Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night Stage(s?) Coming To Harmony Of Despair

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 11:05am

imageKonami plans on updating their multiplayer Castlevania game, Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, with two new stages in January. One of them is based on an underground area from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. In this extra stage, you’ll fight bosses and face The Legion, with friends connected on Xbox Live.


A second stage titled Lord of the Flies is scheduled to go on sale too. Huh, Lord of the Flies? It sounds like Konami is hinting at a Beelzebub chapter. Each level costs 320 Microsoft Points ($4), a buck less than the last DLC stage. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).

  • They’re really overcharging for the add-ons, in my opinion. The complete game, if you downloaded all the stages and characters and music, would have to be close to $50 by now. I like it, but $50 for something made almost completely of recycled assets is absurd. (And there really should’ve been some kind of local multiplayer.)

    • Some calculated ‘complete’ game costs are absurdly high.

      While companies try to/can justify some expensive DLC packs with rising development costs from the SD – HD jump, I see no reasons for games like this or Square’s WiiWare games to have such expensive DLC.

      Sure, nobody forces us to buy everything, but when we look at community based games, there isn’t that much of a choice: buy or fall out of the loop

      • That’s nice and all buuuut

        If you’re buying the content piecemeal over the course of a few months, as DLC is usually released, then that generally means you’re getting enough enjoyment out of a particular title that you want to expand its features/lifespan. I mean, sure it adds up over time, but in this case, it’s in such small amounts over time that there’s really not a lot of room to complain if you like the game enough. Just look at how many people shell out monthly subscriptions for something like Xbox Live, Netflix or WoW

        • fallen

          I’ll be honest, I think there’s still room to complain, although I see your point. I played the game a ton when it came out and I’d like to see how they treated the new characters and stage, but I’m not willing to pay over a dollar for any of it. It’s all priced too high, in my opinion. If the game had been cheaper, that would be one thing, but $15 for the game was already pretty hard to swallow… and the DLC just compounds it. It leaves me with a bad feeling, overall.

          • Aoshi00

            When I knew a game is going to have tons of DLCs later, usually I wait for the main game to be on sale, or wait for the DLCs to be on sale as well. I got BlazBlue CS for about $25, and now getting Nanako and Bulter for 320 MS pts each (instead of 560) so I don’t think it’s that bad, I even went for the extra 3 sets of seiyuu announcer voices for 240 each (instead of 400).

            For Castlevania, I knew there would be extra music, char, and stages. I know if I wait a bit I could get the main game and the DLCs cheaper later (I’m a bit of a completist, like Mass Effect 2, I got the 3 DLC stories for 200 MS pts each). I just got Harmony of Despair for 600 pts (instead of 1200 / $15) and I got my point cards for about 100/$1 on average, so the game is like $6 for me, and I would get the DLCs later.

            I know they do add up, but one could try to save by waiting a little bit just like retail games if you don’t mind waiting to play several months later. Also like Jon Stachewicz made a very cool point, you just pay a little extra periodically to keep playing new contents for a game you like anyway, instead of just finishing it and then done and shelved it.

            Also I got Lara Croft Guardian of Light for 600 points from the Christmas sale as well, and I only waited 2-3 months.

          • Testsubject909

            Wise choice. Saving money’s always a good thing, though nowadays I’m more cautious about purchasing used. Knowing that buying new can provide good fortune on the companies I enjoy. Which is to say, I typically pre-order those games anyways.

            Though for others, it’s wise to wait. Although if it is a game you know you’ll enjoy, if buying it in it’s physical component, you can always buy it in a sale.

            As for DLCs. They’re cutting a part of the middle man, so buying them during sales never hurts anyone. So, thumbs up to you for saving money like a smart consumer and supporting some good games without having it strain your wallet.

          • Aoshi00

            I’ve been pre-ordering quite a few games in the past couple of months because I got suckered in by Kmart’s attractive coupons (I never buy used), but games’ price just drop so fast in a matter of 2 months, especially around the holiday this time of the year. Like Naruto UNS2 I got it for $35 during thanksgiving, but later on Amazon had it for even cheaper $25. It’s a game I wanted to play, but not in a hurry.

