Who Wants To See Some Disgaea 4 Special Attacks?

By Spencer . December 28, 2010 . 3:43pm

Nippon Ichi has their usual touch of over the top special attacks in Disgaea 4 and this time there are cameo cut-in attacks. Meito Anizawa ignites enemies when you cast Omega Fire and Omega Star summons Bikkuriman.


Watch this trailer to see those a giant robot Flonne and an out of this world (literally) tower attack.


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  • Chow

    Why yes, I would like to see some Disgaea 4 Special Attacks. AND some more. >:)

  • skyblaze

    MY game of the year. 2011 doesn’t even have to have started yet. It’s already been decided.

    • Dude it is probably my game of the year for 2011 too (well mainly because there is no Naruto game coming for the HD consoles, lol), well Im getting 27 other games so it will be tough (especially if I can find a way to put in over 150 hours into this Disgaea 4)

  • *sniff* I… i’ve always been weak to slow opera/hymn style music with disgaea stuff in the background, and now that i can understand most of the stuff the dude is saying.

    *sniff* — CRACK–, mood broken at 1:01 minutes

    OMG ROBO FLONNE!!! OMFG GIANT PRINNIES, OMFGGGGG GIANT WEAPONS, OMG MANIFEST!! Ughh color cubes (fun but sometimes give me a headache), OMG SMEXY FLONNE’S PRINT, OMG GIANT SHIPS CUSTOMIZEABLE!! Not really fan of map editors but still cool, and finally OMG NIS!!


    • Testsubject909

      “Join us in the next exciting episode of!
      Disgaea 4: Gekiflonneger-Z! Gekiflonneger-Z versus Ultra Pringer X mark 2! Could it be!? An imposter!?

      Be sure not to miss the next exciting, thrilling, tantalizing, titiliating, truly original, terrifyingly amazing climax!”

      *Queue Robo-flonne’s ending theme song.*

      Well, that’s my attempt at making sense of Robo-flonne’s rocket punch…


      • Getter Flonne. Actually the trio cameo could fit as the main pilots D:

        Awesome trailer, I love this kind of PV. I agree with Wildarms about the slow opera/hymn, that was kind of touching and then…the jokes begin after the first minute.

      • I want that attack, i will spam the first stage until one of my characters learn it… i hope is not reserved only for flonne though

  • karasuKumo

    I’ve been playing the first PSP version and I adore it! I can’t wait to get the rest of the series. The way everything works is pure genius.

    • You gotta check disgaea 2 as well, in my opninion, that story is the best on the series

      • Really?!? Oh my god! I have FINALLY found someone else who likes Disgaea 2!

        • Haha i’ve actually seen more people that like Disgaea 2 more than 1 or 3 xD, i love that one, i normally take a good time to beat a disgaea game, but this one just trapped me AND I HAD TO ADVANCE ADVANCE STAGE AFTER STAGE NON STOP, to know wth happens…

          Liked the ending i got, but it was too soon and short T_T i wasn’t mentally ready

          • I don’t know. I keep hearing people say that that Disgaea 2 is alright, but 1 is the best. The first one got really sappy for me towards the end and I think it kinda lost what made Laharl so awesome.

          • I liked 1 as well, maybe because i just loved flonne haha xD. But seriously Disgaea 2’s theme was the best (and more epic) in my opinion. I actually expected a better story in disgaea 3, but at least it was funny, i hope we see some good stuff in disgaea 4! It is looking interesting so far!

  • PrinceHeir

    Disgae 4!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • Testsubject909

    Sweet. Metal Dangerama hat!

  • eliel

    lol sweet trailer can’t w8 to c more

  • Well that was splendid. The dude, who I assume is the main character, and his special attack with all those projectiles at the 5 or so minute mark was just awesome. I so can not wait for this game dude! LOL.

    I hope the US gets those cds…

    • Darkrise

      Ok really, are you two different Tsuna’s or what? One post and you’re like all “normal-ish” in your comments using references to violation codes or just vague descriptions of what you liked about a referred game and how similar this certain new upcoming game is and then the next you have “lol” and “dude” in every sentence and paragraph. Makes me wonder if your a prinny… Sometimes a hypocritical darprinny as well…

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, hey, OOO’s Rider Kick is in there.

