Lost In Blue Meets Otome In Prince Of Tennis DS Dating Game

By Spencer . December 13, 2010 . 2:18am

imageKonami may have made a fortune from LovePlus, but they haven’t forgotten about the otome market. In fact, they have yet another Prince of Tennis dating game.


Prince of Tennis Tightly! Doki Doki Survival Love Passion of the Beach and Mountains takes place on a deserted island. The setting sounds like Lost in Blue, but it’s probably less about survival and more about the tennis aces. Konami pegs the game’s genre as "love adventure."

  • xemnas

    god damnit we havent gotten a tennis sim since Form the Strongest team

  • Tennis AND survival?

  • “Love Adventure?”

    ROTFLMFAO!!!!!!!! xD

  • Survive the harsh wilds by using the power of tennis! Vital food out of reach? Simply lob your ball to gain those precious melons! Need to access a switch? Nothing a curve can’t fix! A giant bear who wants to wrestle?! Introduce it’s face to the power of a SMASH!

    The wilds are nothing compared to the POWAH! of Tennis. Survival kits are for wussies – a tennis ball, racket and nifty tennis uniforms are all you need.

  • malek86

    What, they still make POT games?

    At least they used to make some half-decent arcade tennis games before, but now it’s all otome stuff.

    • I think most of the PoT fans are actually girls/women, like with Sengoku Basara. XD They even started making fleece blankets of the men in “sexy” poses. Plus.. I think I haven’t met an actual fan of the manga series.. My brother and boyfriend don’t count, since I got them into the series. XD

      • malek86

        I was definitely a fan of the manga (and even the anime) back in the days. The new manga sucks though.

        I wonder since when the series started becoming girls-bait. At least the first chapters and anime episodes were definitely based around the sport and characters. After a while, it went downhill, and even the anime producers started making fun of it (remember the ending in the last episode of the Inui-Yanagi match? Come on now).

        • I agree with you on the new manga series sucking. XDD I’m disappointed with how fast paced it is, leaving no character development for all the old and new characters, plus the insane number of characters for it has increased for no real reason. XD He shouldn’t really have kept sooo many characters for this new series, even though yea tons of fans would be upset, but still.. if you’re gonna make a sequel, not everyone should stay. Cut some. XD Or at least make a sequel that’s not just a few months after the end of the original series.

          lol any series is girls-bait, if you make a series with a lot of boys/guys/men in it. XD I know there’s tons of female fans for series like D.Gray-man and Katekyo Hitman Reborn.. those are shounen titles too, like PoT. But a good part of the female fans are probably the shounen-ai/yaoi fangirls.. which makes games like the otome spin-offs popular in the video games scene.

          lol, but really.. I wonder what Konomi thinks of all these otome games? I know it’s more money in the long run and the fangirls get to hear their favorite characters voiced by the seiyuu. (lol, hell.. I count as one of those fangirls.. LOVE Atobe’s seiyuu sooo much.)

      • Guest

        Yeah but at least Sengoku Basara remains true to it’s source while this is just Otome trash. Shame because the anime/manga was quite good; (well at least early on). I hate shameless stuff like this. Also Yu-Gi-Oh. I liked it early on in the manga before it was all about teh card game gimmick.

        • Eh, it’s not really otome trash, but that’s just my opinion. Everyone thinks differently. XD All media forms gives up more insight on character development and the otome games just shows the romantic side of the characters. lol *gives up, since she’s a fan of otome games, especially of PoT*

        • As a note, Yu-Gi-Oh! becoming focused on the card game wasn’t really a shameless choice– it was actually due to real outright demand from fans to learn more about it, and only months, months later did it really become any sort of advertisement to the point where the creator couldn’t switch back to the normal multiple games scenario.

          This might actually be why they tried to do Dungeon Dice Monsters for a few chapters after Duelist Kingdom, but then went right back to card games. DK was probably the only real intention to push how the game worked as a whole.

          It’s a bit different than just assuming that this is what the audience wants due to gender majority– this was responding to real letters and questions.

          /terrrible Yu-Gi-Oh! fan.

  • I dont think Prince of Tennis creator expected for his creation to end like this O.o…

    • Cloud_ST

      I think he did,considering what’s strongly implied during the series and the almost-zero attention to girls.

  • lol, this is not another remake? XD

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