest in understanding the dialogue or plot.

    • Ereek

      I’d agree about tempering their expectations, Bamco is one of the worst offenders I’ve seen, along with Sega (they wanted 2 million Alpha Protocol in the first few weeks and thought it was a disappointment when they only hit 700,000. . .It later broke 1,000,000.) and Capcom. But as for properly budgeting their games, they were doing that with earlier games, such as by not voicing skits to save money. Then fans cried because the skits weren’t voiced. But it’s a bit weird, though, since I found more small/insignificant typos in Tales of Vesperia than I did in something like ZHP. I think what they need instead is to work on having smaller, more efficient localization teams.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Well, I read that interview someone linked down below.

    It pretty much states we’re not going to get Tales games over here anymore. So it’s best not to hold your breath no matter how good a Tales game sound.

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