Galaxy Fight Infinitely Scrolls On To PlayStation Network

By Spencer . December 13, 2010 . 5:32pm

GalaxyFight_PAL_ScreenMonkeyPaw picked up an intergalactic fighting game for this week’s import release. Galaxy Fight from Sunsoft is coming to PlayStation Network.


Sunsoft’s early fighting game has monsters, robots, a ninja, and Roomi who looks like an alien meets catgirl. The eclectic blend of characters is one of the game’s highlights. But, don’t expect a complex fighting game. Galaxy Fight is old-school, after all it was Sunsoft’s first take on the genre, and to their credit Sunsoft added wall-less, infinite scrolling stages to the genre.


We’re not sure if MonkeyPaw is releasing the Japanese version of Galaxy Fight or the English version that Europe got. The screens MonkeyPaw sent us were in English so we’re getting in touch with them to find out. Galaxy Fight comes out on the import store in North America for PS3 and PSP tomorrow.


Update: We heard back from MonkeyPaw and we’re getting the Japanese version of Galaxy Fight.

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  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I know I should be grateful for 2D fighters like this and SNK’s NeoGeo station for the PSN (voila I complained again and here they come!), but I’d be quite a bit more excited if this was one of Sunsoft’s other fighting games, Waku Waku 7 or Astra Superstars. Unfortunately I don’t think there were PSX versions of those.

    This game is… passable, I guess. It’s one of those late ’80s early ’90s sci fi action anime OVAs in playable form. The gritty but cheesy ones.

    • Yeah, that was the question I had above, actually.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        They were indeed for the Saturn, which was much more capable than the PSX for 2D. The thing about PSX ports of many 2D arcades games is that they’re missing frames of animation… so if given a choice I’d rather see the original arcade version ported or a Saturn port.

        • Guest

          This game got a ps2 port too, arcade perfect.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            You mean Galaxy Fight? What about Waku Waku and Astra?

          • neo_firenze

            See my reply to Charles Lupula.

            Sometimes, just sometimes… my esoteric 90s-2000s fighting game knowledge comes in handy!

          • Guest

            Sunsoft fighting collection for ps2, japan only. Look it in

        • Oh, I remember having all these imported Saturn fighting games and having to do the cartridge switch in order to play them. So many great games (not just fighting) for that system that never came West. X-Men vs. Street Fighter, the KOF games, Samurai Shodown RPG, Samurai Shodown IV, Vampire Savior, Real Bout Fatal Fury Special, Grandia, the other two Shining Force 3 discs, the Saturn version of Symphony of the Night and Suikoden. I never understood what the hell was wrong with their North American division, but then the words “Bernard Stolar” appear in my head and it all becomes clear.

          But yeah, I wasn’t sure if there were PS1 versions of those made or not as I only bought fighting games for the Saturn back then.

          • Kunio_kun

            F*** Bernie Stolar!
            I was also always hoping for Dragon Force 2, Langrisser Tribute, and Black Matrix in addition to most of the games you had already mentioned…

  • Code

    That’s who that is! I’ve seen Roomi before, but never knew what she was from opo; Still I’m amazed how Monkey Paw has been able to bring over raw Japanese titles, Sony usually axes such things. Either way they brought over some classic shmups to PS3 so I whole-heartedly approve >w<

  • I had this game for the Saturn and I loved it! I had completely forgotten about it but I will be picking it up, for sure! I hope it’s the English version.

    Did the other Sunsoft fighting titles ever come to the Japanese PS1 or were they Saturn games? Because if they were PS1, I want to see them too!

    • neo_firenze

      The Sunsoft 90s fighters break down like this for system availability:

      Galaxy Fight – Neo Geo, Saturn, PSX, PS2 (compilation w/ Waku Waku 7)

      Waku Waku 7 – Neo Geo , Saturn, PS2 (compilation w/ Galaxy Fight)

      Astra Superstars – Arcade (Sega ST-V hardware), Saturn (one of the more expensive games on the system)

      The PS2 compilation was published by SNK and contains virtually perfect ports of the Neo Geo games. Saturn Waku Waku 7 port and the PSX/Saturn Galaxy Fight ports were not that great. The Saturn Galaxy Fight port is the only of these games to get a US release outside of the Neo Geo.

      • jarrodand

        Galaxy Fight and Waku Waku 7 are also on the Virtual Console in Japan. Speaking of which, what’s the hold with Gaijunworks/SunSoft bringing them to America? Sunsoft’s forums seem to have vanished too? :(

  • Meh not exactly the kind of fighting game I want. It’s okay for a couple of goes but more then that there’s no reason to keep playing, even as a curosity.

  • Played some of the PS1 version and wasn’t too much into it. But I kind of like this game for the character the design and the inclusion of Yacopu, who is the hero of the wonderful Gameboy platformer Trip World.

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