That’s No Heart, A New Boss In Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

By Spencer . December 21, 2010 . 3:55am

image The Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix trailer from Jump Festa gives us a look at a Rhythm Mixer command style and No Heart.


You’ll run into the white armored boss in the Mirage Arena. No Heart is waiting for challengers who dare to take on the Machinations of Darkness mission.


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  • urbanscholar

    I’ll admit I wouldn’t mind taking a crack at the new armored guy fights.

  • Kaoro

    Do Japanese people frequently double dip with these constant rereleases SE does, or are these budget releases for people who didn’t pick it up the first time around? I am surprised that they keep doing these “international” rereleases, I can’t imagine them selling so hot but obviously they do :).

    • The Japanese seem to like this business model. Consider another popular international franchise that has its roots in Japan – Pokemon. Everytime a pair of “new generation” games like Pokemon Black & White are released, there is bound to be an updated rerelease a few months/years down the road (ala Yellow, Crystal, Emerald and Platinum versions. What next? Pokemon Gray?). Annoying, yes, but also annoyingly effective judging by the fact that they still do it to this day.

      • This happens for a lot of RPG’s that get released in the wes;. Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Rogue Galaxy and Kingdom Hearts (obviously) are some of the more known RPG’s to get the “International” treatment. Sometimes it dosen’t matter (Rogue Galaxy Internation was the version the west received) while other times it’s irratating (Final Fantasy X-2 and XII, where they added some cool features and extras).

  • “No Heart” is Xemnas’ armor, which you fight as a part of the final battle in KH2. That’s interesting.

    • Or Rather the No Heart In Birth By Sleep Is Xehanorts Armor. You can Tell because he has his Keyblade. It would Have Been Nice to Have seen Ansems (Xehanorts Heatless) Version of the “No Heart” Armor as well.

      Also I hope When Sora & Riku go for the Mark of Master the pair get an Armor as well. Hopefully the armor will be a new type of Drive form or something. Not being able to transform into the 3 heroes armored forms in BBS was kind of a disappointment for me.

      • I know. I was kind of trying to avoid spoilers for the ones who hadn’t played the game yet.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    Once a lazy bum sitting on a throne, always one. KH2 proves so LOL. No suprise if white armour doesnt even get up for the whole fight.

    • MizuMikomi

      Actually in previous scans it showed that he starts the fight sitting, but apparently stands up to fight some time within the battle.

      • ChaosPaladinFayt

        ohriry. Ok so he got lazy when it came down to Sora. He was like…..omg…I already fought three of u…ANOTHER ONE!?!? *flips out while sitting down*

  • Barrit

    I have BbS sitting on my shelf still, I really need to get around to playing it. The combat seems pretty crazy, in a good way.

  • Xeahnort

    S-E should put this extra features as a DLC

  • PrinceHeir

    why is that all International version of kingdom hearts is always english voice? why not both? if FFX and FFX-2 interational version did it, why not this game?

  • Well since we don’t get any of the good Final Mix games (No I’m not inclduing Chains of Memories) I’m not excited by this news. Wouldn’t mind seeing it on the PSP 2 (rather wait long then have it never appear in the west :D)

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