Imageepoch CEO Talks HD And Nintendo 3DS Plans

By Spencer . December 17, 2010 . 11:25am

imageImageepoch’s first round of self-published games are for PSP, but they aren’t just going to stick to Sony’s handheld.


Ryoei Mikage, CEO, gave a rough outline of his plans in an interview with 4gamer. Next year, Imageepoch will turn their attention to HD consoles and start development. To date, Imageepoch has not released a single HD game. All of their titles have been for Wii or handhelds. Mikage says sometime in 2012 they will cease making PSP releases.


Mikage believes RPGs aren’t suited for hardware launches so he doesn’t have any Nintendo 3DS plans yet. His strategy is to wait for the hardware to spread out over a year. The time for Imageepoch to get cranking on Nintendo 3DS games, is in Mikage’s view, spring 2012 or after. Perhaps, around then the studio can offer RPGs for 3DS users. Many of Imageepoch’s titles like Sands of Destruction and the Luminous Arc series were for Nintendo DS.


The company’s list of planned projects include a Type-Moon collaboration and a JRPG take on an established video game series.

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  • Yus this excites me greatly dude! I see my two favorite words this generation… “HD Consoles!” That means more RPG love for the powerful Playstation 3 hardware, I so can not wait to see what they bring to the table!!! Love!

  • Good idea, ill be looking forward to what they can offer us :D! gooo imageepoch!

    • puchinri

      Agreed! I’m looking forward to their titles~!

  • krokounleashed

    Imageepoch is here to save the JRPG.

  • As the kids say, “Yeah, son.”

    • Wouldnt it be, as the father say…? or something like that o.o

      • lrn2urbanculture

        • urban culture of a language im not native of? I would apreciate an explanation =)

          • Oh, if I have to actually explain stupid American slang, I’ll be here for years. Just do what I did when I lived in London and just nod and accept the phrase, only asking later on, in private, “Uh, what exactly does ‘skint’ mean?”

          • Haha xD Ok, will do that.

  • Well it pretty obvious they will stop making psp game at 2012 because psp2 will already been released

  • Still waiting for Last Ranker, Criminal Girls and Fate/Extra.

    • OneOkami

      You’re probably gonna wanna tell that to Capcom, NIS and Marvelous respectively.

      • Except Marvelous isn’t localizing by themselves anymore and just licensing games.

  • kylehyde

    “Mikage believes RPGs aren’t suited for hardware launches so he doesn’t have any Nintendo 3DS plans yet. His strategy is to wait for the hardware to spread out over a year.”

    Level 5 (Fantasy life), SE (Kingdom Hearts 3DS) and Atlus think the opposite, even that the last has not displayed formaly a title there are some shin megami tensei already contempled on their future plans. Even if those titles are not released this year, they are already in development. If they wait too much they will be at risk of lost the train considering the planning time and the development time.

    • Great rpg games were released when the ps2 was released, they can think otherwise, but a lot of rpgs that got out when the ps2 was released were greatly overlooked, like for example, im sure dark cloud could (level-5) had been a great, big hit. Also i didnt saw ATLUS releasing stuff just when the ps2 was out… If i can remember correctly

      But this is my personal opinion, now for the logical opinion from what i see…

      I think they are doing a good thing for a company that just started to release their own games, Atlus and LEVEL 5 already have a big name and surely a lot of people is expecting some stuff from there for the 3DS release, Imageepoch on the other side, have to be more careful to see how people react to it

    • To be fair, we haven’t seen Atlus’ 3DS games. They were just mentioned on a list as future support and Kingdom Hearts 3DS barely started development. When I asked Nomura-san about it after the announcement, he wasn’t even 100% sure about the development team.

      Square Enix’s first 3DS title won’t be a RPG, it’s Puzzle Bobble.

      • The Birth By Sleep team is doing KH3D.

        • Yes, we know that now. I asked Nomura that question about it personally at E3.

          At the time he said they would probably give it to Osaka, the BBS team, but that wasn’t final during the announcement. This indicates that the game wasn’t in full swing of development when it was unveiled at the conference.

          And that’s when I spoke with Nomura too, one hour after the Nintendo briefing.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        “Square Enix’s first 3DS title won’t be a RPG, it’s Puzzle Bobble.”

        That sounds like a hilariously cruel sarcastic joke for some reason, when in reality I can’t wrap my head around the truth.

      • kylehyde

        I’ve never said that their first game was going to be an RPG, I said that at least they have an rpg on the table, at least theres a contemplation for this genre, even if imagepooch decides to give 3DS some support according of their plan it will take a lot before we could see something of them and the cases of the persons who came late to the party and didn’t recieve a snack are not uncommon.

