Share User Created Maps And Senators In Disgaea 4

By Spencer . December 7, 2010 . 2:55am


Dengeki Online has more details about Disgaea 4’s online features. The magazine confirmed their tease about a map editor – Disgaea 4 definitely has one. Players can create maps to battle on and share them over the Internet where other players can rate it.


You can also invade another player’s congress sessions by sending your characters as senators. Like map making and the pirate battles, this is also a network feature.


Disgaea 4 has two more new jobs: battle suit and android. Unfortunately, scans have not surfaced yet so you’ll have to imagine what these classes look like while we seek them out.

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  • guess this will be th best Disgaea in the series >_>

    • Shuryou

      Until Disgaea 5.

    • Code

      Hard call it has it’s work cut out for it, if it wants to top Disgaea’s storyline opo;

      • Screw story and presentation! Its the mechanics that count though! I easily enjoy D2:DHD over all of them.

        • Code

          As far as Disgaea’s go, I generally break`em up by story and gameplay, if it was all about story none would top Disgaea >w<' As far as gameplay through I still liked Disgaea 3 far more then Disgaea 2's gameplay but that's just me.

          • Honestly, I liked the story in Disgaea 2 more than 1.

          • Code

            Well statistically I guess there has to be at least one person that thinks that way, lol >w<'

        • It’s amusing to see you referencing your previous “screw gameplay, it’s the story and presentation” comment.

  • This seems a little dangerous. Is there anything in place to stop people from just downloading a really good power-levelling map that’s 100X more effective than the usual post-game dungeon like CoT?

    …I wonder if that’s even a bad thing. It might be nice if everyone for once was able to experience the breadth of post-gaming in Disgaea. Of course it might just be a map editor for VS matches, if they’re in.

    • yh… i think u wont get any XP from these created maps… or th game would get too easy~

      • Neckbear

        It may be as you say, you won’t get XP or HL from these maps.

        Instead, you’ll play through ’em for FUN.

        …Or something.

    • That was my only concern with the user maps. Seems like an easy way to just make a power leveling map and level up that way instead of the usual rewarding and timely way of olde.

      • Code

        This could be fixed by making it so you either can’t place monsters, exp geos, or can only place monsters up to your current highest level character. Not that you can’t make leveling maps, but chances are the game will supply it’s own superior leveling maps any ways.

        • Its just makes me think of the rediculous stages people made in Super Smash Bros Brawl, you know the one where you could spam getting the DSs and stickers by just making the stage with a movable platform, and a block, and then get the sandbag to come down and then there you made a CD factory to get all the CD’s extremely fast, oh and rare pokemon too.

          Then again I would make some pretty awesome D4 stages, geopanels with 20% or something Damage stacked up. I wonder if we will be able to also set the rewards they receive on the stages for clearing…

          • Code

            Yeahh but it’s all about limitations — giving the player creativity, but also making it come at a cost such as having to unlock specific geopanels for example, or making it so max level is only as high as your highest unit. Rewards are 99% of the time dictated by the floor’s item rarity, I wouldn’t expect you to be able to control what items players get. Perhaps the floor rarity might be controllable but it’ll still be a random pool of items that appears. And even then like previous Disgaea game’s likely only the end-game items will be available in Item World.

          • Too many limitations runs the risk of making a system both unlikable and underused. It may please the scant few naysayers of the fandom who want some ideal balance implemented, but too much will make even implementing it a waste of time. I doubt I am alone on this, but I’d rather have an abused map editor than none at all. Besides, I am confident NISA will keep it relatively balanced.

          • Code

            @Alexander Groce

            I wouldn’t consider any of those limitations, beyond anything the series has done before. Reverse Pirating had you unlocking ships, not much different then unlocking geo panels for example, and all kinds of spots in the game have level limitations. I’d rather these small limitations then something that just feels sloppy and abusive, especially with online elements playing a bigger role in this one.

    • Locklear93

      This is an issue I raised when Siliconera first mentioned what looked like a map editor. Going by Disgaea’s past, my personal guess would be that the map editor is something you get as a senate proposal.

      The problem, in my opinion, with letting everyone “experience the breadth of post-gaming in Disgaea” is that if it’s made that accessible, it’s not REALLY the same kind of gameplay. There’s some awesome post-game stuff, but the heart of the post-game IS grinding. Make that accessible, and… what is it? A handful of extra maps with a tiny bit of voice acting, and minimal plot connection?

      I dunno. I’m excited about the idea of being able to build maps. I really don’t want the content made overly accessible, though.

      • There are power leveling guides everywhere, even the Disgaea wiki and the main story enemies were seriously under-leveled, so you can ALREADY do that. Add that to the fact that the developers have provided us with easy power-grinding maps. I have got to ask, what are you talking about because you could already do that stuff.

        • Locklear93

          The developers did provide some easy powerleveling maps in the plot; you’re absolutely correct. That said, they don’t even REMOTELY compare to something like House of Ordeals 4, which takes some actual work to get to. House of Ordeals 4 is a 3×3 with 9 enemies and +100% experience. The best power leveling map before that is one with a bunch of succubi and enemy base panels. You can throw enemies into each other to raise their level, but the convenience and speed is not there. In order to power level truly efficiently, you really do have to wait for the post-game.