            I try to save whenever I can because I buy so much, but whatever I saved, I probably squandered on the imports, like recently I got or am getting Dodonpachi (shmups are killers!), FF13 Int’l, Last Story, Dream Club, 3rd birthday (shower scene lol), Catherine, etc, they definitely burn a big hole in my wallet.. I tried to money pinch but I can’t say I’m frugal either, I’m a very easily tempted person by nice pre-order bonuses *.*…

          • Testsubject909

            I think 10$ for the main game and 3$ per DLC (Stages/Characters) would’ve made people far more ready to accept the prices.

            15$ and 4$ gets you that much closer to prices that starts to get jarring, such as 20$ games and 5$. It’s an odd thing, it’s like suddenly rounding the price up or rounding the price down mentally. Expectations suddenly jumps at the same time as you expect content from a 15$ game to compare relatively well to 20$ games, and 4$ additional DLC to compare well to 5$ DLCs.

            Plus, the quality that some of these DLCs have provided raises the bar anew and new disappointments comes rolling in, causing the bar to be raised just slightly at a higher point then required for those 15$ DLCs and those 4$ add-ons.

            If your first assessment as a developer is that your DLC is worth 15$, try to see if you can skim down on it. 12$ for exemple would make it far easier to swallow, feels close to 10$ and thus the extra 2$ is often forgotten about.

            As for the 4$ DLC. Tricking people by having the DLC cost exactly 3,49$ still provides that effect of rounding down, as opposed to rounding up.

            The price isn’t above the 50 cent mark, and 3$ is far less close to 5$ then 4$. So the cheapskates will rationalize it as a good purchase.

            It increases the sales further and can effectively increase the profit you make. Also, making the main game easier to purchase increases how many people can or will buy the DLC add-ons that comes later on.

            Marketing Micro-Transactions needs to be handled appropriately. Don’t rationalize the worth for yourself, look to the market and think as a consumer would.

            Of course, the price also reflects a bit their thoughts. Perhaps they think they can get away with an extra little tidbit because they’re Castlevania fans, and only Castlevania fans who’ll purchase it, and we can easily see their loyalty to the Franchise (or at least the IGA timeline franchise).

            Though it’s further jarring considering a few other details. Such as the 360 being the weakest console in Japan, the country where said game was built. And to top it off, it being a focused multiplayer game, requires people to subscribe to a constant pay to play monthly or yearly plan.

            This further accentuates the need to reduce the price of their DLC, which they didn’t address, and as such, provides the view that… Well, they’re money grubbing and that they’ve most likely been bribed off by Microsoft to make it an exclusive game, at least temporarily.

            At which point, if or when it comes to the PS3, they’ll have more then enough bribe money to not care about the outcry of fans who feel cheated on the 360.

  • malek86

    So not interested.

    Still want to see a PSN version though, so I can make a comparison with the 360 version which I’ve got running on VGA.

    • Testsubject909

      It’ll probably take another few months until whatever “exclusivity” contract they have expires, if that’s what they opted for.

    • PrinceHeir

      yes PSN release please :D

      im excited for a 3DS Vania game.

      though i want another Lament of Innocence/Curse of Darkness 3D game. similar art style and music, too bad Michiru Yamane left the company :(

      maybe a Demon Souls type game? now that i think about it. the 1st castlevnia games where slow and hard not to mention challenging, and they take place in a castle. so demon souls type game would be perfect :)

      • I hope they can coerce Yamane into coming back, or at least find a composer that can make music similar to hers. Lords of Shadow’s music sounded more like Batman Begins than a proper Castlevania game, and I felt the game suffered big time for it.

        • Aoshi00

          yea, Lords of Shadow was really good, but I missed the old music. I think some DLCs for this game are the SotN soundtrack right? And there’s playable Richter as well.

  • Rockin’. People say that to really enjoy this game you have to

    A). be a devoted Castlevania fan
    B). have people to play it with

    Fortunately, both apply to me. I actually really like this game and wouldn’t mind shelling out a few bucks to prolong the life of it.

    • I’ve played solo and it’s pretty enjoyable. I do bristle at all the areas of the stages I can’t make proper use of without a partner- which, like I said, really makes the lack of local multiplayer a pain.

      The other nuisance about that is that the game does not actually pause, since it’s supposed to be multiplayer and letting one person stop the whole thing cold probably wouldn’t be fair.

    • Aoshi00

      I like your stance on DLCs. Yea, some are really bad cases of nickel and diming, but just pay more if you want to play the game more. If you’re done w/ the game and don’t think the extra content is justified or needed, forget about the new DLCs.

  • Still waitng on the psn version!!!

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