Final Fantasy XIII Takes Platinum Prize At The 2010 PlayStation Awards

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 2:08am

imageEvery year, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan awards the top selling games prizes. Ship 500,000 units in Japan for a gold prize. Platinum titles break the 1,000,000 mark. There was only one platinum prize winner this year, Final Fantasy XIII.


Personally, the user choice prize and new PlayStation Store awards are more interesting. Japanese gamers picked Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and God of War III as two of their favorite games to play. Those Western developed titles are sitting on the same pedestal as Demon’s Souls (the budget reprint), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, and Legend of the Heroes: Zero no Kiseki.


The PlayStation Store award is a prize for the top selling PlayStation Network downloads. Wizardry: Dungeon of the Imprisoned Souls flew past the competition and netted one of five awards. Two other slots are filled with Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd downloadable content.


User Choice Prize

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Square Enix / Activision)
  • Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – PSP the Best reprint (Capcom)
  • Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition (Capcom)
  • Demon’s Souls – PS3 the Best reprint (From Software)
  • Yakuza 4 (Sega)
  • God of War III (SCE)
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (PSP)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva 2nd (Sega)
  • The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki (Falcom)


PlayStation Store Special Award

  • Wizardry: Dungeon of the Imprisoned Souls (Acquire)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva additional song collection deluxe pack (Sega)
  • After Burner Climax (Sega)
  • Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Dreamy Theater (Sega)
  • Weekly Toro Station (BeXide)


Gold Prize (award for shipping more than 500,000 units in Japan)

  • Phantasy Star Portable 2 (Sega)
  • Monster Hunter Freedom Unite – PSP the Best reprint (Capcom)
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (Square Enix)
  • God Eater (Namco Bandai)
  • Yakuza 4 (Sega)
  • Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage (Tecmo Koei)
  • Metal Gear solid: Peace Walker (Konami)
  • Monster Hunter Diary: Poka Poka Felyne Village (Capcom)


Platinum Prize (award for shipping over a million units in Japan)

  • Final Fantasy XIII (Square Enix)

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  • I think the japanese in rage for the winning of FF13.
    Most noted for the most hated RPG back then…

    • I don’t mean to be rude, but I do have to ask if English is your first language. I really didn’t understand what you were trying to write.

      • joesz

        The Japanese people are angered upon hearing this,because Final Fantasy 13 was the worst in the whole franchise and possibly the worst rpg ever made by mankind.

        • Clearer, but incorrect. First, saying it was the worst in the franchise would imply that V, VIII, and XII didn’t exist. Second, it’s actually in the user’s choice awards too, so that means it did have some popularity to it.

          • joesz

            Well,That’s his translation,not me saying that.I translated his feelings.


          • Oh, I know. I was answering his point about it being the worst in the franchise.

          • I still don’t get why people say VIII is so terrible it was supposed to be buried with ET in the mexican desert. What exactly made VIII so terrible? D:

          • joesz

            those who played the previous felt that it wasn’t a final fantasy game and it didn’t have its characteristics.

          • Guest

            I think XI & XII & XIV are the worst. XI & XIV shouldn’t even be numerical titles FF games imo. XII being a fake MMO and a rip off of Star Wars with a horrible useless lead. Why is no one talking about XIV which got ridiculously low scores in comparison to XIII??

          • Well, besides the fact that you have to actually steal magic to have any spells, which was an annoying and tedious process, there’s a little plot twist involving an orphanage that was so awful, it actually made me have to force myself to finish the game afterwards. I just didn’t care anymore after that. They took my suspension of disbelief and snapped it. There was no going back. They took an okay story and made it awful in one horrible moment.

          • @Cowcowcow – well, I think no one’s talking about it because it’s still only a PC game and I think I’d be safe in assuming most of us here are console gamers. When it comes to PS3, then I’m sure the firestorm will come down. Myself, I’ll probably never try it, honestly, as I don’t pay subscription fees for a game. I already paid my $60. If there’s some DLC that looks nice, I’ll pay for that too. But asking me to shell out $12 a month on top of all that? No. Not happening.