          There’s just an order of magnitude in difference between a map designed to get you a couple hundred levels, and a map designed to get you a couple thousand.

          • In 7-3 of the main story in Disgaea 3 you can get to level 500 with little effort whatsoever you just need a 3×3 square atk, which is easy as hell to get with the Robber Shopper. Hell, you don’t even need that since Rapsberryl’s Delta impact is a decent substitute for that. And honestly, your point about it being efficient is irrelevant since it still provides you with ample opportunity to power-grind along with Eternal Tears, which while slower is easy hell to grind and this is at 4-3(You are on a map with a bunch of Warslugs that constantly level up. In that stage you can not only grind for easy XP, but recruit a bunch of high level Warslugs. Also the enemies at 7-3 give xp+ 100% and with 4 stronger enemies bill you can get them up till lvl 99 where they give out 300 XP per kill. And no, this isn’t some grinder’s secret this took less than a 1 minute Google search and if you don’t think that’s easy or efficient you are either 1) lying 2) you didn’t know or 3) you are an idiot.If you don’t like the idea of players reaching content faster than you are playing the wrong game. And I am sorry, but your comment about waiting till post game to level quickly is both wrong and stupid. But I will just assume you didn’t know.

            And not really, because the main story enemies aren’t meant to combat either a lvl 100 player much less a lvl 500 player. The main story is simply meant to enjoy the characters and what they go through.

          • Locklear93

            Way to raise the level of discourse. I’ll take your corrections regarding Eternal Tears in stride, and you’re right about 7-3. I didn’t make as much use of that one as I did the map to which I referred above. What I don’t really take in stride is your need to be so insulting about it, but whatever. I’m pushing level 3000 with my most powerful character right now, no 9999s, no rank 40 items. I’m working on Land of Carnage access. I consider myself experienced, but not an expert, and I am prone to make mistakes and forget things. Anyway.

            I don’t mind players getting to content faster than I do. Basically everyone who wants to will get to content faster than I will; I make no bones about that. The plot of a Disgaea game typically takes me about 60 hours, which is long compared to a lot of people.

            What I wouldn’t like, and what my original point was, is that it seems pointless to enable a means by which to effectively START the plot at levels that trivialize it completely. If having access to a map editor at the beginning allows people to make maps that powerlevel them straight into the post game without playing through the plot, the point of powerleveling at all is defeated. Running House of Ordeals 4 hundreds of times is not the most exhilarating experience in the world; it’s just an efficient means to an end. If players are going to start out with access to such an efficient means, they may as well just add a menu option to start at level 9999 in the post game, and let people just faff about as they please.

          • AaronM, I am being insulting because you are confusing Disgaea for Final Fantasy Tactics. This game was meant for level grinding. But ok, you didn’t know, so I aologize for being harsh.This is the thing you and people like Alex don’t get. I don’t care how you, chose to play your game. I only become annoyed when people start crying doom because the delvopers cater to thier fanbase, some of whom can choose not to grind if they wish. Then why bother posting about “How dangerous this feature is?”Even though the map editor is probbaly something that will take an ungodly amount of mana to pass anyway, right. Not to mention some of us don’t even have the internet on our PS3s. Lol And we don’t even know how the import feature works. And running a few times through the game’s early stages accomplishes that anyway. But ok, sure I follow you. You hate a how feature you know nothing about works because it enables an element that is already common within the games anyway.

  • Battle suit, my imagination is running wilde but it sounds simply awesome!

    • Exkaiser

      I imagine- well, I hope – that it is the big power armored dude on the group shot.…Dude in the top-right.I suppose the android is the female character right beneath him.

      • Oh, why not in the opposite order, though both are awesome now that we have the image, thanks dude!!!

        • Exkaiser

          Because the female character’s mechanical bits look more integrated? Reminds me of female androids designs like SRW’s W-series or KOS-MOS.

          I dunno, it’s just my guess! We’ll see once NIS reveals more about them!

      • the girl looks… awesome~

        • neocatzon

          and cute~

      • ninetailes4life

        i just noticed laharl, raspberyl, and etna in that picture

        • You notice that?

          I’ve noticed Asagi’s coat sleeve right by Raspberyl’s head.

  • Honestly what does it matter if people can powergame or not? It doesn ‘t affect your game at all because no one can invade you anyway. And what timely way of old? You mean the power-leveling maps the developers created for us like Hall of Ordeals? I am starting to think you and Alex are seriously playing the wrong game. This feature was probably added so players could share Power-leveling maps with each other. Not only that, but it doesn’t matter if these maps grant XP or not because the community creates power-leveling guides for each other anyway. Another thing, why do you even care how I am playing the game?

  • glemtvapen

    The Super Robo Suit could be an actual unit this time?
    I hope so, but I prefer if it to be ridden vehicles like Phantom Kingdom. Damn I miss that system.

  • Draparde

    If you look closely at… that picture (next to axel and one character above emizelle) thats probably how they’ll look

    *edit* oh darn~ ive been beaten by someone else… oh well

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