A Certain Magical Disgaea 4 Collaboration

By Spencer . December 9, 2010 . 11:57pm

It seems like every Omega tier spell in Disgaea 4 has a cameo character. To recap, Meito Anizawa from Anime Tencho pops up when you cast Omega Fire and Bikkuriman show up when you use Omega Star.


Before we get to the new cameos take a look at a new job, Disgaea 4 has an Android class.




Cast Omega Wind and you’ll see Holo from Spice and Wolf.




Index from A Certain Magical Index is the guest character for Omega Heal.




Disgaea 4 also has a "guest" from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Pre-order the game to add Flonne (in HD!) to your party.


image image

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  • If I were to be satirical about this, I’m starting to believe this is the dying Japanese gaming industry’s “daring attempt” to attract more people to buy their games by masking cameos with spells, costumes, and other crazy content. It’s like how comic book companies do crossovers, except this is…….stranger.

    • The Japanese gaming industry is only “dying” from a global standpoint. In Japan, developers sell games well enough in their country to warrant sequels.

      • Testsubject909

        And then there’s a lot of arguments as to why they’re “dying” from a global standpoint.

        Best drop the case unless you’d care to tire yourself out with lenghty discussions and debates.

  • malek86

    I don’t understand the point. I mean, gaming references I can get, even anime references, but outright cameos can feel a bit out of place. The art style is also different.

    With this and Cladun, it seems NIS is really trying to appeal to the anime demographics.

    • I dont really mind, its not like it affects the gameplay or story, it will be the same but with a background in the attack (and you surely can skip it) I actually like they are doing this, they may get more people to buy NISĀ“s game this way, and i really would like that company to grow, a lot

    • I mean… is this your first NIS game?

    • Zeik56

      This is nothing compared to Zettai Hero Project, where there were whole side-dungeons set aside for anime cameo characters, and they actually showed up in the game at the end.

      This is hardly different than the various summoning portraits that appeared in prior Disgaea games. For anyone who knows who these characters are they’re a neat reference, for everyone else they probably won’t even bat an eye.

    • A think exactly the same thing.

    • That can be a good thing. Because most of Disgaea fans are anime and video fans. If they add more anime looked to it. I sure a lot more anime and video will buy it

    • Then don’t play this and stick with HALO!!!

      The appeal is for japanesse player and some anime fans
      If you don’t get it stick on reading superman!!!

  • I shockingly don’t mind these cameos. I mean, it’s only a bit more jarring than, say, when they were putting in the Makai Kingdom characters as the summons for the Omega spells in Disgaea 2. That and I’m pretty sure I won’t entirely register it after a while of playing for 300 hours.

    On the other hand, those are some lovely looking Androids. And Fallen Angel Flonne riding in on a giant Sabrecat? Yes please.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yup, we are talking about a series whose family line starts with a girl tooting a horn, singing along with magical puppets and dropping pancakes from the sky. Having these two sweethearts show up as part of spells one does not get without some serious grinding is not the end of the world, an insult to anyone nor simply worthless fanservice.

      • Funnily enough that’s the game I’m playing right now. Literally, it’s spinnin’ in my PS3 and I’m like at level 32 with Coronet and enjoying my light-dark twin mage puppets and baby dragon that spontaneously turned into a puppet.

        But yeah, pretty much. It’s nothing to really get into a knot over– something tells me it’s all part of an extended partnership deal between the company(ies) that have these characters and NIS anyway, so I’m not going to really complain about NIS getting more outside support.

  • dusk

    At least this is better than including fan-service features like spanking criminal girls as punishment… (Looks up and see related articles: “Disgaea 4’s Prisoner Punishment Sysem Outlined”)

    Oh, c**p.

    • Testsubject909

      Did you know there’s an ero manga of it already, drawn up by the same artist who drew the art for Criminal Girls?

    • Exkaiser

      Oh, you don’t have to use that on girls, though.

      Imagine, for example, getting to spank Wood Golems or tie up Lanterns. Oh so sexy.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Hmm, I suppose the fact that Flonne is DLC/pre-order means she doesn’t join in the main storyline after all?

    EDIT: I assumed so because she and Etna happened to be on the cover.

    • Actually I think Flonne will be joining the storyline– just in her Angel form, since that’s what is shown on the cover.

      The DLC, on the other hand, is Fallen Angel Flonne, and thus an entirely different thing.

    • Draparde

      along with what Linka said, there is also the possibility that preordering it simply gets you flonne earlier, rather than having to get to post game to do so.

  • glemtvapen

    Since Flonne is a DLC character, this raises suspect on the real identity of “Evangelion Flonne” from the OP. A parallel universe version or just Flonne’s long lost sister (or mother if you’re into that)?

    • I think namely it’s just “this is Flonne (in the game). She is a normal angel.” As shown on the game’s cover, anyway. This one will possibly have impact on the game in general, be it normal story mode (which I actually SUSPECT, since there has been promotional artwork of her involved with the other main characters), or have it be post-game material.

      And then there’s DLC Flonne, which is Fallen Angel Flonne– namely to appeal to those who played Disgaea 2 and 3 and got used to her design in there, and will probably have little impact on normal gameplay other than being DLC.

      • glemtvapen

        We assume that it is “Flonne”. Its still not confirmed so believe me that I still have my doubts, even contrary to the promo art evidence.

        Now if we do suddenly have to Flonnes running around, I will demand two Zettas running around also; both book and Maoh versions since NIS just literally broke the parallel space-time continuum. And maybe Maohshin Rosaly also…

        • Exkaiser

          I -would- like to get to use Zetta in his demon lord form for once… I mean, we’ve gotten Gig of all people, and outside of being stuck in a sword.