    • They might miss the train on the 3DS development, but they probably calculated the risks of jumping on the early ship, probably (I might be wrong on this). A flood of new games will follow the 3DS’s launch, seeing from the amount of devs supporting it, and there’s the probability of Imageepoch’s game being unnoticed. The 3DS’s development cost doesn’t help them either. (plus the constant JRPG bash from certain “gaming journalist” websites.)

      Aside from all that, I’m still looking forward to what Imageepoch can do with BRS. They sure are making everyone’s hopes sky high

      • Development costs aren’t an issue, since they’re making a PS3 game (Xbox360?). But I agree that they might fear being lost in the 3DS-launch shuffle.

        • Well, we haven’t seen the budget of their PS3 title yet, though. It could be a lower-budget NISA-style PS3 RPG. I doubt they’d have to money to make some sort of Squeenix epic.

  • curse psp2 and 3ds >___>
    PSP and NDS live for ever

    • I will click like button, because i agree with you… but only because i dont have money T.T

      • yeah is no fair new game are always on new console

        give some love to old console too ;u;

        curse economy

  • HarryHodd

    I’ll be waiting for an HD RPG or two then. Can’t wait to see what they bring.

    • The more, the better. I’m so happy to see someone wanting to develop for more than just the portables. Every RPG being on a portable system (unless they’re just a port of a console game, then I guess it’s okay) is definitely a trend I’d like to see die very soon.

      • Tom_Phoenix

        You’ll be waiting a while…

        • I’ve been playing videogames for over 25 years now. Every trend ends eventually. There was a time where no one could have conceived of Microsoft being ahead of Sony or of Sega not being ahead of Nintendo. Times change. May not happen as soon as I’d like to see it, but it’ll happen.

          • Tom_Phoenix

            Oh, I don’t disagree with you in that regard. Times do change and every trend does end eventually.

            The thing is, the trend of “every RPG being on portables” is a relatively new one. Heck, last generation, home consoles (specifically, the PS2) were still THE place to be for RPGs. Infact, one could even argue that the conversion process is still going on, since there are still major RPG titles that could end up switching to portables (such as main Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts titles). So there is no telling how long this trend may last.

            But even when it does end, who is to say that it will end with RPG’s going back to home consoles? Heck, who is to say that there will even BE home consoles to go back to? For all we know, RPG’s might end up switching to other portable systems (such as smartphones) or even entirely new devices. Gaming has changed a lot over the years, but nowadays, it is changing more radically than ever before. While some things will stay the same, others will not.

            The reason why RPG’s switched to portables is beacuse the mass market switched to portables. And the reason for that is beacuse portable consoles fit the Japanese way of life better than home consoles. While I don’t know what is going to replace portable consoles at this point in time, the one thing that is certain is that it’s going to be something that fits the people’s way of life even better.

            So yes, the “all RPGs being on portables” trend will eventually end. Just don’t be suprised if that trend doesn’t end the way you are hoping it will.

          • There’s a good chance it may end up in a way I don’t like. But, every trend does end. Even the ones I like. I can only hope the ones I hate end quickly while complaining about the end of the ones I favor.

          • malek86

            What? Nintendo was always ahead of Sega (at least in sales, because I still like their games better).

          • Not during the Genesis/SNES days. After the Master System was absolutely destroyed by the NES, Sega managed to pull ahead of them, until Sega totally ruined everything they had accomplished with the 32x.

            As for which I enjoy, it isn’t even a contest. Sega games have always wiped the floor with Nintendo games. Well, okay, there was a period of a few years after the death of the Dreamcast, where Sega wasn’t putting out anything worth mentioning, but before and after that, they have always been one of the best. If they didn’t have complete idiots running their corporate offices, maybe they’d actually still be one of the big boys, because the quality of a Sega game is unquestionable.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s , What about Resonance of Fate? It’s a great game visually and an evolved take on the JRPG formula. I can’t speak on its technical merits, but it was/is a very good game and it mixes up the JRPG formula well.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I love Resonance of Fate. But it’s not the crowning achievement, the flawless masterpiece defining JRPGs this gen. For the lack of better words, it’s a fluke. An anomaly. I mean, how many JRPGs do you see like Resonance of Fate? It’s too unique to be a textbook, too plagued with flaws for copying. Its strengths transcend JRPG formula while its weaknesses fall victim to the same. Eccentric setting, blazing gun ballet, chess-deep battle system, clockwork weapon tinkering, puzzle world map… On the flip side, searing difficulty, poorly told story, repetitive dungeon designs, tedious side quests, lack of things to do outside of missions…

            Resonance of Fate not a trend setter but an oddity that will be fondly remembered. Like Katamari, in a way.

