Peep At The Steamy Shower Scene In The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . December 23, 2010 . 3:07am

After going back and forth with fan requests, Yoshinori Kitase, producer, finally decided to include a shower scene in The 3rd Birthday. Speaking with Famitsu, Kitase said he was hoping to make The 3rd Birthday available to a wide range of age groups and was concerned about a scene upping the rating. However, Kitase realized Aya’s appeal is an important element of the game and green lit the scene. The scene is really suggestive, Kitase said.



This one little scene actually raised the game’s rating, director Hajime Tabata explained, and apologized to the marketing staff. Another interesting tidbit is Isamu Kamikokuryou, art director, said he and the art team decided to make the scene first and said it’s up to Kitase and Tabata to decide whether to put the shower scene in the game or not.

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  • Aiddon

    and once again Kitase proves just how very pathetic this game and its team are. Square sure has fallen from grace

  • dusk

    “The scene is really suggestive”

    What is a shower scene supposed to suggest besides a girl in a shower?

    • Aoshi00

      But she’s pressing against the glass and bending forward lol, got to give S-E a thumbs up for that :P… The game seems okay, I don’t like Sakamoto Maaya’s portrayal of Aya though, she sounds very weak and fragile like the Eng. Samus in Other M.

      • Aiddon

        Sakamoto in general was a bad choice for Aya. Yumi Touma or Kotono Mitsuishi would’ve been WAY better choices. Plus at this point Toriyama butchered Aya’s personality because it’s obvious he wanted to write a story where the actual Aya would compromise that.

        • Aoshi00

          Maaya was okay as Lightning (she was never really my fav, didn’t like her Pandora in Saint Seiya Hades either, all these years I imagined Sakakibara Yoshiko, guess she’s too old now), but I guess she couldn’t do that tough voice here, otherwise she’d sound too much like Lightning again fresh on everyone’s mind. I don’t think Touma Yumi is doing much voice acting nowadays right, and even Mitsuishi Kotono (other than her Katherine comeback), but yea there’re many other more suitable seiyuu. Didn’t like the casting of the Jpn ver. of FF13 much either, but I don’t think the VAs could’ve done much w/ the asinine script they were given..

          Wait, Toriyama had a hand in writing the story for 3rd B-day too? Has he not done enough w/ X-2 and 13? That guy needs to go before he does any more irreparable damage..

          • Aiddon

            no Touma and Mitsuishi still do a LOT of voice acting even today. Heck, Touma is the voice of Lenneth in Valkyrie Profile for crying out loud so it’s not like she’s a stranger to SE. The only reason they used Sakamoto is because she has that young, pop idol appeal. She’s a good actress (she’s PHENOMENAL as Shiki in Kara no Kyoukai) but Aya is a character that doesn’t fit within her range.

            Yeah, THAT Toriyama. He wrote the scenario for the game. And after reading about the ending this what I have to say about him: SCREW UP YOUR OWN DAMN STORIES, don’t go ruining someone else’s progeny.

      • tubers

        Same here! I didn’t like how Maaya portrayed Aya’s voice.. but maybe SE planned this kind of voice.. Maybe they think that sounding “weak” (sounding like a common anime girl) she’ll be more liked by the game’s target market in Japan.

        Hopefully there’s some nice changes for the English Version. Can’t blame them if they don’t wanna pay attention much though. The pirated version is already out.. doesn’t sound like something to get SE more enthusiastic for fixes for English. :( IDK

    • WonderSteve

      You are such a good little boy..or girl.. :P

  • evilmoogle

    meh, The shower scene and the cloth ripping was not needed.

    I mean, in the first game there was no super sexy fanservice.
    She was basically like lara croft or jill valentine in that time.
    A woman with attiude.

    Now she is like having a contract for playboy,
    like that’s the only way to get recognized.

    • tubers

      A psp shooter.. a TPS.. w/o MP… in Japan.. I guess SE thinks that the clothes tearing and shower scene are significant selling points for such a game in that country..

      Coudn’t they have just tied in some MGS and or MH stuff with T3B? But I guess that ain’t their thing.. might have to pay for royalties.. kinda maybe the reason they don’t seem to want to pay proper royalties to the “PE” title.. (too cheap?)

      I pretty much don’t care if that’s how they advertise the game (using sex) but I really wish they should have invested a little more on the gameplay side.. even though it seems to be a unique title for the PSP (closest thing to a Mass Effect-esque and pseudo RE4/5 game).. it’s easy to see that it could have been something much more after I saw 4+ hours of LP.

