Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy Set For March With Chaos & Cosmos PSP

By Spencer . December 17, 2010 . 6:16pm

imageSquare Enix set March 3, 2011 as the release date for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy in Japan. The PSP game will retail for 6,090 yen ($72) if you get it in stores, 4,980 yen ($60) if you get it on PlayStation Network.


There’s going to be a limited edition Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy PSP too. No pictures of the Chaos & Cosmos PSP have been released at this time.


A release date for Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy has not been announced for North America, but we’ve seen a lot of localized screenshots.

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  • i want some sexy soundtracks

  • Yuna is Also in DuoDecim. Possibly as Summoner AND Gunner

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      uhhhhh when was this confirmed? link plz.

      • a bunch of JPN Twitter stuff. I don’t have any leaks, but there’ll prolly be more news today. Just be patient and celebrate/Rage, cause she’s in.

        • I don’t mind Yuna getting in. The question is, how did Vaan get in? :

          <3 Yuna gunner form. If she has Floral Fallal as her EX, even better. GAME BREAKING!!

          • thebanditking

            I never understood why people complain about more characters in a fighting game? OK so Vann is not your first pick but he might be for someone else, they key is to make the game appealing to all fans. The way I look at it is when they put in a character I don’t like/hate in a fighting game I at least get to beat the crap out of them as much as I want, like DK in Smash Bros. or Dr.Doom and Cyclops in MvsC or Sagat and Bison in SF.

          • It’s fine if there were more characters in a fighting game. However, I think it is not fine when a character like him takes up a slot which could’ve belonged to characters like Balthier, Gogo, Kage or even Gilgamesh ^_^ (joking). And Dissidia doesn’t have a large character roster..

            Yeah I’ll just make him my punching bag. But since this is what the fan demanded, I’m ranting anymore :. Have fun, fans

          • doomspeller10

            I’d bet those who like Vaan would have been much more delighted had squeenix decided to include Basch. I mean, c’mon It would have been much better for the story.

          • “I’d bet those who like Vaan would have been much more delighted had squeenix decided to include Basch. I mean, c’mon It would have been much better for the story. ”

            I much prefer Vaan getting in to Basch, especially considering Gabranth is Voiced by Basch’s VA and he has a Basch outfit.

          • Basch was as boring as Vaan was annoying. I’d pick Balthier. One of the only two characters in that game that I could stand (Dr. Cid was the other).

          • You couldnt connect with the characters and still managed to play through it or something?

          • Balthier was the only character I connected with. Up until I ran into him, I was debating about whether or not I should return the game.

        • ChaosPaladinFayt

          yay yuna <3. no rage, just love =). Hopes for gunner Hopes for gunner. Perfect dissidia subtract the vaan…^^

    • Roses4Aria

      *Hoping desperately that this is true and that we get to see her interact with Tidus.* Those two are so cute together. :)

  • Please let us get a US Limited Edition with a 5ft Poster/Wall Scroll of Vaan! Dude! I would so be in, gah, I would explode from Vaan’s awesomeness, it would truly be epic! lol, zomg, awesome!

    Come on Square Enix let us Americans finally partake in awesomeness!

    • It’s good to know that you have a man crush on Vaan (assuming you’re a guy) but seriously just because he’s in the game doesn’t make this game any better.

      • I am hoping that my sheer admiration for Vaan and Lightning and hopefully Hope, will make me look past my difficulties with the first game and that I will stick with this second one and enjoy it.

        • Altritter

          Vaan is an awful character. Lightning’s not really that great either.

          • Aoshi00

            Hope is another one of his faves too. He only likes Mario okay, but he loves ALL Sonic games including the atrocious 2006 one, loves Justin Bieber. I did not make that up, he just has…for lack of a better word, questionable taste…

            Still, how could you have a man crush on Vaan, every time he put his hands around the back of his head, I just want to punch him in the gut to see if his abs are as hard as they look…

            P.S. my man-crush is Ethan Hawke lol…

          • …Hope? Really? ._.