          • nyrjin

            I personally love FFVIII, there are several minor plots in the game that almost seem like they were trying to get people to take the game with more of a salt shaker rather than a simple grain of salt, but otherwise the plot was fairly solid. Junctioning was an interesting and extreme (hence the hate) expansion of customization though. The recoil against it was probably the main reason that FFIX and FFX had little to no customization. Quite honestly the main reason I like XIII so much is that I’ve played through XII and VII, which kind of seem like intermediates for a lot of the basic gameplay mechanics (XII) and “technological era” style (VII) used in XIII

          • RupanIII

            While VIII isn’t my favorite, I def liked it quite a lot. Most of the hate for it I’ve just seen online, but in real life most people I know who game enjoy it. For me, VI & VII are favorites, XI – XIV worst.

  • karasuKumo

    Still need to finish XIII but I have no motivation : Probably finish it over Christmas.

    • joesz


  • joesz

    Kingdom Hearts deserved it.And Peace Walker was a well made game as well.

    • Aoshi00

      I know PW was well made, but playing it on the PSP still felt uncomfortable so I’ve only played 5 hrs or so.. Has anyone tried to play it w/ the Dualshock 3 via the PSP Go blue tooth? I’ve only tried a little bit..

      I would like to say boo to the FFXIII award, but then I’m also getting FF13 Int’l for 360 lol..

      • Somehow, I’m convinced that the only people buying FFXIII International in Japan will be Western 360 owners who just want to import. I don’t see it selling over there. Maybe it’ll make the top 20 for a week or two and then it’ll probably drop right off the charts.

        • Aoshi00

          Or Jpn gamers who want to hear the Eng dub..I’m sure they’d sell enough copies to make a buck, just like the past FF Int’ls.. there’s no Jpn dub on this one just Jpn text.. I just want the epilogue novel for the most part (not sure how many Western 360 owners would be able to read it) and don’t mind some achievement (just going thru the motion, the game sucks lol..) I haven’t finished the US PS3 ver anyway (got to Ch 10), so it’d be another excuse for me to see the crappy ending again, curious about the Eng. dub which was really good.

          • Well, I said, it’ll probably make the top 20 for a couple weeks and then drop off. If Japanese gamers wanted to hear the English dub, they’d just buy the North American/European PS3 versions, as the PS3 is totally region free. Previous International versions were necessary because the PS2 wasn’t. And it’s not like they added anything, gameplay-wise, like they usually do on the International editions. I would be very surprised if the 360 version makes the top 10, but I can see it making the top 20.

          • Aoshi00

            No, they won’t import the US version because there is no Japanese text, FF13 Int’l has Eng dub and Jpn subtitle, the US ver has Eng dub and Eng subtitle, the Jpn ver has Jpn dub and Jpn subtitle. Yea, there’s only the easy mode added (maybe getting gil and those preempt items is easier?), the other draw is the artbook, script, and epilogue novel.

          • Aoshi00

            Not to mention importing the US ver would be more expensive than just getting the FF13 Int’l Ultimate. It’s like they play Call of Duty over there, they’re getting the S-E Eng dub Jpn sub version, they don’t import from the US which is entirely in Eng. Just like most people here wouldn’t import RPGs and just wait for them to be localized because the Jpn games don’t have Eng sub.

      • joesz

        I know what you are talking about.Sometime it pisses me off when they turn something you first played it on HD console into portable all of the sudden,But I highly recommend that you go and finish it son.

        • Aoshi00

          I hope so, PSP Go is my final solution, I never missed a main MGS game before :(… And if the boss missions are too hard, I’m going to drag somone to play co-op (only local?)… kind of weird to watch the story together though right..

          • PW has Infrastructure, IIRC.

          • Aoshi00

            I don’t think they’d let you use the 2nd analog stick even w/ the Dualshock 3 blue tooth, it would just be more comfortable than holding the PSP since you can sit back and play it on the TV, but the text is pretty small anyway because the game is all boxed in.. I heard the dualshock 3 analog stick is pretty sensitive too when playing Peace Walker, maybe I could adjust the sensitivity or something.. anyway, I think it “should” be easier than the PSP or Go..

