Sprite Based PSP Horror Game Gets Sequel Next Summer

By Spencer . December 22, 2010 . 2:28am

Visual novel and Bullet Soul publisher 5pb picked up Corpse Party: Blood Covered, a remake of a PC horror game, and ported it to PSP. The game follows high school students in Kisaragi Academy, which was built on top of an elementary school. Doesn’t sound that bad, but Tenshin Elementary was the site of grisly murders and now you’re trapped there after an earthquake opens a portal to the ghoulish school.


Here’s a look at what we missed.



Team GrisGris has a sequel and instead of a port, it’s coming straight to PSP. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows will premiere at Comiket 79. The game is slated for a summer release in Japan.

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  • RPG Maker game ?

  • I think I watched some gameplay videos of part 1 on NicoNico Douga and it looked like fun. Was the first one ever available in English?

    • Uh oh, it didn’t. I don’t think we’ll ever be receiving 5pb games

  • goronyan

    omg i’m so going to buy it! Blood Covered was quite fast since i already know what to do, excluding the extra chapters, but now it’s a brand a new game so i can’t wait to try it.

    • Love this soundtrack X_X

    • Oh btw, you know japanese right? Could you help me with a fast sentence?, the sensei made us write an essay with a theme she choose, but im not so sure if this sentence is spelled right:


      I want to say that “today i will talk about one of my unforgottable memories” or “today is the talk about one of my unforgottable memories”
      But i dont know if i say watashi no hitotsu, will make it looks like im talking about my one and only memory, i want to say “one of my”… That is what has been eating my mind lately D:

      • goronyan

        sorry for the wait
        well the sentence is not wrong since “hitotsu” means one but can also means “just” (but it doesn’t apply here), used as a count and in itemized lists, so you don’t need worry because the words commonly used for “only” are> しか、だけ、のみ、以外 (there’re more) depending on the situation.
        Here’s the main mistake> “の”話します。It’s used “を”話します since the particle “wo” indicates direct object of action and the particle “no” indicates possession and it’s an verb and adjective nominalizer.

        .You could also use something like this:

        it would be like > ” …one of my various…”

        And i’m still studying japanese like you sir, already did 2 years and i still have lots to learn ^^

        • Haha thanks a lot for the help xD, i just have 1 year ._., ganbarimashou senpai xD

          Someone told me another way to put it too:


          And he said that when you say “~のうちの一つ” means “one of~”. ahh there are so many ways to write things in japanese T.T

          But is good to know what samazama means, i see that a lot in games

  • i am still trying to figure out when’s chapter 2 is translated.
    Chapter 1 was straining my nerves quite a bit.

  • I hope somewhere in the game, an polar bear – who could be evil or could be an ally – pops out. Or a clock tower esque villian chases you :D

  • shion16

    The manga is awesome

  • PrinceHeir

    i think this kind of games are mor suitable to the DS due to it’s stylus and so. but i kinda like these kind of adventure/horror games. sadly it’s not localize but the good news is that the PSP is region free so i gotta try this sometime ^^

  • Phoenix_Apollo

    Someone needs to bring this series out of Japan. Seriously. It’s a crime not to.

  • Chow

    I didn’t have time to watch the entire thing, but it looks a lot like a modern Sweet Home game.

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