          • Aoshi00

            @wildarms: (what he said above) There you go :)…

          • Hope is just awesome, definitely made FFXIII epic! Best character development Ive ever experienced in any Final Fantasy to date.

          • “Hope is just awesome, definitely made FFXIII epic! Best character development Ive ever experienced in any Final Fantasy to date. ”

            The all of what, 2 FFs? stfu.

          • In his defense, if you had only played Final Fantasy XII and XIII, Hope does have the most character development out of any character in either of those games. Nobody in XII has any character development (or character, for that matter) and Hope is the only one I can think of in XIII. He goes from a character I wanted to strangle to a character that I don’t mind that much throughout the game, as he grows up a little.

            Now, if you start counting the other FF’s, then it’s a different story. I mean, Yuna grows a huge amount, for example. But throughout the series, most characters, even if they’re well-developed, still tend to be somewhat one note. I mean, as awesome as Auron is or Vincent, do they actually grow as people through the game? Same with Lightning and Sazh, who are my favorite XIII characters. They’re pretty much the tough chick and the comic relief father trying to save his son, respectively, for the entire game.

          • Aoshi00

            well, like you said TS has played 2 FFs, so I don’t think he’s the best person to say any char has the best char development in “any FF”, also when you only have 12 and 13 to choose from, it’s really not that hard. In 13, I would say Vanille had the most char development, Sazh was the most interesting and mature out of the bunch, he was a comedian on the surface but he also has his serious side. If you include the Epilogue Zero novel, then all of them have much more individual char development (more background info and how things happened prior to the game leading to everyone’s motivation, made me feel much more for Serah and Sazh’s son being branded as L’cie, and Hope’s experience as a kid and the relationship w/ his parents), and their relationship w/ the other chars were explored much more deeply, making the whole group more close knit. In the game, it just felt like everyone doing their own thing and never felt like a party together, compared to 6-10 I thought the chars in 12 are all intriguing(except Vaan and Penelo were underused), just weren’t developed as much as I would like. But then the game overall was going for the less melodramatic Matsuno way. It was not the chars that made me dislike 12 the beginning (just the gambit system, license board, etc which later I grew to appreciate), Balthier, Fran, Ashe, Basch, Cid, Vayne, Larza, the Imperial Judges, etc are much more intriguing than the one dimensional 13 chars (Hope, Snow, Lightning, etc) presented in the game. I guess it was the format of FF13 that made me not able to feel or relate to them, because all the stories took place in CG cutscenes (and datalog summaries, which was translated very well in Eng btw), instead of you guiding your chars around and talking and interacting w/ other things and people, having the word bubbles. Like Vaan’s fake Capt Basch von Rosenberg mini-game was funny and memorable because you were playing as him in the game. Lightning’s worst b-day ever was okay, it had less impact to me (the book expanded on that as well), if they had that scene as a flashback where you could control her instead of just being a cutscene, it would’ve been more memorable to me, just like when Snow was looking for Serah on the Beach, you controlled Snow and run around and check out your base and talk to your gang, finding out where his gf was (or like Cooke & Mack had to gather materials to prepare for their mother’s funeral in Lost Odyssey, it was not just a cutscene that you sit back and watch). Whenever a cutscene came up in 13, I just thought to myself “okay, another one…” instead of looking forward to them, despite how good they look.And come on, why would you want to defend TS, can you say he’s right for saying Sonic 2006 was a great game (thank god I traded it in, that garbage would make people pull their hair out, almost killed the whole Sonic franchise)? He has a long record of having questionable taste.. he almost made me hate Naruto (and that is NOT fair).. now when I play UNS2 or see that Justin Bieber cutout in the theater, I think of TS *.*… and Vaan and Hope are his heroes..

          • Aoshi00

            (double post deleted…)

          • I think you and I are going to have to agree to disagree on this because, honestly, I think I probably hate XII more than you hate XIII. With the exception of Balthier and Dr. Cid, I found XII to be like playing with a bunch of cardboard cutouts. I didn’t find any of the other characters intriguing. Not a single other one. In fact, I think I hated Larza almost as much as I hated Vaan. I don’t get people’s love for Basch. I found him so incredibly boring, as I did Ashe. Fran was just a sidekick, so she doesn’t even count. It was the characters, for me, that made me hate the game. In fact, if you had cut out the other characters completely, got rid of that horrible pseudo-MMO battle system, and just made it a straight-up Balthier-starring sequel to Vagrant Story, it would’ve been an infinitely better game.