        • Exkaiser

          I don’t know about you, but I first played Metal Gear in much lower definition than the PSP’s screen.

          And on a far less ergonomic controller.

          …Actually, Metal Gear NES isn’t really fond memories. Especially not after learning it was an awful port. I’ll take my Peace Walker and my left hand claw.

  • HarryHodd

    Nice to see wizardry up there.

    • Ereek

      Agreed! We definitely need more Wizardry.

      • shion16

        Wizardry, thats what a real RPG is about!

        • Guest

          In my opinion, the 2 new Wizardry games for Nintendo DS showed more effort than the PS3 version

  • That surely stands as a testament to the awesome experience that was FFXIII. I hope it inspires an FFXIII-II because I want to see more Hope.

    • Hraesvelgr

      No, it just means that FFXIII sold/shipped a lot.

      • As is always the case, good games beget popularity.

        • Ereek

          That’s not always true and you know it. Plenty of great games are passed over because they don’t have the advertisement budget of a larger title. On the other hand, not all of the games that sell millions of copies are amazing.

          You simply can’t generalize and say that’s always the case.

        • As was said below, that is very FAR from being the case. Popular doesn’t mean good. In fact, if I use the music industry as an example, I’d say it’s usually the exact opposite. Certainly is these days.

          • What do you mean? Justine Beiber or Lady Gaga are perhaps good muscial artists who are popular, the same can be sad of timeless musical groups like I guess the Beetles (well enough to even have their own Rock Band game), which some argue as the best musical group, and they are popular. No one can believe that any of those musical acts are just no good.

          • You just mentioned probably two of the worst examples of pop-culture hype imaginable. Both of those are so awful, in fact, that I’m actually convinced you’re just joking around with me now.

        • Exkaiser

          I feel like we’ve been over this.

          You still cling to this argument, but it’s a logical fallacy. In particular, it’s what we call a False Cause fallacy. We could be more specific and call it a “cum hoc ergo propter hoc,” but that’s a bit wordy.

          • But there is nothing here about that. Mainly because the goodness of a game is what sparks the sales, people spread news of good games to others and people buy more product, the same as if it is a bad game people tell others to avoid it and its avoided. Unless Final Fantasy XIII has some method of bypassing this cycle…then Im afraid that we all have to admit that the high sales of the game stands as a testament to the inherent goodness of Final Fantasy XIII

          • Good game, bad game. It doesn’t matter. It will sell if it is hyped up enough and there’s enough brand recognition. FFXII sold very well, despite it being the second worst in the series to FFV. I love FFXIII, but it would’ve sold well even if it sucked, because the name sells. Sales have nothing to do with quality.

            Otherwise, why would a game like Bayonetta, which was innovative and fun and took the Devil May Cry formula and did something awesome with it, didn’t sell anywhere near as much as Halo, which just recycled the same mediocre crap that series has been known for? Quality has nothing to do with it. Microsoft know how to hype a game. Sega doesn’t. Squeenix do too.

          • Exkaiser

            No, once again, your argument is a false cause. One so obvious it’s giving me an ulcer. Literally. And you keep adding more and more bull on top of it.

            There is a correlation between the quality of a game and the sales of a game, but there is no causation. A bad game can easily sell better than a good game. We’ve been through this.

            You have no grasp on even basic logic. Ah, but you won’t listen to me anyways, so why even bother hitting the Reply button? I was going to type more (actually I did, but I deleted it all because I knew you would just ignore it), but I’m wasting my time as is.

          • Ladius

            If a game concentrates its sales in the first days after the releases (that’s called being “front loaded”) the game’s quality has nothing to do with it unless it’s a port or, to a lesser extent, a remake, simply because no one of those who buy the game at day one can be sure about the game’s quality and they still buy it because they are fan of the series, because they believe in the developer or simply because of hype.

            Your point would be correct if FF13 continued to sell steadily even weeks after its release, when word of mouth could move the uninterestedunconvinced players to give it a try. Unfortunately, after the first weeks FF13 plummeted out of the charts and sellers were forced to slash the prices because of the massive amount of used copies put on the market by those who found the game questionable or simply sold it for its non-existant replay value (a thing that, to a lesser extent, affects almost all jrpgs in the japanese market).