          • I think it is Flonne at this point– the design, style, and really, even just the basic cover art, really point to the idea that a normal Angel Flonne is going to pop up. It isn’t like NIS’s weird continuum hasn’t suggested that Flonne was going to try to return to being an angel anyway, and this is the same game we’re also getting Axel in as a main character again, so weirder has already happened.

            For the record I totally want Gig again– I loved his DLC with Revya in Disgaea 3. Completely leveled him to 9999.

          • Exkaiser

            I was a bit disappointed that the Gig DLC for Disgaea 2 Portable never made it over.

            But at least we got Ash.

          • Draparde

            I loved that DLC as well :O though i wish Layna was one too >< she was my favorite character in soulnomad lol.

  • Testsubject909

    This news in no way changes my previous commentaries about this game, which goes as follow:

    Day 1.

  • Omg why Index?! Misaka is 10 times better

    • MizuMikomi

      I agree with you about Misaka being ten times better, but for this spell I think Index fits perfectly.

      However, if they add an indignation-ish spell, they better use Misaka for it.

      • But index shouldnt do omega heal, she should do like, omega bite xD

        Misaka would be, Ultimate RAILGUN!! WOAAAAHHHHHH

  • Somehow looking at the new android units and their formation in that screenshot makes me think that they’re going to dance to lady gaga’s bad romance song.

  • Android cool, and that looks like a easy stage to level on (well unless they have the geo effects turned off on it).

    So I guess they arent going to the Peta levels again if they are giving the cameos at the Omega levels?

  • The art style may be different, yet it still fits within the Disgaea-verse. I’m not pooses to this. NIS games have references to lots of things to do with Japanese culture so really seeing anime releated – even cameos – isn’t like they are getting desperate.

    I wish Laharl was the “guest” from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. Nothing wrong with Flonne (her way of sneaking like a ninja is awesome) but Larharl was awesome.

    Unless Laharl is already in the game >_<

    • malek86

      Sure, but why a different art style?

      Imagine seeing Index drawn in Disgaea style. It would definitely feel less weird, and she would still be recognizable by the fanbase. It would also be pretty cool.

      • Some of the in-game art for Disgaea isn’t even drawn in the “Disgaea” art style, so what does it matter? Honestly if it’s just the fact that they are “fan service” I can’t help, but think you are being way too nit-picky.

    • skyblaze

      You can see his legs on top of the traditional “Roll Call” promo picture thats usually used as the Japanese Disgaea box art, so I’m pretty sure he’s in it. Crap, i have to find that pic again…

  • Locklear93


    Dammit. I was totally opposed to the anime cameos before. Then they threw in Holo. Suddenly I find myself totally willing to tolerate the Bikkuriman cameo for the sake of Holo. >_< (Spice & Wolf vol. 3 light novel just got its US release yesterday, and is in my bag right now.)

    • Damnit, I had no interest in this game! Now I have to buy it!!!
      <3 Holo

      I have Spice and Wolf vol. 3 novel on my desk right now :)

    • T.T aaah i just bought #2 and came back to my country… lucky friday u.u

  • Pichi

    I still would prefer cameos from other NIS games. I feel like these are out of place, even if I like some of the cameo characters.

    • A game that typically parodies anime and makes endless references to is out of place when cameo’s pop up? I think you are playing the wrong game.

      • Pichi

        Just seems odd. It would be nice to for example, for the many NIS characters to dress up as these cameos instead or use “attacks” if the anime had them. Like Etna suddenly doing a Kamehameha DBZ thing on Godzilla-Super Sayian like Flonne costume would be the better approach.

        Kind of like The Simpsons Game. They had pokemon like parody thing without having to bring the actual pokemon.

        • They already DO THAT. For example, The Main character from Disgaea 3 had the same attack from the main character in an anime called G Gundam.

          Except the Simpsons isn’t based on parodying and imitating anime like Disgaea is, you twit.

          • Pichi

            That’s what I want than just cameo for the sake of being there. Disgaea characters would make things funnier and have more meaning and standing on their own. Not to mention more memorable when they act things out.

            I’ll have to flip that saying right back to you about The Simpsons Game. They imitate alot more things and even some anime tropes, and done very well with how I’m talking about. Santa’s Little Helper dressed like Okami, and the whole anime level they had is all about parodying and imitation anime. Exactly how we’re talking about.

      • SolidusSnake

        I disagree. Parody and cameos are definitely not the same. The prism rangers were funny, but a power rangers cameo would not have been funny.

        • power rangers = Sentai Heroes = Prism Rangers, Stop talking to me. Just don’t ever respond to me ever again. You are officially too stupid to converse with me.

          • SolidusSnake

            Why so butthurt? No, they’re not the same, one is a real show and one is a parody, although I suppose such a subtle difference is beyond your tiny intellect.

  • Exkaiser

    Huh, the selected android is named Setsuna… Not sure why I thought of Setsuna F. Seiei when I saw it.

    I’m at least somewhat certain that he’s not a gynoid.

  • goronyan

    oh god, lovely Horo and her deadly apples

  • krokounleashed

    Now this game is a must-have for me. Time to buy a Ps3 then.

  • holyPaladin

    To Aru Collaboration no Index :)

  • xNekux

    isn’t NIS close to bankrupcy right now?
    They need those cameos to get more sales

  • OhNuu

    The android class reminds me of Kos-Mos :o

  • Daitrombe

    I guess they are making good use of the Dengeki license they got for ZHP, I approve.

  • bahhh i hate Index!! but im ok with spice and wolf

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