Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy Jump Festa Trailer Leaps Onto The Internet

By Spencer . December 24, 2010 . 3:14am

Square Enix’s holiday gift to Final Fantasy fans is the Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy trailer that premiered last week at Jump Festa. There are some CG, cutscenes with Lightning and Vaan talking about returning to their home worlds, and fights to see. Lots of fights.



A rumor widely circulated on Twitter during the show is Yuna from Final Fantasy X was "confirmed" for the game. Later tweets came out saying they saw her feet and nothing else.


Here’s the image that stirred up the buzz…




… and a picture of Yuna walking on water for comparison.



You decide.

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  • evilmoogle

    yay…*slow claps*

    Sorry, i’m just more interested in older gen characters.

  • d19xx

    Yuna has cankles…

  • Extremely epic trailer, new attacks, new areals, new characters. It totally looks like Yuna, who else should it be? That she comes in FFX-Style gives me the hope of fantastic summon-attacks. Looking forward to Chaos-Dimension of Anima, or Bahamut’s Megaflare.

    • ChaosPaladinFayt

      why not just give her Yojimbo and OHKO everyone, don’t worry Yuna, it it misses the first time, just keep spamming it =)

  • shy_mel

    This is a good Christmas Eve present. Wonder if she can switch into her gunner outfit.

  • Dem feet.

  • cocytusx

    I think I saw Onion and Vaan in the FFVI Doomtrain in there. Awesome.

  • I wanted waka or lulu! D: or even better Auron x_x

    Anyway the world map looks great

    • NoElixirs

      Yes, the World Map looks fantastic. It looks dramatically better than that pallid board system used in the first Dissidia.

  • Wow dude, I had to recover from having fainted after seeing Vaan multiple times in it….he was just so awesome! How in the world did they make him so awesome?! lol!!!! The moves were all so flashy, and during the cutscenes, so cool!

    • epy

      Wow, dude, that was weird on many different levels.

      • Aoshi00

        It would’ve been “less” weird if Tsuna were a chick (like “OMG, Vaan’s impeccable ab! *swoon*”), just a tad bit, alas he’s a dude… so yea… that’s awkward…

        If anything, S-E still knows how to good CG cutscenes.. the seiyuu are nice for the most part, like Laguna, Squall, and Zidane.. and makes me want to see 7-9 remade in some form.. just to hear the chars, but nah I don’t want the current square to mess w/ the classics..

        Yuna’s feet FTW :)!

        • PersonaBull

          lol, homophobia

          But, yes, I agree, those CG cutscenes are quite glorious. I used to be one of those people that wanted 7-9 remade (mostly 7, and, no, it was not the best game ever. even back then) but I’ve since lost my faith that it could ever be done properly.

          • Aoshi00

            lol not so much that, like I proudly admit I have a man crush on Ethan Hawke, I’ve watched almost every single one of his movies (even the ones he played bit parts), could watch Before Sunrise, Gattaca, & Great Expectations many times and still never get tired (beautiful movies too). I stayed up late the other night to watch him on Jimmy Fallon and Hawke looked great (they were doing a snowball fight), wish I could see him in a play. So yea, that’s the extent of my man crush lol.. But Vaan.. I never knew any guy who’s in love w/ and head over heels over him (but hey he loves Hope too, also a rarity :), the best is “I could put up w/ him” or “I don’t mind him” :)… He made me laugh for pretending to be Basch I’d give him that..

          • Code

            That’s about how I feel about Final Fantasy 7 at the moment, I’d love a remake but my confidence is pretty low that it could be handled with the care and detail that I would want opo; Crisis Core gives me a small glimmer of hope, but I don’t think Square’s in any shape to take on FF7 itself T_T;

          • epy

            Well, I mean, not that I mind if you or anyone has yourselves a man-crush, but…. Vaan?

        • Code

          Well to be fair nowhere did Tsuna say he was straight, maybe he’s just the kind of guy who’d appreciate a Vaan and Hope sandwich >ww<;

          • Hungry much? lol, lets not get the wrong idea here. Vaan is just so awesome that, well Im utterly speechless. The only thing to make this game even better is to get Hope in there! Would that not be amazing?

          • MrRobbyM

            I…I really don’t understand your strong love for Hope and Vaan. I really don’t.

