We’re Doing An Interview With SNK, Any Questions For Them?

By Spencer . December 9, 2010 . 12:35pm

imageThis week, SNK announced NeoGeo games are coming to PlayStation 3 and PSP. NeoGeo Station ROMs have been upgraded with online play on PS3 and ad-hoc battles if you get the PSP version.


While our interview is going to be about their plans for NeoGeo Station, we might be able to squeeze in a few questions about other SNK topics.


So, if you have a question about NeoGeo Station or something else SNK related post it in the comments. As usual, no promises, but we’ll do our best to come back with answers.

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  • urbanscholar

    Will Mark of the Wolves be apart of this in the near future for PSN?

  • Guest

    “Do you have any plans to localize some of your DS games? Preferably Days of Memories and Kimino Yusha.”

    • I like this one, I want to play Kimino Yuusha! :D

      But I also wonder about potential 3DS support (it will probably happen, but I hope it’ll be something more like their HD support). And if we’ve seen the last from them on Wii minus the VC. Shame they just can’t pull a Sonic 4 and just downport their newer KOF games.

      If Sega can downscale an HD-native 2D game down, why can’t SNK? Probably not worth it. :( How about an up port of KOFXI on Wii or a down(?) port for 3DS? The former’s obviously easier, but will it pay off? That’s the question.

    • I think it may be too late for those given the 3DS is just around the corner…

  • a NEW 2D or 2.5D Samurai Shodown or Last Blade?
    home release for KOF XIII?

  • “Will The Last Blade be one of your planned re-releases on NeoGeo station?”

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    OMG YES! SNK!?! Sweet I’m gonna load you with questions:

    1.) Are there any plans to bring later, lesser released titles, like Last Blade 1-2, Garou: MotW, Metal Slug 3, Waku Waku 7, and Striker 1945 to this platform anytime soon or in the future? If so, will they be more expensive?

    2.) King of Fighters XIII. Is it coming to consoles 2011? Can we expect some surprises (extra characters, more modes, etc.)? Any word on localization?

    3.) Is SNK working any major new games, fighting or otherwise, that involve tearjerking high res sprite art besides King of Fighters? Or non loli-witch titles?

    4.) How is King of Fighters XIII performing so far (arcades) in regards to SNK’s expectations? Might there be more King of Fighters games with new stories in the future?

    5.) Not a question but… 2D WILL NEVER DIE!! 100 MEGA SHOCK <3

    • Apollokids

      Last time i bought BlazBlue Calamity trigger over King of Fighters 12. This time, my money is going to SNKPlaymore and King of fighters 13.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I didn’t buy BlazBlue (the character designs didn’t float my boat and I rarely play GGX now) but there was no way I was going to buy KoF XII. I’m just waiting on SNK so I can fork over my cash any time now…

        • Apollokids

          This latest iteration of king of fighters is definitely the best choice to make for the next year. It is polished and stylish and the systems work well with the 3 on 3 matches. The upcoming 3d fighters do not sit right with me. I hope you decide to get it- whenever it is released. Mai is back by the way. Here is a good match. You see an impressive Yuri and a great Shen.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I know. ^_^
            I’ve been following KoF XIII closely since it’s inception. It’s been a long wait. Hence “waiting on SNK… any time now”. What I meant was XII was so broken as a console release I was supremely let down. SNK seemed much more invested in XIII, as they only released XII (a beta of XIII) to get more funding and respect certain business agreements.

            My favorite fight from that tournament was probably the Romance vs Mr. Kof match. Crazy stuff. Check out this this set of Japanese matches, their play style is so different from the American players:

            EDIT: 3D fighters these days don’t sit right with me either. The last time I touched a 3D fighter was Tekken 5 and I’ve quit years ago.

          • God, that gave me eye-gasm. The animation is ridiculously smooth! If only Arc Sys was able to do something this smooth… I see that the overall presentation is better compared to XII, and the pacing is ridiculously fast @[email protected]

            But why did they moe-fy Yuri like they did with Athena? Yuri looks like a bobble head

          • Apollokids

            Hahah i love Yuri and i like her voice too. Just something that draws me to her. Also, i think youtube videos only go up to 30fps so the actual game is much smoother than that. Maybe check out some videos of KoF12 on gametrailers and you will have a better idea. Yeah i dont know what they were thinking with Athena. A schoolgirl outfit isn’t the best choice; she reminds me of a Valkyrie more than a kid. Are you planning to get this game when its released on the ps3?

