Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Set For Feb. With Two Types Of Starter Decks

By Spencer . December 27, 2010 . 2:33am

imagePlayers looking to summon Final Fantasy characters in trading card game will get their wish on February 25, 2011 when Square Enix releases a Final Fantasy Trading Card game. Two starter kits will launch with the game: white and black.


Each 1,500 yen ($18) entry set comes with 50 cards, that includes a card unique to each deck. Booster packs cost 330 yen ($4) and contain eight random cards. The first set has a total of 332 cards – 160 normal cards and 162 premium cards. Trading cards are also split into five different grades: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, and premium.


There are three kinds of cards in the game:

Forward – These are character cards and act like monsters in Magic: The Gathering. Forwards attack and block the player from taking damage. Many character cards are forwards.

Backup – These cards provide crystal points used to release forwards. I suppose they’re like lands.

Eidolons – Powerful and familiar monsters from the Final Fantasy series. These cards are used once.


Cards are further differentiated by their elements. The Final Fantasy Trading Card Game has six regular elements plus two special ones.


  • Fire – an offensive attribute geared towards character damage. A large number of eidolons have this attribute.
  • Ice – support characters that disrupt an opponent’s attacks.
  • Wind – agile characters which are small in size, but are speedy.
  • Lightning – these characters can defeat enemies with lightning speed. This group is effective at removing abilities.
  • Earth – large and sturdy characters. Out of the eight elements these are bar none the best at defense.
  • Water – tricky characters who may have an indirect advantage on the battlefield.
  • Light and Dark – extremely powerful attributes


Square Enix plans to release promotional cards with their PSP games like The 3rd Birthday, Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix, and Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy.



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  • Xeahnort

    So, this is some kind of Yu-Gi-Oh! meets Final Fantasy

    Ore no turn!, Draw. Eidolon shoukan, arise Bahamut

    • MATTE!~ I will activate this trap card “Aerith the heart stealer!” With Aerith’s power she will be able to steal anyone’s hearts, when is a human character that character just won’t attack this turn, but if its an Ediolon Aerith can control it for one turn!

      SAA~!! Now come Bahamut, GIVE ME THY UNLITIMED POWER AND SEMERUyo!!!! (ATTACK!!)

      • PrinceHeir

        Tarap Cardo Open.

        “Aya Mode” all damage inflicted will be zero until all her dress becomes “zero”

        *now open magick card “shower mode” the player won’t be able to move at least 3 turn.


        • … Er… not to mess things up here, but according to these descriptions, Aya and Aerith would fall under the “Monsters” category and Bahamut would be a Magic/Trap card.

        • SHIMATTA! Aya’s card! that will be hard to deal with, i guess ill use my quick magic spell!

          *FUASH* Lighting’s clothes Card! When aya is in the field she will automatically equip Lighting’s clothes, negating the effect of any card related to aya, with this the shower is as good as gone.

          BUT IM NOT DONE, *swift* Beware my field card! SNOW AND SERA’s AMUSEMENT PARK! With this card any card related to lighting will go bezerk and destroy itself.

          Aya with lighting’s clothes can’t escape of course! SAYONARA! Now you are defenseless!

          • PrinceHeir

            arghhhh my life poiinntsss is zero, zeroooooooo!!!!!! :O

          • Yes! i won this match, i saved the world and the life of my friends and the future of all the universe!

  • dusk

    Final Fantasy 8 card game deja vu.

  • I’m really torn between two thoughts now. I’m really happy that they decided to stick Nomura’s beautiful art, but I’m sad at the same time since they are reusing his old art instead of creating something new for this TCG

  • joesz

    I still prefer Yugioh and will.

    Yugioh is the only playable,understandable,coordinated card least this century

    • What about Magic the gathering?

      • Exkaiser

        Magic is good, but I think Yu-Gi-Oh is a bit more accessible.

        But, I mean, I also like Cardmaster Conflict.

  • I want a Kefka, Emperor, and Aya card. that is all.

  • If these come to America, I will buy.

  • Sounding good. Not really into Yu-gi-oh or Magic the Gathering but hopefully if this is released in the west, this will be something for me to try due to being a big fan of Final Fantasy.

  • LOL At least it’s not Triple Triad – I’m not big on card games, but I might see if I can import a pack or, if it comes stateside, definitely pick up one.

    • NeoTechni

      tt was awesome

  • NeoTechni

    super rare and premium shouldnt exist
    rare is bad enough

  • PrinceHeir

    they should had made this another Tetra Master game but using they’re artworks instead of CG.

  • Can someone translate those two cards?

  • i have the Aya Card! hehe!

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