The Legend Of The Heroes: Trails In The Sky Takes Flight In March

By Spencer . December 6, 2010 . 12:50pm

imageIn February, Xseed will release Ys I & II Chronicles and complete the Ys logo PSP spine art. Their next task will be tackling Falcom’s massive Trails in the Sky games.


And the first game in the series isn’t too far off. The Legend of the Heroes: Trails in the Sky is on track for a March 29, 2011 in North America. Falcom has two other games in the series Trails in the Sky Second Chapter and Trails in the Sky the 3rd. Xseed has the rights to all three titles, but only First Chapter has a release date.


Perhaps, after all of those Trails in the Sky games we’ll see Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki or The Legend of the Heroes: Zero no Kiseki released in English.

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  • PrinceHeir

    good to see we’re getting the Old Y’s games with improved art and so.

  • Am… Am i dreaming?!

  • It’s finally coming!!!!! *worships Falcom and Xseed*

  • i cant w8 for March

  • Gawd.. Finally.. And its in March!! I hope SC will be in July, third chapter on the end of year and Zero no kiseki on beginning of 2012.. My, that will really complete my Falcom wish…

    • I don’t see that happening because Tom said that not only have they not even started on SC, there was also going to be a long waiting period between FC and SC, and SC and 3rd.

      • OneOkami

        Did they give any particular reason for the waiting periods?

        • Ladius

          Sora no Kiseki SC is probably the most text heavy JRPG ever, that is reason enough I fear. It’s better to have it some months later than to have a rushed translation with poor editing, and a fan like Tom knows it better than anyone.

          • OneOkami

            That would make sense. No real biggie for me. I’ll have Ys I and II as well as, of course, Sora no Kiseki FC to provide me with plenty of Nihon Falcom awesomeness for a while.

          • falcomgamefan

            Actually, Deus X: Human Revolution is an RPG and it has double the amount of text that Sora no Kiseki SC has. In fact, there are actually tons of other games with way more text than Sora no Kiseki SC. I think Xseed just whines about the amount of text way too often instead of getting their asses to work. But, not that the Trails in the Sky series is any good to begin with. It’s actually is one of the most linear and boring RPG series I’ve played to date. Can’t stand this one and I’m sure a bunch of gamers are going to be like “WTF?” when they find out they got gipped with these games. The games are like way too much reading and a less then stellar gameplay experience.

          • DUDE!!! I cant help but chuckle when you post negative things about a falcom game, I guess I expect extensive and exhaustive lauding and hyping of the game since its from falcom (youre a falcomgamefan right?)

            Is it better than or as good as The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermilion. Thats the only one I played and I thought it was great for my first ever RPG on the PSP (well I do not count the epic Neopets: Petpet Adventures: The Wand of Wishing as an RPG, the game that made me buy a PSP, lol)

          • playmystation

            How much text is in Deus Ex: HR?

          • Ummm Deus X is already in English…

          • falcomgamefan

            To Playmystation-

            Deus Ex: Human Revolution has over 200,000 lines of text, which is far more than double the text found in Sora no Kiseki SC. Here’s the article if you are interested.


            To Tsunayoshi Sawada-
            Yeah, I love Falcom games, but NOT all of them. I agree about The Legend of Heroes: A Tear of Vermillion and Cagesong of the Ocean being awesome games (I actually didn’t like The White Witch believe it or not), but the Sora no Kiseki games or Trails in the Sky games as they’re called in English are not good like the Garghav Trilogy games. The Sora no Kiseki games have way too much text for the normal scenes (which can take upwards of 30 minutes of reading for way too many scenes that are just not important at all…Metal Gear Solid 4 flashback *shudders*) and then the gameplay just isn’t good at all. There’s no real awesome battle system in the Sora no Kiseki games, either. I just expected so much more when I played through them because Falcom touted them so highly, but I was disappointed with how they turned out. There are no real memorable characters in the games, either. Most of the bad guys are punks and so you don’t care and even the good guys are like “so what?” Estelle is just a young girl who’s got major PMS problems and Joshua is a freaking introvert who doesn’t know how to share his feelings and then you have to put up with that crap for the first two games. Then the third game is a bunch of stupid doors you have open to see flashbacks of a bunch of scenes they never showed you in the first two games and there’s basically no gameplay, just reading. All the paths in the Sora no Kiseki games are extremely linear and usually when you play an RPG, you want a world to explore and good gameplay. Too bad we find almost none of that here.

            And now we’ve got Xseed, who is just a bunch of cry babies about having to do a little translation work (which pisses me off) when we could have had Carpe Fulgur do the translation for Sora no Kiseki and they would have been ecstatic to do the work. Carpe Fulgur had been very vocal about wanting to do these games for a long time and honestly, I would have rather seen them do the translation for these games.

          • falcomgamefan

            To Angel de la Rosa-

            Except Deus Ex has already been announced for release in Japan…which means it’s being translated into another language and you don’t see Square-Enix whining like a bunch of babies even though the game they are translating into Japanese is double the size of Sora no Kiseki SC. Not only that, the text in Deus Ex is way more complex than any of the Sora no Kiseki games, to boot.