      I think SE have some plans for some “fix” for the next one specially that it’s obvious that this is an experimental game… and if they use Mindjack as some kind of experiment on the HD console they could build on that..

      That being said, this/these doesn’t sound like a completely stupid move.

      Hope this will translate to a way better “PE/T3B” game on HD consoles 2-4 years from now..

      • Guest

        You forgot Resistance Retribution

        • godmars

          That has a shower scene?

          Pretty sure no one want to see a sexy acting wet Chimera…

    • Aiddon

      well, she was a woman attitude, but not JUST the attitude (I lovvles her). Heck, Playboy is actually graceful in depicting its models tastefully and in a legitimately sexy matter. This scene just reinforces the stereotype that gamers are a bunch of mouth-breathers who don’t care if a scene is clunkily shoehorned in as long as they see some skin.

    • Well, i can assure you something, with this, there is now in japan more people that will buy this game

    • godmars

      The old games were Squaresoft, who were more focused on making a survival horror title where the hero, who happened to be a heroine, was a gun nut with limited physic power.

      With Sqaure Enix, she’s now a ditsy gun totting ubermensch who’s top keeps falling off.

    • WonderSteve

      It may have to do with marketing to the west too.

      I remember how Sony changed the cover for Heavy Rain in US. The only thing they forgot were nipples.

  • Wow….they didn’t even try to cover her chest with steam.

    • Aoshi00

      No steam! If they showed Ethan Mars’s butt in plain sight in Heavy Rain, Aya (or we) deserves this too lol.

      • puchinri

        That’s not fair! ;u;
        Ladies rarely get fanservice, guys get it all over the place.
        Now I demand genderswapped Aya and with an even steamier shower scene.

        • What are you talking about? You got pretty boys all over Final Fantasy.

          • puchinri

            Those aren’t guys. Those are guys parading around as girls, and they’re not hot and naked and taking showers (thank goodness). But when Squeenix does give us some hot, naked men in steamy shower scenes, I will say it is fair and equal~.

        • Pfft, there’re shirtless guys all the time. Just cause Breasts > Pecs doesn’t mean girls don’t get it just as much. And besides, the majority of Men in Jap. Games are androgynous pretty-boys just ripe for teh Yaoi. I think tha’ts a fair trade.

          • puchinri

            Except that’s not at all equal. A topless woman is not the same as a topless man. >u<
            And besides, we don't get boxer shots or anything half as often as guys get pantyshots, etc. (And thank Almighty for Atlus and Vincent for giving us something…)

            And I like men. Not men that look like girls. That hardly counts either… (And I am so sick of yaoi, even bara is getting a little blah lately.)

            Haha, so far from fair. (Besides, how much fanservice is aimed at guys compared to girls going by mainstream games and anime?)

        • Aoshi00

          lol..k, this is a true story, my lil sis saw me playing the beginning of Heavy Rain once, and Ethan was parading in his underwear after he woke up and then went on to wash up and have a steamy shower scene, butt naked.. she thought it was weird, I was playing w/ Move and shaking the controller up and down to dry his butt *.*… I said the dude was waking up and this is like Shenmue going for realism :) well later him and Madison did get it on and the scene was kinda sexy :)

          Yea, guys’ shower scenes are kinda rare I guess.. Have you ever seen Saint Seiya? Shun had a steamy shower scene too, I think it was ep 17 or 18 but can’t find it on youtube… the ep was so well drawn!

          • puchinri

            Haha, yea, that would be awkward! I know what you mean. Seriously, I like fanservice with girls sometimes too (I appreciate a beautiful/sexy male and female body), and I generally like some (not as much anymore) of the fanservice that guys get, but sometimes it’s just overdone and I feel so sad. And I can’t play certain games without a family member going ‘wtf is this…’. My grandma has a comment for just about everything anymore.

            Sadly, they are. I wish there was more fanservice in general aimed at girls (and shirtless men hardly counts). It’s not going to hurt anybody. I’ve been trying to hunt down Saint Seiya, you just gave me another excellent reason to watch! I’ll have to try and find that (so many bonus points for it being well drawn, my inner artist & art connoiseur is probably going to nosebleed).

