PlayStation Phone Launching In The West This Spring, Says Asahi Shimbun

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 1:25am

imageThis morning, the Asahi Shimbun posted a headline that PlayStation Phone will launch in the spring. The newspaper reports the still unannounced device will launch in the West then.


The article stirred up quite some buzz with Famitsu pressing Sony for a comment. Sony has not released an official statement at this time.


Rumor has it the PlayStation Phone looks like a PSP go and runs Android 3.0. A mix of PS1 games and PSP titles are said to be available with the device along with original games using Google’s Android operating system.

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  • This device has basically nothing to do with playstation and wont even be branded playstation.

    And with that selection of games a psp 3000 is still better for gaming.

    Might as well wait for a psp 2

    • How do you know it won’t be branded Playstation? Source please.

      • androvsky

        It’ll be called the Xperia Play, there’s two good sources in the first post there, plus there’s a quote floating around from a Sony Computer Entertainment exec (Tretton maybe?) about how it won’t be Playstation branded.

        I’m pretty sure it won’t be able to play PSP games, too, curious where Spencer got that from. Minis, probably, Monster Hunter, no.

        • thebanditking

          Which is a good move, I think its best not to dilute the brand with spin off devices.

          • Actually, I think being able to play PSP games would have extended the life of the PSP1 ecosystem and make this device relevant. Especially since Sony has said they would like to offer the “PSP phone platform” to other handset makers with capable devices.

            As is, it seems likely that this will end up as just another phone.

        • Thanks.

          • androvsky

            Note the article is from August, from more recent info is likely to be limited to the button symbols (if that). It won’t be called a Playstation, and it probably won’t play more Playstation games than any Android phone with a PS1 emulator. I’d personally like to pretend PSP games could be emulated on a 1 GHz mobile CPU, but it’s highly unlikely. If it becomes a big hit in Japan somehow, maybe we’ll get a few ports of PSP games, but I wouldn’t count on it.

    • Uh? Isnt it sony ericsson?

  • It’s just an android phone thats capable of emulating PSP games. Not all but a couple due to it’s processor it uses, 1 GHz qualcomm cpu (most likely uses a single core processor). It’s not even dual core and emulating PSX game is as slow as watching a turtle walk from one place to another. The phone wouldn’t be so special after people start porting the emulation software to other android phone. The only android phone I would EVER…EVER get is the Nexus S and android user probably know why. At the moment the iPhone is the only gaming mobile phone I’ll ever accept.

    • >implying the iPhone is a gaming device

      • I’m not implying that the iPhone is a gaming device but what I’m saying is that I rather choose the iPhone to play mobile phone games (i.e. Snake, Angry Bird, Infinite Blade etc) than having an imperfect emulation of a hand held console in a mobile phone that’s most unlikely to emulate the PSP that well. If people want to play the PSP then just buy the console.

        In the end iPhone and Android are just devices that has multifunction like playing games, listening to music, watching movie, using it as a navigator or take phone call.

        • And that’s why smartphones can never become dedicated gaming devices: Because they’re smartphones.

          • malek86

            Well, I’d say the PC can be a pretty good gaming device, despite being made for several different tasks.

            The problem with smartphones boils down to the problematic controls.

          • such as touch screen perhaps? also there so much limitation to smartphones in terms of the hardware it uses.

          • PCs can easily be built for use solely as a gaming machine. I have yet to hear of a smartphone built for that purpose. Last time an attempt was made to make a dedicated gaming smartphone, well… remember the N-Gage?

    • Too bad that the Nexus S can’t run the GBA emulator yet the Nexus One does.

      • At least it will soon after the dude who made GameBoid (the only GBA emulator I know) receives the nexus s.

  • Whatever.

  • No second analog? Sony, I am disappoint.

    • Akito

      That’s a picture of a PSP Go;) The PlayStation Phone is supposed to have track pads to emulate 2 analog sticks.

  • Here you can see it in action –

    Yes that is my blog, yes I am plugging it and yes do add comments :D

  • karasuKumo

    And nobody will care because it looks like the PSP Go’s grandpa and there’s no need for it at all. That grey colour just reminds me of the late 1990’s! The fact it runs Android makes it even worse because there is most likely better and faster Android phones out there.

    There should be some kind of phone application for the PSP … Oh wait there’s Skype! -_-

  • That’d be cool to play some Phantasy Star Portable 2 on.

  • thebanditking

    I think this is what those leaked shots came from, not the PSP2. Makes sense it follows Sony’s Xperia line with Android OS and a slide design with two sticks. Sounds like the perfect thing for a game phone. I am happy to hear this actually because that actually gives me hope that the PSP2 won’t be a digital only device.

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