            Even the villains…the judges didn’t intimidate me. In fact, I remember groaning when they whipped out the evil twin plot twist. I couldn’t believe they would actually go with something so stupid and cliche. They might as well have made the entire game Vaan’s dream while they were at it. Then when they actually whip out an intriguing villain, in the form of Dr. Cid, they kill him off in favor of a character who seems to be an extra in a production of Titus Andronicus. Not only would the game have been better if it had ONLY featured Balthier, I was waiting (hell, not waiting, HOPING) for Dr. Cid to pull a Kefka and become the real last boss.

            I’m a writer besides being a musician and I always feel that any good story has to start with good characters. FFXII did not have them, with those two exceptions. You can have an incredibly cliched story, but if the characters are good, you can still enjoy it. I liked White Knight Chronicles and Dragon Quest VIII, and both of those had very much cliched stories, but likable characters, so I didn’t mind.

            Not only that, but the plot was downright stupid whenever it wasn’t cliched. Why exactly are there gods trying to push mankind towards…not believing in gods anymore?

            And you know what? The Basch mini-game wasn’t memorable or funny for me because I don’t even remember it. I have honestly no recollection of it. I think I might have blocked out as much of that game as possible.

            In fact, I’d go so far as to say if they released a PS3 FF Collection, as much of a trophy whore as I am, I don’t think I’d even replay FFXII for them.

            With FFXIII, I instantly connected with just about every character except Hope, who I wanted to die. I understood that Snow was a wannabe hero, who was in over his head. I understood that Vanille was a sad girl trying to put on a happy face for everyone. I understood that Lightning was the tough chick who just wants all of this to be over. That’s why I think I love the game so much. It was the first Final Fantasy (if you don’t count X-2), where I actually liked every single character, by the end (I loved X, but I never grew to like Wakka, for example). I never read the novel and probably won’t unless they make an English version, but the emotion and motivations of the characters definitely came through the cutscenes for me. And I appreciated the pace of the story, I knew that having towns in that particular story would’ve been stupid, outside of flashbacks. You’re the FF version of Al Qaeda, to the people of Cocoon. Why would they sell you stuff? It felt urgent, it felt tense, and I liked that. I looked forward to the next cutscene in FFXIII, because I wanted to know what was going to happen next. But then again, I consider Metal Gear Solid 3 the best game that was ever made, so I don’t have a problem with cutscenes.

            That said, I don’t feel Vanille actually does develop much as a character. She evolves in the eyes of the player, because she’s hiding things about herself to us, but she doesn’t actually change as a character. Same thing with Sazh and Snow and Lightning and Fang. We may learn more of their motivation throughout the whole game, but their motivations don’t actually change. Hope actually grows as a person, starting off as an annoying immature kid obsessed with revenge, and then learning and growing. I hated him in the beginning and by the middle of the game, felt sorry for the kid and hoped that he’d pull through.

            So, I would actually agree with him that Hope does have the best character development in the two he has played.

            Now, I’m not saying he’s not a troll. I’ve accused him of it myself on a few occasions. I mean, I pointed out and questioned him about having beaten Brutal Legend (I checked his trophies), which doesn’t seem like the type of game a Justin Bieber fan could get through. And there is no defense for ANY of the Sonic games between Sonic Adventure 1 and Sonic 4.

            But even a broken clock is right twice a day, so I had to point out here where he was right.