          • “Good game, bad game. It doesn’t matter. It will sell if it is hyped up enough and there’s enough brand recognition. FFXII sold very well, despite it being the second worst in the series to FFV. I love FFXIII, but it would’ve sold well even if it sucked, because the name sells. Sales have nothing to do with quality.”

            “FFXII sold very well, despite it being the second worst in the series to FFV.”


            -.- I guess if you mean, by worst, less awesome, then yeah, FFV is the “Second Worst” in the series.


          • We have been over this (I think in recent times though there was no conclusion offered so its just been sizzling on the backburner). For example, I would believe it to be true if one had simply offered some game that sold extremely well but was inherently bad.

          • Exkaiser

            The burden of proof is not on me. I have already handily exposed the fallacies in your argument, as I did then. You have completely failed to defend your own argument and instead merely deny that you could possibly be wrong.

            And I assure you, the good posters of Siliconera offered you a selection of bad games that sold well and good games that sold poorly, and bad games that sold better than good games, all of which directly overthrow your thesis.

            But here, I will offer you one bad game that sold extremely well: Final Fantasy VII.

          • Well if thats the case then I guess I will just give up my platform it was perhaps weak anyway >.<

        • Ladius

          No, FF13’s sales were mostly front loaded and rapidly collapsed after the first three weeks, word of mouth has nothing to do with them.
          FF13’s perceived quality, on the contrary, was bad enough to cause a massive (superior than normal due to the game’s linearity and low replay factor) amount of used copies in stores and to provoke many price cuts only weeks after the launch. To borrow an expression used in sales analysis threads, FF13 hadn’t any kind of legs.

        • shion16

          black ops is not a good game and it sells millions

          Vanquish is a master piece and is not selling millions

        • Psychonauts and Brutal Legends say hi.

    • You know, I loved FFXIII. I want to see a FFXIII-2.

      Hope would probably be the LAST reason I would ever have for wanting to see it. In fact, I’d hope (HA!) they’d pull a FFX-2 and just have the whole game focus on Lightning and some new characters (playable Serah, maybe?) with the old characters making a cameo as she tries to find some way to, uh, fix what happened at the end (not going to give a spoiler).

    • Ladius

      No, it stands as a testament to its sales, plain and simple, quality is another issue altogether.

      • Guest

        The game quality is sound; it’s just the design choices that did not appeal to everyone. If you want to talk about ‘bad’ quality look to both Fallout games which freeze up have glitches and the like. New Vegas being even more of an outrage because the developers knew F3 GOTY was even glitchier than F3 but yet still chose NOT to improve the engine and product test.

      • RupanIII

        Thank you. omg people it’s sales, not ‘best game EVAR’ award. It sold a lot. Well, duh. It’s Final Fantasy. Plus, the hype was insane on top of that. Of course people are going to pre-order/buy it to see how it is/if it lives up to the name/lineage/hype/etc. There’s no data about how many of the people who bought it were actually satisfied.

        • Aoshi00

          Exactly, and those who “loved” the game in the US just absolutely refuse to believe a lot of Jpn gamers were dissatisfied w/ such a disappointing entry, saying it’s only the “minority” repeating themselves… right, they liked the game so much they couldn’t wait to resell their copies quick enough like the plague.. the reception of 12 in Jpn was 50/50 too, but that was more like whether one liked MMO or disliked MMO (which was why a lot of people liked 12 in the US), w/ 13 it’s much more than that.

          Of course it sold, as usual, because it was “Final Fantasy”, I’m just wondering how long S-E expect to ride on this money train though, w/ each new FF worse than the last… They can alrdy count me out for pre-ordering 13 Versus, I’m not touching that game until I read some reviews and avoid getting burned, yet again.

          Okay, on a happier note, Hikari-chan is demoing a bit of FF13 Int’l on Jpn Inside Xbox today. Didn’t look like she had that much fun, but she enjoyed watching the elaborate summons transformation, and mimicking what Vanille said, like “Come on, Hecatoncheir!” and “Let’s Go!” :)

          • RupanIII

            Yea, I mean, it’s cool if you liked it and all, but face it: a lot of people didn’t, and they’re not all a bunch of negative trolls for having a critical opinion of it.