            Check out Deus Ex’s “company website” and this is only for a game.


            There’s no complex text like that in Sora no Kiseki.

            Seriously, I hate companies like Xseed where they license a game and then have representatives that bitch and moan about the size of a game and make several posts about them online. Seriously, they should forget about posting on Twitter and everywhere else and just get to work.

          • Megalink go to bed

          • talk about whining and moaning lol j/k was fun reading ur opinion… anywho those flash back in metal gear solid 4 was for the fan

          • playmystation

            200,000 lines of text is a lot of text. Wow.

  • I’m really excited about this release, but I’d be very disappointed if somehow the trilogy got canceled before all of it gets localized.

  • Man, March is looking to be a really busy month for games…

  • WonderSteve


    Here is hoping for a collector’s edition.

    I will buy it despite having it on PC already

  • Man, XSeed. You guys and Sega are the only ones keeping my PSP alive. Seriously, thanks!

    • Ladius

      Don’t forget NiSA, ZHP and Cladun are awesome and Prinny 2 is near :)

  • I think it’s pretty obvious that Xseed wants to bring over Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki.

    • MoriyaMug

      Take it from me: That’s going to rely almost entirely on how well-received the LoH games are. So, if you want it, get everyone you know to buy what XSEED’s putting out.

    • falcomgamefan

      Unfortunately, Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki is not even a good fighting game whatsoever. Falcom should have taken a lesson from a company who actually makes good fighting games. This one just blows.

  • Ladius

    I can’t find the right words to praise XSeed, I have waited for years to play the Sora no Kiseki games in english and thanks to them the dream is finally coming true.
    Their courage is astounding: they are releasing a niche trilogy known for its immense dose of texts on a platform that is almost dead in the west, not to mention the plague of piracy. This desire to bring us quality titles even with the risk of unprofitability is so commendable that I will support the game with multiple copies, delaying other games.
    My only criticism is with the cover: it’s rather anonimous and ugly, I hope that the original art will be used for a limited edition.

  • neo_firenze

    Woohooo!!!!!!!!!! I’m still gonna be nervous until I actually see the other two games (Shining Force III flashbacks), but this is awesome news. I’ll also still be very very hopeful for Zero no Kiseki.

    • Ladius

      The worst thing (for us westerners, japanese fans must be ecstatic) is that Falcom is already planning a sequel to Zero no Kiseki, so even if the whole Trails trilogy and Zero were localized we could still miss some chapters :S

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    “Perhaps…we’ll see Ys vs. Sora no Kiseki or The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki released in English.”

    You guys dared to think it’d be just one and not the other? I’m surprised.

  • Wow seriously? March is going to be mindblowing.

    This on top of Ar Tonelico 3, Neptunia, Yakuza 4 and more = me doing no work for weeks

  • Darkrise

    I-I can’t believe theres’s so many rpg’s being released so early next year. *jaw drops from the sheer awsomeness*

  • The logo looks kind of cheesy to be honest, I guess Im not a fan of that font.

    Otherwise Im excited! Gonna be a pricey month considering powerful console game releases, RPGs, as well as a new powerful handheld

    • It’s as close as they could have gotten to the original Japanese font from the Sora no Kiseki games though

  • Absolutely cannot wait for this. My only regret is that *I* didn’t get to work on this game at all (in that XSEED beat us to the Falcom punch). This is still going to consume my March, in all likelihood.

    I’m also a bit sad that we don’t get Estelle being all “^_^ genki ^_^” on the American cover, but the one we have will probably draw in a few more people who’d be turned off by that otherwise.

    • Ladius

      Frankly, I don’t know if this kind of reasoning is correct.
      Dudebro #1728189 wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about Trails in the Sky in any case regardless of the cover simply because to him this would be just another nameless animu jrpg, while generic otaku #18192 would be less interested in this dull, lifeless cover than in the original artwork.
      Of course there are Falcom fans who would buy Trails even if it sported a blank cover because they know the game, but I fear this is a very little niche, while the original cover could have attracted the normal jrpgjapanese games audience far better.

      Just my two cents, of course, and I still hope for a limited edition with a better cover (after all that happened for USA Rorona, so there’s still hope :P).

      • I have to disagree with your thoughts on the cover, really. The composition is far better, the construction of the figures is noticeably less wonky, and the coloring technique is more interesting. Is it a kind of a shame you can’t see anybody’s smiling face? Sure. But as an illustration, this is definitely a step up above the original.

