A Little Bit About The New Director Of Final Fantasy XIV

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 12:24am

image Naoki Yoshida recently took charge and has the unenviable position as the newly appointed director of Final Fantasy XIV. He has a tough job ahead turning the game and, perhaps, most paramount the economy around.


Yoshida seems to have quite a bit of experience with online RPGs. Speaking with 4gamer, Yoshida said Diablo got him into the online RPG genre. He played it for about a year before moving on to Ultima Online, which Yoshida stuck with for two and a half years. During that time he started playing first person shooters like Unreal Tournament. He went back to Diablo when Diablo II and its expansion pack Lord of Destruction came out. Those kept him busy for another year and a half. Then he started Dark Age of Camelot, which he played for six years. Of course, Yoshidia says, he played Everquest and World of Warcraft too.


In 2004, Yoshidia joined Square Enix as they started focusing on HD console development. His first game was Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road, an arcade title, where his name appears in the credits.


"My train of thought is MMORPGs are like a theme park," Yoshida said prompting 4gamer to dig further. He explained that as an analogy theme park attractions are like content. You start with the basics like a roller coaster or a haunted house, from there you create a theme, and add many attractions or content. Yoshidia gave Disneyland as an example, which expanded with its own identity by building Cinderella’s Castle and Toontown.


Getting down to specifics and before expanding the proverbial park Yoshidia said a working economy is essential for a MMORPG. He’s aware the economy has problems too and as it is players are not properly motivated to continue playing.


Yoshidia, like many players, realizes there isn’t a quick fix, but he is confident quarter-by-quarter he can improve Final Fantasy XIV by opening lines of communication with the game’s community.

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  • Aiddon

    I very much doubt that changing directors is going to substantially up the quality of this half-finished product

    • half finished? are you sure?

      • Aiddon

        okay, it’s only a quarter finished. I was just saying that to be nice

  • No, no, no… let’s face it, the game is fail. Nothing at all to do in game other than the 16 leves per 35 hours then log out. I can’t see it being saved in any real way, so many people quit already and I doubt they are going back considering all th new promising MMO’s coming out in 2011… Sorry square, as much as I love you, you should have thought about possibly pushing this back like you did the ps3 version instead of giving everyone free play time on a BETA commercial release, I refuse to see the game as offical right now.

    • Testsubject909

      As he says, there’s no quick fix.

      The fix he’s suggesting is probably:
      “Change the entire game. When that’ll be over, people will love it!”

      After all, things like patches and small adjustments are quick fixes.

      So yeah. FF14 as it is, is pretty much doomed and a fail. They should just let it burn and die, and just make a “new FF MMO” out of nowhere, FFXV, and let it be the new flagship for a “FF” MMO.

      Because, seriously, the only way to save it is to change all of it.

      • Apollokids

        They should have made a futuristic Final Fantasy MMORPG.

        • tubers

          Gosh, that’ll cure my Rising Force Online itch.. I loved that game :(

      • FFXV should NOT be an MMO.

        In all honesty, neither should XI or XIV have been either.

        • Guest


        • Guest

          But FFXI was a well made game that actually worked, FFXIV is a disaster in every single way.

          • Well, FFXI still shouldn’t have been FFXI. It should’ve been Final Fantasy Online or something like that. The numbers should be reserved for single player titles.

          • mach

            Please. Move. On. It’s been almost 10 years since XI came out. How can anyone still be butthurt about the numeral thing at this point?

          • Do I sound like I’m losing sleep over it? Doesn’t mean I didn’t think it was wrong then and still think it was wrong.

          • Joanna

            @mach (can’t reply to him directly): For once I agree with Charles. I see no reason why the MMO could not be a new series within Final Fantasy. Square has done it multiple times already with Tactics, Fables, and Crystal Chronicles (Even Mana and 4 Warriors of Light). So why not the MMO?* I think the difference in gameplay warrants a different line like the other three.

            *That’s a rhetorical question. We all know the answer as to why 11 and 14 are main line entries. Doesn’t make me any less annoyed knowing they have made sub-series before, but refuse to do it this time ensure they can milk fans with subscriptions.

  • Am i the only one who still likes FFXIV =O?

    • Guest


    • No. I still play it, not as much as I used to but I have not given up on it yet.

    • Draparde

      nah, i play it when i have the chance. (no computer at my house good enough to play it) i love my lalafel x_x

    • No, but you’re probably one of the few that actually played it on this page.

  • You didn’t wrot any word about what he told of Final Fantasy VII and what power like that game he would love to implement into this game…

  • PrinceHeir

    nothing will fix FFXIV unless they scrap everything and make a new game altogether, but that would require you making a whole new game.

    it was doom at the start, thankfully they rerelease Xenogears and Vagrant Story for western PSN, that should give them at least some profit ^^

    • Testsubject909

      Profit that you unfortunately know they’ll be dumping into maintaining FFXIV on life support….

  • Naoki Yoshida…I wish you the best of luck, but I feel that no amount of luck is going to help you. Final Fantasy can work as an MMO, but they made the game rigid and clunky that when you manage to accomplish something, it dosen’t feel satisfying but instead you go “meh”

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