Is Marvel Planning A “Secret Wars” Game?

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 8:28am

When they hear the words “Secret Wars” with relation to Marvel Comics, most fans’ minds go back to the 1984 superhero crossover story that’s perhaps best-remembered for being the event during which Spider-Man acquired the black symbiote suit and brought it back to Earth with him.


There was a follow-up to the event, titled Secret Wars II, but this focused primarily on the Beyonder, the being that arranged the original Secret Wars, and is obviously not as well-recognized. A third crossover, simply titled “Secret War” (without the “S”) exists as well.


Marvel recently filed a trademark for “Secret Wars” in relation to videogame products. The trademark covers everything from software to game media like cartridges to specialized hardware to sunglasses.


Naturally, the first things our minds went to was the possibility of a Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3. Following this train of thought, we looked up the trademark for the original Ultimate Alliance, and that was filed by Marvel (not Activision, who published the game), too.


Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean Secret Wars will be a Marvel Ultimate Alliance game. There’s also the fact that the Secret Wars chronologically took place well before events like Civil War (the crossover used for Ultimate Alliance 2’s story), which means it would require some major shaking up unless MUA3 is to be a prequel.


What else do you suppose it could be?

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  • I always missed out on the comics, I guess I became interested in the day and age in which the old issues are now worth big money and manga has me more interested at the moment.

    But Spidey is my favorite! Ultimate Alliance 2 was fun but the timed DLC didnt ever make much sense. Storm was so powerful, I loved playing as her.

    • Fonic

      You can still get the DLC until the 31st if you missed it.

      I remember reading the graphic novel of this storyline back when I was a kid and really into Marvel. I also remember reading that it was basically written to sell toys. Nowadays, Marvel comics is a shadow of its former self but some of the games are still fun. I heard MUA2 didn’t sell that well though…

      • PrinceHeir

        probably the only western comic that still produce quality titles is IDW Publishing, Image Comics and Top Cow Productions, never been a fan of DC, and Marvel hasn’t really been in a good shape besides it’s live action movies(which suck)

        • GamerKT

          DC has some good stories in ’em. Their Vertigo comics are usually good, too. But yeah, Image Comics FTW.

  • Kal_Kent

    This would be cool I’d prefer the Kree-Skrull War with extra Marvel characters but this is good to you might actually be able to play with Vision finally

  • ECM

    …which means it would require some major shaking up unless MUA3 is to be a prequel.

    Uh-huh, or they could just retcon it all in, kinda like how they do pretty much every month in comics for the past ~20 years now.

  • Guest

    An open world game where you are the Beyonder in Secret Wars II causing all kinds of havoc like in Just Cause 2 would be kinda cool actually lol

  • Probably MUA3, and a prequel.

  • dusk

    Anyone remembers the Secret Wars arc in the Spiderman TAS back in the 90s? That was awesome, not just in the number of guest stars or storyline, but in the characterization. The moment all the heroes was gathered, they fought with each other until Captain America took control of the situation. Classic.

    You can watch it on youtube.

    More info:

    • Guest

      I didnt really like it. They changed the story too much. Plus there was no epic Doctor Doom face off against the Beyonder

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