Hero Prinny Beats Up Bok Choy, Makes Prinny 2 Look Easy

By Spencer . December 10, 2010 . 5:18pm

NIS America sent out a few videos of Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! with English voice acting. Did you see the clip with Flonne and Etna posted above? It sounds like both characters have new voice actresses.


These other two videos show Hero Prinny pummeling Bok Choy, one of the game’s bosses. It looks like a breeze, but unless you play it on "baby easy" Prinny 2’s panty retrieving quest is most definitely not.




Update: I stand corrected! Nick says in the comments that the voice actresses are the same.

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  • compared to other bosses that boss looks like cake

    • d19xx

      That’s actually a cake that looks like a boss.

  • Flonne sounds similar, but Etna….will take some getting used too especially after going through the same sequences over and over again in Disgaea Infinite (I cant find the way to get to more than two of the endings, lol)

    • Etna actually sounded different in DI because the actress had a really bad cold, heh.

      • cj_iwakura

        I could still tell it was her. This sounds totally different.

        • Maybe the voices are dependent on this scene, I guess the context may be needed?

  • nyoron

    Well at least their Japanese voices are consistent. I really hope NISA doesn’t cut them again like they did in Prinny 1, that was pretty uncharacteristic.

  • Nooooo, you be crazy! The voice actresses are the same as ever. It’s more apparent when you play the game.

    • !!! Oh Thank goodness !!!

    • Pichi

      That’s good to know. I’ll take your word for it!

    • Oh ok, cool!, i really thought Etna was the same but it made me doubt when she started “whispering”, i imagine it must be audio’s quality, in low tones it sounds different, also with high tones, thats why i though Flonne’s voice was different…

  • NOOO FLONNE!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!! But Etna sounds the same (she doesnt when she speaks with the low tone though) BUT FLONNE WAS MORE OF A KAWAII WAY…
    Anyway im just happy about the fact that she appears in the game.

    • Zeik56

      What are you talking about? Flonne is clearly still voiced by Sandy Fox. She has a very recognizable voice.

      Etna could go either way. It sounds a little different, but it still sounds close enough that it might just be the line.

      • It sounds different, but it may be the audio’s quality (Flonne had a weird tone in her voice)
        Also Etna’s whispering talking sounded weird as well.

        That is what im talking about

      • It “certainly” ain’t recognizable to me, cuz Flonne always sounds like Flonne when played by Sandy Fox. Same goes for Etna. Even if it were the same voice actors, something’s wrong. Horribly wrong.

        • Zeik56

          I honestly don’t even know why people are saying Flonne sounds different. She sounds exactly like she always does.

          • She just does sound different. She never went our of her way to sound different or unemotional, as far as the video is concerned. For her and Etna, it’s as if life was thrown away by a terrible director.

            I’m curious as to “when” the voiceovers were done, because NISA claimed that Michelle was a little sick while playing her role in Disgaea Infinite. It appalls me that any director would have the nerve to get a voice actor to work while still being sick.

          • She sounded pretty awesome in Disgaea Infinite though…maybe it was her call as to whether or not she would feel like voicing if she had a sickness…

  • Ahahaha! I wish to fully complete the first, but it’s just too frikkin’ hard to do so.

    • glemtvapen

      Sheesh, that reminds me that I still need to beat is Etna. I just stopped suddenly a year ago and I’m just unable to get back to the game.

      Rapid button mashing is a murder to the arms. :-(

  • MisterNiwa

    Doing more than 1 damage per hit is ridiculous. >:I

  • evilmoogle

    Voice actress are the same in my ears.

    But it’s obvious that the prinny = Grant George
    And the previous prinny game was Dave Wittenberg.

    And before somebody complain about the prinny voice.
    Grant & dave were both prinnies in other games.

    • Would you happen to know if Lara Jill Miller was also a Prinny? ‘Cause I thought I heard one of them, or two, as her in the last game.

  • cj_iwakura

    Doesn’t sound the same to me at all.

  • cj_iwakura

    Bok Choi is the same, awesome.

  • LastFootnote

    Bok Choy was the easiest boss in the first Prinny game, bar none. He was even easier than the boss of the tutorial stages. It’s only natural that he’d be easy in this game.

    On a related note, his voice acting was my favorite from Prinny 1.

    EDIT: Did anyone else notice that the timer for the boss fight is 8 minutes, rather than the 3 minutes you got in Prinny 1?

    • JustaGenericUser

      Wouldn’t be surprised if so many people complained about the short time in the first game, especially for some of the higher HP/harder to hit bosses, that NIS decided to increase it.

      Either that or it means bosses are going to be even longer now…

    • Would that be part of “Baby Mode”? Or maybe they did increase it…

      I know in the first game, I was trying to the hard way of just mashing the attack button. It wasn’t till about midway through that I realized that could use the Prinny to stomp the boss at certain moments *then* attack :/

      • LastFootnote

        If it were Baby Mode, there would be diapers in the top-left corner instead of scarves, so that can’t be it.

        I believe there’s a boss fight in the game where you have to fight 100 enemies, so they may have increased the time simply to accommodate that one fight. That’s kind of strange, given that in Prinny 1, there were at least a few boss fights where the 3-minute time limit could easily come into play.

  • Code

    rarrr, I’m a little concerned about the caliber of the voice work; but I trust NickyD >ww< so I wanna enjoy every moment of it when I pick it up~!

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