Dame Ravness Speaks In These English Screens Of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

By Spencer . December 9, 2010 . 3:01pm


Denam probably isn’t the only one with that question. Ravness Loxaerion is a new character made for the PSP version of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together. Under the service of Duke Ronwey, Ravness is a knight from Walister. She’s well respected and often said to have a stubborn sense of justice.


These new English screenshots show how Dame Ravness and Denam meet.


4381Ravness_3 4382Ravness_4 4387What_s_New_1-34391What_s_New_4-2 4383Shop 4384SS_0230 4385Vyce_1 4379Denam_2 4386What_s_New_1-2 4388What_s_New_2-4 4389What_s_New_3-4 4390What_s_New_3-5 4392World_Map 4377Catiua_1 4378Catiua_2

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  • I realize this is incredibly petty, but why is everything in caps?! I’m going to feel like the game is yelling at me. (T^T)

    • Aiddon

      probably due to screen size. SE doesn’t want people to go blind over smaller text, now do they?

      • Shadow_Raskolnik

        Of course not, remember all the complaints that people had about the size of the text for the two Star Ocean games.

        • SneakyHawk

          For some reason…it’s giving me a comic book feel.

    • I think someone left the Caps Lock button OOOoonnn =o!

    • Not only all-caps, but that font bears a nauseating resemblance to Comic Sans MS. My word.

      …This must be someone’s idea of a joke.

      • Feynman

        No kidding. What did we do to deserve this?

        • Fail to buy enough of the original Tactics Ogre that there are seven sequels by now.

      • That is literally nothing like Comic Sans at all. It does have more of a hand drawn look but that goes along just fine with the aesthetic choice employed by the speech bubbles.

        • Exkaiser

          Yeah, it has a very comic book feel. Reminds me of Vagrant Story’s speech bubbles.

        • Claiming it’s “literally nothing like Comic Sans at all” is just a flat out falsehood. Here, have a minute of my time in Photoshop:


          Is it the same? No. Is it a lot closer than any other font used in these screenshots? Undeniably.

          The font’s levity clashes pretty dramatically with the style of the character portraits and the gravitas of the dialogue. It sticks out next to every other font used in the game. (Not that there’s much cohesion in that regard, which is also pretty bad.) The fact that the text is in all-caps—not even small caps—is not only in poor form, but lowers readability.

          Frankly, I’ll even have to disagree with you about it working with the bubbles. Given their hard edges and mostly-straight lines, a less rounded typeface would seem more appropriate.

          …Well, I hope more people see it your way rather than mine. I just expected better from a large, well-established localizer like S-E.

    • Because in times of war, you need to shout. Heh and since I like Comic Sans font, I can deal with the dialouge :D

      I’m loving the art used in the portraits :D

  • sdragon21

    I’ve gotta get my PSP repaired before this comes out….

    • Likewise! I think- I hope -that it just needs a new battery.

  • Aiddon

    Ravness, TO’s answer to Agrias Oaks. And I’m not the only one in the fandom who’s made that comparison. Looks like she ain’t to happy about THAT mission

    Also, Cerya Fournier (the eldest of the sisters) has made her appearance.

  • …Is that the Vagrant Story font?

    • cj_iwakura

      Yes. Yes it is.

  • Pichi

    This will take some getting used to. Story scenes are in all caps, but everything else isn’t? Strange, but I can get used to it. Wasn’t expecting that.

  • Exkaiser

    It’s looking very good. Pretty excited for it.

  • Fonic

    Looking forward to this. I loved the PSX version way back when.
    Although the all caps thing is a little distracting…

  • cj_iwakura

    Oh god yes, Vagrant Story font.

    • AND YOU ARE…?

      • cj_iwakura

        The reinforcements.

        • AND BY WICH KING’S ORDAR YOU MOVE YOUR FORCES, SOLDIER? (you gotta talk in caps D:, keep the magic alive)

  • PrinceHeir

    good to see their remaking this game :)

  • Guest

    OH NOES! NOT CAP LOCKS! Cap locks like in….several other games released in this damn generation, games where nobody else bitched about said caps. BUT HERE? HOW COULD THEY! NOT HERE!

    Jesus fucking christ…

  • Honestly, I don’t have much of an issue with the font.

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