Atlus Rebalanced Persona 2: Innocent Sin For PSP

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 1:02pm


Konishi from the development team explains in the PsOne version you must level up in a dungeon before fighting a boss. As long as you raise your levels a bit while walking through a dungeon you can beat a boss in Persona 2: Innocent Sin on PSP if you play the game on normal difficulty.


The probability of instant death attacks and bad status effects sticking to a character have been tweaked too. Meguro joked that people would break their PSP if they threw it in frustration. Finally, events with time limits have been fine tuned, as well.


If it sounds like Atlus softened the game too much Persona 2: Innocent Sin has a hard mode and an easy mode. The PSP version has three difficulty settings, which you can change from the configuration screen anytime you’re at a camp.

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  • Though among the best, Innocent Sin is the easiest installment of Persona in my ever so humble opinion, so this is a welcome addition indeed.

    • OneOkami

      If its about on level with Eternal Punishment, then I found Persona 4 much easier. Then again, I’ve enjoyed 4’s battle system the most of any Persona so maybe I just naturally spent more time leveling.

      • nyrjin

        Persona 4 was probably the SMT game/spinoff that I had the most trouble with by far. And frankly I can’t figure it out. I can play through persona 3 on hard mode with my eyes closed, and I’m good at p3p now even. I’ve actually never had to battle a Nocturne hard mode boss more than twice as of now (other than daisojou and the wind oni, who hit me with tornado twice on two occasions before I actually realized I should’ve switched magatama.) Of all the games, persona 4 just always throws me for a loop. I barely beat the (true) final boss on my first try. I got halfway through EP before I decided that this remake would happen eventually, so I’m not honestly sure if I would’ve had a harder time with that.

        • I’m playing P4 on Expert right now and so far it’s just been a little challenging. Nothing too difficult. I just made it past Rise’s dungeon.

        • Exkaiser

          P4 was harder than P3, but easier than Nocturne. I had a little more trouble with Strange Journey, too, but there’s no True Final Boss there.

          Maybe because you’re not fighting all the time, it’s easier to get to bosses at a lower level? I wasn’t tough enough to beat P4’s TFB on my first try.

      • It’s nowhere near Eternal Punishment–that was one of the immutable improvements in the sequel, whether you prefer IS or not. You’re given amazing personae on a silver platter in Innocent Sin and fusion spells are considerably less vital.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Well, whaddya know. They heard TS’ pleas =)

  • Testsubject909

    So, is this an official challenge?

    Bring it! I’ve beaten all your hard modes to date, this one will be no different! It will bow down before my might and strategic planning! (and patience, lots of patience).

  • urbanscholar

    Well I found EP pretty hard at times. I think the difficulty switch in game is a great thing. Have they outlined the benefits of harder play? Or than the self gratification?

    • lostinblue

      Probably just that considering you can switch them on the fly and the game structure wasn’t made with it in mind.

  • PrinceHeir

    just play the hard mode and let the game begins :D

    really can’t wait for this, haven’t played this game since it never was released here. i wish more companies would do these especially Namco. i want some old tales and new tales also you know?

  • cmurph666

    Do want.

  • I guess once I finally finish P3P (Im at 68 hours in Nov and just met Ryoji, please tell me the game is ending soon, lol) I can go back to P1P and then be ready for P2P, lol. If Normal difficulty will be like that then I will be in for a good ride, P3P has been brutally difficult on normal mode (charmed status is annoying as well as dying from Hama or Mudo skills randomly, so unfair, thankfully Homonuclei are in abundance)

    Im not too pleased with the sound of time limits on stuff though :(

    • Exkaiser

      Game ends around the end of January.

      I thought P3 was extremely easy on Normal mode, even if there was more strategy than in a lot of other RPGs.

    • I beat the game in 27 hours. I’m not sure what’s taking you so long. Played on hard mode.

  • The probability of instant death attacks and bad status effects sticking to a character have been tweaked too.