            That’s a good question tho, when will people get fed up and stop buying just because it’s ‘Final Fantasy.’ For me, it already happened, I’ve just watched friends play the last few (not to completion, either).

            When I finally get a 360 I’ve gotta set it up for Jpn account access, the hosts/segments you talk about sound cute lol

          • Aoshi00

            Totally man, just so hard to complete FF these days.. 12 I didn’t finish yet (still, but I would never watch videos on youtube unless I play them myself), 13 I forced myself to.. well for 13, I got suckered in by the trailers but now I know better… I won’t even give them the benefit of the doubt for the next one.. if reviews say it’s bad, I’ll wait for the game to drop to $20 or something (if they’re worth it.. cutscenes ain’t worth $100)

            I’m surprised not many people have set up the Jpn account for Live (a lot of people have set up a Jpn PSN account, guess more people just own the PS3 here), there’s lots of good stuffs on there. Right now Matsui Rena and Jurina (they are 2 girls from SKE48, sisters but don’t look alike, their new energetic song “1!2!3!4! Yoroshiku! is the theme song for Kinect) filmed a bunch of short funny commercials and cute demos of kinect games, you got to see them, they’re cute as a button, I thought I got over cute girls alrdy, how naive was I.. just when I thought I got out, they pull me back in :)!

  • joesz

    The Japanese people are angered upon hearing this,because Final Fantasy was the worst in the whole franchise and possibly the worst rpg ever made by mankind.

    Edit: Siliconera messed me up again:/

    • That’s pretty funny considering that it shows up in the user’s choice awards. But, I guess if you didn’t like it, nobody else could’ve.

      • joesz

        I hope you understood what happened:)

    • The worst RPG in the history of mankind? Really? It’s ok if you didn’t like it or had super high hopes for it but calling it the worst ever is a little too much

      • joesz

        Dude,take this advice,Scroll down the page before making any statements.

    • SolidusSnake

      Oh c’mon, for a Final Fantasy game it wasn’t that bad.

      • joesz

        Dude read the whole board.. and you might understand the meaning of the previous post.

        • SolidusSnake

          Yeah, I saw it a little while after I posted. No point hanging around this thread any longer – a mediocre game like FFXIII is hardly worth taking an e-bullet for. ;)

  • definitely nice to read that Japanese gamers are appreciating western developed like COD MW2 and God of War 3.
    I know the AM2 guys at Sega (like a lot of Japanese developers do) enjoy the Modern Warfare series.
    Here the link to the AM2 interview where they mention playing COD4, mind you the interview happened in 2008 though.

    • Aoshi00

      I got into Gears of War fairly late, I actually played that game because Sakaguchi said he was a fan of it (yea, maybe it was mistwalker plugging MS), and I thank him for his recommendation, can’t wait till the 3rd game next year. Jpn gamers have definitely warmed up to western games, I’m glad they’re not as stubborn as some US fans here, “Jpn games good, US games bad”. They enjoy more expansive RPGs like Fallout too and like Heavy Rain.

  • Dear Sony. If wizardry sells so god damn well in Japan, WHY NOT BRING IT HERE? /;lsajdflkaj’lkghad’lkfg’adlkhg’alsdkg;qeoihr


    • The Market Snapshot tells me that the European and North American market seems to have different conditions that the Japanese one, so unfortunately :(

      Though I cant imagine that the mass market knows even what wizardry is, I for one have never heard of it.

  • Pichi

    Nice to see more Western games on the list. Perhaps the stigma is going down and more are willing to give them a try. Variety is a good thing.

  • So happy PSP2 won something and same with FFXIII they deserve the love.

  • shion16

    FF XIII Hatsune Miku and HnK Ken Rage only earned prizes for their namesthose games are mediocreIts a shame that Vanquish isnt in these awards

    • I don’t know about Ken’s Rage but I liked FFXIII and loved Hatsune Miku. Not mediocre at all.

