Two New Challengers Join Super Street Fighter IV

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 1:16am

imageNo, we’re not talking about Yang and Yun. While the Lee brothers are in this Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition trailer, Capcom already announced them.


Those unnamed fighters over there on the right are two more new challengers.



Rumor has it these characters are "Oni Akuma" and "Evil Ryu." Neither has been officially announced by Capcom, but the look of the "mystery" characters fit.

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  • glemtvapen

    Psyched, but still waiting for the console DLC for Yun and Yang to really care for the 2 new ones…

    • I’ll wait till ono start twittering “ill check the R&D room to see if they finished making DLC for yun and yang………………..oh wait the higher up declined my proposal :(“.

      • The leaked achievements pretty much confirm these are already DLC.

        Unfortunately, they seem to also confirm that these two are playable characters.

        • Don’t believe it to be honest, most of the leaked achievement were pretty much the same as existing one (i.e add title). Those achievement could be a test or some sort and also one of the achievement is badly written. “confirm that these two are playable characters.” refering to yun and yang or shin akuma and evil ryu?

          • evilhero

            I had heard somewhere that they have little space to work with on what to put under the achievement descriptions, that’s why they’re so poorly written. Don’t know if that’s true.

            The achievement leak already told us they’re in the game. Wouldn’t be surprised if it’s right in telling us they’re playable. Most of the time when info like this gets out, it’s true.

          • Are you talking about the one that says “Set your icon and Title from one of the new ones?” Here’s the link to the achievements:

            And I don’t see the one you’re talking about.

        • evilhero

          They mentioned that there were going to be 37 characters prior to Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu.

          We’ve got 35 now, add 2 for the twins makes 37. I’d imagine they will only be boss characters in Arcades. Come DLC time, i’m pretty sure they would end up as playable. Capcom taking all that time to put them in, I wouldn’t think they’d keep them unplayable for long. More than likely they’ll be toned down from the CPU counterparts, though.

  • 瞬獄殺 !

    I can’t wait the loc test !

  • These are basically worse than not adding anyone except Yun and Yang as far as I’m concerned. I hope they’re boss characters only.

  • Please just let them be bosses. They’re really a waste of two slots otherwise.

    Oh, and crissakes, Capcom, when you make these DLC, can you actually release a patch so that people who don’t buy them can play against them? I would’ve thought that was just common sense, but I just discovered last night that I could see the Ultra outfit purchased by someone I was fighting against in SSFIV. If only the person who purchased the outfit can see it, WHAT IS THE POINT OF BUYING A DLC OUTFIT?!?

    • Download the Ultra Costume Catalog pack. It’s free and lets you see the opponent use the costumes even if you haven’t bought them.

      • I don’t believe they ever put that out for PS3. If they did, I haven’t seen it on the store.

  • And that article picture looked just a bit like Urien… :[

  • The highest rank you can get is Daigo Umehara.

  • So much for Poison being here…….or maybe….

  • evilhero

    Honestly would have preferred adding characters like Rolento or Karin. But I’ll take whatever I can get.Can’t wait to start playing Yun again, I miss Genei-jin. Reports from Tokido and Mago made it sound like Yang might actually be the stronger of the twins this time around, should prove interesting.

    • Chiupon

      I really want Karin. ;x Otherwise Sakura just has no purpose.

  • Akuma (Gouki) is lame.

    • 02VideoGamer2010

      Ujn Hunter Akuma (Gouki) is a Street Fighter character legend. He is trained in over several styles of martial arts. Akuma and older brother Gouken have trained since, their late father Goutetsu was alive and he was also, their sensei. Akuma mastered “Shun Goku Satsu” The Raging Demon his ancesters sealed away because it was dangerous and life taking. You might want to think twice talking down to Akuma he is a blackbelt Ninja not to be taken lightly. Sooooooooooossssssshhhhhh

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    What a waste

  • PrinceHeir

    all i need is Karin and some Zero characters.

    im pretty sure will be receiving this 6-8 months from now via DLC or a new Edition.

  • Apache_Chief

    Great. Shotos.

  • Day2Day

    Oni Akuma… That almost seems redundant.

  • xxx128

    LAAME…what happened to poison?

  • AaqibRawat

    thats four characters ! didnt that guy that leaks information from capcom say there was going to be 6 ?

    im thinking a pallete swap of guile gives you Nash{charlie}

    ryu and akuma pallete swaps = oni akuma evil ryu
    Guile = Nash{ hopefully!}

    Can’t put my hand on the 6 character,thats if we even get 2 more characters
    bu yeah i agree with you guys 2 wasted character slots :{ sniff oro were are you

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