If Have Any Unresolved Questions About Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors…

By Spencer . December 8, 2010 . 1:17am

imageBy now, some of you finished Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and might have questions about the game’s story. Here’s your chance to get answers.


Aksys is hosting a fan-powered Q&A session. Head over here to submit a question to the development team.


We’ll have more Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors posts from Chunsoft coming soon. You may see a side of the game you haven’t seen before so keep an eye out for those…

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  • Cool I got to check it out and I am finishing up the game and it is awesome and the multi endings give you twist and turns.

  • pridesin

    Do you know how long this Q&A session will be held???

    • We’ll be taking questions until the 23rd of December, after which we’ll pass them along to Chunsoft and see how many we can get answered :)

      • pridesin

        Thank you for the reply. I guess, I have until 23rd of December to finish the game at least once.

  • Aoshi00

    I just started playing the game on the bus and got stuck at the red and blue suitcase alrdy :(.. got the 2 pieces of paper but still couldn’t figure out..

    • This may be spoilers to those who want to beat the first puzzle with no helpz!haha xD, you gotta find both red and blue keys, then the suitcase, if you check everything it should be easy to find (dunno if you already had)Then with the screwdriver you find close to the blue key (yeah, i remember, had to do it a bunch of times to get all the endings) you gotta “combine” it with the ship’s picture frame, and in the back of this picture you will see the triangles/squares close to the papers, each one representing a number.After this you just gotta get the numbers for each figure in the papers, and to guess the combination of each suitcase with the papers, the red one will be the red triangles/squares and so on…, and the order, is, the first 2 red/blue figures in one paper, and the last 2 in the other (you gotta guide yourself with the arrow) and that’s it :D.Its an important thing to always check everything you pick, characters will more likely give you clues of what to do with it. Good luck with the rest of the puzzles xD they are really cool.

      • Aoshi00

        Thanks for the detailed walkthru, I got everything before, I just missed the 2nd piece of red/blue paper underneath the pillow! Man, it drove me crazy, no wonder I couldn’t figure out the codes on 2 bus trips *.*..

        999 is indeed very cool, more fun than the PSP game w/ the girls trapped because it’s easier to point to everything on the touchscreen to find clues. I hope there wouldn’t be too many gory moments, I still haven’t watched any of the SAW movies, I don’t like stuff like Hostel or Human Centipede, the ideas of people getting tortured creep me out.

        Thanks again for the help bro :) Oh Naruto UNS2 is very fun, I love it, much better than the first game, I like the new environment instead of a full blown free roaming 3D Konoha.

        • No9

          Don’t worry about gore. The game doesn’t show you any (only descriptions).

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks, that’s good to hear :)

  • Oh yeah.. I have a LOT of questions for 999. Even with the multiple endings, 999 doesn’t actually answer every questions…

  • I already did mine yesterday, i took the whole square writing stuff D: im scared they may skip it because is long xD

  • Man I will have to stay the HELL away from these upcoming articles! Still haven’t gotten a single ending so I’ll pass on the spoilers.

    • Yeah do it, it will be hella worthy, i guarantee it, spoiling yourself on this game would ruin so many stuff

  • neo_firenze

    I’m about to get my 4th of the 6 endings (finally getting the true ending, I got the “to be continued” fake true ending on first playthrough, then the submarine and knife endings), so I should be ready to not spoil things for myself by the time we see this. And anybody who hasn’t played much… really, don’t spoil it. This is not the kind of game you want to see spoilers for.

    Great game though. I tend to associate games with events and especially with travel, and 999 will forever be linked with Thanksgiving 2010 to me because I was obsessed with it on two cross-country plane rides and late nights at my mom’s house playing until I passed out.

    Got me back in the mood for the visual novel/puzzle type stuff, now I’m trying to decide which DS game to get going on next – Again, or The Last Window.

    • kelsniff

      I even liked Lux Pain. Everyone thought it was super bad and a bad translation but I enjoyed the idea and story/characters though.

  • Roses4Aria

    You know, I had a ton of questions when I first finished the true ending, but now that I’m put on the spot I can’t think of a single one. Oh well. I guess that just gives me a good excuse to play it again…

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