The Makers Of Steins;Gate Present Robotics;Notes

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 12:18pm

Nitroplus and visual novel publisher 5pb are back with another semicolon adventure. Robotics;Notes is the third game in their sci-fi series with Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate being the other two.



Did you catch the text at the end of the teaser video. In English, it reads:



>As for science, it may be negative.
However, do not forget the thing that there is a scientific side in all the one.
The important one is true.
of me the ruler of my fate, and me also the commander of my soul


Naotaka Hayashi who penned the two other science themed Nitroplus games returns as the scenario writer. 5pb has not announced a platform for Robotic;Notes, the publisher plans to unveil the game during Comiket.

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  • Chiupon

    -insert lame male protagonist and 6 interesting female characters here-
    Oh snap, I think I just exposed their formula.

    • It’s too obvious you havent played any of their games…

      • Chiupon

        I have. xD I’ve even watched the anime (for Chaos;Head). I’ve always found the female characters more interesting compared to the male characters. The protagonist of Chaos;Head was boring until the end. Yes, he was a deranged hikkomori with a animu girlfriend. As a matter of fact, I even have some of Sena’s game CG and portraits in my photobucket. DON’T GO MAKING ASSUMPTIONS, HURRHURR.

        • Well, game is a lot more different than anime, is like you experience things first hand.
          But yeah, protagonist are normally generic xD this is because a lot of people could like or hate the protagonist easily (and since you will be him) is a kinda dangerous thing to play with, so they go easy route, make something most people will not hate or like. (or at least more that will like, and less that will hate).

          But anyway, the main story isnt bad either. Even if its full of gore. It’s not like they just think about the girls D:

          • Chiupon

            I /really/ didn’t like him. Especially in the anime. I liked the other characters better. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the “;” games and their (other) characters, and the intricate stories that they have, but… I just hate having to play as some lame guy with personality defects. Like, I felt REALLY sorry for him at first. And then, you realize, it’s seemingly self-imposed. A lot of his personality defects are IN his head. And it’s probably because I know someone like that irl, too. He’s really rude and INSANE, so it was probably just a negative association. The Steins;Gate protagonist was pretty nice design wise, but he ended up fizzling out and being really boring compared to the heroines around him. (tl;dr) I just… Didn’t like whats-his-faces treatment of people who were trying to help, especially his sister. ;__;

          • Hahahaha xD now that is a real personal opinion xD nothing i can do about it, let’s hope this game is better then >8D

          • Moriken

            Umm, pretty much no one liked the protagonist of Chaos Head ‘_’
            He’s as unlikeable as the usual bland wussy loser that especially roams romantic comedy anime, but in a creepy otaku way…I rather felt they intentionally made him unlikeable. xD
            Now if I just knew how to read Chaos Head Noah without a japanese XBOX360, I’d actually bother reading the novel…hmmm…

          • Haha i liked him xD, he reminds me a lot of the main character of welcome to N.H.K >:D, he is a bit hard to understand, but he wasn’t bad either, i dunno, he was just trying to escape in his own way… but at the end of course he couldnt, and finally acted how he wanted to act (he couldn’t always act how he wanted because he was always doubting everyone ._.), too bad that the anime was so rushed at the end

  • Played the game and watched the anime of Chaos;Head,wasn’t bad at all.Looking forward to a translation of Steins;gate (heared that the game had a big succes in Japan) and anime Likewise.And now another game from Nitro+ pops up :O

  • Darkrise

    Awsome! Played Chaos; Head and really looking forward to this one. I hope someone makes a translation project for Steins; Gate.

    • その目は、だれの目? だれ!??!

      I want a steins;gate psp port…


    Awwwww yeah! Absolutely loved Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, and I really hope Robotics;Notes will be as good as Steins;Gate!

  • PrinceHeir

    im glad they’re still making science-themed adventure games.

    i want to play all 3 at the same time :D

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    So this is that collaboration with Kojima?
    Or do I have that confused with something else?

    • That’s something else. This is a continuation of the sci-fi semicolon games :P

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Nothing against 5pb, but that’s kind of a relief…

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