          • I think I will, since I’ve left KoF for quite some time and jumped on the Guilty Gear ship and would like to play KoF again. However, I will be really crap, since I need to relearn everyone. I’m still engrossed in BBCS and having daily matches of SSFIV with my housemate :P

    • PrinceHeir

      yes all of them.

      ohh and please port 2002 Unlimited match and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

    • Oh hell yes, Last Blade 1 & 2! SNK, this is my cash, here, on the table, please take it. Just port these two titles, preferably to PSP or PS3 (hi-res? plz?).

  • OMorty

    I’m pretty sure many of us are wondering this:

    Are there any plans to bring games like Neo Geo Battle Colosseum and The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match over to the PS3, online play and all?

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    WHERE are The Last Blade 3 (aka Ruroken, the badass fighter) and Garou 2 (aka the best looking 2D game ever)? You have the technology now, yes? We’re waiting =P

  • Twinkle Star Sprites. When.

  • Trisagion

    Any chances of bringing the Sengoku series to PSN?

  • L6000and1

    Will you bring Trouble Witch Neo over to the US and also why are you not releasing it to the PSN as well? Please do this!

  • (22:39:10) (@arit) When will we see faithful hng64 ports/emulation?

  • Just one thing, When is KOF XIII coming to consoles, IF its coming at all.

  • krokounleashed

    When will we see KOFXIII console, and when a new Metal Slug with HD2D? And yeah Last Blade 3.

  • sdragon21

    2 questions:
    1. Do you still plan on releasing KOF XIII in Q1 of 2011??
    2. Does SNK have plans to make a Fatal Fury 4??

  • Will you ever consider bringing NGBC or 2002 UM tp the PSN?

  • Will you ever bring Metal Slug XX, KoF 02UM or NGBC to the PSN?

  • xxx128

    Oh yes. Last blade 3, any info welcome. There was said to be development for this game years ago. So what happened to it?

  • cmurph666

    Actually, more of a couple of demands than a questions really, I’ve been waiting years to play Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Tell them I need it on my PS3, please!!

    Also, KOF13 better not be as unfinished and lame as 12 was or I’d outta… *shakes fist*

  • RPGRocker

    Will you ever make another RPG? A lot of people may not know, but Crystalis for the NES was years ahead of its time and remains a milestone of the genre. I find it funny that a company renowned for its fighting games and beat ’em ups took one dabble at an RPG and created a masterpiece.

  • thaKingRocka

    1. Why do they insist on forcing filters and wallpapers on XBLA consumers when it would be easier to not even have them at all? Why aren’t we given the option to remove them? And if they make some stupid comment about MS requiring them to fill the screen, you can remind them that other developers work around this with an opacity setting. If you’re going to put up a wallpaper that cannot be removed, at least make it dark like in SotN.

    2. How about a little Pulstar, please?

  • Trophy support for the NeoGeo Station titles on PS3?

  • AaqibRawat

    At 4 am i was watching a video of kof xiii Neomaxes……
    Please for me and and i think all of the Neo empire staff and crew {a massive 2d beat em up website}

    Could you ask them when KOF XIII is going to come out on the consoles? please pretty Please ?

    And are they going to make a sequel to Garou mark of the wolves? {please ask !}

    thank you this is like a dream come true !

    Also please say thank you so much to snk as they are just the pioneers of hardcore gaming and i will support them buy buying all of there games.
    and thank you for just being amazing!

  • 1. You have released so many classic SNK games to Xbox Live, but not the PS3?

    2. What was your next agenda “after” you released the arcade version of KoF XIII?

    3. Do you still have issues with the public concerning the stereotypes of the KoFXIII stages?

    4. Is there online multiplayer to the console version ofKoF XIII? If so, will it be better this time?

  • 1) Will we see the more recent SNK games on the Neo Geo Station?

