Take A Look At The Next Sakura Wars Game

By Spencer . December 10, 2010 . 4:33pm

stais1OK, it might not be for consoles or handhelds, but there is a new Sakura Wars game coming out for PCs. The browser based Sakura Wars: Taishou Roman Academy is set in the Imperial Academy.


Players will see familiar characters from past Sakura Wars games. Notice anyone familiar below?




This trailer gives us a glimpse of Sakura Wars: Taishou Roman Academy. Don’t worry it still has mechs, but they’re drawn with a cel-shaded style. Sakura Wars: Taishou Roman Academy is slated for a spring 2011 release in Japan.


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  • Kris

    As happy as I am to see a new Sakura Wars, the visuals kinda worry me… I mean, I already had lowered expectations due to the browser game thing, but the whole chibi art direction doesn’t do much for me. Then again, the series is about singing and dancing just as much as it is about robot battles, so who knows, maybe it’ll work.

    • Yeah i know what you mean, im happy about this (and maybe it will be easier for us to get this game) but i still dont know how it will work, the battle part will be easy to guess but the part that is also an important part of sakura wars games (like talking to the girls and such) i wonder how will it be? Or i at least hope they take their time and give them a good story as well, not just some generic stuff…

  • nyoron

    Nice to see Erica again!

    And I like how the trailer shows this browser game after all the real games, which makes it seem extra lame by comparison.

    • kactaplb

      extra lame indeed. shame.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Yup, and the European backdrop should have made SW3 US ‘friendly’ enough for release; especially considering it was concurrent to the anime release of the first stories, which would have filled in the background well enough.

      And how the girls of the Flower Brigade react to Ogami’s antics in France is funny.

  • “DO i notice someone from before?” they are the freaking “main female characters” of each games xD.

    it doesnt looks that bad… but still, you know …. D:

  • Guest

    Sigh* I wanted this on a real console.

    • godmars

      Yeah, love to see this done like Mass Effect or RDR, but the sad truth is JP devs don’t have that mindset for gaming. And I really doubt a company like Red has the resources to do something on that level.

      Though who knows, maybe this will run on the PS3’s browser – in which case we still have to hope someone will make a Western version.

      • Guest

        What? Jebus no, i don’t want Sakura Wars made into a “western” game, it doesn’t need to be that at all. It works perfectly fine the way they do it. The last thing i want is having to walk over miles and miles of empty useless “sandbox” terrain, or having to read pages and pages of mindless dialogue from a NPC i don’t care at all.

        • godmars

          Talking about lending elements from those games to make it more like an interactive rather than scripted anime. That is one of the issues with JP games: they “play” like reading a book with only a few changes.

          I don’t want to walk for empty miles, but I would an NPC or two who talks like they’re a person. Who gets me to care about them.

          • Guest

            The dialogues in a SW game do the job, and the girls have well defined personalities. I don’t expect big stories from any game whatsoever to begin with, i’m aware the story in a SW game will always spin it’s way around you, the player, becoming an important role in the plot and vital to defeating the bad guy, etc etc. It does it’s thing and it works quite well.

            I don’t oppose new elements on the franchise, but if you want them so badly to play like certain western games then you just want a different kind of game. Also, western rpgs are as as scriptted as any japanese rpg, quantity of text doesn’t mean quality by default. Not to mention that having a more linear or open game doesn’t make or break the game. Neither one is better than the other, the so called open nature of many western games is just the perfect excuse for many developers to not bother filling a gameplay area with anything worth interacting with.

          • godmars

            Still, if that’s the way you feel, don’t expect to see games like this in this except on the DS, the PSP or an experimental form like this.

  • PrinceHeir

    are the Sakura War games similar to the Super Robot War games?

    • godmars

      More like a date+mech strategy sim.

    • More like Ar Tonelico + Valkyria Chronicles, which is also awesome

      • godmars

        I didn’t notice any real skill building or refinement in SW5. Depending on your responses, other characters got bonuses during a fight which happened at the end of a chapter.

  • i wonder if this will ever make it here cause i want to play

  • You will never get your HD [insert JRPG franchise here]. Stop whining. It will never happen.

    • vadde939

      I don’t want a HD console Sakura Wars game. A PSP or 3DS or Wii game would be a thousand times better than this and wouldn’t cost a fortune to develop like ps3/360 games do.

  • double post

  • meganeshounen

    Persona 3/FES/4…
    Valkyria Chronicles 2…
    And now, this.

    I’m sensing a pattern here.
    What’s next, a grimdark Sakura Taisen? (Hope not.)

  • vadde939

    FAIL. FAIL. FAIL. That trailer is so obviously trying to hype this up as the next main Sakura Wars game then disappoints with this ugly browser-based crap. Not happy at all. :(

  • Xien12


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