          • Code

            Praise Vaaan, oh lordy, without Vaan there is no Hope~!! The power of Vaan compels you~! >w<;

        • Eri

          Personally, I don’t care much about for abs :/

    • Code

      Oh you, lol >w<' But I know you are clearly trolling us all; after my many months of research using my master detective skills your true identity is non-other then…. EATDEATH: KING OF TROLLS >O> *justice point* Now that your true identity has been revealed we either have to fight to the death on a cliff face, or possibly you’ll just explode into a vortex and return to your own dimension +o+!

    • But all he did in the CG was Run like a B*tch!

      He was lookin like a G on that Couch though! :P

  • Hexen

    Vaan’s EX mode would be better if it has some button pressing while yelling “I’m Captain Basch!”

    • I really can’t click like for this comment enough, sir.

    • MrRobbyM

      Or “Don’t believe Ondore’s lies!”

    • Sakurazaki

      A notoriety bar would be nice too.

  • I think I just peed from excitement, this game looks so much better than the first one. (even tho the first was pretty awesome)

    *squee* YUNA! Even more pumped now! I wonder if she’ll have her own villan or if she’ll share jecht seeing as how that’s her ff10 outfit…

  • endaround

    Yuna from FF X? Bleah. Yuna from FF X-2? Now you’re talking!

    • idk.. if it was like a Dead Fantasy mix, where she can do both, might be interesting.

  • karasuKumo

    Tifa has some nice moves!! Loving the soundtrack, I hope there’s a special edition that includes a sound selection and art book with actual concept art.

    That would appear to be Yuna’s summoner outfit so I wonder if summons would appear in her HP attacks and even combos? That would be amazing!

    I’ve been addicted to the first again, The Emperor is just too good!

  • NoElixirs

    It’s pretty easy to tell based on Yuna’s floral designs.

  • Pichi

    I hope she plays like a summoner or maybe dresspheres in a way. She can play really uniquely if they play their cards right. Nice to see it confirmed now.

    Excellent trailer for Christmas Eve present.

  • PersonaBull

    I’m one of those people who thought FFX-2 was a terrible add-on to one of my favorite games to date. So, if this is strictly a FFX Yuna, consider me excited. If she starts whipping out dress spheres AND Aeons I’ll be a little upset considering the ending of FFX.

    Other than that, I’m pretty excited for this game, anyway. Maybe I’ll go back and actually play through the first one like I never did before this one makes it out…

    • Don’t you want to see FFX-2 Yuna going concert mode in the midst of battle?

      • PersonaBull


        I’d absolutely love to fight as Yuna in that wedding dress, though.

  • Code

    My guess, knowing everything I’ve seen of Dissidia so far; it’s Vaan in Yuna’s dress opo;

  • Code

    rarr, I approve this trailer, even though I did enjoy the banter and scenarios with the variety of characters in the original game, I’m kind of hoping this one turns out to be more then much ado about nothing, which I think what the first game’s issue with it’s story. Buttt… even if it does turn out to be the same route, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the moments of action and drama in this one just as much too >ww< Also anyone else notice Tidus and Jecht's new costumes in the trailer, personally I prefer the old costumes more — I think Tidus looks like he doesn't wanna get shown up by Vaan opo;

    • They said there would be some sort of Transfer thingy. They just havent said what yet.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    DEM FEET!!! I came as soon as I heard the news (pun intended)

  • Lightning looks amazing! Is that Yuna from X, good, cause i dont like the X-2 one. Still have my fingers crossed for my favorite character! >_<

  • Silly people…Its Auron XD

    Man I want that dude in this game, Jetch vs Auron would be an epic encounter between friends.

  • I’m hoping for a Gunmoner Mix, Guns for Brave, Aeon’s for HP. If they can get more dresspheres involved, the more the merrier.

    *One of the few who liked X-2*

    • Oh, a rare breed. *sobs tears of joy*
      can we be friends?

      • Joanna

        heh. I liked it too (but I’m pretty easy to please). Story was nonsense, but fun nonsense. Although it was the battle system that made the game so good. I was happy to see the job system resurrected. :]

  • at 3:52, did squall fighting edea?

  • PrinceHeir

    imagine yuna’s EX is any dressphere from FFX-2. Warrior then Gunslinger, or White mage then Beserker, that would be badasss :) i would love a team with yuna and tidus :D

    in before people bitching about yuna changing too much dressphere, revaling too much skin.

    yes now one of my characters is in there. all im missing is Snow, Seifer, Rikku, Paine, Fang :D though i would love Zack, Vincent, Genesis, Angeal, Weiss, Nero but there’s already too many VII characters.

  • adam483t

    How many people who play Dissidia have actually played all the Final Fantasies?

