See The New Mystic Artes In Tales Of Graces F

By Spencer . December 4, 2010 . 5:19pm

Namco Bandai made new mystic artes (also known as hi-ougis in Japan) for Tales of Graces F. The PlayStation 3 game came out in Japan this past Thursday and a Tales fan captured the special attacks in this movie.


Be warned it has *major spoilers* so you may want to skip this.



A hat tip and giant Toro costume to Alan for the tip! Thanks!

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  • glemtvapen

    I would care if Bamco ever has plans to release this one over here.

  • Nice. I’m still waiting for play-asia to ship my game

    • me too

      • They told me that I’d probably get it by the 10th. I did the Fed EX shipping so hopefully it gets here fast o:

  • Namco Bandai should at least try to translate it. No need for voices, just text.
    Tales of already have an audience here, it’s a mystery as to why they never localize most tales of games here.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Because they seem to expect sales that, really, no RPG is going to get unless it’s called “Final Fantasy”. They should just let a smaller company, like Aksys, XSEED, Atlus or whoever localize them, a company that wouldn’t complain about sales just because it didn’t sell as well as Soul Calibur or Tekken.

      • Darkrise

        Except for the fact that they don’t want another company to gain more money through their Tales games. =/

        • HarryHodd

          What is better making money or not making money?

          • Darkrise

            The first obviously but Namco isn’t agreeing. During that interview with that rep, he stated

            “That’s really a good question. I am sure people did suggest us to localize under them… but they need to know that localizing under their names also mean us spending money too regardless of them taking our titles. We’d be getting half the money while they get the other half…. And by any contract, the more sales the game makes, then it’d be the other company that will get more money than us. That’s how the system runs. If we let XSEED localize Vesperia for instance, and they sell like 250,000 copies… we’d be getting 30-40% of that. Sure, we’d still get money… but what’s the point if we are the ones to pay for the translation, voice overs, and BluRay supplies and so on…? XSEED are just localizing and they only pay for advertising and promoting. That’s all there is to it.”

          • HarryHodd

            Xseed doesn’t translate and do voice overs? I guess Namco won’t let them? Another lame business decision that just keeps games from thier fans. Plus nothing in this interview mentions Vesperia PS3 which is already more than half way done.

        • Hraesvelgr

          Apparently not, but the parent company would still profit from licensing costs, at the very least. It really just seems like they want to turn the series into a Japan-only deal.

      • Yukito

        See, Namco Bandai let NISA take Ar Tonelico, so, I don’t see why they can’t just let them take all their RPGs if Namco Bandai, a full Japanese named company, wants nothing to do with Japanese things in the west anymore.

  • When I spy a translation guide then maybe I will get the game, since everyone has equal opportunity to buy the game, then I might as well get it than complain about its lack of english options…

    I love the exhibitions that fan makes, I think Ive watched it for every Tales game, lol. The attacks always blow my mind.

  • goronyan

    still didn’t received mine

  • Fonic

    Used to love this series but lack of releases in recent years made me somewhat lose interest.
    Or rather I tried to lose interest on purpose so I wouldn’t be let down by the inevitable “No plans for localization” comment from Namco.

    • In recent years? You make it seem like its been oh so long since one came out in America or Europe. Its just been two years since the last release.

      If there have truly been that many that have came out since 2008, then I think perhaps the franchise is experiencing fatigue.

      • That release was only for xbox, so not many people could experience it, like me

      • Ladius

        During those two years Japan has seen Hearts, Vesperia PS3, Radiant Mythology 2, Versus, Graces, Phantasia Narikiri X and Graces F while we got nothing aside from Innocence’s fantranslation. I would say it’s fair to be pissed off.
        Also, in the last years the franchise has seen a growth in sales on PS3 and PSP, the only “fatigue” was on Wii with Tales of Graces (and even then part of the problem was the proximity between its release date and that of Final Fantasy 13).

    • I’m just glad I can rely on fan groups for english versions of some of these games (the Innocence translation is really great, Hearts isn’t out but looks to be as high quality as Innocence…and then we have the Graces translation project). I wish they’d just release them somewhere other than Japan, but at least that’s something.

  • I had a dream Bamco opened up a new branch called Bandai Namco Games: Niche. They tackled Tales games and other titles their main branch wouldn’t touch, like .hack//Link, and operated in a way similar to XSEED or NISA. ;'[

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Well, other then throwing in the “plz localize tales” stab, which I do do sometimes, that video was awesome, and the Code Geass costumes and skits were icing on the cake!


    1:53 Double Rasengan!

  • Dimentionalist

    Someone needs to use a Mystic Arte on Namco. Preferably a very painful one.

    • Darkrise

      Asbel: Zankuujin… Mujinshou!!!

      • Dimentionalist

        Scamco: JERKHA… GOUSHOUZAN!


          • Darkrise

            Or better yet, No… Items… EVER!!!

          • Dimentionalist

            That one’s in English! Ooh, Namco’s gonna get you back for that! Can’t have English in our Tales, nope nope nope! But I guess that makes it all the more effective against them…

          • Omae wa mou… Shindeiru

          • You forgot to add a simple but catchy line before the name of the attack itself…

            大空!お願いある! 英語の。。。発売!!!!


    • Eri

      不地域化天罰 :無間地獄!!!

  • Dear Tales fans, if you still haven’t read this interview, go and please do so.

    • *slits wrists*

    • A surprise at next E3 sounds exciting!

      • they way he said it sounds like he said that to give us False hope.