    This I don’t like, also, this won’t probably change even if you chose a different difficulty setting.

    • Hraesvelgr

      I don’t really like it either, because instant death attacks and status effects were not that successful in the original game.

  • holyPaladin

    I wonder how many people break their PSP because of Monster Hunter :)

  • OneOkami

    In my SMT experience, beginner difficulties have often felt equivalent to normal difficulties in other games, normal difficulties felt equivalent to hard, and so forth. I’m not the least bit worried about an SMT game (main, or spinoff) being too easy.

    In this case, I remember Eternal Punishment’s boss difficulties ramping up a sharp rate, sounds like they simply made that curve more even.

    • I hear ya. I completed P3P on Easy and had to retry a few boss fights couple of times. I shudder I the thought how much time I would have to invest on Normal. The last boss was laughably easy on Easy, tho.

      • The only thing that I think makes P3P feel a bit hard is the one hit KO skills and such. And the final boss is currently challenging me, its so long and Ive had to redo it because half way through it it got in 4 attacks X_x

  • Jirin

    Atlus’ gone soft.

    It’s a good idea to have difficulty levels, but I’m more interested in whether they fixed the contract system. That contract system was extremely tedious.

    • lostinblue

      How do you suggest they fix it? It was what it is, really.

      Re-do it all?

  • I broke my GBA because of Pokemon Emerald once. xDStupid Battle tower. >_>

    I threw that crap at the wall.

    • lostinblue

      personally, I think getting mad at games is wrong.

      • So you think the last Chaos battle in Dissidia is a balanced fight?

        Just one opening would have been nice… The final boss should never be impossible to land a hit on with a level 100 character. >.< Spent over 11o hours on that game and can't do that one last battle DX

  • Time to play it on easy! Yay for weenie gamers! :D

  • EvilAkito

    While I haven’t played Innocent Sin before, I must say that I never really viewed Eternal Punishment as a very hard game. As long as you had the right party/persona configuration, there was almost always a useful fusion spell that would one-shot the entire enemy party. And once you level up enough, you can skip the remaining random encounters by casting Estoma (at least I think that’s what it’s called… I’m too lazy to look it up). Not to mention the fact that your MP regenerates as you wander, so you can pretty much always heal.

  • Ahaha….no throwing PSP’s for me. That thing took forever to buy without splurging all my saved up cash on something else more interesting at the time XD.

    But the original PS1 version wasn’t that hard….or maybe that’s just me.

    • lostinblue

      Well, looking at recent golden sun DS previews/reviews… IGN and others always whine about dificulty and random encounters, perhaps they feel obligated to add those just because reviewers tend to be stupid whilst playing; blaming the games for their lack of patience and skill when they rather be playing some hack and slash instead?

      I agree with you though.

      • Joanna

        Late reply….really sorry about that, but I couldn’t resist replying (For anyone wondering, I’ve been rather busy and thus I am really behind in my siliconera readings ^^;;;;)

        I find it funny that someone would complain about random encounters in Dark Dawn. It has one of the lowest encounter rates I’ve ever experienced and the battles go by really fast. It’s sad that people can’t judge an RPG against other RPGs but instead judge them against games from different genres. :(

  • Raven_Shinobi

    I found Innocent Sin a lot easier than Eternal Punishment that needed some preparation and strategy in boss fights. I also found the default Personas and their higher versions a little overpowered and I was able to go through most of the game with little need to un-equip them.

    • DDanny

      In IS you can pretty much own everything with just the Starter, Custom and Ultimate personas for each characters.
      EP on the other hand…

  • Anyone know if Persona 1 or 2 is gonna come out in the UK? I mean, 1’s on PSN, but I wanna put in next to the rest of my SMT collection on my shelf…

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, in the worst case scenario, you could always try importing the US versions. With Persona 1, I’m not sure if it will get a disc release based solely on the fact that it was released only through the PlayStation Store, but… I guess I could be wrong.

      • I was considering that… I just wanted some awesome games to come out over here in merry old England ^^

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