Extended Deus Ex: Human Revolution Trailer Is Out Of This World

By Spencer . December 10, 2010 . 2:08pm

We meant that literally because there’s a scene with Adam Jensen decked out in what appears to be a spacesuit and a rocket launching.


If you’ve been following Deus Ex: Human Revolution closely most of this trailer should be familiar. Around the three minute mark new scenes of Adam fighting and other augmented humans cloaking start playing.



Transhumanism… cubed?


For more on Deus Ex: Human Revolution check out these interviews with the development team on the game’s story, third person camera, and gameplay design. We may have one more Deus Ex: Human Revolution surprise too…

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  • Wow, this game has just shot up on my list of must buy titles! The story and world seems so awesome in this! They should make a movie too! I would surely see it!!!! ZOMG!!!! So Crisp, so gorgeous, so action packed, so amazing!

    • Eddie

      I completely agree man. I have never played a Deus Ex game in my life, but when I saw this my jaw dropped. I haven’t been this wowed by a trailer since that 15 minute metal gear solid 4 trailer. The video game industry is constantly moving forward at a fast pace and this trailer shows it. I should have got my popcorn ready when I watched this! Its like advent children graphics on manufactured nethicite!

  • I dig the Blade Runner feel. Very much so. Hope they don’t f this up.

  • MarkMario

    Looks like a trailer for a movie!

  • papuruka

    That scene where Adam Jensen shot up to space was actually present in an older trailer.

    tl;dr more of the same. But the music is done better this time :)

  • vrakanox

    I played the heck out of the first one back in the day. Honestly I’ve mostly been playing Eastern made games these days but this just looks awesome to me. Day 1.

    • Guest

      I dont want to play the first one but I do want to play Square-Enix’s Heavy Metal Thunder. And this.

  • Notice how it includes “Kinect” in the credits at the end? The ONLY games to do that are Kinect enabled. This might add an interesting element for players of this on the 360 with Kinect.

  • hush404

    Hot damn that was awesome :D

  • zhemos

    Looks amazing, but a CGI trailer can make any game look amazing. I’ll reserve judgment until I have the game in my hands. But I will say I am a little hyped.

    • When has Square Enix ever put their name on a western project that was not quality. Their name means quality and I anticipate this will carry embody the level of quality that fans have to expect from titles with Square Enix name on it. We will not be disappointed.

      • Scrooge_McDuck

        Well, Front Mission Evolved is mediocre at best.

      • zhemos

        You know I can’t really tell If you’re trolling or being serious sometimes. No real comment on square and quality titles, just a lol. I will say nothing more.

  • PrinceHeir

    aww man that was a nice CG trailer :D

    cannot wait for this :)

  • tubers

    Sweet :) Now I want more Transhumanism stuff! [h+]3 huh.. wonder what the 3 is for.

  • Would love to see this expanded to a 2 hour film (trying to tell a Deus Ex story in less time would do in injustice in my opinion). That would be a brilliant bonus for completeing the game or would make for an ideal cheap DLC :D

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