          • Aoshi00

            Hope sounded “less” annoying in the Eng dub I’ll give you that (I’ve only completed the game in Jpn), the keyword is less, he whined and whined and whined, but he sounded less annoying, in Jpn it was quite unbearable, Hope (kill, kill, kill) and Snow (hero hero hero..), the rest I just didn’t care about other than Sazh. The villains were very weak in 13 (one could argue it required no villains because the whole Cocoon was against them), Jihl Nabaat and Yaag Rosch seemed more important in the trailers and were way underused in the game, especially Jihl, wasted potential. The patriarch was stupid and boring w/ his spying robot owl.. Cid was interesting (again it was Cid, he’s cool in every game). The villains (if there were indeed any) or antagonists if you will in 13 were so forgettable in fact I just had to look up their names…

            FF12 I thought I disliked it, but it was just the battle system that’s it, if it played like FF10 I would’ve loved it. The license board leveling up gave me a lot of trouble for my first playthru, not to mention I’m not a big MMO fan (I only played XI for 2 months and call it quits). If they do a collection, I would love playing FF10 and 12 again, well, I’ve played 10 enough alrdy. But my stance for 12 has changed after I played 13, it made me appreciate how big the scope of Ivalice in 12 was.

            There were many places they could’ve included “towns” to let the player explore more instead of going on a straight path (to break up the tedium), like the deserted Oerba. Nobody knew who these fugitives “looked like”, like when they were in the amusement park, people talked to them right, in Nautilus I felt the world of Cocoon started coming alive, there was actually people living on the planet, or when Snow was searching for Serah on the beach, the few instances when there were towns. Like after Vanille and Sazh passed by the gorge and arrived at the train station when it was raining, I thought that was quite a beautiful scene, but I wanted to control the char and run around, not just watch a cutscene. There were many instances I just felt sicked and tired of watching. If you think about Guadosalem in FF10, humans weren’t exactly welcome there, but yet you controlled your party and could experience their culture more. MGS was not an RPG and doesn’t need towns, long cutscenes didn’t matter, for an RPG where you need to be immersed in its world it’s paramount, reading a summary in the datalog just felt less of an experience for me.

            If you like 13 so much though, I recommend you check out the prologue novel, someone has translated it to English quite a while ago. I only glanced at it, the translation was pretty good I think. I would make you enjoy the story and chars even more.

          • Well, I never said that FFXIII was a perfect game. I was shocked that they wasted Jihl in such a way. At the very least, there should’ve been a battle with her before the first Dynsley battle. Maybe he interrupts it when you get her to half HP or something and the game proceeds how it proceeded.

            Dynsley, though, I thought made an intriguing villain. Maybe it’s the years of Catholic school that made me actually hate Evil Pope, but I looked forward to finally beating him. You are right, though, that the story almost didn’t need a villain because of what was happening on Cocoon.

            It’s my third favorite of the Final Fantasy series, but I’m not a huge Final Fantasy fan. I think there’s far superior RPG franchises out there (the Shin Megami Tensei games and spinoffs, the Suikoden series, Shadow Hearts, Xenosaga, etc…). Still, they could’ve improved it with win themes after the battles and a Jihl battle.

            But yeah, if you gave FFXII the battle systems of FFX, it would have been more tolerable, but I still wouldn’t have liked the story or the characters. Those are the most important part of an RPG for me and the game lacked them almost completely.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, even Rosch made a comeback and got a 2nd battle. When Dysley just killed Jihl w/ an energy blast (shot her in the back bastard!), I was like that’s it? That’s what I meant a CG cutscene does not do it for me, she was evil when she was chasing down and capturing Sazh, but that was just a movie. If you read the book (go check out the translation if you have a chance), Jihl was a great character, it talked about how she was pretending to help Sazh and his son, but showed a different side of her. The game might or did not need great villains, but the trailers led me to believe those two were much more important in the game.Victory fanfare was definitely missed, oh well… 13 really threw out a lot of things for the series, no crstyal theme either.. except the chocobos..

            Well as much as I didn’t like 13, I’m going to replay it on the 360 to get the achivements and then read the epilogue book (wonder how long it’s going to be, probably not too long), also I have never finished the game in Eng yet… I think the Eng. dialogue was actually written better than the Jpn counterpart too..

