Deathsmiles Without Any Extras Is Just $20

By Spencer . December 12, 2010 . 3:05am

imageThere’s a no-frills copy of Deathsmiles inside Aksys’ online store and it’s on sale for just $19.99. If you want an Xbox 360 faceplate, soundtrack CD, and oversized box to display too, the limited edition is $10 more at $29.99.  The "naughty" Record of Agarest War Limited edition with the pillowcase and mousepad is $29.99 too.


If you’re looking for a portable RPG to keep you busy while visiting the grandparents or in-laws Mimana: Iyar Chronicle for PSP and Laevatein Tactics for Nintendo DS, two RPGs published by GungHo in Japan and localized by Aksys for North America, are also under twenty bucks.

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  • Jake Hunter: Memories of the Past is worth picking up, too. Theresia was also overlooked when it was released, imo.

    • Picked up the LE just for the faceplate. Had the Japanese version already and paid nearly $25 for the DLC alone. This has the DLC on disc and is cheaper. If you do not already own this do yourself a favor and buy it now!

      • Aoshi00

        I got the Jpn ver. of Deathsmles, bought the Black Label DLC separately and doubled dipped on the LE too (mainly for the faceplate because I collect them). But if you’re mostly going for the faceplate, just want to let you know it doesn’t fit very well, not at all. It’s too tight when you snap it on, once it’s on, it’s hard as all heck to take it off. I’ve tried it, thank god I didn’t break the plate or the system. I was wondering if it was just mine but I’ve asked several people and they seem to have the same problem too, the mold just wasn’t made very well. Actually the FF13 Lightning faceplate’s image was printed a bit blurry too and a bit tight, but nowhere near as bad as Deathsmiles. I wish they could make the faceplates in better quality like the Jpn ones.So I suggest unless you just want the big box (Amazon crushed mine when they shipped my copy!) and the OST, otherwise the faceplate is better for collection rather than decorating your system. I’ve been using Magna Carta 2 and Infinite Undiscovery on mine all this time (SO4 and Last Remanant ones are nice too), I don’t even want to upgrade to a Slim because of that lol.The goodies for Agarest at $29.99 is very tempting, but I just don’t think the game is for me at all :(….

    • double post???!?!?

    • YES and YES

      However I can’t recommend Mimana at all. Aksys I love you guys, but this is one of the worst RPGs I’ve ever played, right up there with Tecmo’s Secret of the Stars.

      999 on the other hand is potential GOTY stuff.

      • Phlo

        I got what seemed like a defective or sticky Mimana cartridge from Gamefly and it ended up jammed in my PSP for a month until I managed to borrow some actual surgical equipment to remove it. This opportunity didn’t come until right after finishing the game…it felt like I’d broken some sort of curse by finishing it. What an awful game.

    • neocatzon

      you have good eyes, dood…

  • OneOkami

    Looks like that “Really Naughty Limited Edition” wasn’t all that limited.

    • Slashlen

      It was naughty though, and that’s what matters.

    • Actually it’s not the limited edition on sale, the article is wrong. It’s the normal edition with the mousepad and pillow case thrown in. You don’t get the soundtrack or the LE extra box.

      • OneOkami

        I see. But still, I was also basing that on the fact you can still easily find it.

      • neo_firenze

        Just a heads up, the normal editions of Agarest and Deathsmiles are also available on Amazon. $29.99 for Agarest and $28.99 for Deathsmiles (so the Aksys deal is better on that game. I bought my Agarest on Amazon months ago for $49.99, and I was glad to save the extra $10 since I didn’t care about the extras.

        • Slashlen

          I’d much rather use up some of my Amazon credit, I’m hoping they match Deathsmiles.

  • buy buy buy

  • JustaGenericUser

    How I wish DeathSmiles was also on PS3.

    Also look at that, Agarest War for 360 is $30, and you can buy a used for probably less than that at a Gamestop. Meanwhile, Agarest War on PSN is still almost $50. There’s something wrong with this picture.

    • kreate1

      im waiting for a sale. hope it goes into the special offers section.
      i think its 45 dollars. which is still cheaper than 60.

      but i want it for 30 =(
      and spend the other 15 on the dlcs.

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