          • I loved Resonance of Fate, but when you have to play through a story twice to fully understand it, that’s not really something more RPG’s should emulate. I didn’t mind doing it, because the first time through was so much fun, but still, as much as I loved RoF (and I do consider it RPG of the year), it’s by no means a perfect game. If you asked me what I would change for a sequel, I could probably give you a list of things that they could do better next time.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          No joke, even if they suddenly decided to stop developing handheld. Note that they’re *starting* (not “in”) HD development *next year* (not this year). If that’s the case, it won’t be releasing in Japan until mid 2012 earliest, and we won’t see it ’til early 2013.

          They’ll probably end up making Wii level assets in HD and pass it off as a PS3 game (cheaper/faster), which is what almost every JRPG dev that isn’t SE or Tri Ace has done recently. Even Namco and Mistwalker have given up on pushing HD hardware. A system crowning JRPG of magnificent magnitude for HD consoles–what FFX was for PS2, Skies of Arcadia was for Dreamcast, FFVII was for PSOne, and Chrono Trigger was for SNES–is pretty much a pipe dream at this point.

          • Honestly, I don’t really mind RPG’s with lesser graphics, as long as I still get them. My most anticipated game of the year is probably Ar Tonelico and that’s not exactly a graphical masterpiece. Hell, I’d be happy with an old school SNES/Genesis-looking RPG as a downloadable title, as long as it was fun to play and lasted a long time.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Oh I don’t mind either, and it really is silly of me to expect too much from Imageepoch, but I am kind of sad to see this generation go by without a JRPG that not only matches western games visually (and technically), but evolves the archaic JRPG in terms of battles, character interactions, and world exploration, among other elements. In other words, an all-rounded benchmark that sets the bar higher for everyone else.

            Ar Tonelico Qoga does looks like all sorts of fun (and funny), and being one of the better Gust RPG series’s, I’ll probably end up loving it. As for the “benchmark” JRPG, there’s still time…

          • Ladius

            Namco has published a PS3 Tales two weeks ago and announced another one last week, Mistwalker has ceased supporting hd consoles simply because it’s been contracted by Nintendo.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            From what I saw the PS3 Tales has the technical prowess of a high end Wii game. Which is in no way reflective of whether or not it’ll be a good game, but… it’s just not going to push the PS3 hardware. Regardless of Nintendo, Mistwalker does seem to have given up on HD development. Just look at their output between 2007-2010. DS exclusive or nothing.

      • Avojavo

        I used to think (hell, I still think) that RPGs are better designed for home consoles, since they’re better appreciated by playing in 2-4 hour stretches that a console suggests rather than the 30 minutes – 1 hour of handhelds.

        Then again, it’s probably cheaper to develop on a handheld. Imagine designing 40 hours worth of towns, dungeons, overworlds and characters in high definition… definitely a lot more costlier than using miniature sprites.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Or how about making a JRPG for the PS360. I would like to see some more JRPGs on HD consoles.

    “But wait, JGU, what about Tales of–”

    Okay, JRPGs on HD consoles that actually get released here. NIS tried (Disgaea 4, 3 to a lesser extent), Gust tried (Ar Tonelico 3), Compile Heart/Idea Factory sorta try (Cross Edge, Agarest War; Trinity Universe and Neptune probably use the HD functions better). What about everyone else?

    EDIT: Also, I’m still somewhat disappointed Black Rock Shooter is on PSP and not PS3. Sure, I’ll still play it and I’m looking forward to it, but PS360 graphics really would have done BRS better justice, plus they’d have more disc space for content.

    • give them 10000000000000 yen so they can do it on ps3 xD.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        You should. I’ll give you 100 yen as a jump start.

    • Not to mention JAPANESE AUDIO can fit in a Blu-ray (if memory space is a problem, that is).

      I just hope to see a lot of amazing Huke-inspired artwork~

  • onilink888

    No Fatima or Vanessa in TREE DEE until 2012?! :(

    *prays Monolith gives up moar Endless Boobs*

  • keriaku

    I have hope for imageepoch. I feel like they’ve been watching the rise and fall of JRPGs and they’re ready to make a stand. Just the fact that they’re so confident makes me willing to see what they can do.

  • They will cease making psp games in 2012?! Nooo what will happen to my psp and Nds lite then?

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