    NIS has really been wearing their tokusatsu love on their sleeves lately, huh?

    • Draparde

      Tokusatsu ftw!

  • Code

    rarr, god this can’t be released soon enough >w<~! Definitely one of my most anticipated games of 2011.

  • Darkrise

    This is so far off for NA!!! I really want to pirate someone with all my characters with giant weapons!


    GIANT PRINNY!!! After thousands of years of servitude and bullying from other demons, they finally get to have revenge! RUN!

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    The map in the thumbnail looks awfully reminiscent of Soul Nomad. I approve.

  • Barrit

    Haha wtf? The trailers from NIS always make me wish I could see the announcer’s facial expressions.

    PS. farewell wooden horse we never got to know :(

  • NipponjiRurouniJSRF

    Makai Senki DISGAEA 4! The announcer made me laugh every time he said that. I felt he said the title a little bit too muuch

  • GamerKT

    This looks frickin’ crazy (awesome). I’ve never played a Disgaea game before. Would I like them? I liked Final Fantasy Tactics (specifically, the PSP version). Anything similar, gameplay-wise?

    • Draparde

      yeah, there similar gameplaywise but disgaea has alot more you can do in the field. (no knocking people back one square with crits though) and of course lots of options for making your character strong lol.

  • Draparde

    Wonderful! i love it!

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    Question. How’s the humor in this game? I found Disgaea to be the funniest game ever, but the subsequent games in the series, not so much.

    Also, while at the “home base” (the acedemy, or w/e in Disgaea 3) is there obnoxious music w/ lyrics? It was very annoying to have that loop over, and over again for the entire game in Disgaea 3.

    Thanks in advance for the answers. I’m a huuuge fan of Disgaea 1 and I hope to like the fourth just as much.

    • I think I’m probably the only person on earth who prefers Disgaea 2 and 3 to Disgaea 1, where I felt the story started to get a bit sappy towards the end. Laharl was awesome when he was all obnoxious and evil, but as he started to develop a heart towards the end, that felt a bit cliche.

      Mao, on the other hand, was a jerk (and a pervert) the entire time and I loved that.

      And in 2, I really liked the story (although I do think 2 has the worst music).

      • I liked the character interaction in Disgaea 2 with Adell and Rozalin, though the highlight was Axel, lol. 2 had the awesome song with Axel as well as with the ending song, it was just beautiful.

        Dude, it seems like we have nearly identical tastes with Disgaea, lol!

  • DisgaeaGuy11

    Question. How’s the humor in this game? I found Disgaea one to be the funniest game ever, the subsequent games though, not so much.

    Also, is there obnoxious music with lyrics looping over and over at the home base?

    Thanks in advance for the answers. I’m a huge fan of Disgaea one and hope to like the fourth just as much.

    • ForeverFidelis

      It’s not even out yet.

      • DisgaeaGuy11

        huh, I thought it was already out in Japan. My mistake.

  • Where’s LAHARL!!!

    Laharl: Hey I why is that I don’t see my attacks in this video!!!

  • Apollokids

    While i loved Disgaea 3 and all it improvements. I hated the music of the Hub World. Getting Land of Carnage was a godsend is only to save my ears. And they need to stop looping it… a nice long symphonic, melodic tune would be great. Such as the one in Dragon Quest 8 when you traverse the world.

    • I was the opposite. I can’t remember a single song from Dragon Quest VIII, as much as I loved that game, yet, that Disgaea 3 song sticks in my head in a good way.

      La La
      La la la la la…

      • I remember most or all of Disgaea 3 music, the songs are all so catchy, lol, and I love that song dude! Perfect music to dance too and get movin.

        The ending song is great too, I sometimes use it for the item world too. Song For You is amazing.

      • “Amaki yume ni oishi naru”
        “Shiki jakume ningen tomo”

        lol I can’t stop remembering those lyrics.

  • Game looks awesome, but I really wasn’t feeling the music in the first half of the trailer. But then Laharl’s 8-bit theme started and I was all happy again.

  • ninetailes4life

    U can tell they put alot of effort in the gameplay now I only hope the story will be great

  • Please release this early for the US too :x I love the Disgaea series. e

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