    2) Are you going to bring KOF XIII to PS3? Any extras you’ll be putting in?

    3) Do you think it was a mistake to release KOF XII in the state it released in, especially considering the competition from SFIV and BlazBlue at the time?

  • countupyoursins

    1. Are you ready, guys?

    2. Are you okay?

    Sorry I couldn’t get serious. I’ve been trying to take it easy.

  • d19xx

    – Modern or direct port of Samurai Showdown RPG

  • codedSOUL

    Do you plan on re-releasing any of the SNK vs. games?

  • videoman190

    Any chance that the games that was available in xbla be available in PSN?

    Are you guys taking request for games that can be on NeoGeo Station in the future? If you are here are the games I want to see!

    King of Fighters 98′
    King of Fighters 2002′
    Real Bout Fatal Fury special
    Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
    Sengoku 3
    Blue’s adventure
    Samurai Showdown V

    Is there a chance the KOF Maximum Impact series will comeback from cancellation?

    Since KOFXIII is confirmed for console are you going to add extra characters or stages also will it have a better netcode and new features?

  • cj_iwakura

    Trouble Witches on PS3. Now!


  • Souji Tendou

    Just to add like a broken record:

    When will we see KoF XIII on Console, SNK?

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      This record needs to be broken or SNK won’t hear it.

  • neo_firenze

    Why do they insist on porting the same early games that have been ported over and over and over again, at an inflated price? As an SNK fan, it’s insulting to see Fatal Fury 1 yet again, in the $10 range.

    Some of the later Neo geo titles, or some more obscure games, would be VERY welcome and haven’t already seen ports on numerous systems in the US and Japan (PS2/PSP collections, XBLA releases, Wii Virtual Console releases, etc). Everyone who wants to play Fatal Fury Special or Samurai Shodown 1 has had many opportunities to do so, and can go out and pick up a compilation including those games and several more for the price of one or two of these less desirable constantly re-released titles.

    How about some more obscure stuff – there’s so much to choose from that they’re ignoring. Cyber Lip, Sengoku 2, Kizuna Encounter, Ninja Masters, Ninja Commando, Matrimelee, Windjammers, Twinkle Star Sprites, Blazing Star, SvC, Shock Troopers, etc. Or release NEWER games in the big series instead of the same stale “classics” – Samurai Shodown IV is a lot more compelling than SS1 AGAIN, Real Bout 2 or Garou are a heck of a lot more attention grabbing than yet another FF1 or FF Special port. There’s so much interesting and high quality stuff in the Neo Geo catalog that they’re totally neglecting, and instead we get ports of the same old handful of outdated games on every new system since the 90s.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Shock Troopers 1 & 2? Blazing Star? Ninja Masters? Aww yeaaah.

      • Apollokids

        Hey whats going on. Just wanted to update you on some info i’ve been able to dig up regarding the king of fighters 13. check out this page.


        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Thanks for the tidbit.

          So the UK will get a XIII cabinet until 2/6/11 when it goes back to France? Or did I misread that? And there is speculation that console release will be in the summer?

    • Ninja Masters would be cool. I only played it in emulators because the game and console were virtually unavailable here in Poland and buing them from abroad was prohibitely expensive. I would liek to pay SNK for that game, though.

    • Here’s my list – Blazing Star, Breakers Revenge, Far East of Eden: Kabuki Klash, Garou: Mark of the Wolves, The Last Blade series, Neo Geo Cup ’98: The Road to the Victory, Ninja Master’s, Pulstar, Sengoku 3, Shock Troopers , Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad, SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos, Super Sidekicks series, Super Dodge Ball, Twinkle Star Sprites and Waku Waku 7.

    • Well you understand that if they give you Garou today it will be hard for them to market Fatal Fury 1 to you tomorrow.

      This way they give you Fatal Fury 1 today, and most of us will breakdown and buy it and tomorrow Garou which will sell a lot too.
      Win win situation is win.

  • Guest

    Why no Mark of the Wolves on psn?

    Why no Last Blade 1 and 2 as downloadable games?

