Ys I & II Chronicles Headbangs Into Stores With A JDK Band Soundtrack CD

By Spencer . December 23, 2010 . 11:10am

Xseed may not have a limited edition planned for Ys I & II Chronicles, but the PSP compilation has a first run bonus. Get a launch copy and you’ll also receive a soundtrack CD with twenty tracks from Falcom’s JDK band. All of the music comes from the remixed Ys I & II Chronicle soundtrack.


Yes, this is another remake of Ys I & II, but this one has rock music and (probably?) the last spine to complete the Ys mark for the side cover art. Remember when Adol didn’t need a sword? Body slamming is back too.



Ys I & II Chronicles comes out in North America this February and it carries a retail price of $29.99. On PlayStation Network it’s $24.99 sans soundtrack CD.

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  • Ladius

    The trailer is epic, but I’m really sad that they haven’t prepared a limited edition, I know many people who imported Seven and Felghana at day one only for that reason instead of waiting for price drops. I am still going to support XSeed buying Ys 1-2 as soon as it’s out, but I think this is really a bad choice. Moreover those pre-order bonus tend to have problems depending on the retailer :

    XSeed, please, at least give us a Limited for Trails in the Sky, it really deserves it!

    • neo_firenze

      It sounds like they’re just giving you the “LE” for free by packing the CD in with any retail purchase of the first print run of the game. Not a retailer pre-order bonus, but an actual packed in CD. If they make additional print runs they won’t have the CD, and if you buy on PSN I assume there’s no soundtrack.

      So yeah, what’s better than a Falcom/Xseed LE? A Falcom/Xseed LE that doesn’t cost anything more than the “standard” game.

      • Ladius

        I hope you are right, but where did you read about the cd being packed with the game? From the infos we had till now this is simply a pre-order bonus, and I think Wyrdwad said the same in a gamefaqs topic about Ys 1-2.

        If the cd is actually packed within the game (same as in the Atlus DS bonus editions) why aren’t they calling this a limited edition or at least a first print bonus edition? After all they would still need to prepare a cardboard box since the cd isn’t going to fit in the umd box anytime soon.

        Of course if this bonus is included within the game I will rejoice :)

        Edit: I just checked, you were right :) Wyrdwad just explained it on GF, the game will have a first-print edition in a cardboard box ^^

      • Likely, this will be the standard $30 too, as opposed to the $50 for Ys Seven with all the goodies and then $40 for Oath in Felghana.

        Hopefully this “10 bucks cheaper every time” trend continues so that by the time Zero no Kiseki comes out they ship it to you for free with a $20 bill tucked in the UMD case

        • Ladius

          Yeah, I think their reasoning was “older the game, lower the price”, I hope this has worked out for them. Luckily Trails in the Sky is going to have a steeper price tag, so XSeed has a chance to stay in business :P

          As a consumer I shouldn’t be too happy, but as a fan I’m perfectly fine with giving my cash to those heroes of jrpg niche goodness :D

  • Outstanding. Best trailer XSEED has ever made. Go get em Tom!

  • SolidusSnake

    Damn I really can’t wait for this game, Ys 7 and Oath in Felghana were so damn good!

  • Well, I know what game I’m buying on day one.

  • Pretty good Gar music. I might have that played everytime I enter someone’s house.

  • Fonic

    Day one for me just like every Ys game. Looking forward to it.

  • PrinceHeir

    glad to see more Y’s game are getting a PSP release ^^

  • falcomgamefan

    Ugh, not only was that one of the most hideous trailers I’ve ever seen in existence, Xseed completely ripped off the font for that racing game, Blur, that was published by Activision this year. I’m not sure why anyone even wants this game either except for the stupid box to line up a piece of artwork that Xseed used to screw everyone into buying the game. I absolutely hate it when game companies try to find a way to suck you into buying their games when they’re not even that good just to complete a collection.

    Having said that, I’m not sure who would even want to bump and grind with enemies for countless hours and have no attack button for Adol’s sword either. This is a hugely dated mechanic and the fact that its even still in use tells me that this game is going to see extremely low sales. You can only do so much running headlong into enemies before the experience gets boring beyond belief and if you want to see cheap deaths, this game will more than deliver in that department.

    This had better be the last time Falcom decides to whore out this game on another platform considering that this game was made like back in 2001 and we are getting that exact game MINUS the nice borders on the screen, MINUS the voice-work like on the Playstation 2 version, MINUS the extras on the Playstation 2 version, and MINUS the deluxe packaging, orchestrated music CD, and DVD containing the entire animation for the game like the original PC edition. This game easily beats out Final Fantasy and other games for number of times realeased. I think this is like the 17th or so time this game has been put out…

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