        • Ladius

          I can agree about the better composition since the original PSP cover was rather dull (probably the worse in the Sora no Kiseki series), even if I still prefere it to this attempt. The PC cover on the other hand was really good, even if adapting it to the PSP format could have been problematic.
          That said, we are reasoning as people who have some degree of familiarity with SnK’s characters and cover arts, but for a clueless observer a setup such as this isn’t exactly practical since it doesn’t show the character design’s beauty and doesn’t make it stand out in any way if you don’t already have some infos on the setting. I think that catering to the general japanese game audience is a necessity for a niche JRPG which can’t count on an established fanbase, and sadly this cover doesn’t seem to swing in that direction.
          I can’t help but think that going with a cover such as this has much to do with the attempt to make it “not so anime”, but it still is recognizably “anime” and will be skipped as such by those who don’t like this kind of premises. It isn’t nearly as bad as Ghostlight’s tentative Agarest cover (luckily that was canned, and Agarest’s distinctly anime cover didn’t have a bad impact on the game’s performance in the UK charts), but it’s similiar to Rorona’s regular edition cover.
          Of course I could be wrong- in fact i hope to be wrong, since I would like Trails in the Sky to sell at least decently and I ardently wish XSeed to succeed (no pun intended).

        • Nyron

          It’s true, I much prefer this new distinctive and artsy cover over the generic original version.

  • So preordering this.

  • JustaGenericUser

    This is great. But I hope it doesn’t interfere with a possible Rune Factory Oceans localization.

    EDIT: By the way, what is “Trails in the Sky”? I tried to click on the tag, but I only get this article.

  • Won’t mince words…


    (day one)

  • Wackoramaco87

    Super excited for this, especially because I’ve never actually heard of the series before, but everything I have heard sounds great! =)

    Question though- would one have to play the previous installments in order to understand the trilogy?

    • hadjimurad

      lol at you first sentence! mind boggling assertion. ;) i know what you’re saying though.

      • Wackoramaco87

        Haha, oops! I guess I need to double check what I write before posting! =D

    • No, this trilogy is a standalone. It “feels” a lot like the other games, but you don’t need to play any of the old ones.

      If anything, I’d almost say not having any knowledge of the series makes this a good starter game

  • Fonic

    I really hope this does well, but I can’t help but feel a little cynical. There’s just so much riding against it.
    Regardless, one of my most anticipated games at the moment.

  • What’s the deal with people and the cover? I dont think its bad at all, and it even have this “classic” feeling that just makes me want to play it, and this is one of the first times ive heard of these “Trials of the sky” game series (i imagine the gameplay is more rpgish? like zero no kiseki), so you can expect a neutral opinion from me, the only one i know is zero no kiseki, and barely.

  • Draparde

    Day one. and the collectors edition if they have one.

  • OMGOMGOMGOMFG*screams at the top of her lungs*I’ve wanted this game localized since EVER. ZERO NO KISEKI NEXT. God, if people could hear other people through the internet, all of you would be deaf right now. *continues cheering*

  • Arcm

    Limited edition with artbook plz…. pretty please : )

    I hope they have boxes similar to the Ys limited editions, since I was always a bigger legends of Heroes fan.

  • Extra_Life

    More goodness from Xseed, and another game I’ll be importing next year!

  • RAVENKam

    March!? I had no idea it would be out so soon. Xseed are just blazing, BLAZING!

  • thebanditking

    What is so awesome about these titles is the size and scope of them. They have multiple UMD’s. Given that each holds 1.7GB its crazy for me to imagine that, while keeping in mind this is a portable game.

    • What do you mean? This game isnt just on one UMD, it spans multiple!? Thats possible?!

  • I’m so happy Xseed! ;__;

  • cj_iwakura

    And Atlus. Tatsuya says hi.

  • XSEED is too awesome…They’re doing the greatest job ever. They have my respect…

  • @falcomgamefan: What the hell is your problem? What “Xseed Games and Nihon Falcom are small game companies” you don’t understand? If Xseed Games is not a great publisher to release Nihon Falcom games then who else? Atlus? NIS America? Square Enix? Namco Bandai Games? Activision? And comparing the new Deus Ex game with Nihon Falcom games is like comparing apples to oranges. As for your Nihon Falcom criticism, the games are not like your typical Square Enix games or Tales games quality. What do you want the future Ys games turn into, a true Westernized JRPG? Or are you just following the footsteps of Dragon Age creator and Keiji “douchebag” Inafune for saying Western games are far more better than Japanese games today?
    And you call yourself a Nihon Falcom fan with that pathetic username of yours while you do nothing but make biased reviews on Ys games at Metacritic, shut up you are troll! Yeah that’s right, you’re nothing but a whining troll. You sound like you’re making revenge on someone. What, did the Ancient Land of Ys forums banned you eh Megalink? And you better stop denying that you’re not Megalink you liar!
    Btw here’s a message from Xseed Games to you Megalink and if you make a foolish comment like “I guess you work on Xseed Games I suppose”, YOU FAIL ON POSTING BITCH:
    “Ahhh yes, our “#1 Fan” is at it again. Got to at least admire his dedication – his only two reviews on Metacritic are a 1 out of 10 for Ys Felghana and a 2 out of 10 for Ys SEVEN. I think one of us may have unknowingly run over his puppy recently or something – our apologies, Falcomgamefan.”

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