    Why you keep dragging down the mud the King of Fighters franchise?

  • Hours

    Questions for SNK eh? Alright…

    1. Will Kizuna Encounter & Savage Reign be included in the NeoGeo Station releases?

    2. Are we going to get The King of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match and NeoGeo Battle Coliseum for the Playstation Network in North America?

    3. Will there be additional characters added to the console port of The King of Fighters XIII? (If so, I’d like to suggest Smart Chang and Max Eagle.)

    4. Are you guys planning on making another 2D Samurai Shodown game in the near future? Perhaps in the KoF XIII style?

  • Zefiro Torna

    What in the world happened to SNK Arcade Classics Vol 0?

  • Since they botched the Playstation 2 re-releases in the United States, can they PLEASE do a disc release on consoles this generation? Ask how that fits into their digital rereleases. Can they suceed digital downloads with a disc (of, say, the The Last Blade 1 And 2 Playstation 2 release) release?

  • Daryl Francis

    They have so many awesome games…When are they gonna remake some of them?

    Any plans for a metal slug 3d..?

    How about SNK vs. Capcom 3?

    Samurai showdown games seems to be sort of broken these days than in the 90’s…any plans for a reboot?

    • There is a 3d Metal Slug already, CvS3 was already said to in the cards by Capcom, but not for a long time(they’re already working on 5 other fighting related things), and after SEN, I think they’re trying to get their stuff together first…

      • Capcom never said they were working on a Capcom vs. SNK 3. That’s all speculation by fans.

  • When will KOF XIII be released for consoles (no estimated Q1 2011 crap, the EXACT date), will it have extra characters and new modes like survival or color edit? Will the online kick ass?

    Will the XBLA games ever be released on PSN?

    When will you stop porting KOF 94 and FF1? Just give us Garou and KOF 2002.

  • Tatsu

    We’ve seen SNK revive most of their NeoGeo games, which is good. But at this point I’m actually more interested in the work they’ve done prior to that, and I wonder if they have any plans to revisit obscure IP with a collection or some such thing.

    I have fond memories of their arcade game Munch Mobile (circa 1983) which was ported to the TI-99 home computer. I’m sure there are other old games as well that would be fascinating if packaged right. Have they ever considered doing anything with these titles?

  • What happened to SNK publishing boxed games in the US? Wasn’t Samurai Shodown Anthology the most recent one?

  • raymk

    Most important question about kof XIII ask them about how good the netcode will be because it hasn’t really been good in past games. Tell them a lot of people are turned off by bad online (not me though as i travel to tourney’s anyway) and this game needs it its a must.

  • Guest

    1.KoF XIII for PS3? Please redesign Athena back to Shinkiro level of awesomeness and get rid of her big head Moe design please thanks
    2. KoF 2002 Unlimited Match & Mark of the Wolves for PS3?
    3. A KoF RPG (what ever happened to KoF Online? Just make it an online/offline MP co-p beat em up (and get rid of those weird monster enemies) and a translated port and sequel to Samurai Spirits RPG

    4.Is Falcoon dead and buried and never coming back? Please make sure

  • SupaPhly

    metal slug with 2d hd graphics where!?

  • 1 – Any plans to put SNK games into the Neo Geo Station that were released on only the Arcade or other systems after the Neo Geo ceased to be

    2 – Any chance of Samurai Shodown RPG being released on PSN, XBLA or Virtual Console?

  • z_merquise

    Man, I hope I’m not yet late for this since I really wanted to ask a question directly to SNK-Playmore for a long time.

    Anyway, since lots of people here already ask for HD-2D Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug, I’ll ask this instead:

    “Would we expect SNK-Playmore to be directly active and open to the fan community?”

    I ask this because I really believe being open to their fans would really help them a lot. With this kind of practice, they can communicate with the fans, listen to their requests, ask for feedbacks and quickly address concerns and issues with their products. I think this would also be the best way for them to prevent their past mistakes, and I gotta say, there are lots of them. From game-breaking bugs, questionable delays, lackluster online experience, lazy or just plain awful ports (Samurai Shodown 6 for the PSP comes in mind) and unprofessional translation so bad that’s its somewhat insulting.

