SaGa Creator Says It Is His Duty To Make Romancing SaGa 4

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 1:36am

image Before the Mana series sprouted and long before the age of Kingdom Hearts, Squaresoft considered the SaGa series a pillar franchise. Spearheaded by Final Fantasy II game designer Akitoshi Kawazu, he started making SaGa games for the Game Boy. Capitalizing on the Final Fantasy brand, Square USA released these as Final Fantasy Legend titles in North America.


Some fans feel the SaGa series hit its stride on the Super Famicom with the Romancing SaGa titles. That line ended with Romancing SaGa 3, but Kawazu would like to make Romancing SaGa 4.


"Many fans particularly hope for Romancing SaGa 4," Kawazu said to 4gamer in a feature about 2011 expectations. "I believe it is my duty to make it before I die."


After Romancing SaGa for the PlayStation 2, Kawazu has been working on the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles games and The Last Remnant, which, in my humble opinion, has a SaGa feel to it.

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  • Testsubject909

    I will kiss this man’s feet if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t want to kiss anyone’s feet.

    Man… He showed the world over how a remake should be done with Romancing Saga on the PS2.

    You know how fans keep pleading about a FF4 or FF6 console 3D remake, or Chrono Trigger in 3D?

    This guy did it with Romancing Saga, and as a game that transitioned from the Super Famicom to the PS2, it was a wonderful sight to behold…


    And further convinces me that Squeenix is full of assholes who’re overshadowing the people who do know what fans want.

    • fallen

      I want to “like” this comment 15 times.

      • Testsubject909

        The sentiment is appreciated.

  • Yeshua49

    A new SaGa game instead of a remake would be nice.

  • Do it, man. And do it well. I would pick up a copy for everyone I know.

  • joesz

    that one on the ps2 had a lukewarm appearance,I bought it from amazon 2 months ago and it seems that I’m not getting it anytime sooner:D

  • WizardoftheBlueOrder

    Spencer? The Last Remnant is SaGa in everything but name. At least, that’s how I feel…and many fellow SaGa fans agree. (PC admittedly. 360 version needed work.)

    And I’m a huge fan of Kawazu. His SaGa games, while cultish, are absolutely amazing. The worlds have more to them than those of most RPGs I’ve played.

    I would gladly play a Romancing SaGa 4.

  • satchidananda

    Romancing Saga 3 and the remake of 1 are among my favourite JRPGs. The possibility of a 4th is great news.

    Has to be said, though, this Kawazu bloke sounds like a right bore:

    “I believe it is my duty to make it before I die.”

    Talk about po-faced! Let’s up he doesn’t have a hand in writing the script.

    • Romancing Saga 3 is an INCREDIBLE game with one of the best soundtracks in gaming history,to boot. I would love either a remake of that or a brand new Romancing Saga

  • RPGRocker

    SaGa Frontier III please!

  • I just wish it was Squenix’s duty to publish it in North America when it’s finally done.

  • thebanditking

    I have never really played the recent Saga games. I tried Saga Frontier 1&2 on the PS1 but just could not get into them, some of the portable entries like Saga 2 (Final Fantasy Legends II in the USA) were great though. Personally I just think its great to see S-E bringing up these old series, hopefully they will do them justice. As I would love to see S-E return to their SNES/PS1 Squaresoft glory days

  • jarrodand

    Sounds like a good 3DS project.

  • You know, I’m just gonna put this out there

    I actually enjoyed Unlimited SaGa. Like, a lot. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the fact that Riviera and Culdcept put me in the mood for more board game RPG action, I dunno. Point is, I have a lot of respect for what the SaGa brand stands for and would welcome a new game with open arms.

    • I brought it for the box. No seriously, I thought the box art and how it was presented was worth £25 :D

  • My hopes and dreams have just skyrocketed. A RS4 as fantastic as Minstrel’s Song would have me in awe.

  • I’d be happy just to plan non-engrish versions of the original trilogy.

    Although remakes would be nice (for the PSP) or 360 HD, Final Fantasy IV style with big beautiful sprites. Romancing Saga 2 while relatively bland had beautiful sprites.

  • lostinblue

    Nice, finished Crystal Bearers a few days ago and after his message at the end I was wondering what he’s been doing ever since that one launched. Good to see he’s still with Square-Enix and he has plans.

    I gotta say from the Square side of the company he’s one of the few willing to take risks, I love that.

  • dashutdown

    This quote must have been taken from before motomu toriyama axe murdered him.

  • vadde939

    Kawazu is the one who convinces me that there is still some hope for Square Enix. As a big fan of both Crystal Chronicles and SaGa I can’t wait to see what his next game is. It sucks that SE seem to be neglecting him in favour of idiots like Nomura. I’d take any of Kawazus games over sparkly zipper-fetish Nomuras garbage anyday.

  • PrinceHeir

    good to see he’s willing to give 1 more game for the franchise :D

    i wish kojima would do this(Zone of the Ender 3 but it’s already coming so be patient)

  • The Last Remnant was awesome. Don’t care what anyone says, I was so hyped about it and was so pleased about it when I finally got to playing it. Oh it had it’s fustrating moments (battle wise) but when you finally manage to beat a battle that was fustrating you for ages…man what a rush.

    Never been into the Saga games…It’s a strange series to be sure.

  • I want a saga frontier 3 With some new graphics update grade, like in final fantasy, Just more details I sit and play saga frontier 2 for hours on end and it be even cooler if it could for xbox and sp2, sp3, wii I think you would find more money it. If was made able for everyone to buy, oh yes and new clothes like a way to change for the fighting outfits. ^_^ Thank you I have tons of idea’s for the game.

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