Catherine Demo Coming To A Console Near You

By Spencer . December 27, 2010 . 10:36pm

imageSince Catherine has a unique blend of brain teaser-like puzzles during action scenes and troubles between a man and a woman at the center of the story, Katsura Hashino, director, decided to release a demo of the game.


Hashino blogged about the demo and said more details about it will be announced early next year. A master version of the retail game is complete and Catherine is on track for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 17 in Japan.

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  • zhemos

    Releasing February and nothing from Atlus about a NA localization? Something doesn’t seem right. :

    • Pichi

      Just have to give it time. I’m sure they did this for other games as well of the waiting game.

    • With Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 being the exception (perhaps because it was at the “end” of the PS2’s lifecycle), Atlus USA usually announces games after they are published in Japan.

      Radiant Historia released in Japan on Nov. 3, announced for NA on November 22.

      Etrian Odyssey III released in Japan on April 1, announced for NA in June.

      P3P released in Japan on November 1, 2009, announced for NA on Jan 20, 2010.

      Hexyz force released in Japan on November 12, announced for NA in Jan 2010.


  • Um dude, early next year is like next week!!!! February is but so far away, so the demo must be imminent. I hope someone provides a translation guide for it, so then I can play it (if it gets offered on the playstation network)

    • Darkrise

      Didn’t you say before in several articles about how you were against fan works for official games? Like translations?

      • A translation guide isnt a translated version of the game, id just look at gamefaqs to see if someone made a guide.

        • but no one said anything about a translated version of the game. All darkrise said is that you were agaisnt fan works for official games like translation guides for example.

          • Dude, I dont understand. I just stated in past post that fan translations of games are violations of the terms of use. A supplement that doesnt alter the games code, like a guide online that provides a translation of what is stated in the game is not an alteration of the games code.

          • Well TS I never said I knew what you wrote in the post. I rather not go through thousand of your post (and laugh along the way). I’m just happen to state what I think darkside meant. Now that you cleared that up, now I know.

            You don’t like fan translation of games because it’s a violation of term of use or whatever but you like reading and watching fan translated anime/manga when it’s pretty much the same concept. Aren’t you just being…ugh I can’t think of the right word…

          • @Kaishou The word you want is hypocritical.
            @Tsuna Just helping Kaishou find the word he wants. That is all.

          • @Tommy <3

      • He’s missing out on the DeJap translation of Tales of Phantasia SFC then.

      • PersonaBull

        He just needs a guide for every game or else he’d never get past the first section, it seems. Personally, I don’t get the fun of using a guide to play through any game. If you’re seriously struggling with a certain section, I can see gamefaq’s coming to the rescue, but you’re seriously missing the good feeling after figuring something out all on your own, TS. Honestly, this is probably the main reason why you care so much more about graphics over gameplay. Try a game without a guide, I assure you you’ll get better at them overall.

  • PrinceHeir

    oh man New Year is just a few weeks away :)

    i really can’t believe Catherine will be able to released ahead of Versus XIII, and that’s crazy O_O

    • puchinri

      More like one week~.
      Which is even better. >u<

      Heh, Versus had better be darn good.

  • puchinri

    Way schway. ♥
    I am looking forward to that demo. *A*

  • If you play this and don’t get anyone else to play it within seven days…You may become anxious to get this game.

    …What? Ring was so 12 years ago, I’m sure Sadako has better things to do these days ¬_¬

  • malek86

    Cool, I’ll be sure to download it, hopefully it will come soon.

    • thaKingRocka

      No doubt. I honestly have a feeling that even if I don’t get into the demo, this game will do it for me with the full release. It’s hard to demo a game that is meant to be a proper mind*&^%.

  • Guest

    Release the demo now! I’m bored

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