      • Guest

        Ken’s Rage is awesome

  • Interesting, the niche Western titles actually make profit overseas, unlike the niche Japanese titles here in the west…

    • FireCouch

      Call of Duty and God of War are niche? Not really.

  • 3 awards for the virtual diva…not bad. World is yours in progress~

  • Good to see FFXIII in the user choice awards bit too, shows gamers have appreciated an awesome game….even if the internet likes to hate on it.

    • i think people hate on it mostly due to the hype that was created for it over it’s years of development. It just didnt live up to the hype, as even some of the developers have stated. But it was still a good game.

      • nyrjin

        In the same way Chrono Trigger would’ve had some complaining if the final fantasy logo was thrown on it. Half the people who swear by it would dislike it. I started playing FFXIII recently and although it is a great game I personally don’t think (based on the direction they’re taking it) it should use the “final fantasy” title, partially for it’s own sake, similar to the way the mana and SaGa games were localized. It was solid, but the way they did the game feels really awkward for a final fantasy. I would say the same about twelve, but other than two or three of the main character’s involvement, I felt the story was right on. I do highly enjoy FFXII though.

  • I’m glad for Zero no Kiseki <3

  • PersonaBull

    Wow, I was expecting plenty of hate-filled comments about FFXIII, but seriously? The game sold well and apparently a lot of people liked it. In my experience, the louder voice tends to be opposition. The people that hated FFXIII went looking for signs of other people that hated FFXIII, and, no surprise, you found those signs. But, I’m definitely not alone in thinking FFXIII was a pretty good game with plenty of redeeming qualities you saw as flaws. I’m quite sure there are games some of you liked that I absolutely hated. Honestly, though, what’s the point in arguing over whether or not it’s good at this point? FFXIII sold well, it got excellent recognition, and it’s reasonably priced for any budget gamer to try out at this point.

    If you are really that genuinely upset about the results, you should look into moving to Japan so you can help skew the results in your favor.

    • Ereek

      There are quite a few of us who liked XIII here. It’s just that every time someone mentions it, someone else comes in and says it was horrible or they didn’t like it. Then an argument, of sorts, starts. Nomura is usually involved for whatever reason.I figure the best course of action for me is to simply not talk about it at all. While I may come off as somewhat nasty at times, I really don’t like to argue.. . .That said, I spent way too much time with the game when it first came out, finishing everything and the like, that I burnt myself out. I can’t see myself playing it for anther year or so. I don’t usually talk too much about games unless I’m currently playing them.

      • I had started it twice during the first week it came out and the first 2 or 3 hours of the game is perhaps rather dreadful. That is the only thing that holds me back from replaying the game. I felt so confined and restricted during those hours (or at least as is the case in every RPG) because of limited party choice or game mechanics being available or so much unknowns in the story.

        Its still an awesome game if I ignore the first 2/3 hours

        • Ereek

          Why not keep a save after that point? That way you can pick it up without having to deal with the part you don’t enjoy. If it’s only an hour or two, it’s not really a big deal.I do that with Xenogears. I keep a save after the first town events because RPS is a horrible, horrible minigame but I’m a completionist that has to get the badge. I also keep one after the Stalactite Cave where I have every skill mastered for Bart and Fei, as well as the 25,000 Gold necessary for the Ether Doubler.

        • Aoshi00

          But I felt restricted for the first 20 hrs or so, until I faced the big face boss, that’s when the game actually started to feel fun, so it was asking for a lot of patience… I have never felt like that for any game before, ever, in my 25 yrs of gaming.Before I’m labeled as a hater by those who loved 13 w/ a passion, let me state that I’m buying Int’l, for the novel (because they didn’t tell the story as well as it could be told w/o the additional book).If good games should sell and bad games shouldn’t, Nier Replicant/Gestalt should be on there and FF13 shouldn’t, most Jpn gamers couldn’t sell it back to the market fast enough.

          P.S. also I was the completely opposite as you, the 1st 2-3 hrs of the game actually felt fun because it was new, and I didn’t know the game was that linear yet. I could actually replay the beginning but not that later part.