          • On a somewhat off-topic note, it just occurs to me that the bearded man in the suit in the Versus XIII trailer absolutely NEEDS to be voice by Alan Rickman, at the very least, have the exact same voice of Grimoire Weiss. I mean, they’ve basically recreated Hans Gruber, so they might as well go all the way.

            Then, when I saw Advent Children and heard Cid, I wondered why they didn’t just get R. Lee Emery to his voice, instead of getting a bad imitation.

          • Aoshi00

            oh yea? I forgot there was a bearded guy in there, but getting Alan Rickman/Snape on board would be pretty cool like Patrick Stewart in LotS. Grimoire Weiss’s VA was exceptional too, should be in more games.

            I just know Steve Blum needs to voice something, his voice is so dang cool, has been my favorite for years. I actually haven’t watched Advent Children in Eng. all this time, last night I just threw in ACC and realize Steve Blum was Vincent, he used a deep voice like Snake, but didn’t overdo it :). They need to announce the voice cast for Noctis and Stella first, and please no more Sakamoto Maaya, she’s good, but after Aerith, Lightning, Aya Brea, enough S-E, use different voices!

          • I bought the Blu-Ray of Advent Children, way back in May or something like that, but haven’t seen it, because I wanted to watch it with my roommate, when she has time. We’ve both seen the original DVD, but we wanted to see what they added. Hopefully, it’s not another twenty minutes of people snapping on gloves and stepping in water.

          • Aoshi00

            I got both the original Jpn DVD and the US ACC blu-ray, forgot which exact scenes were new, but quite a lot of new footage around 25mins were added compared to say Avatar’s extended ver’s 8 mins (the extended beginning was good w/ a Blade Runner feel), and they were effective and made the movie better, since there’s more story instead of one mindless action scene after another, so a 2nd viewing of ACC would be nice. I like the Eng. dub, but the lip sync not matching (even though the timing is right but it was only for Jpn) was a bit distracting at times. I was watching the beginning and couldn’t wait to jump to the Sephiroth scene and listen to One Winged Angel lol :) I think that fight was extended w/ the Zack flashback? Zack’s Eng. voice is cool too in Crisis Core.

          • Lightning rules. “Worst. Birthday. Ever.”

            Probably one of the greatest deliveries of a line in RPG history.

          • Agreed. Best Line EVER!

    • Did you just say you were going to “explode” on a poster of Vaan?


      • … It’s not that surprising since he’s been squealing at Vaan ever since he’s been mentioned.

        He did mention a while back in a Pokemon B/W article that he likes Black x N fanart. My eyes are still scarred from the art I accidentally saw when I decided to look at his blog. Speaking of which… @Tsuna, good job getting the Pokemon competitive battling community angry at you.

        • Also congrats for being the most hated commenter on Siliconera.

        • alundra311

          He has a blog? O_o

          • His user name is linked to his tumblr page. I thought tumblr is supposed to be a blogging network. At least the people I know that use it, use it as a blog.

        • Cause, Dude, Black x N fan art is simply awesome! Scarred from art from my blog? Its all such awesome art dude, though lately its been much sasu/naru or grimm/ichi, my favorites!

          But to address the most vital point, no one seriously plays pokemon competitively, at least not in the midst of the superior choices available like Black Ops or Modern Warfare 2

          • Huh?

            I would like to introduce you to… http://www.smogon.com/

            Seriously though, what you did was metaphorically spit in their face. It’s like saying to you that Naruto sucks and… The American Experience on PBS is a lot better.

          • ….what the helll….????

          • @Kaishou I was trying to think of a show that he probably wouldn’t like and I watch history shows when I’m not playing games, watching anime, or reading manga so… if that’s what you’re wondering about, there’s my explanation for the weird choice.

          • I think it was a fitting comparision, I cant imagine how anyone could have believed that pokemon which only offers one option for multiplayer is more robust as a competitive game as the phenomenal Modern Warfare 2 or Black Ops. They were just deluding themselves and it wasnt meant to spit in their face it was meant to bring it to reality. Naruto offers as much of an entertainment value as the American Experience would hold for fans of that type of material. You cant even voice chat and interact with players in a meaningful way in Pokemon, lol, its dated for multiplayer interactivity.