    SNk-Playmore may not be Capcom, Square-Enix, Konami or Namco when it comes from resources but one thing is for sure, they have a huge fan base. They should know that many love SNK, the Neo-Geo, their games and their characters. Japan is not their only target audience anymore, they should be open to anyone. We love them because they still have the artistic talent and dedication for 2D gaming. I don’t want them to end up becoming close-minded, traditional and conservative business-people.

    Okay, maybe I went too far with this comment but Siliconera finally gave us fans a chance to ask and communicate to them I really wanted to say this to them for a long damn time. I’m looking forward to read their interview and what I ask for SNK-Playmore is to give us straight and honest answers not some “safe-Public Relations-marketing-bullcrap” answers. There, I finally say what I wanted to say.

  • Any chance of some XBLA love with these Station Rom? Maybe throw them on Game Room or something?

    Would like to see more shooters, less fighters – Pulstar, Twinkle Star Sprites, Last Resort, Blazing Star, etc.

  • Launch KOF2002UM or KOF98UM on the PSN please!!!

  • Does SNKP have any job openings in their creative department? I been a fan for years and would to have an opportunity to inject some new ideas or directions for them to consider.

  • MikelAL93

    Here are some questions I always wanted to ask SNK about KOF XIII:

    #1). In the console version of KOF XIII, have you considered getting assistance from Arc System Works for the online play and the Story mode?

    #2). Have you guys consider talking to Aksys Games about localizing the game? I have requested the game to Aksys, and from what I was told, they said they will look into the game.

    #3). Will the game have a brand new voice cast? I mean I like the KOF XII actors, but I want to go for something new, maybe hire highly known voice actors, since the game is story based, maybe you should hire Bang Zoom! Entertainment or NYAV Post for the dubbing of KOF XIII.

    #4). Will you use gamesyncs (Like KOF XII did) for the netcode this time? or will the netcode be self-written?

    #5). Although not a question, it is in relation to my third question, I have a list of voice actors I would like to see in KOF XIII, if you like to see it, let me know. A lot of fellow SNK fans and such have praised my list, and they always wanted to see these actors in the KOF games.

    #6). Lastly, will KOF XIII have anime cutscenes in story mode and an anime opening for the console version? if so, will J.C. Staff do the animation or will another company will, if it sadly isn’t J.C. Staff, then maybe you should hire Satelight.

  • Oooooohhh an SNK Q&A!

    1. Do we have an exact date for King of Fighters XIII on consoles? Will it be the Tokiten(sp?) version (the one normally used on TGS tourneys)?

    2. Are there plans to release King of Fighters ’98 UM, King of Fighters 2002 UM, Neo-Geo Battle Colisseum and Samurai Shodown Tenkaichi on the PSN?

    3. Any reason the above titles were distributed over Xbox Live Arcade first?

    4. Any plans to release KOF Sky Stage and add additional characters on it for PSN?

    5. Any plans to release a new KOF collection from the Ash saga?

    6. On topic of collection packs, how about one for Matrimelee? Garou? Last Blade? Maximum Impact?

    7. Whatever happened to RAGE OF THE DRAGONS?

    8. Will the classic NEO-GEO station titles have trophy support?

    9. KOF94 on NEO-GEO station the original version and not the Re-Bout version?

    10. What’s in line for the Card Fighters series?

  • Wow, lots of questions – thank you everyone! I’ll do my best to comeback with answers, but the interview probably won’t go down like this:

    Are you going to bring [Game X] out?

    How about [Game Y]?

    [Game Z]?


    I’ll try to incorporate them into groups and of course ask about KOF XIII for consoles.

