Students Of The Round Trailer Takes Us Dungeon Crawling

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 1:12pm

One could say Students of the Round is a pretty version of Wizardry. Dungeon crawling is the heart of both games, but Experience’s title adds elaborate environments to explore and eye-catching monsters to fight.


If you haven’t seen the Xbox 360 game before take a look at this.


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  • Honestly, this game doesn’t look appealing to me in the slightest. Sure, the graphics are nice and the artwork is gorgeous, but (and I’m sure I’m gonna sound like TS here) for what it is, it doesn’t seem to be pushing any envelopes and would probably be better suited for a portable like the PSP. I don’t know if it’s the same people, but a similar game came out either this year or last called “Class of Heroes” that had this same dungeon-crawling feel to it and it was a snore fest.

    To me, it’s like looking at pictures getting hit with special effects, which is something I can do on my own at home for free.

    but that’s just me.

    • Guest

      It’s not just you…it’s me too.

      Wizardry: Forsaken Land for PS2 had animated enemies and nice graphics for its time and one would think with the power of the PS3, these developers would at least try. I mean even a lame game like Last Rebellion has more effort. Hell to add even more insult….the two Wizardry DS games and the Dungeon Maker DS game have more animation! It’s really annoying.
      And who is that: “Team Muramasa”? The team that made Muramasa the Demon Blade? Because that and Odin Sphere and the SRW games had at least some awesome 2D animation. That’s what I’d like to see the PS3 capable of doing since the Blu-Ray has so much space. Or just make it 3D. But no static images!

      Well at least this game seems to have more of a story and slightly more animation, but if these are the same guys that did Muramasa, they should bring it more not just be content with static artwork even if it looks nice (like a painting)

      • malek86

        “with the power of the PS3”

        Well, 360 in this case. But i see your point. However, the more elaborate your game is, the higher a budget you’ll need, so you should take that into consideration.

        • Guest

          True true but hence my point of the two Nintendo DS Wizardry titles that have a better frame of animation! How can two games on an obvious lower budget have better animation than a PS3 title cmon now

      • Well, the artwork does move a little, but still!

    • malek86

      Well, that could be said of any first person dungeon crawler. Lack of innovation doesn’t necessarily mean a bad game.

      That said, I wonder if the tile-based movement system of pretty much every dungeon crawler is really still necessary nowadays. They could at least give you some more freedom, like, how about being actually able to turn on less than 90 degrees at a time. Right now, they might as well use still pictures instead of a 3D world.

      Baroque made the transition quite well, and many other games have evolved past the tile-based approach, so it’s not like it can’t be done. This insistence in 2010 seems a bit excessive to me. Unless they just wanted it to be old-school for the sake of being old-school, which I guess could be understandable.

      • I couldn’t think of the name, but, after the lackluster experience with CoH, i have a severe distaste for FPDCs. Whether Students is innovative or not doesn’t matter to me (Innovation =/= good and lack of innovation =/= bad, imo), it’s just that it looks genuinely boring. There’s no connection to the character in the slightest (At least a 2d sprite would’ve been sufficient) and the gameplay is fairly standard as far as I can see. I’ve got no problems with turnbased combat but at least give me something to work with.

        • OVERUSED

          Does anyone have the ability to retire words?

          If you do, could you please retire the words “innovative” and “innovation”

    • Class of Heroes and Students of the Round are made by totally different companies.

      ZeroDiv is the developer of the Class of Heroes games. Experience and Team Muramasa made Students of the Round. As we’ve said before, this started off as a PC game and Experience is porting it with extra content for Xbox 360.

    • Exkaiser

      Class of Heroes was a really awful Wizardry-like.

      Just sayin’.

    • It’s a Wizardy game. They were hardly known for their presentation (this one looks to be the exception) or exciting gameplay. It’s more like a game to play to prove that you have paitence of a saint or the fortitude of…a badass saint.


    If this comes out in NA I will have to give this one a go.

  • i dislike random monster encounter… they always got my heart racing and i do not like it.. what more a first person rpg..

  • PrinceHeir

    Wizardry; Anime style ^^

  • JustaGenericUser

    Oh dear, I hope they have more than one expression. So far I’ve seen the same one expression for every character, even in the dialouge.

  • D-did i just saw Sailor Moon in that PV?

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