          • I have just come to realize, that you are a master troll. Though I disagree with your methods, I cannot deny your skill in doing so. I respect you for being consistent about it.

          • Ladius

            Yeah, frankly I think the same now. It’s useless to flame him too much, we can only hope Siliconera’s staff decide to do something about him in the long run before he ruin the majority of the comment debates.

          • Excuse me? Where would you even get that idea from?

          • Exkaiser

            I respect him for keeping up the blog and all, which is pretty dedicated, but I feel his siliconera posts have gotten pretty uninspired lately.

            It’s just been no fun. No good material.

        • thebanditking

          In my ignorance of who both of those characters are I googled Black x N……I would blame you for what I saw but alas I can not, why did I look…….just why.

          • I know how you feel man. I apologize anyways.

      • Dude?! What? My mind would explode cause of Vaan’s awesomeness, lol.

    • thebanditking

      Wow how about that a few posts down from my other replay and look at what I found a Vaan fan, guess it was good they put him in there….Any way Tsunayoshi I would put westerners getting this LE console on the “Ain’t gonna happen” list. S-E have never been big on LE releases of consoles or games in the West, heck we don’t even get the opportunity to buy game OST’s without importing.

      • I was shocked when they offered us the FFXIII soundtrack on the square enix store, bought it swiftly (cause its epic!), lol. I dont know, I think I would want the poster of Vaan instead of a soundtrack though (wouldnt dissidia just be a compilation of each games respective themes)?

        • If you’d played any former FF besides 13, you’d know that the songs in Dissidia, for the most part, are Remixes.

  • doomspeller10

    So Dissidia gets its own PSP… Squeenix is putting a lot of effort into this game. If I hadn’t a PSP, I’d probably go for the chaos model (somehow I assume the cosmos one will be white which I don’t like). A specialized analog nub like the Monster Hunter one would be appreciated.
    I think they should put some more effort into the advertisement campaign, at least in the west. The game hasn’t been marketed to its full extent, it’s one of those games that gets its fame either by word of mouth or thanks to the internet (I’m talking about non-hardcore gamers). Even though it was made for the fans, the game is fun as hell and I’ve managed to get people who don’t even know Cloud to like it. I’m not saying to make it mainstream, just market it properly, or at least release an OVA to attract a more suitable audience.

    • there was a bundle psp before. And i remember seeing a buttload of dissidia commercials on CN last year.

      • doomspeller10

        That’s probably only for the US, I haven’t seen anything like that in the Latin American CN (or any other channel). It seems like only Sony is trying to appeal to that market, though it’s understandable in a place with a fame of rampant piracy.

    • Probably there is only 1 bundled PSP, called Cosmos&Chaos, with Chaos and Cosmos decals on its back.

      I doubt they’ll do any improvement for the bundle like they did for MonHun, though. If anything happens, just get a more comfortable nub from shops.

  • RagnaXBL


  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGHHHHH dammit i wish i didnt have my psp………………

  • PrinceHeir

    and the bundle won’t make it to western shores you can count on that

  • I jizz when i heard Dissidia Duodecim012 Release Date
    So many Good game on March 2011!!

    • thebanditking

      TMI man, TMI………….

  • thebanditking

    The last LE console was very nicely done, so I am looking forward to seeing this one.

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      Not really. Show me a picture or video of said foot. Plus it’s a foot…I want Yuna in as much as any other raging fan of hers, but there’s not gonna be a leak till SE announces it. So….that article is invalid.

      • So even when multiple people from different areas all say it’s Yuna, it’s still not enough? Geez, when did people get so skeptical…

        • ChaosPaladinFayt

          Well there’s no actual confirmation it’s Yuna. There is however, 100% confirmation that there is a new character. This situation is exactly like the time that people thought Celes was in because they saw someone with blonde hair, but in fact, it was just Cosmos. A lot of people said it was Celes, so does that mean it’s Celes because they said so?

  • I would like to meet someone who has a collection of special edition PSP’s. I’m sure there is someone in the gaming world that is like this :D

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