    • Apollokids

      Ask them how long we will have to wait until Neo Geo games that have been released between the years 2003-2005 will become available to us, because it is blatantly apparent that only titles from ’94 have been included in this first batch of releases. A great Christmas present you can give us would be a release date for KoF13. Ask them how important the success of KoF13 is to the continuation of the series; following the under-performance in all aspects, save for the gameplay, of KoF12. Ask them about the possibility of expanding KoF13 roster through DLC. Suggest the idea of bringing characters from other SNK fighters into KoF13 as DLC (Iroha- Samurai Shodown 6). Ask them what the response has been from the Japanese public in regards to KoF13. Will the console release of KoF13 be a newer revision than that of the arcades? What new modes and options will be available and how will they increase KoF13’s longevity for the single-player portion of the game. Please do not expend too much time on past titles. New information on newer games is what we, the mob, want. It doesn’t have to be hard Q & A but maybe a simple discussion. In the latter case, couldn’t you take those 10 seconds and lump all the games together in one question and get an answer. Example: What are your plans for the release of games X,Y,Z in the future?

    • wharcraff

      Also ask if Their subsequent installments in the franchise will return to Tag System(Switching in team member during battle) or are they looking at something different to what they have now?

    • Well, I think a big thing to ask, since it seems to come up in almost every other post is, will the XBLA games one day be released as PSN games? That’s pretty much summing up half of the questions here (including some of mine).

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Probably asked already, but how about
    1) Garou: Mark of the Wolves as PS3 release
    2) King of Fighter XIII console localization plans?
    3) Capcom vs SNK for PS3 and 360?

  • Just ask them about the netcode. It must be good. No exceptions. Bring on Oswald or Whip.

  • for kof xiii, the only question that I had is if the game will be balanced, the rest of things, I don’t care because I know that they will add some extra stuff that I would like

    An as a SNK Fan, Will SNK some day port the Hyper Neo Geo 64 games?

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    Possibility of Capcom vs SNK 3 plox?

  • Will they release Crystalis on the Wii virtual console

  • With the recent change in management, are there plans to revert the decision of discontinuing the KoF Maximum Impact series? While not a personal favorite compared to classics like Art of Fighting or Fatal Fury, it’s still a good way to use the setting from those games while trying different things in the fighting genre which may be too different for those who play main series KoF more competitively and prefer it to remain using sprites.
    I figure the MI games were a good way to reach newer audiences who’d disregard a 2D game, and thing like the mini gmes and alternate outfits that references other SNK series were a very good use of that engine for fans.

    Any plans for any other experiments with the KoF/South Town setting in other genres?
    Odd as it was, I liked Sky stage as a change of pace (and something less execution-heavy, or at least demanding in a different way) while still being fairly true to the characters and high points of the KoF story.
    I can’t help but think a SRPG based on the setting might work well, considering the sheer amount of characters available, the predisposition for groups shown in KoF and things like some striker actions in KoF 99-2001 like healing or holding moves, or stats and abilities from the Card Fighters clash games.

  • I want KOF 98 UM, KOF 2002 UM, Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, and Garou MOTW on PSN. That will be nice if SNKP adding HD in that games. Capcom did made their own games like MVC2 and SSF2T HD Remix on XBLA and PSN. I will be happy to buy those games on PSN regardless of price. I also will looking forward to buy older games too.

  • The game is obviously coming out on consoles (I remember reading something about it being released in Spring 2011, but I’m not sure if that was official or not), I’m more interested in how they’re gonna handle the online. The online for KOF 2002: UM for xbla was less then spectacular, in my opinion*…at the risk of starting a shitstorm by saying this, is it not possible for them to use GGPO?

    Also, I’d also like to see titles like Garou: MotW and Last Blade 2 on PSN.

    Finally, what’s the future for the Samurai Shodown series?

    *edit: scratch that, the KOF 2002: UM XLBA wasn’t just ‘less than spectacular’, it was downright horrible. Which was wierd, ‘cos Neo Geo Battle Colosseum wasn’t too bad…

    • Sorry to break the bad news, but you’re a little too late. SNK has the questions already.

      • Apollokids

        I’m sorry but when you said you were doing an interview, i had thought you would meet them in a room and talk face to face. But what you have just written makes me think that you sent them a list of questions and are waiting for a reply.

        • Sometimes when we do this its face to face, or over the phone, other times it’s not. This time it isn’t.

          In either case, we thought it would be nice to let readers direct the questions.

      • ah, ok. Thanks for telling me :) I’m usually just left hanging on other sites…

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