Burger King’s Kinect Promotion In Japan Isn’t As Appetizing

By Spencer . December 6, 2010 . 2:29am

imageMicrosoft and Burger King launched a huge marketing campaign in the US where the King gave away an Xbox 360 console with Kinect every fifteen minutes. That’s 96 Kinect bundles a day! The catch was you had to buy a Whopper meal to enter.


Burger King Japan just kicked off a similar promotion. Instead of a Whooper value meal you have to order a BK Party Set. This meal includes a Holiday Chicken Salad, BK tenders, BK cheese bits, onion rings, and a NY Pizza Burger. Did we mention one BK Party Set costs 2,980 yen ($36)?


Oh, and only twenty lucky pizza burger purchasers will win a Kinect Xbox 360 bundle.


The contest starts today and runs until December 19.

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  • malek86

    What’s a pizza burger?

    • Aoshi00

      I guess it’s like BK’s Italian chicken sandwich here w/ mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce or something, but they use the word pizza since that’s what everyone knows :) Has anyone tried the shrimp burger in Jpn’s McD’s? I definitely want to try that if I ever go there.. burger… *drool*

      • malek86

        Is it really as big as the image? Because it looks very big for a burger.Though, being italian myself, I’d really rather eat a normal pizza. That thing looks a bit unhealthy…

        • Aoshi00

          Now that you mention it, looks like a 3″ Pizza Hut pan pizza size, the shape’s like that too.. KFC has this Double Down bunless sandwich w/ no bread, but two pieces of chicken w/ cheese and bacon in the middle, definitely lots of calories and only indulge in it like once a month, I wanted to try it but decided against it, wonder if it’s still on the menu…

        • I think that it’s meant to be eaten by more than one person, hence the “party” name. It does come-off as pretty disgusting, though. x:

      • puchinri

        I was so tempted when I was in Oosaka and it looked delicious, but I didn’t get it. I want to try it next time though!

        • Aoshi00

          You were there and you didn’t try it :(? I would eat 10 of those for Ebi-chan :)


          • puchinri

            No, I didn’t. ;u;
            I suppose whichever of us tries it first can tell the other of the experience!
            And I wish I had known about Ebi-chan before. I would have eaten any number for Ebi-chan, myself. ♥A♥
            (Who is this beautiful Ebi-chan anyway!?)

          • Aoshi00

            Or I could bring some buns to a Jpn restaurant and stuff some tempura shrimp in there to simulate the experience :) She’s in some dramas, I forgot if I’ve seen them.. she’s my age! but married this year.. her last name shares the ebi-part so kind of fit to promote a ebi/shrimp burger :) Beautiful girls could get us to buy anything :)

      • RupanIII

        Never had the shrimp one, if/when I make it back I’ll have to try one.. if memory serves I did have a McPork tho hahaI mostly went to Mos Burger tho when I was in a rush (teriyaki burger, fries and a coke) they should really to expand to the US and build a branch in NY lol

        edit- that pizza burger doesn’t sound too good o.o but I’d try it haha pizza burger reminds me of this Italian place next to campus when I studied abroad- it didn’t taste like real Italian food (or Italian-American food, if you like), it was kind of strange Japan-ified Italian lol

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, they could open up some in the metropolitan area at least. I kind of dig that Korean Bon Chon Fried Chicken (haven’t tried Kyochon yet should be similar).. or the McD’s here could reverse import, since they do Italian on the menu alrdy, they could do a Japanese shrimp burger for a limited time.. McPork sounds delicious like tonkatsu.. I’ve eaten lots of croquettes (some w/ curry) from buffet though, they’re so cheap :).. I would try so much new food if I ever go to Japan..

          You know they used Ebi-chan to promote the shrimp ebi-burger? She’s so hawt :)

  • Aoshi00

    So they want you to have a big meal and then burn off the calories w/ Kinect :)?

    I got a free whopper coupon that night when I picked up Kinect, and saw the King running like a lunatic (I think some people complained about that commercial w/ the King in a mental asylum mingling w/ patients), he gives people nightmares like a clown..

    • Your comment reminds me of when I saw my first (and only) Burger King in Japan. They offered a discount to anyone who was a member of Konami Sports Club (which I was, but I didn’t buy any BK). I had the same thought of eating BK, getting fat, working it off at Konami, then going back to BK for the discount. lol

      • Aoshi00

        lol, well right now fast food restaurants are required to list the number of calories on the menu (not sure about Japan), this party set looks like it packs at least 2000-3000 cal? I work my butt off w/ Kinect’s Fitness and even burning 100 is pretty tiring. Not that I’m that conscious of calories, but that gives you a perspective and making you think twice before indulging in junk food. Kinect definitely is healthy though and one could even tone their body if they set their mind to it and stick to the program :) Most other games (like Adventure, Sports, Dance Central, etc) make you break a sweat w/o realizing, but Fitness is more about routine repetition like a trainer but you don’t need to pay $60 a session :)

  • Hraesvelgr

    Giving it away for free doesn’t mean people will use it or have a use for it (no 360), though… I think the complaint about the average size of a Japanese apartment is pretty valid, honestly.

    • The prize is an Xbox 360 bundle with a Kinect. Just giving away the Kinect would be silly. :P

    • Aoshi00

      A lot of people have to move their furniture to play Kinect or Move even in the US. I had to move my heavy coffee table out of the way in my living room.

  • Barrit

    Damn that’s quite a lot to spend just for a chance to win. I guess they need to pick up the slack somewhere for their lack of sales in Japan. And I know Microsoft most likely doesn’t get any money from the Party Set sales, but geez, you would think they did with that price.

  • Maybe it’s just cause I’m hungry, but that looks delicious .>

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