    Don’t take this as me saying “Only people who have played them all deserve to play Dissidia!”, I’m just wondering how many who are into it have beaten them all.

    Personally, I’ve beaten them all except VI, VIII, IX, XI (If that counts), and XII. I’m working on VI at the moment, and then I’ll move on to the others.

    • Draparde

      i havent beaten them all, (i’d say XI counts as it has storylines you could beat ;O (though ive gotten to the end of like..3 i got lazy lol) ) i have played them all at least for an hour though :P

    • I have a cycle of the games, I’ve finished most of the numbered entries and the side stories, except for Before Crisis, The After Years, FF11 and FF14. I finished most of them when I was younger, and I go back to do them again from time to time. It’s good for mass fits of nostalgia.

    • As someone who hasn’t played Dissidia, I’ve played FF1, FFIV, FFV, FFVI, FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, FFXII, FFXIII. I’ve beaten FFIV, FFVII-FFXIII. I’ve enjoyed FFVII, FFIX, FFX, FFX-2, FFXIII, and the first half of FFVI.

    • Code

      Only one’s I haven’t beaten were Final Fantasy 2, 11, 12, 13 and 14 — I’ve tried all them but 13 and 14. Final Fantasy 2 just never struck me as interesting, I’ve given it several shots over the years but, to me it just never stuck for some reason.

      Final Fantasy 11, tried it for a month, just really didn’t like it, I never liked the looks of it going in, and just really wasn’t sold on it, I still don’t consider it and 14 part of the FF series opo; Final Fantasy 14 as soon as I heard it was an MMO (I think you can actually find the precise moment on my twitter, back when I used twitter) it was an immediate write off, and seems like I made a good call on dodging that bullet opo;

      Final Fantasy 12 tried it also didn’t like it, I played maybe 80 hours into it, and felt it really was going nowheres for me, and was overall an unappealing direction for the series, in my opinion. And Final Fantasy 13 I initially was holding off on because after 12 I was left kind of alienated, but then the down pour of complains and negative opinions has just left me avoiding it — I will try it sooner or later though, just not in any rush at the moment.

      • What’s funny is that when 13 was announced, my friends and I were holding off on it, purposely BECAUSE of how much we all hated 12. When people who loved 12 started talking crap about it, it’s what convinced us to buy it.

  • ninetailes4life

    Everytime I see Laguna jump at Ultimecia I think Bring It Bitch

  • This trailer actually has a spoiler in it, if you pay attention to Jecht.

    • Um, no. Emperor said that Jecht was a warrior of Cosmos, so it’s no surprise that he’ll drift to Chaos again.

  • Alas, Auron, the day was not yours. Nevertheless, a badass trailer…

    … now where’s that Gilgamesh?

  • Hahaha! Just as GameFAQs predicted, there would be a Firion and Lightning scene talking about roses.

  • Laguna pretty much solidified my purchase. Dissida was OK, but if I can kick everyone’s asses as Laguna, consider a copy purchased.

  • hitosura22

    where are the new villains in this game? there gonna get beat bad now >.>

  • Did I see some Basch in those Vaan battles? Sounds like we have a multiple personality disorder battle going on…

    Do hope Yuna can switch between her FFX and X-2 selves, though hopefully NOT as Cecil shifts between Dark Knight and Paladin. Maybe she can have an SSB Brawl Samus setup, where using her EX Mode will shift her to and fro.

    • Basch(fake) Is Gabranth’s 3P costume. It’s from the beginning of the game.

  • Was that some Basch I saw those Vaan battles? Looks like we may have a multiple personality disorder struggle (or should I say, “dissidia”) going on…

    Do hope Yuna can shift between her FFX and X-2 selves, though hopefully NOT as Cecil shifts between Dark Knight and Paladin. Maybe a SSB Brawl Samus setup, where her EX Mode switches her to and fro.

    And I do hope Laguna’s English voice sounds better than what Japan’s getting. (Can’t speak too much toward the performance, but the sound of it does not appeal to me.)

    • Laguna in English may as well be better no matter who it is. I’m leaning towards Keith Silverstein (Lazerus and Recit)

    • Eri

      Personally, I love Laguna his Japanese voice actor and I think it is a good choice. Although I would have expected a somewhat deeper voice.

  • Yukito

    No, that is Cloud in his FF7 alternate costume. Duh.

  • Bartz wants to come up with a name for WoL? Oh, this’ll be fun.

  • that was epic!

  • I prefer Yufie

  • all I need to know is when will be the English release for this game. XDD

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