          • RupanIII

            I hear you on your grandma. -_-; Not so much in relation to gaming since she never sees me playing but just in general lol

            Hm.. I’m actually sitting here trying to think of games/anime with hawt guyz thanks to this thread x.x; what about Cho Aniki? Hot buff guys in bikinis, what more could girls ask for?

            jk jk .. hm Solid Snake? He’d be a mancrush for me haha Okay, I give up, I guess there’s something of a fanservice imbalance for girls

  • d19xx

    Aya, is beautifully rendered. I don’t know why you guys are complaining…. unless…

  • “Another interesting tidbit is Isamu Kamikokuryou, art director, said he and the art team decided to make the scene first and said it’s up to Kitase and Tabata to decide whether to put the shower scene in the game or not.”

    Hooo~ So they would make the scene regardless the directors wanted or not xD, i wonder how many things the japanese developers made and it never reached the game haha

    • Testsubject909

      Here’s another amusing tidbit. They stated they wanted to make the game as accessible to as large an age difference as possible…

      Seriously? With clothes that gets torn off? I don’t think so.

      Anyways, this is just extra on the cake to me. As for the delicious cake itself, it looks to be quite well made, as far as I’m concerned.

      Of course, there’s the odd chance that it’s all a lie.

  • Honstely, I think many here are overblowing it. Yeah it’s fanservice but it’s not like it’s all over the place. Your going to be too busy dodging enemies to be distracted enough to fap over Aya’s torn clothing and the Shower scene is a running gag.

    Is it needed? Well no, even if you try and justify the cloth shredding by saying it’s a tad realistic. But will it take away from the game or is it a cover to excuse something medicore ot terrible? I will say with confidence of course not.

    Stop acting as if Square Enix have all of a sudden made Parasite Eve: Extreme Beach Volleyball ^_^

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      From the gameplay impressions I’ve been reading, I will have to agree with this. Apparently, the game is not a super perverted affair at all, despite the fact that it may look that way, according to the marketing campaign.

      I look forward to playing it!

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    OK u guys seriously need to stop saying how SE is corrupted now and they are doomed etc etc. Back off ok?. The game is still as good as it was with or without the shower scenes and clothes ripping, it’s just appealing to a broader audience. It’s not screwing them over, it’s a smart idea. If you were in the gaming business, I’m sure you’d do the same to get more money in your pockets. Just enjoy the game goddamit.

    • Aiddon

      wrong, it’s nothing more than pandering. What does this add, what’s its point? Oh, right. nothing more than CHEAP FANSERVICE. This is one of the lowest common denominators of gaming problems and reinforces the negative stereotype of gamers being a bunch of mouth breathers who will buy anything if it has a pair of pixelated jugs.

      • Then be a good little Catholic boy and don’t play it.

        • Aiddon

          Right, I must disgusted by sex in general if I find this offensive. Despite the fact that I’m looking forward to Catherine despite and possibly BECAUSE it has overtly erotic tones. Think a bit before opening your mouth for cheap shots, you ignorant child.

        • Hi, that was totally uncalled for. ChaosPaladinFayt had an opinion and Aiddon had an opposing opinion. You are just throwing out an insult, which isn’t appreciated here.

          Thanks for not doing that next time!

      • Ladius

        Fact is, people will buy products with “pixelated jugs” be they videogames, films, comics, manga, anime and so on. Gamers aren’t worse than any other consumer group, they are still humans who act (partially) based on their instincts.

        There’s nothing wrong with that, also, since you’re also free to exercise your rights as a consumer by buying titles who avoid using those kind of marketing techniques, losing some great games in the process since fanservice is rarely the focus of games and is often used as a simple marketing tool (see Bayonetta’s innuendo and how many westerners were turned down by that design choice, or even Agarest, Ar Tonelico and Criminal Girls as extreme examples of games marketed as quasi-hentai that actually use those scenes as minor bonuses amongst hours of normal gameplay and plot).

        Personally, I think it’s rather absurd to label as immoral, cheap, dirty etc a scene that has absolutely nothing abnormal (everyone of us showers once a day, and sexy shower scenes are in so many films that it’s painful to count) while bloodgoreextreme violence are happily accepted by everyone as absolutely normal. Personally I don’t have a problem with either of those, but if I should pick one to whine about I would surely go for dismemberment, cruelty and extreme violence instead of fanservice (and we are talking about a shower scene, not extreme hentai action).

        Also, why are you so concerned about the “how others view me as a gamer” issue, instead of simply entertaining yourself with the games you like? I don’t think we “gamers” need to act like a collective to promote “our common image” as good, upright citizens. Everyone of us should do that on his own.