        • There’s supposed to be unknowns in a story, lol. That’s the point of a story.

  • PersonaBull

    I can’t wait to get my copy of Phantasy Star Portable 2 for christmas.

    Also, Demon’s Souls has been sitting there collecting dust ever since I bought it. I definitely need to start that up very soon. I’m way too backlogged lately.

  • Too bad the game doesn’t actual deserve the awards except for the one because it sold a lot. It makes FFX-2 look like a masterpiece. Oh well.

    • Aoshi00

      The sad thing is after I played 13, it made me realize I like X-2 and XII much more, even though I don’t like them per se, but they’re still better than 13 :(… and just when you think S-E can’t go lower, then comes 14.. when will they be satisfied?

      • Eh, personally I’d Tier 13 above 12, at least. I actually enjoyed finishing 13; I never even got to the end of 12. Whereas 12 had a slow middle-game, 13 started slow and built up it’s momentum; the only part that felt like a chore (a chore that got immensely less chore-y after I got the Growth Egg ;P) was the Cieth stones.

        • Aoshi00

          Is that the one that doubles your crystal points, I never got that, I think I read a guide it’s from a Gaint Cactuar.. anyway, FF13 felt such a chore to me the world didn’t attract me, neither did the chars nor the half baked story (premise has potential, just wasn’t told well in the game).. Truth is I never finish 12 either (one reason is because my B/C PS3 phat’s fan is really loud and I don’t feel like playing PS2 games on it, and I only have a Jpn PS2), but still I was awed by everything in FF12, FF13 just felt bland and I felt nothing.. I didn’t even know how to play FF12 right, not until my friend gave me a couple of pointers like which monsters to chain kill to drop the best loot to sell for the hard to come by gil, and everyone in my party only had 1 MP bar, so the bosses were real hard for me, until I grind to get all the summons and have 3 MP bars for my whole party, and more gil to make my party more equipped.

          • It was the exact opposite for me then. I’d been all Ivalice’d out by the time I played FF12, but Coccon and Pulse just seemed so fresh and enjoyable to me.

            And the boss is NeoOchu. Quick Stagger + Random:Instant Chain ftw!

      • Yeah me too. I HATED XII but once I quit XIII after 11 chapters of torture (I did not want to finish it :/) and replayed XII it made me appreciate it a lot more.

        I still dislike Vaan tho but I can tolerate him more than Hope because he talks >_>

        • Aoshi00

          That’s what I felt like, it’s like the game was testing your patience, 2 hrs in boring, 5 hrs boring, 10 hrs boring, 15 hrs boring, 20 hrs boring, you feel like quitting yet? yea, it did get a little fun eventually, but isn’t it a bit late for a game to start becoming fun at the 20 hr mark, can you blame people who were put off by it? I can’t even believe the “battle system” didn’t open up until the 11th of the 13 chapters.

          I also appreciate 12 a lot more after playing 13. I just treat Vaan as the invisible man like everyone does in the game, the only good memories I had of him of course was when he was spreading the Basch rumor, that bit was funny.. (the fact that he got a really bad Jpn actor didn’t help matter, he spoke like he had dyslexia, that’s why they replaced him in Dissidia 2). Hope was annoying as all heck.. the only redeeming quality I see in him? He was able to bring out the warm motherly side from the stern lightning, when she was watching him asleep, I was like aawww lol.. but yea, I like seeing Lightning telling off and smacking the kid.

  • Yukito

    Yakuza 4 definitely deserved a spot up there. Personally, it should have been the Platinum in my honest opinion….especially since Shun is the most badass character ever, and Tanimura’s arc was wow.

  • PrinceHeir

    it’s a good game though kinda wish it’s more open world game. im playing Xenosaga Episode I right now and i can tell you wouldn’t be awesome if we have visuals of FFXIII with a Xenosaga world-like game.

    that would be awesome O_O

  • Guest

    No surprise to see that people who hated FFXII loved XIII, both games are indeed the exact opposite of each other. FFXIII sums up a lot of the things that are wrong with the current console generation. From excessive cutscenes to excessive tutorials, among many other bad habits.

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