        • RupanIII

          I was thinking that too .. like he realized how absolute he sounded and just threw that in there so it didn’t sound quite so devastating for fans

          • it made it worse imo xD

          • RupanIII

            Same here, what good is ‘don’t feel bad’ after ‘it will never, ever happen’ lol

        • False hope for Tales fans. The “surprise” is Tekken vs. Street Fighter. 8/

    • Ladius

      To be honest that “interview” means little since it is a shop owner’s questioning of a low-tier Namco USA employee that may never even have happened and, even if it has, hasn’t a shred of officiality since the involved person hasn’t access to his company’s decision making. Of course, if it was true it would shed some light on the localization conundrum, especially regarding the “let other companies localize Tales!” dilemma.

    • Hraesvelgr

      That “interview” was terrible… and even then, the guy really didn’t say anything except “we don’t have any plans for the Tales series outside of Japan”.

    • While nothing in that “interview” would surprise me if it were true, I just don’t understand why a random Namco employee would tell a random guy who works at a videogame store all that info.

    • Well, now I can finally have absolutely 0% faith in Tales being here.

    • I’d figured that Namco was totally done translating Tales games, which is fine by me (after some real hard thinking about it). Fortunately there are enough excellent games from other companies to occupy my gaming time. And, I can always make an explicit effort to buy Namco games used or second-hand if something must-buy comes along.

  • Just wanted to come in and tell you all I’m playing this game right now and it is epic. That is all -3-

    • Darkrise

      You can understand it?

      • cj_iwakura

        It’s a Tales game. You slice at things and kill them.

        • Silly, cj_iawakura. That’s Dynasty Warriors.

          And yes, I can understand most of it, Darkrise. Then again..Tales games usually have a very simple story anyway, heh. I’ve never played ToH or ToI, so those might be different, but yeah..even with a limited amount of Japanese knowledge, I’ve always been able to follow Tales games in Japanese rather easily.

          The childhood prologue was a little annoying, but that didn’t last for very long, so I’m glad to finally have a real sword at this point and be fighting alongside Malik. Oh and it doesn’t hurt that I finally have MAJINKEN!! now, so everything just feels right :P

  • nyoron

    So, anyone else manage to play the recently released English patch for the Japanese demo? Or are we not supposed to talk about that…

  • Kevin_Levin

    major spoilers? don’t be ridiculous.

    “Oh it’s not coming to the U.S”

    well, I hope you guys have fun with Graces F

  • Malik, sir. A moment of your time, if I may?

    Why so godlike?

  • Awesome vid…

    >Japan only
    >Lelouch costume

    I don’t care anymore.

  • Final Attack Ride! Richard Kick!

  • The Tales of Destiny remake fan translation was actually quite good. Enough so to make your way through the game understanding everything. If the Tales of Graces fan translation is of that quality (or less even) I won’t mind importing. Hooray for region free PS3 (screw you Wii T_T).

  • epy

    Two of my favorite Hi Ougis ever; Reed’s Hi Ou Setsuenshou and Loni’s Shinten Rekku Zankou Senpuu Messai Shinbatsu Kassatsu Geki!

    This game just went to being a must-buy to a OMG!whythehellamInotplayingthisrightnao!!! game. Importing.

  • Eri

    震天裂空斬光旋風滅砕神罰攻撃!! xD

  • Barrit

    This is sort of off topic, but I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with Gamestop’s new reward program. In this program you can add games to your game library, basically your collection of games. Anyways, this is where Tales comes in. I was browsing around and in the PS3 game selection area you have the option to add “A.C.E. Another Centuries Episode R”, “Tales of Graces F”, and “Tales of Vesperia” to your game library. Graces and ACE are missing a box art cover and just have a black placeholder which I noticed was also the case for games in their list that have yet to be released (like Agito, Atelier Totori, and Ar Tonelico Qoga)

    I read several game sites very frequently and it just completely threw me for a loop as to why you are even able to choose these games when they aren’t in English and haven’t even been announced to be localized. In PS3 Vesperia’s case.. I’m sure that ship has sailed longgg ago. Anyways, just thought I’d share that.. it was definitely a wtf moment.

    • GameStop is bad about that sort of thing sometimes. They definitely still have games in their databases that either never came out, or were unannounced but rumored.

  • Kamion

    Still waiting for my copy to arrive. It was the best Tales Game of recent years, so I can’t wait to play the updated version.

    The gameplay is awesome.

  • Did I just see some ZA WARUDO?

  • Lol how people say its Bamcos faultIt isn’t – It is your fault.Why didn’t you buy 20 Million units of Tales of Vesperia and every game before?Oh right – You didn’t have time because of FUCKING CALL OF DUTY AND HALO!You like this games?Then stay with them…You don’t need anything else – Have fun with the same game year for year.
    Bamco isn’t stupid enough(well they are but not that stupid) to invest tons of money for what?200k sold units?LOL
    Rather bring Swimsuit DLC and stuff for Japan,earn max money and develop the next Tales of.
    You westerns had your chance…Now you have to import.At least the PS3 is Region Free =)

    • Darkrise

      You can’t exactly blame everyone here for buying FPS games like those and ignoring Tales, I doubt that there are that many here. Who knows but anyways it’s the majority of FPS gamers like that who say why should we buy this game? It’s freakin crap. They have no interest in jrpg’s and only a small minority of them will like jrpgs but that’s besides the point. Most of them just diss jrpg’s for number of stupid reasons.

    • MrRobbyM

      As I said before, ignorant commenters just LOVE this site.

      • Darkrise

        You got that right…

    • Perhaps the issue isnt just that people barely had interest in the game to warrant it with high sales numbers that caused this spiral into a lack of localized releases, but that there have just been so many releases of the series in the last two years that it would maybe have been too much to globalize.

      Though if the series were a million seller+ overseas then, well, I guess people wouldnt be in this situation. Oh well, Ive learned to deal with the fact that Im being punished with a lack of localized releases because people failed to buy enough units of the previous games, but there is Naruto, and as you can see, I simply love those games so, for me, its been an excellent trade off.

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