        • Aiddon

          I worry about the gaming community as a whole. If companies keep doing crap like this it reflects badly on not only us, but the medium as a whole. And no, the shower scene has NO business being in the game. It was clearly done to make its viewers hot and bothered in a cheap fashion and the fact that they’ve made such a big deal about it is an indicator that they don’t have the right priorities.

          And I like how you claim that I think ALL erotic scenes are cheap or tasteless. Nice way to put words in my mouth despite the fact that I’m looking forward to Catherine BECAUSE of its portrayal of eroticism. Congratulations, you just made a heel out of yourself.

          • Ladius

            I never said that you don’t like erotic scenes as a whole, maybe you’re confusing my post with another one or are answering (only) to the paragraph which I edited before you answered where I pondered on the legitimacy of erotism in games?

            Regarding the medium’s reputation I wouldn’t worry too much, countless sex scenes haven’t destroyed movies as a medium, nor is fanservice in some games going to impact on the perception of the whole medium (those who dislike it as childishimmatureother would continue to do so even if every game was a masterpiece, while gamers simply avoid playing what they don’t like).

            Either way chill out, the fate of the gaming community isn’t on your shoulder, a shower scene won’t cheapen the reputation of anything or anyone (even if Siliconera is making it seem the first shower scene since Psycho) and for all your rage you could use a bit of politeness instead of the usual “deride-him-without-reading-his-post-by-picking-a-single-line-to-comment” internet pattern, especially since I wasn’t attacking you but simply talking about the topics you mentioned.

    • Exkaiser

      Actually, if I was in the game industry, I’d keep the rating low to expand the appeal to a larger audience, since it worked for Peace Walker which even had to censor a scene in the Japanese version to keep its rating down.

  • Chow

    “Doesn’t fit in anywhere” my ass!

    EDIT: just realized how wrong that sounds if taken in another context. ><

  • Guest

    It’s steamy alright…

  • xxx128

    There is something deeply uncomfortable about the sex appeal of polygons, but the damn scene makes the game complete, so shush.

  • Mommy, what is this tingling feeling in my shorts?

    • fallen

      Your body’s mitchondria are resonating with the brilliance of a franchise that was founded prior to the Square-Enix merger.

  • WonderSteve

    So I guess the “shower scene” is going to become the “icon” for the Parasite Eve franchise now? Just like how chocobo is for Final Fantasy.

    • d19xx

      I thought Final Fantasy is for lotsa belts…

      • That’s KH, bro. Belts & Zippers. (Or more specifically, Nomura)

  • MarkMario

    *Plays sexy music*

  • The producer is VERY smart I mean EXTREMELY SMART

  • PrinceHeir

    i love Aya her body is just too damn sexy O_O

    support her more damn it.

  • RupanIII

    I’m quite liking that hip angle.. o.o

    • puchinri

      Sadly, it wouldn’t let me respond to your comment below, so I hope you don’t mind me responding here.

      It’s kind of hilarious how grandma’s have a comment for everything now, but sometimes I can’t even respond back.

      Hehe, I actually tried too. Hee hee… I did spend some time staring at the Cho Aniki articles, but I admit to only hearing about the series once before Siliconera, so it’s sadly somewhat invisible fanservice (if it can be called fanservice >u< ).

      Haha! Snake is fanservice for everyone. When I play Brawl, I don't know if I should be drooling or facepalming over his butt.

      There is, sadly. I'm hoping it gets fixed one day, but I'm not going to get eager about it. If it hasn't been even yet, that's probably not about to change. I will keep up hope though~. (But then they'd have to give us over double the fanservice, just to make up for all the years we lacked fanservice when guys got it.)

      And on an unrelated note, yay Lupin/Rupan and Zenigata! ♥

      • RupanIII

        Oh I don’t mind heh, it happens to me all the time trying to reply.

        Yea mine is like that too, where there’s always a comment but you don’t wanna respond back either ’cause it’ll just be an argument and stuff

        lol about Brawl Snake.. well good luck, I’ll think of the plight of girl fans when I see shirtless guys now haha

        Hehe Lupin is one of my favorite series :D

        • puchinri

          Definitely. Best to just let the comments slide and not say anything back. (Where do they get all that snark from anyway?)

          Hah! Right? Haha, I’m glad.

          Same here~! (I still have to catch up on some of the manga and quite a bit of the anime though.)

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